April 2, 2020
Teen Business Ideas – 9 Ways to Make Money Young

Teen Business Ideas – 9 Ways to Make Money Young

– Greetings, fellow youth! – Are you tired of working awful jobs? Lawn mowing or even babysitting? You need to start you’re own business. – Starting your own business
is lit and it’s easy. We’re going to show you how. As a matter of fact,
starting your own business can be a great way to get
dripped out like me and Preston. Or, save up for that new
car you’ve been hoping for. – We know you want to be
cool like me and Trent here, and we know you want
to start your own bui- – I don’t think this is working. They realized that we’re not cool at all. We should just- – I’ve never been cool really. – Yeah, I wasn’t even cool
when I was a teenager. – Yeah, what can I say? – Let’s go to the real video. – Let’s do the real thing now. ( Preston and Trent singing) – Listen, we know that you
can start a part-time job, do some babysitting, walk a few dogs, every young adult has been told that those are basically their options. – Those are perfectly
legitimate side hustles, don’t get us wrong, but you’re here because you’re cut from a more entrepreneurial cloth. You want to make a legitimate
business that can scale. – Entrepreneurial cloth sounds soft. And we’re here for it. Guess what? Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you’re unable to act upon any business idea that speaks to you. There are teens that
have started non-profits, adventure capital firms,
and very successful product and service brands. – All right, let’s get right to it. – Coming in hot at number one: any online business. These are some of our favorite businesses of all time. Since they’re easy to start, cheap to run, and can suit just about any interest. – Things like blogging, live streaming, freelance writing, and even
social media management are all fantastic ideas
that any teen can excel at. And they can all grow exponentially,
if you put in the time. – We’ve got some other videos that go over those specific ideas,
and other possibilities, in more detail. So, check those
out if you want more info. Professional, yet relaxed
posture for these teens. – Sometimes you say things
and I just want to slap you. – Yeah, is that how you feel? – Yes. – All right, number two on our list: a specialty goods brand. There are countless niches out there that are hungry for someone
with skills and dedication to make them unique goods.
And that could be you. – You could start a gourmet slime brand, or whatever the new oddly
satisfying trend is, like cutting soap. Or,
you could craft handmade props for cosplayers,
or fans of franchises, or even upcycle thrift store
items. A lot of choices. – If you’re stuck on
ideas, try making a product that solves a problem or
improves your daily life. There’s more to products than just trends. You can invent something truly unique. And I don’t want to
plug it right now, but, chicken diaper. – Think about what you love to make, and what resources you have available. Also, what would you
want to buy for yourself? What things do the people around you need, and how can you help? – [Preston] Those are great questions. The higher quality these
products are, the more people are willing to pay for
them. So take the time to improve your production standards, and try and figure out the
most cost effective methods. – You can sell your
products online, in person, or some combination of the two. We recommend you at least
have your own website to help promote these goods. – Next up, number three: a
mobile car detailing business. If you love cars, you
should consider the ways you can make major money detailing the interiors and exteriors
of people’s vehicles. – [Trent] Starting with those you know, you can start honing your ability to ensure every little corner of a vehicle is totally pristine. The longer you practice the business, the more trust, authority,
and word of mouth praise you can collect. – The more trust you can build, the more high-end, and repeat
clients you can acquire. With these types of
clients, you can implement upsells in the forms of
additional products like leather protectant, or
additional services such as on demand cleanings,
pick-ups, and drop-offs. – You can also implement
online booking options to work with people’s busy schedules. This business can expand
by taking on employees to help manage your clients, and can even become a brick-and-mortar location. – Any future auto industry
businesses you start will be seen as very credible. – Not only that, but any
other service based businesses you start will run smoother
thanks to your knowledge. – (blows raspberry) All right, number four on
our list: illustration. As a freelance illustrator,
you can take your skills in a number of
different directions. – You might work for advertising agencies, tattoo shops, stock image
houses, magazine or book publishers, record labels,
greeting card companies, digital properties, merchandisers,
or other businesses. – There’s a lot of options. – [Trent] There’s a ton. – Some illustrators
serve such narrow niches as courtroom sketch artists,
or niches in fashion, medicine, or even technology. – [Trent] Or you might
primarily work in fine art to be sold to customers directly, or through galleries or agents. – Where ever you end up,
you’ll want to practice daily, and work hard to establish and maintain client relationships. It’s not just doodling in your notebook. It’s converting your dedication to income. Narrow specialty niches-
do we really need specialty niches? Isn’t niche already special? – Hey, what’s your
favorite word, is it niche? – It’s one of them, I do like it. – Our fifth business idea for you is a young adult novel business. The YA book market alone brings in nearly four billion dollars of revenue each year. – Who better to write the stories you’d actually want to read, than you? Having an active imagination,
and appreciation for interest in characters, and
lots of time set aside to write will be crucial in creating your stories. – You don’t even need
to publish your books through traditional
avenues to turn a profit. E-books are cheap or free
to publish on your own, and don’t require any
material investments, or any ends at a publishing company. – Sites like Amazon let you self-publish, and even have options for
