April 10, 2020
Taking Action Online Review Plus My TAO Bonuses

Taking Action Online Review Plus My TAO Bonuses

what’s up Ike pause here now before I
begin this review two and very important things number one there’s a freebie
within this video you’re gonna watch the video to the very end and or towards the
end I should say to get that freebie regardless if you get it taking action
online okay regardless if you get the course you get this free second at any
point of this review if you have any questions whatsoever about this method
about anything whatsoever really anything let me know down below I’ll
make sure to answer them ASAP okay so let’s jump into this let’s first jump
into the sales page so this is the sales page for taking action online method
it’s by JK and Phillip baruman okay let’s read the headline together how you
can copy the same underground action plan that motivated a baker to quit his
job and build a successful affiliate business online yes I am I’m in contact
out actually was Philip bar omen I believe it pronounced his name correctly
he is the real deal okay we’ve talked before I’ve seen him online he’s not
sure in a marketer that makes a full time living online actually he’s one of
JK’s students from back in the day and he’s really successful now so I must say
this is a hundred percent true and not overly high P now JK the guy is seeing
the video right there he is a he is he I believe he makes over 10k a month online
and he has also he has several products out there and they’re all high quality
products so all I can say is that this guy knows his stuff and so does Philip
okay so it says get instant access to take action online right now and as a
30-day back money guarantee so that’s the sales page in a nutshell I must say
I agree with it I don’t think it’s overly high P and it’s based on a true
story now let’s check out the course okay so now we’re inside the course the
first module you see here is getting started this basic introduction is one
of the most important parts of this training you have to understand the
mentality do you have to adapt to make money or adopt it should be adopt here
do not skip this module module two is this is a road map that will give you a
clear outline of the action plan so you know how to use it properly this shows
you how you can get the most out of this training okay
also in this module module three sorry action plan walkthrough this is a two
hour tutorial where he literally Phillip walks you through the entire action plan
step by step to show you how to work through each step okay and then you have
the time you have to regroup so this is a pretty cool little little module here
because it’s not a full up module it helps you to refocus what you just
learned in the past three modules this is the first reality check video which
will help you stay focused and help you understand what you’re learning inside
okay this is the actual step one this module will teach you how to find a
niche and find keywords targeted keywords they still help you establish
if your knees should be viable and profitable step two this will teach you
how to build out your website piece by piece
follow the instructions of the letter and you will have a solid foundation for
your business step 3 YouTube making videos this module will
teach you about YouTube making videos Phillip will show you live how he
records his own videos to post them and rank them on YouTube very powerful stuff
I agree with a lot of what he teaches here I’m gonna show you my freebie later
on to help you them more with this step step 4 you will learn why it’s vital you
spend your time wisely on social media by choosing only one platform on which
to develop your following okay and my and and my very specific custom bonus
will help you dominate Pinterest which with the exact same methods I’m using to
this day of it’s a modern Pinterest traffic approach that you’re gonna want
to use more on that later module number five this module will show you how to
build the basic framework of your website you will have an SEO ready and
safe website from which you can launch your new business
okay time to regroup again this is a second reality check video which will
help you stay focused and help you understand what you’re learning inside
the taking action online method step 6 learn why it’s important to create
valuable content and understand why user intent is so vital create content for
your audience and what they want for what they want I should stay
step 7 expand social following within this module you’ll learn how you can
expand your social following organically this is vital for part of your business
as social proof has a huge influence on your growth let’s go to step 8 using
free traffic sources free traffic is awesome
however it does come at a price this module will teach you how you can get
free traffic to your website remember the price is time you got to spend your
valuable time to get that free traffic step 9
using paid traffic here you’ll learn how to use paid traffic to bring targeted
visitors to your website again this is incredibly important because it will
give you the ability to bring traffic on the man important stuff step 10 learn
about email marketing the concept of giving value your target audience why
did they follow you in the beginning what do they want from you and what can
you learn I’m sorry what can they learn from you okay so I’m very proud of this
custom bonus this is my new Pinterest strategy which I’ve been doing for the
past about two almost three months now not only they get two of my most
successful Pinterest templates that you can use in any niche okay why pinterest
because the take action online plan method covers everything except it
doesn’t do Pinterest and I know Pinterest very well so many at that so
you have this so you have a complete course okay you get my most successful
pin strategies you get what works now and what doesn’t work now the things I
used to teach you before about Pinterest they don’t work as well anymore okay I
have I had to eliminate some of them because they weren’t doing what they
were doing back in day as all things do things change
