April 1, 2020
The 10 Best Email Marketing Services

The 10 Best Email Marketing Services

I’ve been doing email marketing for almost
10 years now across a bunch of different websites and have list of over 13,000 email subscribers.
So, I’ve done a lot of research on all of the email marketing services out there. Today,
I want to share with you the 10 best email marketing services that are available right
now. I’m going to assume that you’re an internet
marketer, a small business, a medium business or an e-commerce store. If you are a super
large business, Fortune 500 company, then you may want to go with something that you
need a sales consultant in order to buy. But I’m going to assume that most of us are small
fish in a very big sea and we just want something to be able to send out emails to people. Maybe
do some automation or if you’re an e-commerce store, you may want to do some automation
based on the different types of products people view or based on their checkout pages. If
they don’t buy, you might want to send them a reminder that they can check out. They’re
the assumptions that we’re going run with. Also, I want to throw out a disclaimer that
I am an affiliate for most of these products. However, I’m not really biased to one or the
other except for based on what I actually think is the best. Because they all basically
offer the same sort of thing – they’re all are similar-priced, same sort of percentage.
So, I want to give an honest review. But just know that I’m an affiliate for most of these
products. And a note before we get into it is that no service is absolutely perfect.
And so, you need to find what’s right for you. A great thing about a lot of these products
is that there’s some free trials or they have money-back guarantees for the first 2 weeks
or whatever it may be. So let’s look at 5 to start with. The best
email marketing services just for sending out blasts and autoresponders and maybe you
want some light email marketing automation. So, if someone clicks a link, you can add
them to a course or you can add tags and move them around, that sort of thing. So, just
a quick note before we get into it on pricing that all of these are basically the same price
when you start getting up to over 500, over 1,000 email subscribers. However, in the beginning,
MailChimp does have a free service for up to 2,000 email subscribers. But they don’t
have follow-up sequences in that free service. And with AWeber, you get the first month for
free. So, that’s just something to think about. Let’s start with the best of the best because
I don’t want to waste your time. The best email marketing services for blasts and autoresponders
with, maybe, a little bit of light automation thrown in there is a new comer to the market
called, “Covert Kit”. Convert Kit has been around 12 months, maybe 18 months or something
like that. It is fairly new in the industry, but it is absolutely awesome. You can check
it out at pelt.co/ck. Convert Kit is absolutely beautiful to use.
If I go ahead and sign in, then you can see how beautiful it is. I’ve used AWeber in the
past. I’ve used Ontraport and they feel like using some old school Windows phone and Convert
Kit feels like using an iPhone. It all just makes sense. You’ve got forms here, if you
need to create a form for people to subscribe to your email list. It’s as easy as clicking
create form and they have a whole bunch of different options on the forms that you can
create. And you can also have ones that create a Lightbox or you can have ones that pop in
from the side of your page. You can create courses which are your follow-up sequences
– they’re super easy to create. You just go ahead and click “Create Course”. You can name
your course, let’s just name it “sgdfgdf”. And then you can go through and add your content
here. I love that all the content is one this one page and I can go through and edit it.
Whereas, every other email editor out there makes you do individual emails and then exit
out to manage your follow-up. But this allows you to edit emails as well as manage your
follow-up and drag things around and change the delays on it – all within the one page.
So, it’s just super easy to use. You can send out broadcasts as well. You can
manage your subscribers. And one of the great things about Convert Kit that made it beat
AWeber and beat MailChimp and the other ones out there is that you can add tags to subscribers
and you can really customize your subscribers. So you can go through and adjust the courses
that they’re in. You can adjust their tags based on whether they purchased a product
or actions that they’ve taken. The thing that I love about Convert Kit which definitely
makes it better than AWeber and MailChimp is that you can add automation. So, if someone
subscribes to a form or if they finish a form, then you can subscribe them to another course. But what I love the best is when you go to
add a rule, you can click a link and then subscribe them to a course. So I can send
out an email to my 13,000 email subscribers, let’s say linking to the sales page for my
product. If they go ahead and click on that, I assume that they’re interested in my product.