selling paperback print versions of your novels. – After building up a
reputation as an author, and publishing several books, you can grow your young adult novel
business in unexpected ways. YA novels are highly appealing
to TV and movie producers. And are prime candidates
for merchandising. That’s a good plan, I
wish I had some water. No, I don’t want to drink your water, do I want Preston germs? – Next up at number six:
an online t-shirt business. An eye for design and a sharp sense of what’s trending are really the primary
things you need to start a successful online t-shirt company. – This is thanks to all
kinds of customizable, quick, online t-shirt selling platforms. Through sites like Redbubble,
Society6, Cafe Press, and plenty more, you
can sell a single design at a time without ever having
to print a t-shirt yourself. The site handles that for you. – That makes this a business
you could start easily, while experimenting with a
variety of t-shirt designs, you can target specific niches, or build a brand based off
of your styling choices. – Make yourself a website
to host your designs and your brand and
don’t forget to build up some social media accounts to
advertise your new graphics, printing options, and the
lifestyle around your shirts. – Making your brand
cool and accessible will go a long way in directing organic traffic towards your profits.
Through the same t-shirt printing websites, you
can even branch into mugs, posters, bags, stickers, and so much more. – And we- yeah- – Hold on, just restart, restart. – I’m here. Number seven: an app business. It’s getting easier and
easier to create software applications, and there’s no shortage of app ideas. There are new
questions and problems in need of inventive solutions
that surface every day. – [Preston] Think of the
issues and inconveniences you and your peers go
through on a regular basis. How could an app make your lives better? More interesting? Or even more successful. You could create the answer. – There are plenty of
programs out there that allow you to make apps for free, even without prior coding experience. Of course, some familiarity with
mobile apps is recommended. – Don’t let that stop you though. Checking out tutorials
and guides on YouTube, Linda, or other e-course sites, will get you pretty far on that front. Once you get familiar with the process, you can even start coding
apps, all your own. – After publishing your
first app, keep going. You’ll keep learning,
and crafting better apps the more you make.
Eventually you could bring in other programmers and grow this into a full-blown app company. – All right, number eight on our list: a photography business. Photography is a great skill easy that’s
practice on your own, and can be applied to
all sorts of markets. – [Trent] Nowadays,
digital cameras are the incredibly affordable
that most clients expect. Long gone are the days of needing to shoot on film and pay to develop the photos. – Entry level cameras are
also fairly inexpensive, making this business easier
to enter than you might think. Start practicing, experiment with various subjects and styles, and
you’ll be on your way to developing your brand. – Photographers can
specialize in portraiture, fashion, real estate, children, nature, street photography,
editorial, weddings, events, the list goes on and on, it really does, think outside the box
and you just might find a niche that meets your skills. – There’s nothing better
than photographing children. – What about long lists,
separated by commas? – And finally, idea number
nine: a music business. Never before has there been such a low barrier to entry for people to both make music, and to make
money with those skills. – Not only that, but you no longer need a record label in order
to publish your music. In fact, independent
artists are increasingly successful in breaking
through to the charts or to bigger projects. – Depending on the kind
of music you create, the kind of instrument
or digital tools you use, and your goals, there are
plenty of applications. – You could create and
sell music independently on a variety of online platforms as individual tracks, or as albums. – You can also make soundtracks
for all sorts of media, DJ for events, compose for other artists, perform your music live at events, sell your music as
stock, and so much more. – Capitalize on the fact that
the walls to this industry are breaking down. You can not only do what you love full-time, but there’s the potential to make big money as well. – Not to get sappy on you, but don’t let anyone tell you that a business idea is out of your reach. Figure out the steps it will take to get you where you want to be, and
work your way up from there. – Start early, work hard,
and develop your skills. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t find the answers to problems that have alluded others. Your perspectives and
energy are indispensable. – These are only a fraction
of the ideas we brainstormed, and only a taste of what
you could accomplish. We have hundreds of more
ideas on HowToStartanLLC.com. – And we’re coming up
with new ones constantly. When we hear feedback
on the businesses people are looking to start, we start researching in order to provide you the
best information possible. – We’re not just providing
the ideas either. Follow the links below for
full-blown how-to guides on starting each of these businesses. – We also have instructions,
legal documents, discounts, basically
everything you’ll need to form an LLC in your state. – We’re dedicated to
providing quality content and educational materials to
make starting your own business easy and approachable. Give us a like, and
subscribe for more videos. – Leave us a comment if
you’ve got a business idea you need help getting off
the ground. We’d be more than happy to point you
in the right direction. – That’s all for now,
from all of us at TRUiC, we wish you the best of
luck with your new business. – Good luck. – Yeah! – Yeah! – (high pitched yell) – So let’s get right to it. – There’s glare from
the lamp on the window reflecting back into the
camera. Let me see if- – Oh my God. – I’m trying to angle myself. – So needy! – No, because it like- – That’s all for now,
from all of us at TRUiC, we wish you the best of
luck with your new business. – Good luck!

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