March 30, 2020
The 3 Fundamental Building Blocks of Ecommerce

The 3 Fundamental Building Blocks of Ecommerce

What we’re
talking about is the fundamental building block of your online business. You know, what is the thing
that’s going to help them grow? There’s three fundamental ways that you
can scale an Ecommerce, like three core methods of actually growing. So number one,you go
down the branding route. Influencer route, and that’s branding. Number two, you have a product that solves
a unique problem that no one else solves. So let’s say it’s a baby grow
that solves eczema And that’s a unique problem that
people are gonna come to you for that. And the third one is an irresistible offer. Like an offer that is just so, so good that you know it works and I think they
are the three main areas you need to really,
really understand what they mean.

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