I can then subscribe them to an automatic follow-up sequence that will talk about the
benefits of my product, why they should buy it and encourage them to buy it. So being
able to put links in your emails that automatically subscribe them to courses or automatically
add tags to them, then that is a really awesome thing. So, number 1 definitely is Convert Kit – the
best email marketing service for if you’re sending out blasts and autoresponders. Just
beautiful to use, it’s got those automations. I absolutely love it. Number 2 is MailChimp, which is a really,
really popular service. I’m not going to have time to go into all of these in super detail.
Otherwise, we’ll be here for about 7 hours. But MailChimp just has some really beautiful
templates. It’s really simple to use. You can sign up for free for the first 2,000 subscribers.
So you can sign up for free and have a play around with it and it’s really good. And also,
if you get to the 2,000 and you just go, “MailChimp’s not really for me”. It’s really easy to then
bring them over to Convert Kit at a later date. So, MailChimp, definitely worth checking
out – pelt.co/mailchimp. I do believe they have some automation features as well, if
you’re willing to pay a higher price point. Third on the list is AWeber which has been
around basically since the internet was in diapers. I think it’s been around since the
1990’s. And to give you an idea, I was born in ’88. So, in the 1990’s, I was like 10 years
old – less than 10 years old. I think I finished the ’90s, I was like 12. So, AWeber has been
around for an extremely long time. AWeber is absolutely great if you’re just getting
started in email marketing. If you don’t know a lot about email marketing, you don’t need
any of the automations, then AWeber can be a great tool for you. It’s just really simple.
They’ve got a whole bunch of different templates that you can use to put forms on your website.
They’ve got follow-up sequences, you can send out broadcasts. You can also send out blog
broadcasts. So, let’s say, I update my website everyday, every week, I can send out a blog
broadcast which just shows people, here’s the 7 new posts that I did this week. So, AWeber’s great. You can start the first
month for free. And then $19 a month up to 500 subscribers. And then the pricing goes
up from there. AWeber, definitely really awesome, especially if you’re starting out, I’d consider
going with AWeber. If you’re not willing to commit to the $29 a month for Covert Kit at
the lowest end, then AWeber is first month free and then $19 after that. You can get
AWeber through my affiliate link. Just go to pelt.co/aweber. The fourth one that I recommend is called
“Emma”, which you can get at pelt.co/emma. Again, very comparable in terms of its services.
However, they do also have some automation as well. They say “easiest interface in the
business”, but I still think Convert Kit is easier. But you can go through and you can
build in automations in there. You can add in forms. You can do autoresponder series.
You can do broadcast. It does everything that everyone else does. The fifth one is Campaign Monitor, which you
can check out at pelt.co/cm. Campaign Monitor, nothing that really makes this one stand out
above the rest. They’ve got some good templates in there. They’ve got a good email editor,
which you can see playing in the background here. It looks great on your iPhone, obviously,
but pricing’s the same. Features are basically the same. It’s a good tool. If you’re not
happy with any of the other four, then Campaign Monitor is going to be good for you. So, best email marketing services for blasts
and autoresponders went to Convert Kit. Followed by MailChimp, followed closely by AWeber and
then we had Emma and Campaign Monitor to follow it up. Now, I am going to recommend LeadPages. No
matter what service you use, LeadPages can be extremely useful in getting more email
subscribers through your site. My affiliate link for LeadPages is pelt.co/lp. Just really
quickly, LeadPages, you can go through and watch the video and understand what they do.
But you can just create beautiful landing pages. And also, you can do things. This is
my site and I’ve got this box down the bottom. If someone wants to subscribe, they go ahead
and click it and you got this little pop-up form where they can go ahead and they can
subscribe. They’re called LaedBoxes, they convert really well. You can create pages
like this one where people can click it. Again, you get that pop-up. That’s called a SqueezePage.
They also have heaps of templates for sales pages and things like that. So, no matter what email marketing service
you’re using, I definitely recommend checking out LeadPages at pelt.co/lp. I think the cheapest
one is like $39 a month but it gets cheaper if you upfront for a year. It’s for more advanced
people, but definitely worth a look. And all of the ones that I’ve mentioned will integrate
with LeadPages. So, now, let’s look into the best email marketing
services for e-commerce and for hyper targeting. So, let’s say someone comes to your website
and they’re looking at the blue jeans or they’re looking at specific type of shoe. And you
then want to email them and say, “You love shoes, so do we. Here’s some awesome shoes.”
