April 9, 2020

100 thoughts on “Surveillance Capitalism Takeover: Here’s Why You Got That Ad & More…

  1. Even though companies are legally supposed to delete your information when you ask them, I can tell you they don't. I used to work for PayPal, when a customer asks his information to be deleted you tell them sure mate but PayPal instead stores it for 10 years.

  2. i am a software architect and engineer actively writing the software to allow us to become compliant with the laws around the globe. I have a lot to say around this topic and have since i was a teenager and started my first developer job (2007) and learned the reality about personal data and companies. Simply put, I think it is important to understand the capabilities of the devices you own, and the use of that information to your benefit and find what you feel is the right balance. It is important to understand that what you consider private or personal info like shopping and web history is simply a data point to the company that they want to use for profit not for gossip or blackmail. I personally prefer various suggestions in music and documentaries and the like across the digital medium. I also understand i can't only rely on recommendations though for fear of being pigeon holed and not getting the full variety of information whether it be news or how to videos or products to repair my home. Being educated on the subject full spectrum is really important and difficult. We don't live in simple times anymore and these are not simple topics. Also, with the shear variety of things in the world available to us, this type of optimization is becoming more and more critical for success, imagine trying to find your way to a cabin in a forest without any map or compass or help, just your feet, eyes and shouting, that forest (information sources) is growing at a super rapid pace. Just my quick thoughts

  3. Great video, you guys shine a light on so many important issues that don’t get enough attention. Independent media is the only kind I trust at this point, with critical thinking and nuance of course still.

  4. Not knocking the video but it’s ironic that “when you use a free product, you are the product” while Phil has his community phone number which essentially an email mailing-list for mobile tech

  5. I don't mind my data being used, but I do think there should be someone with a conscience determining what my data is used for. I don't want to be sold to someone who will use my data in a divisive or evil way. Someone should use my data responsibly and be punished for carelessness. I also believe there is an argument to be made that I am owed a very small piece of the earnings made from my data. previously targeted ad designers for say political content had to pull people off the street and encourage them with money ($10) to answer some questions. Nowadays, companies don't need to ask questions, but they still require my inputs. Those inputs are mine, they belong to me, andif you are going to use them you need my consent and honestly, I should get my money from it. I don't think I should get $10 for browsing the internet, but I think a very small percentage of revenue from my use statistics should come back to me when my data is sold. I also think there is an opportunity for certain profile groups to be worth more and thus more money kicks back to the profile owner. Again I'm not talking about a huge amount of money, it probably won't even be noticeable for each individual app but it would build up the more apps you use and the greater value your information becomes.

  6. So…… all of it is common knowledge isn't it? Does anyone actually believe that the internet does not track each person?

  7. I would like a good deep dive on the .com crash, I've heard about it alot but was to young to really know what was going on and I don't think my parents had any stake in it at the time. I hear about it a lot but dont know how to compare it to like the housing bubble.

  8. How about consumers having a choice in the ad categories they see? I'm fucking tired of colgate optic white. I'm never buying your toothpaste.

  9. This isn't surveillance capitalism, it's just capitalism: the utilization of technology to extract maximal profits from a population. This is a natural extension of capitalist ideals.

  10. I know this isn't related to the topic of the video but one subject I would like you guys to look into in 2020 is a comprehensive but unbiased look at all 2020 Presidential candidates for the US. I don't want Facebook to influence my decision and I want the facts and history of each not what the news, ads or other biased sources would provide.

  11. I am so glad the EU brought in the GDPR laws. The time to protect the consumer is now, if the US and other countries don't bring in similar laws soon, the industry will be too large to shut down without serious economic consequences.

  12. For the record you are paied a cut of this. That cut is in free acess to their service. Would you rather have to pay for acess to every last website and every last video all separately?

  13. I find it particularly insidious that companies always run to "Jobs will be lost" when they are criticized or threatened with being held to any kind of regulatory standard.

    They're basically using human shields in the form of threatening people's livelihoods if we dare rein them in.

