April 6, 2020

100 thoughts on “Swing Trading vs. Day Trading: Which is Better?

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  2. Jared, great video as usual. really enjoyed it! Could you do a video on execution for Swing traders who can't be in front the live markets ?

  3. Jared, great lecture. Dont shorten the videos. A detailed business needs detailed information. When scanning stocks on Finviz, click on the "snapshot" option on the menu just above the list. Allows for quick scanning of charts. 2020 is looking to be a great year in large part to your lengthy lectures. THANKS!

  4. Keep them long, and keep them coming. Thanks for your perspective! 😍

    Also, click the charts tab in Finviz after you’ve gotten your list. It’s easier and faster to quickly scan that way.

  5. Hi Jared, thank you for all the great videos and information. I am a new trader and have been looking for a place to purchase your Professional Trading Strategies book. Is there a site or place to purchase this book? Thank you much. Fyi I much prefer the longer form videos.

  6. So Jared, why cant you apply the same methods you use daytrading for swing trading when looking for an entry? May as well make every penny you can right?

  7. I don't know if you saw NVDA but I had that stock days before it took off ,I was down a little and decided to get out at about break even then it went up $25 or more in a few days,it may go higher. It's killing me. Jared, really like your videos ,looking to learn how to trade better , this video is excellent .

  8. Hey Jared I got a crazy pete rose story. When I played little league baseball my friends father took us to get pete roses autograph at some local convention where he was drinking a bloody mary at like 10 in the morning!! By the way I want to cash out my prudential and do swing trading. How much do you recommend a beginner swing trader risk?

  9. I literally stopped breathing, when he said "The holy grail"!
    Thanks so much for every one of those videos Jared, they are worth gold and one hour is nothing for this value. Keep them as long as you like, I will watch them anyway

  10. Bobby Pierce
    I’m trying to day trade. I set the buy, sell, and stop loss. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes sometimes it takes 2 to 3 days. Is that ok to try and hit the day trades but sometimes turning them into swing trades?

  11. “Yea yea I know Mr G-wagen turned $52 into a million. I guess hippies are good at things” Jared you crack me up! I know, I know…you wish you had a man bun too. 🤣 Serious note, I love the hour lectures and you telling it how it truly is. Keep up the great work. 👏

  12. You called ABC Junk!! I'm holding that stock right now and have had it for several days!! I'm new, so I'm just going with the analysts here while I sort out some of my losses, but literally ALL of them are saying BUY, BUY, BUY. It has a 9.9 Bullish score out of 10. If I kept it, it would net me 140% APR at the rate it is going. I'm not questioning your motives, but I had to laugh the speed at which that rolled off your tongue.:) BTW. Big fan. Great work.

  13. Jared don't worry about time. You always give some great information. Make it 2 or 3 hours long and I still be watching it.

  14. JARED! the work you put in on these presentations is absolutely unmatched. i truly thankyou from the bottom of my heart❤!!!!

  15. Didn't realize that "Take 1/3 or 2/3 at 2R and hold rest" thing I learned from you is this "Intra-Day Swings" strategy. Very insightful! Thanks Jared!

  16. Man you got a lot of energy. I wish I had that energy. I saw some guy suggesting something for your videos ..(wondering if he's ever put one together)…probably not. I use to have that kind of energy, that's a good thing to have, health.

  17. Thanks 😊 for this video Jared I’ve been waiting for a video like this as I’m of to work before the market opens so the video is much appreciated, hopefully you could do more videos on wealth building and investment as well thanks 🙏 a million.

  18. “Hey guys it’s Jared Wesley here of liiiiive trader.” – This is how I know I’m watching a quality video. You should make a shirt out of the “Liiive traders” part.

  19. Hi Jared, great video. In regards to swing trading, you have the risk of gaps against you. How do you mitigate this? I’m worried that if it gaps past my stop I will be in trouble. Also you said wider stops for swing, how much more room would you give it? Thanks in advance

  20. Thanks for the video. DO NOT shorten….Please. Learning takes time!! If you will not invest time to watch longer more in-depth teaching then you are looking for a quick buck / MAGIC solution and there are plenty of websites like that out there… thank you for being different.

  21. Don't worry about shortening your videos. That old adage that we have short attention spans and so you should make 2-5minute videos has proven false. Podcasts and long videos are what we seek, because now the internet is the source of knowledge.

