March 30, 2020
The 3 Must Haves For Affiliate Marketing

The 3 Must Haves For Affiliate Marketing

in this video I’m going to share with
you three must-haves for affiliate marketing if you are an affiliate
marketer you need these three things you do not want to not have these three
things or your affiliate marketing business will not work my name is Rachel
s Lee and this channel is all about affiliate marketing online marketing
passive income automated online business all this fun stuff so if you’re into
that kind of stuff like I am be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on the
notifications and I’m super excited to share with you guys this content okay so
number one thing that you for sure have to have are offers or an offer they
offer is something you have to be selling something and I know that sounds
so obvious like okay well do Rachel like I need an affiliate offer but you want
to make sure that you pick a good one because if you waste time getting to
know what the product is or program is that you’re going to be selling and
marketing and you even invest in it and then you send out emails and you get the
word to it and then you find out it doesn’t even convert or didn’t make you
that much money or it’s just a crappy offer and crappy product and then you’ve
tied that to your name you don’t want to do that you want to make sure that you
are promoting offers that align with what you stand for and your values so
for me I’m in the online marketing niche mixed with make money online and online
software’s so I will promote things I’ll show you I’m going to show you on one of
my pages I like a resources page this is just some stuff that I promote so like
landing page software email marketing software link tracking software traffic
place little plugins there’s some different plugins that work for some of
the other software’s that I promote so it’s kind of like little upsells
I have a bunch of like training programs that I got from inside of clickfunnels
or my own or I promote a lot of my friends courses also like my colleagues
stuff or I’ll even promote their free webinars or their freebies their lead
magnets and then after it’s still attached to my affiliate link so I just
got to promote free training hey everyone go check out this free training
or this free training and then later and the funnel the funnel will close them
for me so I don’t have to be doing that much selling so I like offers like that
that’s just kind of a taste of the offers that I promote but there’s a lot
of courses on here too that I promote and other softwares click funnels is a
big one though I really like promoting click funnels because it pays good
commissions 40% recurring every single month so when you’re looking for an
offer if if you can pay every single month instead of just one time that’s
cool you get to stack that up click funnels does have some offers that do
pay you one time but like higher ticket also so and I use it like this website
this page is built on click funnels I give I get it give share funnels away so
I give you guys my templates and my funnels that I’m using I’ll show you
here this is like my click funnels page a funnel I put together to promote click
funnels and I include bonuses if people buy from my link if they buy like the
big package the 997 or there’s even have to like a $3,000
package or even if it’s just there on the $97 a month I still give them
bonuses it helps make my offer sweeter I already have great offer I just like to
give extra incentive for them to use my link so that’s a really great strategy
is crafting your own offer or like presenting the offer in your own way so
instead of like hey everyone just go watch this video about what this email
marketing software does you make a video showing what it does
another offer that I promote is builder all I really like this offer it is also
a landing page sales funnel software and it has a different affiliate Commission
structure it’s a lower ticket item it doesn’t cost as much money per month as
clickfunnels and it pays just 30% Commission’s on
your tier one where’s click funnels is paying 40
percent commissions on tier one but builder L is paying 30 percent
commissions also on your tier two whereas click funnels it’s five percent
commissions on your tier two so that makes this a really leveraged system I
make money every month from builder all on my tier one people who are signed up
directly under me I’m making recurring commissions and a hundred percent
Commission’s on the first month they sign up which is great but also every
month I’m getting paid thirty percent commissions off their signups that they
got a lot of people in my audience that would be using these types of softwares
are also affiliate marketers so yes my Tier one signups are growing but my tier
two signups are growing even more rapid because my Tier one people are also
promoting builder all as an affiliate offer I’ll put my affiliate link to
builder all in the description below and then again to sweeten up the offer I add
bonuses a bunch of bonuses I give you guys like full free course if you’re on
my team emails to promote my entire strategy of how I promote private
Facebook group group coaching I want to see you win because I want to see you in
but also I have that 30 percent incentive to see you in there are so
many offers to promote online so I also don’t want you to get overwhelmed
