April 10, 2020
Text Message Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales – 7 Tips

Text Message Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales – 7 Tips

– So text message marketing. It’s a great way to gain visibility in front of your loyal followers and customers, but how do you do it? What’s the best way to take advantage of text message marketing
to grow your business and why text message marketing over email? I get that question all the time, and the reason is is because
text message marketing gets in front of people instantly and basically everybody sees it. With email there’s a little
bit more of a delay, right, people don’t check their
email in real time. They check their email here and there. Sometimes it can be a
week later in some cases plus not everybody opens the email. The open rate on email, I
mean you’re doing pretty well if 20% or so of people
actually even open your email. With text message marketing,
97% of people open it within 1 to 15 minutes,
so it’s essentially real-time visibility in front of your loyal followers and customers but the question is, how do
you take advantage of it? Seven steps on how to do that coming up. Let’s walk through it right now. Hi I’m JB with Marketing 360, and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent and technology, through our number one marketing
platform Marketing 360. We call marketing and
design MAD and we love MAD, and hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with MAD, too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. So step number one, with
text message marketing is to determine what type of
content do you want to send. And so this can vary by business, but essentially you want to think of this as like a VIP format of
content that your sending. Very valuable information, not something that you’ll send all the time,
but it’s something you want to get in front of people
when it’s super important to get in front of people and get that visibility that you need. The easiest thing to do here, let’s talk about some examples, so for an ecommerce store a
good text message marketing campaign might be something
like an instant coupon, maybe somebody is on your ecommerce store, and they’re on the check-out page and you have a lot of
abandoned carts and what not and you want to try to
kind of reduce that, and so you put a call to action there, “Hey, opt in to our text
message campaign right now and get an instant coupon for 20% off.” This helps them move forward
through the buying process. It also opts them into your list so that you have them opted-in
to send information later and they get that VIP coupon. You could have an example,
like a dance studio. A dance studio has classes and scheduling and particularly when
the weather might be bad maybe they need to cancel
class or move class. This would be information that would be super important to get in
front of people real time and have that full visibility. Email wouldn’t be as
effective here, right? Text is much more effective if the class was canceled because of a snow
day or something, let’s say. Or anything like that. If you have a business that’s news-related or update-related like that,
that can be super effective. And even businesses like
roofers, you would think roofers, when would they possibly need text message marketing, right? You do your roof once every 25 years. Well, there can be great use
cases like asking for reviews. Review platforms often block people if they’re on the same IP, so you can’t just give people
the same iPad or anything. You really need them to
do it on their device, so having them opt-in to leave a review through their own phone could
be an effective thing to do. But now think about this,
now you have this huge list of people in your SMS
marketing campaign that you basically never text, right? You never text them. But all the sudden it hails in your area. Now instead of going
door-to-door with flyers or sending an email that
20% of people might see, you send a text message and all 97 plus percent see it real time. You get that roof inspection
job before the other roofer, right, because you had this opted-in list. And so every type of business has a way to use text message marketing to either better inform their audience
or to drive more sales. A restaurant’s another great example. It’s a slow day on
Tuesday at lunch, right? Instead of just sitting
there with a slow day and just dealing with it, you can send a text message out to your loyal followers of your restaurant, loyal
customers of the restaurant that there’s $10 off an appetizer or $10 off your meal or
whatever it might be. If they come in for lunch today, now what you’re going to see is
everybody in the area that sees that message is going to
come and eat there, right? They need to eat lunch anyways, right, so why not eat lunch at your
place that they already like because your sending them a deal. This is a huge way to get great business. My sister’s husband owns
a chiropractic office and they have everybody
opt-in to their SMS campaign so that on their slow days
they can send out a deal to get people to come
in and fill the seats, because there’s nothing worse
than the doctor and the nurses standing around twiddling
their fingers, right? They’re still getting paid. So what you need to do is fill the seats when SMS campaign is a
great way to do that. Email wouldn’t be as effective
because only 20% of people would see it and often
times they wouldn’t see it till tomorrow and it’s too late, right? SMS is perfect for that. So really think about what type of content you can send to your loyal
