April 8, 2020
T-REXEcom Megastore Review | TRexEcom MegaStore Review+Demo

T-REXEcom Megastore Review | TRexEcom MegaStore Review+Demo

T-Rex Ecom Megastore Review+Demo hey this is greg and i want to give you a
sneak peek at the t-rex mega store so this is a basically exact duplicate of
what everyone who invests in that mega store is gonna get they’ll swap out
their logo in their top left they’ll put their phone number up here
it’s gonna come with the categories families and grandmas mugs faith schools
own gifts and accessories and kamas art now each one of these are standalone
done few stores that we build and each store would sell for two thousand four
hundred ninety seven and we’re combining them all into one called the mega store
only available on this launch will not be available outside of the launch in
addition we’re gonna have three at least three long-form sales pages and I’ll
give you an idea of that so like you might set up in a clickfunnels account
we have long-form sales pages and templates and they can swap out the
images they can put anything else they want here looks beautiful on mobile and
help sell products you got a video here and this will lead to a campaign and
probably take them into a funnel with one-click upsells so we’ll have not only
over 2000 products in this store but it’ll come with three long-form sales
pages and a few funnels already built for them we’re gonna start off with a
canvas art there’ll be dozens and dozens of canvas art in here available you have
two families in grandmas section everything from t-shirts to jewelry to
coffee mugs to koozies we’re gonna have our mug store with hundreds and hundreds
of mugs a lot of cool designs for all kinds of holidays and everything you can
think of as well some personalized mugs then we have our faith-based division
everything from Bible covers to coffee mugs and we have a school zone gear
which is gonna be now team pride apparel and teacher apparel and things of that
nature so you can get local schools and and team pride and that kind of stuff
and then the gift and accessories it’s all this is all being built it’s not
even built you can see we’re just putting this as placeholders we
literally have about five people working on this and hundreds of hours being
built so we’re saving so much time for everyone who wants a done-for-you
storefront with over two thousand products ready to go for christmas so i
wanted to go ahead and give you that quick little sneak peek and again for
those of you who haven’t seen our personalization engine let me show
you this too so you we have a lot of campaigns where you can personalize the
gear so in this particular situation says grandpa
2012 I’m gonna go ahead and put my kids call me pops
so I’ve been a pops since 1980 and you can see it puts not only
on the shirt but it puts it on their hoodie the long-sleeve shirt the koozie
and could go on other products as well so not only do we have the store come
with all these products but people can add their own products to the store they
can have their own categories to the store they can have their own
dropshippers to the store but everything that this comes is being dropship with
our USA based dropship we’re out of Hannibal Missouri with 24 to 48 hour
turnaround times almost all products we have a stellar reputation and it’s just
there’s nothing in the marketplace like this we can get a done-for-you store
tied into a drop shipper and buy wholesale sell retail and keep the
client it’s their client it’s their store it’s their merchant account
everyone gets approved through stripe and we use stripe and PayPal so anyway
we want to give you a little sneak peek this is what the mega store is gonna be
looking like and it’s gonna be an amazing amazing offer killer offer and
again you go back to these stores 2,500 bucks 5,000 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500
2,500 it’s 12 it’s $15,000 that we would normally get for all these six stores
all built into one and that includes that doesn’t include the training and
the membership site everything go it’s going to be a killer offer so stay tuned Click the link in the description below to get your hands on T-Rex Ecom Megastore from this Trex Ecom Megastore Review and just Earn Passive income without lifting a finger!

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