    Of course, in some sense you could put out higher volume of videos at shorter lengths to save yourself time and keep a more active "subscription-video" stream, but then you can't get out your ideas as much as you want. In this way, you maintain dedicated viewers and can know the impact is greater on each of them, versus short videos that people watch superficially and without absorbing and getting immersed.

  22. Lol …"g-wagon"…let that be his name going forward. I'm glad you shed light. I worked for a year…made 77%…"g wagon" had me thinking I was garbage in comparison (with 1000% returns)…till I found out I did alright. Risk of ruin is real…"g-wagon" is possible…just not probable.

  23. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!
    Thank you Jared, AGAIN, for all the info you put out for us!!
    And PLEASE DO NOT make the lessons shorter!!!!! I would want them to be longer if possible!!!!

  24. Speaking for myself, I appreciate the length of the videos. It helps me remember, and actually absorb the info when you explain why. Thank you

  25. I think the PDT causes some confusion in between swing & day trading. Makes you think there’s some big thing you aren’t in on

  26. Awesome video. I have a video suggestion that some people might be interested in, including myself: I am curious what is your life story and your journey to becoming a successful trader.


  27. Excellent video as always, make me realize i may be shooting for too small targets when doing my swing trading. That's why i like your lessons, makes me question my thinking! One question, and not sure if it was covered before: What do you think about swing trading stocks that are in months-long uptrends? Should you get in, how do you get in? Even if you don't answer my question, i'll still keep watching as the content is very high quality!

  28. Hey Jared, Great video, I don't mind hour long ones, I did make a universe of about 200 stocks and swing trade on weekly charts. Its working out great. Thanks for all you do.

  29. I'm a swing trader. Wouldn't have it any other way. Why? My risk reward is often 4-5-6 times my risk. Patience, is Crucial though. Bags and bags of patience. Swing trading is subset of Day trading. Often 2-10 days. Occasionally 3-4 weeks. You still need the mental game traders. ( and remember: it's crucial to trade, your personality type) Why? You may not have the mental toughness, or alertness to trade live. Hence, why, I'd never Day Trade . Saying that – if you can pull money out of the market over, and over again, trading the first 1-2 hours, when your market is active. Then great…….do what suits you…….not what suits your fellow trader!!

  30. Thank you for the information as always! And as far as a sports analogy to compare the 2 that you were looking for at the beginning of the video, instead of hockey and basketball, I’d say tennis and ping pong lol.

  31. Until I can fix my problems working with lower time frames (1m) I might as well dollar cost average into a rising stock, instead of swing trade. Seems like swing trades often involve indicators like macd and RSI I don't care to use anymore. Once I can become steady on lower t/f, it seems like a higher one is just more waiting. Whatever works tho. Margin and risk requirements do change from each one quite drastically. Enter : options lol

  32. Wow, that really helped me understand how powerful swing trading is. This is a video I will definitely be passing around to friends that trade. Really great work, Jared!

  33. The holy grail is where it is at! Thought of this the other week. Only concern is typically when you get in a stock intraday you're not looking at the fundamentals so a swing continuation can be risky if you haven't done a bit of research. I think swing requires more fundamentals than you let on in this video.

  34. Great Video. You say that new intra-day traders should not risk more than $10 per trade. Do you have a max risk number for new swing traders?

  35. Hi Jared.. I just watched a video about examining pre market charts and the guy went back to 2000 to look at the previous lowest low. What are your thoughts on going back that far? How far back do you think actually matters and makes a difference?

  36. Boy I need to get better at swing trading since I got my new job to build more capital. Day trading is where it's at cuz you're in the driver's seat!!! Building until that $25,000 and constantly on the simulator after the job. Thanks for the video!

  37. if 1000$ risk cost 3900$, 10k$ risk cost 39k$ on the swing and 1000$ risk cost 53.375$ on the daily shouldn't be 10k$ risk costing 533.750$ ??? I don't understand… (thx for your weekly lectures cheers from France….)

  38. Thanks for the presentation.

    I would like to add that it is recommended to sort by sector as well, to avoid positions in only one sector.

  39. Thanks for the video I've watched a couple times already. I'm very new to trading, like an infant. And I've watched most of your videos some quite a few times. I feel like I'm learning quite a bit. Thanks again

  40. I've been watching your videos since a couple of months and I've really learned A LOT!

    After 1 month trading on a Tradestation simulated account, I started last week with 8.000$ of real money also in Tradestation and I already made 500$ which is amazing for me.

