April 2, 2020


Who knew that sales would be such a hot topic
on my channel? I made a video about it not too long ago and
I talked about how to sell anything to anyone, and how bad I used to be at sales and how
much I hated the process. But, the thing that really motivated me to
talk about this is that it isn’t something that a lot of people are comfortable talking
about, similar to how not a lot of people are comfortable talking about money. But, I have found that the more I talk about
it, the more I learn about it, the more I invest in the education around sales and generating
more revenue, the more those things grow and the better I get at them. I wanted to make this so I could really dive
into this further and help you even more with the art of sales, because as I mentioned in
this video, everyone is doing sales. Doesn’t matter what position you’re in, doesn’t
matter if you’re an entrepreneur or you work at a job, you either are selling yourself
in the terms of like, you’re trying to impress somebody, that is a form of sales, or you’re
trying to get a job that is a form of sales, or maybe you are actually selling a product
or a service or selling your car, whatever else it may be. Sales is just a part of life, and sales happens
in every conversation and every interaction in some way, shape, or form. So, how do you get good at it? Well, there’s four really simple things that
you need to know that I have learned about getting comfortable with sales and also really
starting to master the art of the sales process. If you’re excited about this, hit that like
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I post a new video on Tuesday and Friday, and if you checked out my last video, the
last episode on once I figured this thing out, I became a millionaire, it perfectly
relates to this topic, so make sure you check out that video next. We’ll put links to both of those in the description
below. But, the four skills for sales are things
that you innately already do. But, I think we get so worried about the sales
process and coming across as, let’s just say douchey, that you get caught up in worrying
about what other people are going to think or making sure that you’re actually selling,
that you forget to just be a human. For me, the key to mastering sales and getting
great at it and the reason that our business was able to generate $3 million, I feel weird
even saying that, in the last year is because I got comfortable with this and I was able
to help my team really get comfortable with this process as well. For me, the first thing is listening. I know, sounds weird. Right? But, I have found that the more you listen,
the more powerful you are in sales, in life, in relationships. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, listening
is a major skill. If you’ve ever been in a situation, you can
think of any situation where you want to buy something or you go into a store or whatever
it may be, and the person is just pushing from the moment you walk in. What do you naturally do? For me, I sort of like tense up and I get
really awkward and uncomfortable and I generally leave. I actually would, even if I really, really
wanted something, if someone pushes something too hard on me, I then don’t really want it
anymore. Maybe that’s just me, but I’ve found that
to happen with a lot of people, and in sales it’s the same thing. The more that you listen to people and the
more you listen to their needs, their desires, what they really want from you, and what solution
they’re looking for, the more that you’re able to properly, I guess, diagnose them and
give them something that’s actually going to solve and remedy that problem. The other thing is, the danger of not listening
to people when you’re selling is that you attract the wrong people because you’re not
listening and you’re only focused on getting money, and so you attract people who are happy
to throw their credit card at you, but those people probably aren’t your ideal client or
may not be your ideal client, and then that just creates a nightmare. Listening is a vital, vital skill. The other aspect of listening that’s so important
is empathy and putting yourself in that other person’s shoes. Really listening to somebody allows you to
get to know them better, allows you to understand your ideal client further. It also allows you to understand the people
that you never want to work with and that are not your ideal clients. When you get really, really clear, and when
you understand people’s pain and the solution that they’re looking for, you become more
empathetic and you want to make your product and your service even better to truly solve
that problem. It allows you to up-level in every aspect. Not only are you attracting the right clients
by listening, you’re also repelling the wrong clients, and you’re constantly improving your
product or your service so that it is the best possible solution for those people because
you’ve built empathy for them and you understand and you can actually walk in their shoes because
you’ve listened to their pain and their problem. When you’re in a sales situation next time,
or even if you’re being sold to, I would love for you to just not talk, and just try and
listen as much as possible. This is very hard for me because I don’t know
if you know this, but I really like to talk, and so I built a whole career around it. Not talking is pretty difficult for me, but
this was one of the best pieces of advice and one of the first pieces of advice that
I ever got, it was actually from my grandpa who was like a master salesperson. He told me when I was really little, he’s
like, “If you really want to win a negotiation and if you really want to win a sale, you
got to shh.” Try that, and when someone’s trying to sell,
you speak less, because it’s actually an opportunity to listen truly to what’s happening as opposed
to just getting wrapped up in the conversation and just jumping into a sale or gravitating
towards a client who may not be right for you. So, that’s the first thing. The second thing, ethics. Oh lord, we could do like 50 videos on this. But, don’t push a sale when someone genuinely
doesn’t want to buy. I know this is counterintuitive and this goes
against what a lot of people will tell you, but I am telling you, I have worked with enough
people who are not ideal clients, I was going to say something else, but I won’t. People who are not ideal clients to know that,
if someone really genuinely doesn’t want what you’re offering, if they just say, “I can’t
afford it or now is not the right time,” there could be some limiting beliefs behind that. But, if someone actually is like, “No, you
don’t have what I want,” let them fly. Give them away. Say bye bye then and open up space for somebody
to come in who you actually want to work with. Because, those people are not going to do
the work and they don’t really want to do the work that you’re offering, so it’s a lose
lose. You’re not going to get a good case study
or testimonial out of it. You’re not going to get a result for them
and it’s just going to create a nightmare situation at the end of the day. Do not push and do not force someone to sale