  14. I think the claws to agreement that lets you request them to stop mining your data after agreeing is a good step because those that dont care to have room to talk about the law either way and those that do care have grounds to hold these companies accountable

  15. It is absolutely wild that the EU has better privacy laws regarding online protections than the United States, and it's something we should have fixed years ago.

  16. gotta say, this is nearly a non-issue.
    i say treat the internet like public. surveillance can protect us, and as long as it is not abused, then i do not see the problem. and i do mean harassment, stalking and identity theft.

  17. Contracts that I write and manage treat personally identifiable information as controlled unclassified information, and every entity that touches that information is held to the same executive orders embedded in the prime contract. No reason private companies should not be held to the same standards; they sure as hell have more resources and more qualified resources to prevent unnecessary data gathering and damaging and/or unintentional dissemination.

  18. Oh, I wait the day when people see, they been duped by technocracy.

    Those things they see as capitalistic, have long ago become communistic.

    Those who worship, Google, Apple, and YouTube, fail to notice they've fallen into a Capitalist Commune.

    The Capitalist you fear have taken your souls, with laptops, and watches and new iPhones.

    Life was about love but now it's about greed, and it was tech society that sowed that seed.

    We live above our means as the world suffers, but what does that matter when Supreme came out with slippers.

    When the Devil came knockin at our front deck we gleefully said "fuck off" for show as we slipped him through the back.

    None are innocent so stop pretending, virtue signaling is unbecoming.

    We point blame in a room without mirrors, we shun reason and worship fears.

    We've confused infamy with fame, constantly looking for someone to blame.

    We fail to see we are all to blame, we share equal guilt and are the reasons the world has gone insane.

    But we are also the only ones that can bring back freedom, love, and fame, so have a Merry Fuckin Christmas from the Storyteller gang. Cheers folks… enjoy the show that we've created.

  19. Irony: the ad that followed up was on how youtubers can access their market and get training on how to find and access their consumer base.

  20. Here's the issue I have: people freak out about how our "personal" and "private" information is "taken". These words are very specific, because like "All natural", they don't have a legally enforceable definition. People screaming, "It's my information!" When they wouldn't have it otherwise anyway. The vast majority of this information literally only exists because of the products that track it: browsing behavior, app download downloads, online purchases, ad behaviors, etc. None of this kind of data existed in any form 20 years ago, it's all unique to smart devices and internet capable computers. Without having someone specifically assigned to try to document all of this, no one, literally no one, would have that info on themselves, nor is it "identifying information", which is a term with a legal definition.

    In short: for the vast majority of the information you're "losing", you didn't lose it, you never had it, and other people having it doesn't cause you any risk or harm. The majority of the change in our lives is that we see more ads for stuff we want to buy anyway, or would be interested in, and fewer ads for unrelated products and services. I haven't, for instance, seen an ad for a male enhancement product in years if I'm logged in, but just watching TV after 10pm on cable TV meant I'd see 4 or 5 ads for something like that every half hour. That's the change. I don't see things telling me my dick is small, but I see a lot about little gadgets I like to buy every now and then.

    Stop the fear mongering, please.

  21. Google really be giving away free Google Home Minis with their Google Fi Network Subscriptions as well as Spotify Premium Subscriptions. They're trynna spy on everyone they can 😂

  22. I know you probably filmed all these videos on the same day, but I like to think that shirt is now just your uniform for videos. Every day you take off your nice collared shirt and Brianna throws your black t-shirt at you.

  23. as you touched on briefly, if you don't accept said therms n service you are not able to use said products, and sadly thats where the big problem lies.
    you tell me of an alternative to facebook or youtube. well there is non. so they got free reign to say "accept or leave" and u can't leave because theres nowhere to go.

  24. In a pretty terrifying example of life imitating art, my phone kept opening the google assistant when I was trying to watch this because it heard you say Google. So that's Fun.