something I’ve done in the past is say I’m gonna promote this about that and
I’m promoting everything and like then I don’t promote it that good so just stick
to like a couple things at first I think this is a good combo actually if you go
to affiliate business in a box comm I a done-for-you system but you still have
to do it it’s a duplicatable system that teaches you how to set up your affiliate
marketing business funnels emails start driving traffic start growing your
online business so you guys can get that at affiliate business in a box column
I’ll put that in the description below and it uses software’s kind of like
these ones that I have right in the screen you can’t see this one okay so
the second thing must have for affiliate marketing is traffic you need traffic
you have an offer great you have your affiliate link ready you even have a
funnel up you even have the automation set up and the emails set up in the
whole system ready to go you need traffic there’s a lot of places you can
get traffic a lot of ways to get traffic some take more time some take more money
some take both and a blend I’m getting overwhelmed talking about it right now
but there’s a lot of fun traffic sources and that’s why I want you to do is find
what’s fun for you and what works for you what is fun for you is gonna be the
one that works for you because you’ll stick with it long enough to make it
work so here’s some that worked pretty well for me and I try every day to make
it work even better and try to get more traffic whether it’s organic or paid so
this right here is a screenshot of my facebook group I have a Facebook group
call it influencer affiliate marketing make money online with Rachel Esley it’s
a long name you know for keywords in there and as you can see below it says
four hundred sixty three people want to join the group every single day people
are requesting access to join this group like all the time like I’m getting
notifications per this person wants to join the group they want to join the
group but I don’t approve everyone that’s why there’s so much pending I
really only get like 20 new people I think in the group every day so that’s
good traffic because they’ll see offers in my group they’re in my group see my
post hopefully I can tag them in the once they’re in the group
maybe they’ll see my live streams but also when people are requesting access
to join the group I ask three questions one is what are you hoping to get out of
the group it’s like I want to know number two do you promise not to spam in
the freaking group and number three it says optional enter your email and I’ll
send you like a training so if they don’t fill out the first two questions I
don’t let them in the group because those are required questions but about
half the people that fill out any questions they also enter their email so
I get maybe like ten or fifteen maybe even more some days more sometimes like
twenty twenty-five eat new email addresses every single day that goes in
to my email autoresponder another in my group they’re getting my emails try to
get them on my chat but where you target them everything but having your own
Facebook group is a great way to get traffic using this strategy you also
want to engage the group the reason that people are fine in the group is because
Facebook is showing it in the suggestive group tab for the most part some of you
guys find out about it through YouTube which by the way there is a link in the
description below and I would love for you to join in Facebook I feel like just
so much different stuff is going on on Facebook versus YouTube so for those
that are with me in both places I appreciate you so much and appreciate
all of you so it is important to post engaging content in your group or you’re
just gonna have a dead group with like dead people like people aren’t going to
be interested they’re not going to want they’re gonna turn off the notifications
in a group and not want to be a part of it and not see things so that’s why I
livestream often in my group or I post things post questions post my YouTube
videos I could do a lot better at being engaging in the group I would maybe have
ten times the more people in the group and I would probably be making five
times more money the number of people in my group is correlated to my income it
doesn’t mean it has to be correlated but I there’s a nice correlation between it
I could grow the group using paid methods
running ads to the group or talking about the group more even just putting
the talking about it like in the YouTube sending traffic from YouTube to the
group but what I also do is I go into other groups I engage in other groups I
meet so many great people I put together really cool business deals things that
like you don’t see online other people doing because it’s behind the scenes
stuff with really great amazing affiliate marketers also groups are tied
to my personal page actually let me show you that so here’s a screenshot of my
friend page so I don’t have like the full five thousand friends yet that’s
okay you max out at that but you can get followers you turn on your followers so
my total audience for just this like Facebook friend page is I can’t do math 6700 so take 68 something so that’s
really cool in addition to having people in the group so when I do a live stream
on my page or a post I get more eyeballs on it and it’s free I’m not like paying
for that my facebook friend page also is you know set up in a way where it is