when it’s not something that they actually want. The next thing is tenacity, and what I mean
by this is it is all about the followup. I find that when people don’t close a sale,
and this goes back to just being a human being. If I were to walk up to you on the street,
and I just basically was like, “Here’s my course, want to buy it,” and I’ve never met
you before, I have no prior relationship with you, and I’m just throwing this at you, you’re
most likely going to say no. If you don’t say no, I would kind of question
you as a person. But, you’re going to say no to me because
there’s no prior relationship. If you have an initial sales conversation
with somebody and they seem interested, but they’re still a little standoffish and it’s
just not the right time for them actually, genuinely and that’s not just an excuse or
a limiting belief for them, follow up. The amount of times that I’ll see people have
an initial sales conversation, get turned down, and then forget about that person as
a human, is shocking to me. Every time that I have a conversation with
somebody who’s interested in working with me and maybe it’s just not going to work out
at that time, I make a note to just reach out to say, “Hey, how’s it going?” I’m not saying, “Hey, so are you ready to
buy yet?” No, because that’s super weird and like not
human. I reach out and I’ll just say, “How’s it going,”
in a DM in an email, whatever it may be, just so I’m on that person’s radar, because I have
had people who have known about me for four years just now decide to work with me because
the time’s right. There is an element of just being a natural
person and human being when it comes to creating sales, and don’t forget about people being
people. You want to build relationships with them
because that’s a big part of sales, is relationships. Actually getting to know people, coming back
to the listening aspect of it, and checking in with them. Saying hello, just popping up on their radar,
but not forcing something on them that they’re not ready for. Because, I can guarantee, if you build relationships
with people, you’re going to get an ROI out of that in some way, shape, or form. Now, the final step here is boundaries. This took me a long time to learn, but knowing
your worth will allow you to make more money than anything else in the entire world. Knowing what you’re worth and also knowing
the value, not the price, but the value of what you’re offering is so important. Let’s say that you are, I love this example. Let’s just say you’re a relationship coach
and someone wants to work with you because their relationship is failing and they’re
on the verge of divorce. You’re going to charge them a price that is
equivalent to the value of that pain or the value of that solution that they’re looking
for. Because, if they don’t work with you and they
don’t get the solution that they’re looking for and they don’t fix their marriage, they
may end up divorced, and how much is that divorce going to cost them? The value of your offer is in direct relation
to the amount of pain and the overall cost of that pain if it doesn’t go the right way
or they don’t get the solution that they’re looking for. Pricing yourself low is doing yourself a disservice,
and also, a lot of people, when they see something that’s priced too low, they look at it as
being cheap, not worth it, and something that isn’t really actually going to solve their
problem because the problem feels so intense for them, and that’s what your offer should
solve, is a really intense problem, feels so intense for them that they’re like, “Sorry,
I’m going to pay $19 to fix this life altering problem? No, that’s never going to work.” Charging what you’re worth and charging based
on value, not based necessarily on the dollar amount, but the value is so important. And, understanding the results that you’re
able to get people and what those are worth to people is an amazing way to start figuring
out how to sell it and how to price it and all of those pieces. We go really in depth in this inside of our
Authority Accelerator program and talk a lot about pricing, because it’s probably the biggest
question that people have, but the biggest piece of advice I can give you is focusing
on the value of the solution that you’re providing, because it’s probably a lot higher than you
think it is and the alternative to them not getting that solution is probably going to
cost them way more than they would ever invest in you. It’s okay to charge what you’re worth. The other thing here is respecting yourself
enough to say no and turn down people who are not a fit. I keep talking about this because having a
bad client, and tell me if you can relate to this, but having a bad client will cost
you more time and more money than it’s ever worth. Respect yourself enough to know when somebody
is a hard no for you, and knowing when they’re not a right fit for you because having that
person in your offer, your program working with you is just not worth the cost of their
admission at the end of the day. On that same note, if you truly believe in
what you’re selling, it makes it really easy to charge what you’re worth and to increase
your revenue and to sell it. If you don’t buy into what you’re selling,
nobody’s going to want to buy it. You have to know that it is the best on the
market, and whatever you’ve created the absolute best option for people to find the solution
that they’re looking for. When you believe that, you will know that
everybody else you talk to will believe it too because you are so aligned with what you’re
selling. The only time that sales feels yucky is when
you’re not aligned with what you’re selling or you feel like you’re selling a bad product,
so don’t do that. Just make sure that whatever you’re selling,
something that you wholeheartedly believe in, and that’s why it’s, again, so easy for
me to sell what I sell because I know the results it can get people I know that it has
changed lives, which sounds crazy because I’m just talking about building businesses
and YouTube, but I know that I’d be able to change lives and help people create their
dream life and their dream business, so the worth of that is super high for people. Believe in it wholeheartedly, get the results
for your clients and it will never be easier for you to sell when you know what you have
is 100% worth it for somebody to invest in. It also becomes super easy to create that
boundary to say, “No, you’re not a fit bye. I’ll wait for the right person to come in
and I’ll find the right person to come in as my ideal client.” That’s basically the gist of sales and the
really important skills you need to have. Now, if you found this interesting, make sure
you check out these videos. This one is on how to sell anything to anyone,
which I know you’ll find valuable, and this video is on, make more money working less. Super, super interesting concepts around how
I’ve doubled my revenue in the last year while not doing nearly as much work. Check those out and thank you so much for
watching. Subscribe and hit the bell to get notified
every time we post a new video, hit that like button, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.


