April 7, 2020
Ten Great Places to Find and Buy the Best WordPress Themes

Ten Great Places to Find and Buy the Best WordPress Themes

Hi! This is Topher with WinningWP. In
this video we’re going to take a look at 10 great places to buy premium WordPress
themes. Before we get started I want to take a look at some key metrics. While I
was preparing for this video I found myself saying over and over again
“quality code” “excellent support across many languages” and “attractive design” so
rather than say that about each and every one of them every time I’m simply
going to say up front. But these are the three main reasons why these theme shops
are on the list. They all have excellent code they all
have great support and they all make very attractively designed themes. So as
we go through these sites I’m going to point out a few things that make them
unique from each other. And know that any one of these 10 is a great shop that you
can buy from with confidence. First on our list is PixelGrade. Here’s their
website at pixelgrade.com They’re based in Eastern Europe and one of the
things I really like about them is the design. They tend to be very clean and
very fast and yet attractive. I don’t know if this is the bias of me knowing
they’re in Eastern Europe but I tend to see a lot of classic design in there the
sort of things you’d see on old European buildings. Next is Anariel Design. Anariel Design is headed by a wonderful woman named Ana. She does all the
designs, she does nearly all of the code and she’s a really pleasant woman to
talk to. She has a small team for support so you don’t have to worry about getting
support from just one person and she’s also in Europe. Her designs tend to have
that very clean Mac like look where everything is organized, everything in
its place, everything neat and orderly. I said it wasn’t going to talk about
quality code but because of the quality code in these themes they’re actually
quite fast as well which is really nice. Next on the list is Cyber Chimps. Cyber
Chimps was formerly a U. S. based company but then was bought
by an Indian company and they’ve done really great things with it since then.
They’ve released a number of new themes and the new team is much larger than the
old team and so support has expanded quite a bit. One of the things I like
about this site in addition to all of the quality and good design is the high
number of themes. They have quite a few in here.
There are many more under this button so if choice is something you’re looking
for, Cyber Chimps is a great place to go. Next is Theme Hybrid. Theme Hybrid was
founded by a man named Justin and Justin got in on the WordPress building
community very very early. He was working on WordPress within the first year or so
that it was around and so because of that he’s intimately familiar with how
it works and how themes should work. He also happens to be the head of the theme
review team for WordPress.org. One of the things I love about Theme Hybrid is that
I know deep down I can trust that they’re built right. There’s never a
question. Justin and his team know exactly how themes should be built and
so they tend to be rock solid. Next on the list is Themeisle.
Themeisle is also Eastern European however they have many many employees
all over the world and their support staff are based all over the world. And
so they particularly excel at multilingual support. Of course the
designs are beautiful, their own homepage is fun and clever but key for me with
Themeisle is the diversity of their support. They can really cover all the
bases. Next on the list is Array Themes. Array Themes is an American company run
by two guys and a cat. We can go to the bottom and go to “About Array” you can see
there’s Mike, John, and Fizz. Mike and John have been around a long time in
WordPress and they really know how to build themes. Because this is a smaller
shop you tend to get a much more personal touch on support. You’re
probably going to be talking to either Mike or John if you need help and they
really know how the theme was built because they actually built it. So the
thing I like about Array is that close personal touch. Next on the list is The
Theme Foundry. Personally I love the Theme Foundry because one of my very
favorite themes comes from them. It’s called Make but all of their themes tend
to be well built. They created a very light page builder. Normally I don’t like
page builders but the one built in to Make and many of their other themes does
not get in the way and does not break your content if you switch to another
theme. Because of that they’re able to do some more flexible things than other
themes are able to do. Next on the list is Astoundify. Astoundify is a
Canadian company and they also have been making themes for a number of years. One of the things I admire about them is that they’ve changed their business
model a couple of times over the years. They’ve experimented with how to sell
themes and how to support themes how to take care of their customers best. And
they’ve made a few mistakes in the past and learned from them and did a good job
figuring out how to move forward. They hav some themes that are built for
specific tools. This one is built for job boards. They have a few that are built
for specific ecommerce platforms. So while you don’t need to use those
special tools with your Astoundify theme, you can. It comes with all of the
tools built in to seamlessly absorb ecommerce or a jobs board or something
like that. Next we’re going to look at StudioPress. Now StudioPress is a
little different from the ones we’ve looked at before. They make a parent
theme called Genesis and Genesis by itself is not very attractive or useful.
However it’s meant to be a foundation for child themes and in that light it
really shines. This page lists many of the child themes available for Genesis.
There are hundreds and hundreds of them and what’s great is they have a
consistency behind them because they’re all based on
Genesis so in the administration area you’ll find many of the same features
across all of the StudioPress themes. So one of the advantages of going the
StudioPress is that you gain access to hundreds of themes but with consistent
back-end engineering so that you know how things work. Last on our list is
ThemeForest. Now Theme Forest is also a little different from the others because
ThemeForest does not make themes. They sell themes. They allow individual
freelance theme builders to sell on their site. It says here at the top they
have over 10,000 WordPress themes and they vary in price from anywhere from
$10 to 150 dollars but the average is about 40 or 50 dollars. Now ThemeForest has been around for a very long time and they built up a very large
library of themes. Since the authors are all different of course you can’t expect
the consistency of design or back-end user interface. ThemeForest takes great
care to review every single theme that they sell to make sure that it has
quality code and that it’s virus free. Now that we’ve looked at ten places to
buy WordPress themes I want to give just a few words of advice. First when dealing
with theme shops form a good relationship. If you can, pick one shop
and be loyal to it. Buy their products get to know their support team, get to know
the developers. and build that relationship over time. It will come in
handy at some point. Give good feedback. They want to help you, they want to make
their product better, they want you to love their product and their brand and
to tell your friends about it so if you give good feedback it will be
appreciated they want to hear from you. If you’d like to learn more about
WordPress check out WinningWP.com.

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