  25. The funny thing is Google, and others keep getting it wrong. All "the in your face" advertising simply pisses me off. Ninety nine percent of it is irrelevant and the remaining one percent simply puts me off the brand being advertised. And when I do get those ads populating into my YouTube feed or Facebook feed it is usually 24 hours after I have bought a product I was searching for. While I may be a outlier in these respects, there is a growing movement of people who simply boycott these companies that advertise with google and other tech companies. We are even actively looking for ways to cost these advertisers more advertising dollars while not giving them any of our business. Maybe we can bankrupt their advertising budgets, if not the entire company, all through legal means.

  26. I never understood why peoole cared that companies were using their data to sell them stuff. That's how advertising works? Who cares? I would want relevant ads for me anyways. AND I get free shit for it? Sign me up.

    HOWEVER if the data is being used to discriminate against entire social groups, then I could see how that would be problematic. Thank you for explaining that in your video 👍

  27. Yeah im sure they are just gonna delete our data if we request it. I can hardly unsubscribe from emails without walking a virtual block.

  28. I like this formatting of editing. Showing me highlights of specific parts being spoken about. I dunno why I really like this format

  29. The supposed targeting ads clearly needs to pay more attention, because it assumes I'm a middle aged soccer mom from the 90s that plays primarily smart phone games and tik tok.

  30. Respondent has offered advertisers hundreds of thousands of attributes from which to choose, for

    example to exclude “women in the workforce,” “moms of grade school kids,” “foreigners,”

    “Puerto Rico Islanders,” or people interested in “parenting,” “accessibility,” “service animal,”

    “Hijab Fashion,” or “Hispanic Culture.” Respondent also has offered advertisers the ability to

    limit the audience of an ad by selecting to include only those classified as, for example,

    “Christian” or “Childfree.”

  31. The laws will catch up eventually but for now big tech is totally incentivized to collect and sell user data and nothing will stop them until it's illegal or regulated.

  32. I stopped using ALMOST all Google products because of their aggressive tracking. Obviously with the exception of Youtube. On my phone Ive disabled all location, background refreshes, and non-essential features for anything google as well, though I think I only have Youtube installed. Shit is creepy. The same applies to anything facebook owned that I have installed. And amazon apps as well. Those companies definitely seem to be willing to do ANYTHING to get your data.

  33. imagine if you could you know, just have the option to choose what ads you're interested in. Maybe if ads were more likely to be something i cared about i'd turn adblock off more often

  34. Sorry, it hurts me to even type this.

    It’s the torn paper textures, and the monotoned script reading. Arguably, I should care more about this video than most other stories I’ve heard today, but unfortunately, there have only been about 2 videos from this channel that have been able to achieve this goal. I’ve actually started finding it hard to sit through videos from Rogue Rocket, because it seems like the person that’s telling me to care about the issue, barely even cares about it themselves.

    I understand how much hard work and blood, sweat and tears have gone into making this channel what it is today, but something doesn’t feel right. It’s as if everything begins to blend together, and I’m left with the feeling that I’ve been served a delicious 5 star diner that’s been pulverized into a wet mush.😓

    I want this channel to succeed so badly, but I’m afraid that if the content stays the same, that fans from The Philip DiFranco show won’t even be able to stick around.

    This is all I could think of, if I could offer one place to start learning from, it’s the channel ColdFusion; I could sit through a 45min video about taxes and bureaucracy if the quality is up to that standard.

    I wish y’all the best

  35. Hell to the no. I love how companies turn it around like it will hurt them when countless of people are hurt. This is a new level of human trafficking. I have seen ads pop up when I haven't even looked it up, just saying it. I am sorry but this needs to spot. The only way I would approve it would be for me to receive a check for 50% (or more) of the profit being made off of my information.

  36. It really makes sense that the US wouldn’t pass many laws about privacy considering the patriot act. I don’t think the privacy of its citizens is our government’s top priority.

  37. I just want a law that forbids apps from requiring users to enable location services, unless the user is using a location-based function. I shouldn't, for instance have to have location services on to download video from my gopro, or to make a credit card payment.