  1. Very informative video and helpful..thanks again for sharing your ideas..haha me too I really talk more…now I know now that less or dont talk is the best…listen listen listen I have to practice this tips!

  2. YES! When I first started investing in real estate and launched my businesses I quickly learned YOU NEED SALES! LOL!
    Now that I’ve had success and am nearly financially free I’m so glad to help others do the same and see videos like this educating others too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations for earning million dollars, Sunny! With million dollars, I would make a family with five children 😀🤣

  4. Me: I should really get out of bed

    Sunny: Uploads another video

    Me: Nvm. It can wait. 😂😂😂

  5. Can I have a shoutouts for being a truth loyal fan 🤷. No seriously we love you we watch your videos thanks you for your time thanks for your knowledge 👍 that you always not afraid to share to us.

  6. Fantastic video love these tips.
    Its a great feeling when we can shift from yucky sales to alligned sales feels much more natural. 💕

  7. Loved what you said about not pushing people to buy from you. If it's your ideal client, they will WANT what you're offering. You can't have all the clients in the world, some of them will simply not be your tribe. That's probably one of the lessons I had to learn the hard way. Thanks for the helpful video as always ❤️

  8. I agree with 'you have to believe in your product' to be able to sell it. I make my own products and am therefore very enthusiastic and can talk about them easily without having to put on a sales pitch.
    I also run a mile when someone is being to pushy.

  9. You make some great points for sure, in my business knowing my product makes me comfortable in speaking when I need to speak, but I listen to the problem then that's when I provide my solution and my experience at that point takes over, I make my point and then ask them a few questions, then listen again… seems to work well.

    I'm gonna watch more of your content as it seems very genuine and helpful, thanks for spreading the wealth with your knowledge of all things marketing related.

  10. This is my JAM!!! Thank you Sunny. I preach these exact thoughts daily to Wantrepreneurs and new Entrepreneurs as it is often the biggest roadblock to starting and growing your business. Either we do sales in a way that is not in line with who we are (nice, honest people) or we don't do it at all because it scares us to try it. I am launching a course and online community soon to help with this, but I would love to help any others with advice if you want to reach out.

  11. My biggest takeaway from this video is not selling myself short, to not overly promote others instead of myself & don't not be pushy with people who don't care about what I'm doing. Sunny like you, i hate being bombarded with a sale especially when i go to a mall. I get tons of people trying to get me to buy their stuff lol 😂. What makes me sad is i have had my teespring shirt business since august of this year & i have good relationships with people & friends. Only my mom, my friend , & my grandma have supported it. All of my stuff is affordable & yet i feel like those people i know don't really care about my business. I know those people im cool with have money cuz they always talking about what they just bought or did. I try to stay positive tho. I appreciate your advice this whole year. May you & your viewers have a great Thanksgiving – Georgio 🍂🍁🧡

  12. "If you really want to secure a sale, speak less", SO TRUE! It's not all about you just talking to others; understand what they're saying and help lead the conversation forward

  13. Thank you for this. I feel like you are talking directly to me on this video. I have had a hard time with sales. I had to start thinking of it being suggestive sales instead just hard core sales. I listen to the customers needs and try to suggest what they need to help their situation(s). I could never sale a person something they don’t need.

