January 18, 2020
telkomtelstra Cloud Contact Centre Benefiting Business in Indonesia

telkomtelstra Cloud Contact Centre Benefiting Business in Indonesia

A call center serves as the primary point
of contact for your business. Today’s customers want an immediate response
and timely results. A Cloud Contact Centre solution can provide
your business with many benefits including speed, scale and resilience, that a traditional
call centre cannot match. Let’s have a look at each of these top 3
benefits individually. Speed: A business can come up with a campaign
quickly, but how long does it take to get it to market? Weeks? Months? Why not days! Telkomtelstra’s Cloud Contact Centre empowers
businesses to run campaigns themselves without waiting for the I.T. and operations teams
to scope out resources, technology and budget required. What if a competitor launched a similar campaign
to yours, how quickly could you change your campaign or customer service responses? How agile is your business? What if you could agree on a change to your
campaign in the morning and be going live to market with those changes in the afternoon? Imagine the impact that would have on your
competitors. What value would you place on time and the
ability to provide rapid differentiation to your customers? Scale: For any call centre it’s always a
balance between keeping your costs low but making sure you have enough capacity in case
the campaign or number of customer calls suddenly grow. Why not have both? Part of the value of moving a call centre
into the Cloud is to minimise costs where required but ensure scale can be turned on
at a moment’s notice. The real value here is that anyone can act
as an agent with a small amount of training. The script you define in the Cloud contact
centre also helps ensure a consistent customer experience. When you do run a campaign, how do you know
which channel is going to grow with that campaign? Chat? Voice? Email? With a Cloud Contact Centre solution you don’t
have to worry about which channel will be successful, as the solution will help you
adapt to the channel preferences of your customers… for each campaign. Resilience: Customer engagement is critical
for all businesses and the customer experience is rapidly becoming the differentiator for
many businesses, but what happens when you lose your phone line or connection to the customer platform? How can you reach your customers and even
more importantly…how can they reach you? The telkomtelstra Cloud Contact Centre enables
access via an Internet gateway and also enables agents to change their contact number from
fixed to mobile, in real time. Also, given the contact center platform is
in the Cloud, not only is it resilient, but it can help to ensure your business can continue
to engage with your customers, thus making sure the relationship you build with your
customers remains a positive one! telkomtelstra’s Cloud Contact Centre provides
your business with a new way to drive real business growth and excite and delight your
customers, by offering you the ability to: Have speed to market in launching campaigns
and activating resources and capacity Change campaigns in real time Scale resources up and down as required Deliver multi-channel two way communication And manage cost and turn Capital Expenditure
into Operating Expenditure in line with the needs of the business. telkomtelstra’s Cloud
Contact Centre leverages the power of the Cloud so you can realise a better return on
investment for every campaign and provide the best customer experience, every time.

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