followers and customers to drive more sales and to add more value so that they’re motivated to stay opted-in to your list
and you get more sales. So at the end of the month when the clock is running down and you’re
behind on your sales goal? Boom, you can send this text
message out and reach goal. So that’s step number one. So step number two, once you understand the type of content that you want to send it’s time to start building your lists. So to build your list
the first and foremost most important thing is to get these call to actions out in front of people. With text message
marketing, you can’t just put somebody’s phone
number into a text message marketing software and text them. That’s against the rules. They need to actually opt-in to receive the information that you want to provide. So what you need to do
is you need to think about where are you going to get this call to action out in front of people. So here’s some ideas. If you’re a restaurant you’d
want an in-store sign, right? Something in the store, on
the table, that people can see that’s motivating them to opt-in. It could say something like,
“Text whatever your opt-in number is and key word is
to enter in to our list to get a VIP promotions on slow days or coupons on hot events
that we’re doing.” Something like that, something that, based on the content
that you want to send, you’ll know what these
call to actions need to be. So now it’s about getting it
in front of people, right? So here’s what we recommend, in-store signs, social media posts, social media ads asking people to opt-in. Send email blasts out to your followers asking them to opt-in to your SMS list and what they’re going to
receive when they do that. Train your people to ask for it, whether it’s a front desk
person, somebody in the field, to ask people to opt-in to these lists and what they’re going to
receive for doing that. The thing is, if you really
thought through step one and there’s tremendous value there, people are going to be
more than interested to opt-in to your list
because you’re providing them information that they need, right? If I’m at dance school and
I want to get alerts when class is canceled, I need
to opt into the list. Why wouldn’t I do that, right? Why wouldn’t I do that? I would do that and all of these scenarios everybody else would, too. So the question is, how do
you get in front of people? Because the thing is, if you have all these beautiful SMS campaigns built and all these unbelievable
deals but nobody’s in the list it’s completely useless. So you need to get people
to opt-in to your list. So think about all the
ways you can do that, call to actions on your
website and everything else to get in front of the eyeballs of your followers and consumers so that they opt-in and start building your lists. Step number three, once you’ve
thought through step one, the ideas and things that you’re going to be sending, and step two, where you’re going to get
this in front of people, is you need to be ready to go, so you need to set up an SMS account. There’s a lot of text
message marketing tools out there today for small business that are easy to use, very affordable. Take a look out there, see
what there is available to you. Marketing 360, we provide that, we have an SMS tool that’s very easy for small businesses
to use, very low cost. And so you need to find that. When you set up your SMS account it’s going to give you a
short code and a keyword that you can set up so
people can text in, like, Marketing to 39970, let’s say, to opt-in. You’re going to have your own
short code and key word, too. So this is what you’re
going to want to use within your marketing material. When you set up your account, make sure that you set it up so that you can segment your lists and whatnot. Maybe you might want to segment your lists if you’re an ecommerce store by people that like men’s products verses people that like women’s
products, for example. You can do these types of things in the SMS tool when people opt-in. So set that up. And also, power tip here,
set up an automated message so when somebody opts-in they instantly get a message right away
that adds some value so that they don’t opt-in
and then it’s just like wait until something comes at some point. Give them something right away,
so as soon as they opt-in, even if it’s just to tell them
what they’re going to receive and thank them for opting-in,
“Oh hey, thanks for opting-in. Whenever the snow comes into
town we’ll make sure to send you an alert that class is canceled.” Tell them what they got, right? Or if it’s an ecommerce
store and somebody opts-in instantly say, “Hey
thank you for opting-in. As appreciation for doing that, here’s a quick 10% off coupon code right now.” Give them that instant gratification for opting-in so they feel good about it. Now they’re locked and loaded
and ready to go in the future. So when you set up your account
you can get all these things set up ahead of time so
that you’re ready to go. So make sure you do that
as part of step three. Step four is just some
quick tips on how to write these messages within your
text message campaign. Some power tips here. Don’t exceed 140
characters, make sure that all your messages are
140 characters or less, which isn’t a lot, so use tools like URL shorteners if you’re
going to link them to a product offer or a landing page or your social media post
or something like that. Use a URL shortener, you
can just google search URL shortener if you
don’t know what that is, but basically it takes a
