April 5, 2020
SUPPORT GUIDE: How to Become a Trading.. LEHEND! | Skill Capped ANNOUNCEMENT!

SUPPORT GUIDE: How to Become a Trading.. LEHEND! | Skill Capped ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hey everyone, welcome to Skill-Capped’s first
support guide! Before we get into it, let us quickly explain
why we’re finally doing these, since we know a lot of you have been frustrated about us
ignoring this OP role! So, Skill-Capped is the only platform out
there who releases at least 10 guides per week, with all guides being the exact same
quality as the ones you see for free on YouTube. And, that’s why we haven’t been able to do
support yet. We have super high quality standards and that
means we need a big team of analysts, scriptwriters and editors to all come together and make
this possible. While we like uploading guides for free on
YouTube, it’s our website’s subscribers who make all of this possible and that’s why they
get the lion’s share of amazing content. We could have easily uploaded support guides
on our YouTube channel in the last year, but that’d simply bait users into subscribing
to our platform where we weren’t actually making support content. This has all finally changed. We’ve read all of your comments and we are
convinced enough of you guys will head over to Skill-Capped to learn from our amazing
support guides so we can keep on making them! We’ve already made a bunch that are at least
as good as this guide which you can come and binge on, you’ll also receive two brand new
ones every week! And that brings us to the even bigger announcement. Among launching the support role into our
weekly system over at Skill-Capped, our new website has just gone live as a beta version
which you can all check out right now without having to sign up. We expect to have it fully working by early
next week and are actively implementing fixes and features based on our feedback on the
Discord server! So, support players and everyone else, if
you’d like to support us over at Skill-Capped go ahead and subscribe, risk free! 30 day money back guarantee and if you don’t
improve at least 3 divisions on the six month plan, you’ll also get a refund! Okay enough announcing things, let’s finally
get into the first of hopefully many more support guides to come! Hey guys. We all know how hard it can be trading in
bot lane. Sometimes you get a good trade, and sometimes
you walk up and lose half your HP without really knowing why. There’s 4 champions in bot, meaning there’s
so much to think about, especially for support. We’ll slowly be breaking down some trading
guidelines to help make you more consistent as the weeks go by. This week, we’ll be focusing on ranged supports
vs ranged supports. Let’s get into it. Your first mission will be to try and build
a minion lead. Just because you’re playing support doesn’t
mean you can’t auto attack waves. Helping your ADC shove faster to build a minion
advantage is crucial to success. Having more minions allows you to move in
more aggressively to land harass, because it’s harder for your opponent to fight back
when you have more minions due to creep aggro, and you’ll have more minions to block incoming
enemy skill shots. Your primary way to trade will be to land
one ability on your opponent. Most ranged supports take Aery or Arcane Comet. We recently touched on this topic in our Mage
Support Guide that by hitting your opponent with 1 ability, you’ll be proccing Arcane
Comet or Aery, along with Scorch and Spellthief’s Edge. It’s hard to move in for autos in ranged vs
ranged support combat, but with this strategy, you should still be able to land notable harass. And your final mission will be to play around
the enemy duo’s win condition. This greatly varies from game to game, since
there are so many possible bot lane combinations. You need to actively think about how the enemy
wants to kill you and simply play around that. You can counter their win condition with runes,
counter items, or just changing your positioning based on their champions. That’s it for our missions, let’s get into
the game. We’ll be reviewing a game from Griffin’s Lehends
playing Soraka. The first thing we notice is that both Lehends
and Morgana started with the red sweeper at level 1. This is a relatively new start, as denial
of vision in the early game can be very powerful. The issue is that unless you have a duo who
knows how to ward, we don’t recommend you doing this. Especially in lower elo, where your ADC likely
won’t even place their wards. As they head into the lane, we see that the
