February 23, 2020
Teach Too: UKTD developing the use of online platforms

Teach Too: UKTD developing the use of online platforms

Skills provider UKTD helps
train hairdressing apprentices across 200 salons in the south of England. Now, when you’re going to comb
through hair, where do we start on the hair? As part of Teach Too, UKTD have been exploring more
innovative ways to deliver their training. The apprentices are salon based,
so collaboration with employers is critical. The employer is doing the
training in the salon and we’re coming in to make
sure that the learner goes through all the steps
of the apprenticeship. Hi We provide functional skills and
also the theory of hairdressing. Since we’ve been
working together for 14 years we’ve had staff from day one
that have stayed with us. And for me that represents
a great collaboration. So you’ve done your level 2 now with us are you going to go onto level 3? Yeah, level 3 is on the cards for me. With the assessors only able to visit monthly, UKTD used Teach Too to experiment with
new ways to improve contact between visits. We did a survey to see what the students were using and what the
employers were using within their communications and it came back that, they
were mainly using a lot of social media, and they were accessing it by their
mobile phones and tablets. MOVA was a prime example. It’s amazing, their twitter
pages are fantastic, they take lots of pictures of before and after. We’ve got online bookings
so clients can book 24/7. Facebook and Twitter
and Pinterest – we all use those. We get a lot of business from it. If clients are trying to decide on a new look there’s all different options there for them. All the different types of hairstyles,
colours, the hair extensions. There’s a whole range of things. It’s just so powerful, I don’t know
anyone that doesn’t use it. We have learnt, from MOVA,
about how important it is with social media that you’re
out there constantly, promoting the good and the best practice. So therefore we thought,
‘right, this is the way we need to communicate with our students and employers’. UKTD then developed a virtual learning environment and began using a wide range of social media. The idea is that we wanted to have a
whole host of material there for them. A big bank of resources, which
would offer them support. I’ve noticed there’s a lot more on
YouTube than we used to have. I’ve added a lot more to YouTube and feedback from the staff. They’ve
actually taken in a load more videos, which they’ve been using in the fields. So we’ve put those into our hairdressing channels. And they can go onto the interactive sites
that have got haircuts on them, colouring, and also the theory behind
the hairdressing and the basic science. What we’re now able to do is to create
interactive learning materials. All of these are still in development
but it’s really taken us a long way down that path. UKTD are also talking to other salons,
such as Changes in Hemel Hempstead about creating further online resources. I spoke to my learners and to what they thought would be best,
what they thought they’d really benefit from if they could go online and see a tutorial video. Just so that the learners then have
something online that they can really take their time and watch
again and again and again. To have everything that you need to learn and the right resources of it in one website, I think that’s a fab idea. It’s a lot more friendly for the learner.
Visuals especially in this industry, hairdressing, is vital so you can
see the step by step. It’s given us a new way of looking at things, which is always a fantastic thing for education. I think in the future this is going to be so exciting
and it’s going to push learning that one step further. Everyone’s got good ideas, and
I think collaborating all the time, if we can learn off one another, it takes the
business and the individual to the next level.

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