pretty business EUC like my business endeavors and I put links and I talk
about business and it’s also connected to my business page my like page and
from my like page I post stuff it doesn’t get like great organic
visibility but it still gets stuff that I post there organically it still gets
views but I also do paid ads I’ll show you this is just a screenshot of an ad
that I have running it’s like a video ad and it’s targeting some different
audiences it’s doing some retargeting and I also have a link in the
description of the video and that link is a lead magnet it’s a freebie it’s
like it’s a free mini-course and it goes to my chat bot my facebook chat but and
then from the chat bot I send them to the mini course where then I get their
email we want to get people on all fronts to be omnipresent
I know right now I am talking about personal branding things like I have a
personal brand but this is the same even if you don’t have a personal brand or
you’re using some other type of brand I actually do have other brands you guys
just maybe don’t know about them I don’t I’m still like developing them they’re
not as strong as my personal brand because I’ve been working on that one
for a while but I’m starting to build other brands that are are not
necessarily like me as a face but maybe like a little cartoon either way
whatever your brand you can be using strategies similar to this something
they don’t have to even be these strategies I am also just going over
traffic methods right now for affiliate marketing and Facebook Ads can work even
just two products online courses getting people on sales calls getting people to
go into a store even if you’re an affiliate though for something else even
like a physical product you can use Facebook Ads in different ways so
Instagram as a personal brand I just like just be myself just have my life I
don’t make it super business he I don’t really put like tutorials on my insta
story I’ll let people know when I have a new youtube video up I’m not using
Instagram like the best that I could be bad maybe there’s something you could
learn from it I just put like regular life style my life on it and then I’m
just pointing traffic right now to YouTube but I could also send people to
an email opt-in page or a chat bot it’s just not how I’m using Instagram at the
moment do I still make more money online because I have an Instagram yes I think
I do I have people damning me asking me
things people replying to my insta stories business people following me
people actually clicking the link in my bio and people just feeling more like
connected to me as a person so more likely if they’re seeing my post and
Instagram and then they get the email from me they’ll be more likely to be
like oh I know that girl I’m gonna open the email I also have a string of
different quote accounts that I use I’m probably not using those the best that I
could be when you’re going to try different track
Methos you can’t like do them all at once I would start getting really good
at one so for me it was like organic Facebook in the groups and now my focus
really is YouTube and paid ads I’ll just go over that soon and I’m like and
Instagram and everything I know we want to do everything I want to do everything
but it’s a journey so I do have I mean I don’t know why I’m complaining there’s
4,000 followers on here in the post get likes but it has four resulting in like
quality leads to buy things I’m still trying to crack that code
so for me I’m still trying to send more traffic to the YouTube through Instagram
because I think I connect well with people when they get to the YouTube
channel so paid ads I’m not going to like go in and show you guys exactly how
I’m running my ads I don’t even know exactly how I’m running my ads like I’m
working with the team I have a team and I hire people and that’s just how I
chose to run my business but whether you want to do this all on your own and
really study it or you want to invest in getting help or coaching or whatever
it’s still so important to still know what’s going on even if you’re having
other people help you with ads you really it’s still your business as an
affiliate marketer so you need to know your numbers so search ads that’s like
Google Ads being as when people are searching for
something maybe they’re searching for an offer or like a they’re searching for
convertkit well you can’t really do that actually direct see it’s hard doing
direct linking for certain products which is why paid ads strategy you got
to match up the right type of ad with the right type of offer and something
that people would even be searching for anyway display ads is a little different
display are just like images that can be retargeting people interested in
different things and then video ads you like YouTube ads
video ads that are even showing up on Facebook or in displays and app ads are
really big now too especially with the retargeting if your retargeting people
and they’re on a different app and then they see your ad
I am not there yet when I do get there I will update you guys on how that’s going
ok another type of traffic is solo ads that is very popular in the make money
online niche affiliate marketing work from home online marketing trainings
tools software’s business opportunities Bitcoin like a
bunch of different types of vendors on udemy so I’ll put my affiliate link in
the description below and if you want to see if there’s people that you could