enemy bot lane isn’t here yet, which means they’re leashing. This will allow Soraka and Kaisa to play very
aggressively in the early game. First, because Kha’zix is unlikely to path
bottom for a long time. He’ll likely clear his blue side jungle into
red his red side. There isn’t a world where Kha’zix ganks at
level 2 with just blue buff. That would….be really bad. Secondly, since the enemy bot lane isn’t in
lane, Soraka and Kaisa are free to do whatever they want with the wave. They can build a wave advantage uncontested. Sadly, Kaisa and Lehends had very different
ideas of what to do here, if you noticed. Lehends wants to hit the caster creeps, whereas
Kaisa is hitting the melees. This is actually a big deal, which we can
demonstrate By hitting the caster creeps only, you will
still be building a wave advantage, but you’re not actively pushing the wave. If your opponent takes too long leashing,
it can make them miss CS, since the enemy wave will remain neutral in a sense and kill
your creeps. Your ADC will still have the option to push
the wave at a moment’s notice whenever they feel like it, because the caster creeps are
already low. By doing this it gives you the option to maintain
your wave advantage more towards the center of the lane, rather than ending near their
tower, which allows you to punish your opponents much harder, instead of them farming at the
safety of their tower. Why should this matter to you as a support? Well, it’s important that you don’t screw
it up if your ADC is the one doing it, or if you see the enemy doing it, you can plan
for what is coming. Wave control is possibly the most important
concept to learn in League, every role should be knowledgeable in it if they want to climb,
even jungle. Alas, it’s solo queue, and you can’t control
what your ADC will do. Different players will have different ideas
on what they should do. Just be a good player and adapt to whatever
you ADC is doing. Now that you’ve built a wave advantage, you
can start thinking about punishing the enemy. Before trading, you do have to think about
what the other 3 players in the lane are actively doing and thinking about. Let’s start with your own ADC. Because the wave is pushing so fast, these
2 caster creeps will get low really quickly. This means that soon, Kaisa will be preoccupied
last hitting, and be unable to help during your trade. Ashe on the other hand, only has to auto this
1 minion, then she will be freely able to auto attack and W trade. With Morgana being in a prime position to
follow up with a Q should Lehends move in for a trade. Therefore, Lehends just chills and doesn’t
do anything. Afterwards we see Morgana casting W. She’ll
also be looking to apply mission 2, since she meets the same qualifications Soraka does. This is very big information for Lehends though. Now he knows that Morgana won’t have her binding
till level 2. He doesn’t have long until she levels up,
but until then it’s a spell he doesn’t have to worry about. Since Kaisa shoved the wave so hard early,
it’s hard to punish much here, though Lehends still finds an opportunity to zone Ashe. He tanks the Morgana W to walk up to Q Ashe,
so that she’s denied 2 caster creeps. As the waves collide, Morgana applies Missions
1 and 2 by W’ing under Lehends and Kaisa while also hitting the minions. Lehends counters back by auto attacking the
minions and landing a Q while Ashe is in her auto attack animation At this point both bot lanes are in a rush
to hit level 2 before the other to punish each other, so you can see everybody scramble
to auto attack minions. Lehends and Kaisa hit it first, so they move
in to trade using heal to dodge the binding and by landing a nasty double Q onto both
of them, Kaisa is then able to follow up and destroy Morgana’s health bar. But wait….something wasn’t right about that
trade. Some of you may have noticed something odd
that occurred. Let’s rewind and watch that again. In the middle of this all-in Lehends and Kaisa
hit level 2. But they got it off of 2 melees and a caster
creep. Normally, you need 3 melee creeps from this
wave or 2 melees and 2 casters to hit level 2. How did Lehends know to move in at this moment? If you get this puzzle right, we’ll put your
name up on the refrigerator for everyone to see. We’ll give you 3 seconds. Alright, remember at level 1, when Lehends
cleared the enemy ward with his sweeper? Killing wards gives a small amount of experience
to you and anyone near the kill. Think about this entire all in. The initial Q on the Ashe? It was to hit Ashe, but also to get this minion