  14. I really never thought of sales regarding my Channel… but clearly I need to. As a new YouTubber I’m still learning ❤️. Thank you for this great advice

  15. I love all this! I used to hate sales too but that’s because I had an image in my mind of a used car salesman. 😆 The phrase “show up to serve” shifted my focus off my own thoughts and into their needs and now I’m not only good at sales, but people THANK ME for the way I sell! 😱 A great book too is “To Sell Is Human”!

  16. This is great advice, the only way to sell something is to be proud of the product and the only way to be proud of the product is to truly believe internally that you're selling something valuable, there's no way around it.

  17. I have sold millions of my own products by doing the exact opposite of pushing people. I would tell people NOT to buy from me right now. I’d tell them to do their homework and check out other company’s products and really know what they’re getting into. It worked every time. Even after we’d hang up, they’d call me back within a few minutes. It’s a great sales tactic and it creates a great sense of trust. So many people would tell me that they felt like they have a new best friend. It’s an awesome thing.

  18. I found a lot of people think it is sleazy or like oh you do affiliate marketing so you sell crap to people lol
    But when you use and believe in a product or service you use yourself it comes off more natural and your not jamming stuff down someones throat to try and make a buck.
    This more natural approach makes a HUGE difference and make you feel good about what you are doing and offering people.

  19. You are INVALUABLE Sunny ☀️ I love starting my mornings off with lots of sunshine ( YOU) and some serious manifesting. It’s always a great day. Thank you isn’t enough💖

  20. Sales is definitely something a lot of people shy away from. It's scary to a lot of people and to me even right now. But it's really something we all have to do in our daily lives no matter what we are doing. I really need to work on understand what I am worth and how much value I can bring to people because I'm still stuck on offering lower prices or even working for free at times because I don't feel like I'm ready enough to charge.

  21. Loved this advice — so logical, but I think it's so easy to forget some of these things when we're getting wrapped up in the day to day. Totally agree with point 1: Listen. I've noticed that by asking more questions and allowing plenty of space on sales calls, people tell me exactly what they need, where they're struggling, and it's so much easier for me to either offer a solution that they gratefully pay for OR to realise they're not the right fit!

  22. Love what you said about pricing based on the VALUE, not the dollar amount. Great advice. Also, your grandpa sounds awesome! 🙂

  23. Listen/Empathize
    Ethics- do not force a sale
    Tenacity- follow up
    Bounderies – know the value of your solution to their problem

  24. You inspired me to set up a YouTube page and I used your tips. If you enjoy music and fitness look at my channel and let me know what you think! Thank you

  25. Not pushing people is the best way!

    I had people harp on me to join a fitness MLM when all I wanted was to enjoy the shakes. I honestly didn’t have enough free time or flexible income to devote to the sales program and maintain my jobs and my self care! I got pressured into joining because “you’ll make it all back and your product will be free” “you drink Starbucks and waste your time at a gym when you could be at home”. Now I had to sell, join meetings, and promote a product I wasn’t 100% confident in backing because I was still testing it out for myself.

    I canceled the whole thing entirely because I felt like i saw all my friends pushing people into fitness programs and horrible caloric deficits that were unhealthy to see results!!! I got a sharp pointed email demanding why I didn’t first consult with my coach as to why I was quitting and it seemed to me I was ruining her life by dropping it. I told her that from the beginning I didn’t have time to invest in all of it and the diet wasn’t safe for anyone to follow, she blocked me online but I said from the start-now isn’t a good time with my schedule or finances.

  26. Thank-you for your genuine desire to want to truly help us change our businesses and our lives for the better! Your gentle reminder today to only sell what we wholeheartedly know will have a seriously amazing impact on our clients is pure gold. Suddenly, when you know in the depths of your soul that what you are offering will absolutely make a possible change in your client's life then the price you list it for becomes second nature. You no longer undersell, which as you mention so beautifully in your video, reduces the perceived value of your product, but you also will start to feel value for your offer yourself. You won't want to just give it to anybody, only to those who will also value it and value you for helping change their lives for the better. Big BIG hugs Sunny! 😀

  27. These are great tips. I had a company harass me. I get the follow up, but he harassed to a point of calling my cell and when I said don't call (we have a retail biz). They are supposedly the best in their field but after some deep dark web internet sleuthing, there is trouble in shangri la. They offered deep discounts and I still said no. If you have a bad sales tactic, no matter how good your product, it will NOT WORK! I'd rather go with company I can grow with that cares and still does after paying. That's what made US successful (Small biz).