long URL and it makes it super small so it doesn’t
take a lot of characters up. And also, just some
things that we’ve noticed that are very powerful,
if you put a YouTube video in a text message, the phones
are smart enough to know that that’s a video, so it actually pulls the entire video into the text message, so a great piece of content for text message marketing is actually videos. So if you create short
videos of information, those sorts of things, people
will actually literally see the entire video in their text message and be able to click and
watch it right there. That can be super powerful as well. So think about these things
as you write those messages. Keep them short, keep them sweet, use URL shorteners and use videos and you’ll see some better results. Step number five is to make sure that you’re
seeing subscriber growth. So you’ve set up your
campaigns, you’ve set up your advertising and put these call to actions everywhere
to get people to opt-in. You’re going to have to
wait a little bit here and see if there’s
growth that’s occurring. If you’re not seeing growth
of your subscription lists then you’re not going to see the value of your text message marketing. So that’s step number one
in terms of the growth part, is checking and making sure that your campaigns are actually working. If not, you might need to change your call to action,
your in-store displays, your social ads, your email blast content. Tweak it a little bit so
that it’s more compelling so that people are actually opting-in and make sure that your team
is actually doing their job of asking your customers to opt-in. They can easily forget, so
stay on top of them for that so that you’re seeing that growth, because if you see more
growth on your SMS list you’re also going to see more value out of it and more sales to your business. So you need to start there. Step six is to think about the timing of when
you send these messages. Timing is really powerful
with text message marketing. The power of text message
marketing is it gets in front of everybody’s eyeballs real time. So you’re going to need
to think about this. So if you’re a restaurant
and you’re trying to fill your seats at lunch time,
you don’t want to be sending the text message too
late or too early, right? Because people will forget. They get a lot of messages,
they get interrupted all day. So what you’re going to want
to do is your going to want to send them this message right before the typical lunch hour rush. So that right in the
decision-making process of literally when they’re thinking where should I go to lunch today? Ding! There’s the message, boom,
you just won the business. And you need to think about this for all your types of content. So if I’m an ecommerce store, I don’t want to send this during the middle of the working day, right? People don’t have time to shop and buy. I’m going to want to send this at night when they’re sitting on their couch, during the commercials,
and they get a message, it’s like, “Oh perfect, I’m
going to buy this right now because I have all the time in the world.” So you’re going to want
to sent these messages at the right time based on your audience. Think about that before you move forward. Step number seven. Last step and very important step. Only send valuable content
and don’t over do it. Less is more with text message marketing. If you start sending people too many texts they’re going to have a
bad taste in their mouth about your brand and
it’s going to hurt you. You’re going to want
to send less messages, less is better than
more, but very powerful valuable information, and only send them what you’ve said you’re
going to send them. So if you’re call to action is asking them to opt-in to receive a
certain type of information or certain type of deal, then
just send them that, right? Don’t overdo it. We’ve all received text messages that we shouldn’t have received from companies we never even opted-in for? This is like you want to go to war, right? This is like the worst thing in the world that can happen to you. Don’t be that company, right? But we also have text
messages that we receive that we actually look
forward to that it’s like, “Oh perfect, I was hoping
I’d get that $10 off coupon off of my appetizer tonight because I was wanting to go there
and eat anyways, right? That’s great value, right? Or, “I needed to go to the
dentist anyways, I’m glad that their seats are empty today so that I can go in and get my teeth
cleaned for half off, it’s an unbelievable deal, right? And they only text me that once like every many months, right?” And so think about this for your brand. What’s the most valuable
piece of VIP content, deals and information that you can send to your consumers at the right time that they’re going to love receiving, right? If you do that, you’re
going to have less opt-outs, which means your lists are
going to grow, grow, grow. You’re probably going
to get referrals, too. People are going to refer their friends to opt-in to your lists. You’re going to see growth there. This is the key to growth with SMS marketing and the key to success. So take those tips back to the fort. So thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video
about text message marketing. If you have other tips
that I’ve missed here, please leave them in the
comments for others to see. Like the video, if you liked it, share it with your friends and follow us for more content like this down the road. Happy Marketing! (groovy sitar music)

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