so there’s pinterest and how it’s algorithm works now gonna want to get my
Pinterest custom traffic case study that case study but how to guide plus two of
my Pinterest high-performing templates so you just have to add them the canva
the customize them to to your niche and let them out on Pinterest for that
traffic so you want to get this custom bonus
okay another regrouping module here this is a third reality check video which you
will help you stay focused and help you understand what you’re learning inside
step eleven taking things to the next level here philip is going to talk to
you about how you can take things to the next level take this whole new process
seriously and start investing real time and money in yourself
step twelve this module will teach you how to rinse and repeat the whole
process over and over again to grow your business consistently and over and over
the long term step thirteen this module will teach you how you can make money
from your website there’s an incredible number of ways you can achieve this this
all the only limitation is your imagination
but philip will go over a lot of ways here step 14 you have to stop wasting
time and money on things that don’t work you need to invest in yourself when you
build a business online you have to be realistic and think of the whole process
as a business don’t think of it as a fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme
doesn’t work that way step 15 miss module will show you examples a lot
source if you want to have save time and money
then outsourcing will become a big part of your business step 16 a good look
inside a good looking website is essential for you to grow and give a
great user experience to your visitors this module will teach you how to build
a beautiful website networking and making businesses this is step 17 and
business contact sounds very scary but it’s a lot easier than you may think
learn how you can network and increase your exposure then we have the action
plan landing pages and list building is very important to grow your business
learn how you can build landing pages and grow your list in the process really
important stuff next one creating your own product to sell it is a true way of
making a long term income because you can control everything you do not really
need anyone else okay and this is a video where he shot back and this is
where the video where Phillip shot this in December 2017 it’s really shot me a
year later here you’ll learn you can increase your very own income by
changing your mindset and making active process progress by implementing what
you learned within tau within the tau action plan or the taking action plan
method and then we have the regroup video so you finish the action plan now
one what do you move forward from here how sorry how do you move forward from
here and this video will help you refocus what you learned throughout the
entire taking action plan online method okay so this is a freebie that I’m
giving you that’s gonna help you with the tau program or the taking action
online program method okay so YouTube is a big component it’s not the only
traffic source but one of those traffic one of the most important free traffic
sources you’ll find within the towel method one 3vm we’re giving you is the
rapid tags freebie tie generator now you know that creating tags is always
there’s a lot of guesswork in it of course you got to put in the keywords
that that you’re trying to focus on trying to rank for but you know that
there’s more tags you can put in but you don’t know what those tags can be
there’s a lot of research to be done this is gonna help you a ton this is
gonna give you a lot of your time back so check it out let’s say um this is a
keyword I look for tellen tribes telling tribes okay if I put that if I
put this in and send me going around researching every telling tribe tag to
rank for it gives me all of them in a nice little group here just copy it go
to your video and dump it inside it’s that simple
I hope you enjoyed this freebie now watch the rest of this video okay so
let’s get down to the upgrades and down set alt oh one gold card program this is
that 25 bucks a month constant updates on a weekly monthly schedule with case
studies more workshops tutorials and more this is ongoing support okay as a
down cell you can get a one dollar trial to all of this but once that month is up
you’re gonna be put on the 25 bucks a month recurring okay now this is perfect
for newbies and people who are not too sure how the whole process works this is
ongoing support from two amazing internet marketers go to a number two
underground tactics at 67 bucks one-time offer access to 11 different strategies
that combined with the action plan training to help bring you even more
traffic in sales comes with workshops as well
OTO number three case study treasure chest this is at 197 this is eight
different case studies showing how Dave that’s Phillip and JK use the content
inside of the towel program to generate over five thousand in sales now those
are the upgrades in my opinion they’re all very good depending on your level of
you’re sick I’m you know level success as an internet marketer for your
beginner and you need that extra support I definitely go with OTO one you might
want to try it out with the down sell and if you and if you’re anything like
me and you’re visual learner then definitely go after OTO 3 because the
more case studies the better those are my opinions about that so that’s my
taking action online review I hope you liked it very much don’t forget to check
out one of the videos on this screen and subscribe to my channel again if you
have any questions about the method about my bonus about the upgrades about
anything about the freebie I present within this video make sure you act it
down below I’ll be happy to answer you as soon as I can
not only that check out one of the videos cuz what are these VIP links and
go and learn more about getting traffic and making sales online see you next
time don’t forget to subscribe this is like paws

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