  28. I was 17 still in junior high school… I worked for a realtor running back and forth to Philadelphia getting Agreements of sale reviewed by a lawyer and signed maybe 9:00pm at night.( Man hadn't invented Fax machines yet-1972). It was fun wrestling traffic listening to Jazz music with not a care in the world.. He shared with me some selling tips.. Four things– Do you want to buy?, Do you want to buy now?. Do you have the money?- When can you get the money?

  29. Yes!! You always provide the best content/value! Who else agrees!
    Also, here is the main 4 points for you! But definitely watch the entire video for full insights.

    1. Listening/empathy. One of the best skills to have.

    2. Ethics. Always do what is best for others and yourself.

    3. Tenacity. (Have a good follow-up).

    4. Boundaries. Know your worth and then add tax! (VALUE)!

    You all got this!
    Go Share/sell what you do with others!

  30. Here's a HINT to your TIP #1: Why do we have 2 ears and only one mouth????
    Answer: because we need to LISTEN MORE and talk less!!!!!

    Soooo true. I couldn't agree more. In fact, when I started shutting up more and letting my clients talk more, miracles happened 🙂



  31. It's always worth watching a Video of Sunny. The value she gives in every Video is amazing. Thank you Sunny!!! xx

  32. Hi Sunny, I was just on your live webinar and my chat wasn’t working ☹️ if I sign up to the programme is it something I can go back and forth from and re-access it at a later date?xx

  33. all of this is so true, my biggest takeaway is to check up on people that might not be in the right moment to buy now!!!! So essential for me to work on it

  34. I have great repeat buyer group..but my problem is get new customer.. Im really struggling on instagram..but 95% of my sales is through instagram.. I try to vary..but its hard… Any advise? But once customer buy, they always buy more in the future..so im proud of my products 😁

  35. As soon as she said "team" I gave this stupid video a thumbs down! Women DO NOT LISTEN…they want YOU TO LISTEN TO THEM!!!!

    GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, by, and for the people

  37. Hi Sunny, here's trying to post comments for the third time.
    LISTENING to your prospect is essential. However there are times when you should not accept a NO as being final, but rather as a challenge. EG. I acheived international sales in more than 30 countries, after being told that my product was no good. Even successful when I visited your fabulous city of Vancouver, where I have many fond memories. In appreciation, I would like to share my sales experience with you and others who have similar interests. Reference to YouTube videos about my Pre launch notice and of a Master Class in Marketing, Sales and Manufacture. All of which is due to your inspirational advice and assistance.
    Thank you so much. XOX 😏
    Your previous videos have been extremely helpful prior to commencing my own video channel.

  38. My biggest take away is number 4 – setting the right value on your service or product. What seems easy to us is not to others so we tend to put less value on what we have to offer.

  39. Hey Sunny! I always come to your channel and website when I need some inspiration- I hope that one day we can work together and I will be the one who people look to for help ❤️🙌

  40. Hi Sunny, no it's not just you, I am exactly like that, I don't feel comfortable and don't want to buy anything anywhere I walk in, after someone pushes it 🌞

  41. I believe if you're bad at sales, you just aren't good at serving your audience yet, the better server, the better seller, and then you just need to believe in what you have. Grant Cardone's book Sell To Survive is an insane book!

  42. Sales! Oh my new bestie! I was a sales trainer yet I was taught in a pushy, masculine, and icky way. Now, reframing it now in enjoying it every step of the way.

  43. Good video I am also happy this year went well invested with Mr henrik Raymond he makes me £12,000 on weekly basis that's how I escaped mine for this year thanks for the topic

  44. Do you know the best way to create a simple website for my email coaching business? When I try on squarespace I get frustrated trying to edit it and do it then give up. Or where to hire someone actually affordable to do it for me?

  45. Two tips I was taught from my 45 year top salesman father was 1) DON’T SELL OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKETBOOK (don’t ass-ume they can or cannot afford it or deciding even subconsciously they aren’t a fit) 2) GET COMFORTABLE ASKING FOR THE MONEY people are expecting it..so don’t be weird about it. 😉

  46. 1. Listening and empathy
    2. Ethics and targeting sales appropriately
    3. Tenacity and follow-up
    4. Boundaries and knowing the value of what you're offering

  47. My business UniKissCosmetics.com (handmade vegan lip gloss) has been struggling and I don’t understand why. 4 months in and has been a struggle. I have great products and try to market my best on ig. Any help/comments will def help me. Btw these tips were great my ft is a sales position & def less talking & empathy works!

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