Or let’s say they come to your website, they add a couple of things to their cart and then
they disappear. Where’d you go? I don’t know, you left that cart fully packed and you didn’t
but it. How can we get that person to re-buy and send out, “Hey, here’s your cart. Do you
want to go ahead and follow-up and but it?” There’s a whole bunch of different services
out there. I will say that I haven’t used most of these services. I have tried some.
I don’t run any e-commerce sites, so in terms of hyper targeting, I don’t need to do a lot
of that. So, the number 1 service that I recommend
if you’re running an e-commerce site is a product called “Targeting Mantra”, which you
can check out at pelt.co/mantra. You can do massive segmentation with this. You can segment
people based on their gender, their location, what they last viewed, whether they’re a deal
hunter or what they’re like or their last order value. You can segment by basically
anything. You can hyper personalize the emails for every customer. So, let’s say someone
looks at a gold ring, you can go ahead and send them emails about the gold ring. Or if
they look at Sony PS4, then you can send them emails about that or you could send them games
that could go with their PS4. So you can do the hyper targeting that you really want to
do if you have an e-commerce site. Customize recommendations and notifications for mobile
apps. They’ve got a whole bunch of different things that you can do. Very powerful. Go
ahead and check out Targeting Mantra. Second on the list is Ontraport, which you
can check out at pelt.co/ontraport. I was an Ontraport user in the past. I found that
it was a bit too advanced for my needs. But Ontraport is really cool, you can do automations
like we talked about. If someone fills out their cart and they don’t end up checking
out, then you can send them reminders that they can check out. You can also customize
emails based on whether they visit a certain page or let’s say they visit a page and it’s
a special offer, if you’ve got their details, you can text them before that special offer
ends. Letting them know, “Hey, you checked this out. Special offer ends in an hour. If
you want to go ahead and buy, here’s the link.” So, you can text them. You can email them.
Overall, it’s a really, really good service and it’s quite easy to use as well. Their
user interface, while not as beautiful and easy to use as Convert Kit, is fairly easy
to use. Especially when we compare it to number three, which is Infusionsoft. Which you can
get at pelt.co/soft. Now, Infusionsoft is powerful. It is a big
one in the industry. A lot of people are using Infusionsoft. It does so many different things.
Everything we talked about in terms of marketing automation, it also works as a check out form
so you can sell your products through Infusionsoft. You can do digital delivery through there.
You can also affiliates for your products, so if people are sending traffic your way,
you can give them a commission based on the sale of your product. So, basically, Infusionsoft
can do so many different things. There’s a lot of businesses out there using Inufusionsoft.
There is a steep learning curve to Infusionsoft. So, if you’re not super tech-savvy and you
don’t want to pay for support and someone to get you up and running, then Infusionsoft
may be out of your price range, but definitely very powerful and definitely one to look at. The fourth one on the list is called “Ramarkety”,
which you can check out at pelt.co/remarkety. E-commerce email marketing – simplified. You
can try it for 30 days and you check it out. Again, all the automation features that you
would expect and that you would want if you had an e-commerce site. So they look at a
certain product, you can send them details about that product. They fill out a cart and
then you can send them reminders about it. Targeted newsletters, personalized coupon
code, abandoned cart recovery and product recommendations and a whole bunch more. So
Remarkety, definitely one check out. Fifth one on the list is called “Bronto”,
which you can check out at pelt.co/bronto. Again, with Bronto, a lot of in-built customization.
A lot of automation that you can do with your customers. Manage campaigns, lifecycle marketing,
market to your databases, mobile-friendly. You can do a whole bunch of different things.
So Bronto is the last one on our list. So there you have the 10 best email marketing
service. Again, just to wrap that up, the best email marketing services for blasts,
autoresponders, if you’re a bit more basic is going to be Convert Kit. The best email
marketing service is you’re doing e-commerce is probably going to be Targeting Mantra. Don’t forget, if you found this video useful,
please give it a thumbs up so more people can find it. And you can find more tutorials
and lessons like how to start a membership site or how to start a podcast or how to create
an evergreen launch funnel, check all of those out. Go to pelt.co to see them over there. And until next time, guys, keep learning.

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