low. When he’s walking up, he doesn’t hit the last
melee, he hits the caster creep because he knew it would catch the Ashe and Morgana off
guard, because everyone is so used to exactly how many minions are needed to hit level 2
at this point. Now, is this applicable in your game? Probably not, especially because we recommend
starting the ward trinket in your games. But is it fun to watch Lehends play 5D Backgammon
vs Korean Challengers? Yea…yea it is. After the all in, he cant find much harass
under their tower, so Lehends and Kaisa fall back to build a minion advantage yet again
by auto attacking the wave. Lehends will now prioritze his 1 spell harass
onto the flashless and already low Morgana, because that’s who will be easier to look
for a kill on. Then he just continues to auto attack the
wave and look for stray Qs on the Ashe. Soraka’s E is basically guaranteed harass,
whereas Q is not. He’s super unlikely to ever land a long range
Q on Morgana, so he’ll continue throwing those at the Ashe as she has to stand still to last
hit, but will reserve his guaranteed harass for the Morgana. Once the waves meet once more, and Morgana
steps up, we do see that he immediately uses his E onto her. All that poke eventually prompts Kaisa to
look for the level 3 all in, which is easy enough thanks to Lehends getting her low through
constant harass. Unfortunately, your low elo Kaisa is unlikely
to notice this kill opportunity and will just farm. That’s okay, just keep up the harass, and
you’ll eventually get an advantage one way or another. They do get ganked after they push, but Lehends
just trades flash for flash and walks out safely. Once back in lane, Lehends control wards the
first bush and walks up to ward the second bush. Luckily, he has an SKT jungler on his team
giving him deep vision, so he can just ward the lane. Now there’s absolutely no where Kha’zix can
come from to gank without being spotted. You, again, are unlikely to have an SKT jungler. If you have no prior deep vision, it’d probably
be best to place those wards in the river and play a bit safer. He then camps the bush, because he knows Ashe
and Morgana have to come back to lane at some point to farm. They are forced to walk up, or otherwise miss
CS, which means he will get a free guaranteed combo here. Then he can easily walk away, since there’s
no way he gets hit by a Morgana binding at this distance. With wave advantage once more, he walks up
and gets some free harass onto the Morgana. Remember, Morgana has her flash down, so harass
on her is still more valuable. He’s also against Ruler, a pretty alright
ADC player, who is unlikely to misposition. That’s just a tip that will work at every
elo or in any competitive environment. Always take advantage of the worse player. Now they shove in the next wave quickly to
get a clean reset for the waves, because their team is coming, and they want the wave to
be neutral for the gank. Not much to talk about here, just make sure
you always ensure that the kill happens, even if your team hates you for it. Only hand of kills to your teammates when
there is absolutely no way your opponent gets out alive. And the final thing we want to discuss is
that long forgotten mission 3. The next time both bot lanes meet in lane,
you can notice how differently Lehends is playing. Ashe hasn’t died yet, so she’s gotten full
exp and has hit level 6. This gives Ashe and Morgana a really nasty
combo of Ashe arrow into a binding plus ignite, which would spell certain doom for Lehends. Since Kaisa took cleanse, she doesn’t really
face this issue, so she’s free to stand forward. This is similar to how you might position
vs something aggressive like Draven/Leona as a Lulu, Janna, or Sona. You just chill behind your ADC, and then peel
them as they get engaged on, since you’re the more vulnerable one. It sucks to play like this sometimes, but
you do need to adapt vs certain bot lane duos. Thankfully, the second his Kaisa lands a good
W she goes in, and Lehends doesn’t hesitate in the slightest and flash silences both of
them, helping Kaisa secure the Ashe kill. Again, you unfortunately, won’t have this
level of teammates, but you’ll also be against easier opponents. That kind of balances things out, and should
allow you to use what you learn to get more and more consistent games. We hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned as we
will be covering trading more and more as the weeks go by to help you become a master. Thanks for watching.

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