  38. so basically online privacy is like owning a lockable fridge,to use it you need to accept the manufacturers terms of using it or you cant use it ,you need to accept that the manufacturer has given an unspecified third party a key as well,so whenever you buy/sell items that third party and track and plan what to sell you,then slowly you start to notice pamphlets and newspaper adverts around the fridge for the specific stuff you want,whenever the manufacturer updates the terms of use instead of a small note saying whats been added,they give you a second"owners book" with nothing highlighted you need to read it …again,and to opt out you need to drive to the third party,write forms,wait then be opted out,that removes one party,but again the manufacturer did not specify the amount of third paries have a key y,this problem is pushed further when its no longer just the fridge doing this,but the stove,cardboard ,oven etc,tech has become essentially a organ,an organ that the consumer has little say in what happens to it,but cant refute it as it has become so locked onto our lives we would cut ourselves from the means of business,communication and information gathering without it

  39. look I get it, everyone hates this process. but I would honestly be ok with the way these "free" products are, everything in this world so fucking expensive. so I am ok with being "there" product if I am provided with a free service. then again I am not a whiny little bitch about targeted ads THAT ACTUALLY HELP MY SHOPPING ideas

  40. It must be a really bad system, because they keep showing me adds for cars, when I already bought one two years ago.

    They keep showing me ads for games like CoD, even though I have never even googled the game or anything with it.

    They are pretty bad at showing me ads that are even remotely related to me.

  41. Google: We'll give you the option to say you don't want your data collected by our browser or by websites. That doesn't mean anyone's going to listen though.

  42. Recently I had to use an older computer for awhile, and websites got reeeeally slow/froze; got "unresponsive script" errors everywhere. Not even watching videos or gaming, just regular websurfing. (Also, Youtube in glorious 240p!)

    Opened my ad blocker and looked at all the scripts on pages, then looked up what they do… it was unreal. Most of them were spying/trackers; few actually delivered content. One of my favorite retailers had a script that "records" your entire visit, like where the cursor is, how long it hovered over links, how fast I scrolled down, etc. And it's just one of many.

    Now I'm back using my fast computer, and because they aren't breaking my internet anymore, it's harder to stay in the habit of blocking this stuff. This laptop has 2 sharp corners in the front; I figure it's only a matter of time before I cut my hand, and a script finds a way to harvest and monetize my blood type.

  43. It's NOT about money, that's just what funds it. This is factually correct, this has happened to build a profile of each person…which the government has access too. They may fund what they do by advertising but that isn't the reason….

  44. Poll: who actually clicks on ads? I either have them completely blocked or I ignore the ones I do see. The only time I’ve clicked on an ad is on accident.

  45. if a law does get passed to "prevent" the collection of data, then all these "social" sites will just have two options "collect data = free to use" or " click here for us to NOT collect your data, but pay our monthly subscription fee"

  46. Data produced by us should be our legal property, then it will truly be personal information. This is why I support Andrew Yang for president. #yanggang

  47. This should be illegal. LIke all of marketing mainpulation and psychological manipulation in general, should be illegal. Marketing should be illegal.

  48. Here's a thought….doesn't the logic behind COPPA apply to all apps, services, etc? Shouldn't all data-gathering sources be required to verify that the person they are collecting data from in that moment are not children?

  49. It is not just reading the agreements. Often times there is no alternative to using the product. I want to see pictures of my niece growing up? I have to use Facebook. Ugh.

  50. Buy a raspberry pi and install pihole on your network for network wide adblocking (works in phone apps as well) for when Google removes adblockers 🙂

  51. My mom had google suggest she get checked for a class action lawsuit based on a stomach medicine she took years ago. There are benefits to this system it just feels predatory to have someone selling you something while knowing a lot about you.

  52. Get Firefox, do not use Gmail, and use Signal instead of WhatsApp. Signal and Firefox beat competition anyway. Something like Protonmail or Tutanota are good email alternatives. Your gmails are open book and each message is scanned by google. And as seen with recent YouTube developments, your whole google account can be banned in because you do something in YouTube for example, by mistake or google being google. WhatApp messages are encrypted, but Facebook still uses all the phone numbers and names from it to build your social sphere. And it's closed source app anyway so who knows what actually happens with it.
    And get ublock, https everywhere and decentraleyes addons for browser.

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