    I was wondering if you can recomend me a plataform to intraday trade in the European market. Also, do you know if there is any similar rule to the Pattern Day Trader in Europe?

    I can't understand why in US you have this PDT rules, for me it seems much more risky to leave the trade overnight, exposed to gaps, that close the trades in the same day.

    If you operate with the same amount of laverage I think your risk on intraday trades is less, as far as I realized your stop loss only work during the realmarket condition, not in the premarket or postmarket.

    Thank you very much, and keep making this quality content please!

  41. A lot of quality information. Will have to watch it again. The scalability issue is very important. Thank you for covering it.

  42. Hey Jared, I know one of your trading plan rules states that you bring up your stop loss to breakeven once the stock reaches 1R. Do you wait for the stock to close above that price on the 1 min/2 min/etc. chart, or do you immediately push the stop loss up as soon as 1R is reached?

  43. Another amazing tutorial from master Jared and yet for free…. how nice it is that the fundamentals of trading are shown on details so novice traders can profit and catch up with the rest of community . Thanks master proud to have found you .

  44. How do you know the potential gain (the GSX scalability risk level example). Is the 8:1 just hindsight after the fact knowledge? I'm not clear on how to enter with a particular risk ratio in mind

  45. Thank you very much Jared! I'm new to trading and have had some success with a small port. I've been swing trading and started to do a little day trading for the purpose of growing my port. Since I'm new, I'm still really unsure if my process is correct/justified.
    This video has been reassuring in that I'm already implementing some of the things you've mentioned, in my current routine.
    This video is also really informative because you've provided some great tips that I'll use to improve my routine, and all the little insights you mentioned throughout the video are also great (as usual).
    I think the long format is cool because that's what it takes to get a REAL understanding of the topic. I've seen so many YT vids about trading and so many of them are full of bs "gurus" spouting bs slogans in videos that probably took 5 minutes to make. I imagine that your videos took a lot of time to plan and create and I sincerely thank you for your efforts. You are the real deal Holyfield in my opinion and I feel like watching your videos really improves my overall trading game. Thank you!!

  46. Great video and makes sense! You only showed 2 month ROI in 2020. The billion $ question is, can you show records of making 50% ROI consistently each year for last 3-5 years? Probably Only 1-3% of all mutual/hedge funds outperform the S&P index and can get that kind of ROI in a row for last 3-5 years. And you probably have to be Warren Buffet in his prime to do that.

  47. The hardest part of this video for me was to hear about potential fab profits, which will remain only in my dreams. I'm such a looser. It hurts.

  48. I currently am subscribed to another trading community & I spend more time watching your videos than I do theirs. Great info on yours!

  49. Random question, not even related to this but you seem super smart! What is the minimum percentage gain for a stock to be T-12 halted?

  50. Thanks for your video。I saw a lot of videos of you,Can you tell me that the techniques all you teach can be applied to the foreign exchange market?

  51. Jared as always speaking truth. Most people don't consider that costs and contingencies are the highest on the lower time frames. Many tickers are not even worth trading on lower time frames, such as FX and penny stocks. Due to this mechanism, most longer term, larger trades are definitively better than day trades, although the overall system might make less of a return due to frequency. You hear a lot of the same basic information repeated in this industry, so it is always refreshing to see Jared shine light on ideas that are not as commonly talked about.

  52. That dollars for gainer dollar for loser thing, is that basically the same as trading view scanner?

    Also while here. Since you use Tradestation (who I'm going with eventually), why not go with Tradingview as your platform? I think Tradingview is great atm 🙂 I'll take a look at Tradestation platform when i sign up with them

  53. Thanks Jared for such an informative video. I'm in a noobish 2k account so trying to be both is hard but after watching this I've realized that swing trading can be way more profitable if I research correctly. My first two swing holds are biotech but should be able to get a stop profit of at least 100$ hopefully they skyrocket though than I think I'm jumping on AAL for a longer term hold.

  54. You know what I love about this Jared. I have always been a Swing Trader.. and i been listening to you for a while thinking maybe I should become an actual day trader.. now ive never been more comfortable. The best part that I think you missed on this whole discussion, with swing trading you can force yourself if you are prepared to do the work to find the strong sharp ratios to go with the swing trade of your choice. Eg the right combo of small cap with large cap, and bonds etc for removing some of the big jilt. I cant believe you give this info away for free. I sure hope you hit the 100k views per video to make it worth it for you.

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