test buying traffic from I really do highly recommend you dimmi as a safe
place to do that but you still have to test so what you’re doing with this is
paying for clicks they have a list and you buy a hundred clicks they will send
out your email or help you write up an email that gets clicks to your landing
page or sales page or offer or whatever it is with solo ads you are getting fast
traffic like you’re getting fast traffic but it’s not the warmest traffic it’s
very cold traffic these people don’t know who you are what your offer is but
you do now have their email also like not for everybody but a good offer
would get if you’re sending them to a landing page you would want to get like
at least 35% or 40% of the people actually giving their email but to open
rates on these emails they do decline over time especially if you don’t have
strong email marketing game but I’ve seen a lot now with solo ads to people
using them to get people on their BOTS or get them also pixeled with the
Facebook pixel and then retargeting Google pixel and then display ads
retargeting there are a lot of ways to make the most of your traffic okay this
one I don’t got a screenshot but blog SEO in YouTube SEO SEO website SEO it’s
great you can have niche sites blogs articles things posted on different
types of blogging things like LinkedIn or meeting
calm and then YouTube SEO having your video show up in Google and on YouTube
because the keywords were so good I am definitely all about SEO it takes
longer it doesn’t have to take that long but for certain keywords like it does
take longer and it’s still an investment but it’s like a lot and it’s a long-term
investment but it’s something that can be very profitable if you’re proud of
your revenue does exceed the expenses and you can wait to get the results
SEO brings in a lot of warm people because people were already searching
for something they were already interested in it
and they see your organic content that wasn’t even sponsored wasn’t paid to be
an ad in front of them they felt like there with their research they stumbled
upon your content themselves and if your content is good and helps them guide
them through their buying decision that’s how you make sales as an
affiliate marketer using SEO okay the third must-have for affiliate marketers
and I say it’s a must-have but it’s kind of not but it kind of is like if you are
paying money and time to get all this traffic and leads and people interested
in your offers but then you’re not following up it’s just dumb people do
not buy always on the first time then you need to see something multiple times
and they need follow-up and we like to automate that in affiliate marketing so
here’s just a screenshot of an email sequence that I have when people opt
into the business in a box affiliate business in a box they get these emails
and like every day or every couple days they get an email and then I keep track
of my open rates and my click rates I see how many people are unsubscribing I
also try to get them on a facebook Messenger chat bot sequence and then I
do follow-up through there too and then as I talked about before retargeting ads
to me it’s still a form of follow-up people viewed a page they viewed your
offer and we are following up with them by chasing them around on the internet
with our ads in the most helpful way of course so I hope this video
gave you guys a lot to think about and things to get started on perhaps you
need to start getting some different offers or you just need to offer period
maybe you don’t even have any offers so check out the ones I talked about before
below I’ll link everything below maybe you’re struggling to get traffic or
nailed down a method that’s really working for you I hope you got some
ideas from the traffic methods that I showed you and take action on start
trying things and seeing what works for you and then if your follow-up game
needs to be better I hope this video motivated you to work more on your email
sequences I give you guys a lot of email sequences for well for certain things
like for for the affiliate business in a box I give you email sequences for my
builder all team I give you the email sequences and then I also have something
called an email survival kit which has some other cool offers I didn’t show you
on here that I promote and it also comes with the email sequences for you to plug
in to your autoresponder so you can start selling these offers and then
everyone that’s in my private course and group coaching program daily commissions
Club gets the email survival kit included plus everything else that I
shared my business tons of funnels strategies a weekly
group coaching so I’ll put info on that also daily Commission’s
in the description below ok guys I’m putting out a bunch of videos I am on a
Content Marathon so I would love for you to subscribe to the channel turn on the
notifications and let me know in the comments what are some things that you
learned in this video that you are gonna get started on I would love to know and
I’ll see you guys on the next video I appreciate you so much see you next time

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  2. All the information you shared was helpful. All I need to do is choose what works for me best and from there, I can start making money in the comfort of my own home. Sweet!

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