April 9, 2020
Team dashboard — Webflow tutorial

Team dashboard — Webflow tutorial

When you’ve been invited to a team (or you’ve
created your own) team in Webflow, you might notice something a little different when you
go to the Dashboard. Except you might not. That’s because Stacy duplicated the screenshot. In this video, we’ll quickly run through all
the basics regarding team accounts: we’ll go through accessing a team dashboard, we’ll
talk about the difference between personal projects and team projects, we’ll also cover
how it’s different from sharing and inviting collaborators, we’ll transfer projects between
personal and team dashboards, and we’ll cover doing the same with templates. First part. To access the dashboard for a specific team…simply
look into the dropdown. Here’s where you’ll see each team you belong
to. That’s accessing them…but what is the difference
between projects we put in a team dashboard and projects we put in a personal dashboard? If something’s in a team dashboard, anyone
who’s a member of that team can access. They can view, they can edit, they can publish
— the team has access. But things you create in your personal dashboard? (Personal projects?) These are kept private. Only you can see and modify them. But what if you create a project and want
to share it with others? There’s an important distinction here between
sharing with someone and actually transferring a project, and that’s why we have a separate
section. And it’s such an important note that we’ll
cut to a blank screen. And then we’ll cut back so we can talk about
it. Here’s what sharing means to us: You can always
share a read-only version of your project. (You don’t need a team account for that.) You can do this from inside the project itself. Where does this project live? It doesn’t matter at all — this works if
you created it in your personal dashboard and this works if it’s in your team dashboard. On the top-right (in any project), you can
turn on your read-only link and share it with anyone. But. Does that move your project? Does it transfer ownership? Grímur? [Grímur] No. Thanks, Grímur. Here’s what is does: That link gives whoever
you send it to specific access. It gives them access to see and play around
with the project, but none of their changes — nothing at all will save or in any way
overwrite your work. It’s a read-only link. The other option we have in that same dropdown
is inviting collaborators. (Again, we’re not transferring anything here
yet — that’s the next section). Inviting collaborators is a good way to give
partial access to clients (or other contributors) who want to edit content only. This doesn’t give them access to the Webflow
Designer so they’re not modifying layouts or making sweeping style changes. But it does let them log in to the Webflow
Editor interface — this is where they can make changes to content. And one more note on collaborators before
we move on to transferring things: anyone can be a collaborator if you invite them — they
don’t have to have a team account or even a Webflow account. Keep in mind, in order to invite collaborators
to edit, you need to have an active hosting plan for your project. But that’s sharing and inviting collaborators. What we’re really here for is transferring
projects to and from a team. If this is a personal project on your personal
dashboard, you can transfer it to another individual, but we have a second option right
here. (We can transfer the project to a team). And what if we’re in a team dashboard? How do we transfer from a team back to our
personal dashboard? We’re just going to type our own email (the
email associated with our Webflow login) — and transfer it right back. Finally, let’s talk transferring a template
to a team. Since templates show up in our personal dashboard
when we add them, all we have to do is transfer that template (not to an individual…but
to a team). When we do? That template shows up in the team dashboard. And that’s all. We just covered accessing the team dashboard,
we talked about the difference between personal and team projects, we talked about sharing
and inviting collaborators, we saw Grimur’s face, we transferred projects from our personal
dashboard to our team dashboard, and we did the same with a template. That’s an overview of the team dashboard in

9 thoughts on “Team dashboard — Webflow tutorial

  1. Good tutorial, the actual solution just isn't as good. 

    a) if you transfer a project, the website will be unpublished (!) and you have to setup (und purchase) hosting once again 
    b) every single team account member costs $ 35 per month, no matter what

    Why can't @webflow just have a role based access model like Google Docs, Figma, and most other SaaS tools?

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