April 1, 2020
SUPER SECRET RETAIL ARBITRAGE STRATEGY | Sourcing Walmart Clearance for Amazon FBA

SUPER SECRET RETAIL ARBITRAGE STRATEGY | Sourcing Walmart Clearance for Amazon FBA

welcome back everyone to Flipping
Profits my name is Juston and I am Kristen and today we are going to share
with you a pro tip yet to be discussed seriously there’s so much
money to be made in this space so I’m super pumped for you all to learn about
it I know of people that are literally running it seven figure business is
strictly utilizing this method alone but being that this is the first episode of
season one we figured we changed things up a bit. As a lot of you probably know
the last eight months have been crazy for both of us starting our YouTube
channel watching it grow having insane amounts of media attention, and ultimately our big move to Arkansas we’re not trying to brag but it’s simply
a statement of how grateful we are and how wild this journey has been if you
would have asked us a year ago where our family would be today
none of those experiences would have even been a thought talking about and
sharing our story of selling on Amazon on some of the largest media platforms
in the world has changed our perspective completely ultimately the outpour of
love from everyone of you was what made it all worth it
but the accomplishment that were most proud of is one you probably wouldn’t
expect less than a couple of years ago both of us being stay-at-home parents
and raising our kids together was just a dream now because of selling on Amazon and
taking some calculated risk we can successfully say our dreams have become
a reality sometimes things happen when you least expect it but then again
everything happens for a reason we have no idea where things will take us in the
next six months but we are so excited to bring you along for the journey and
welcome you into our family are you guys taking advantage of the
seasonal items are you taking an advantage of store specific exclusives
because I know we are so the product that we picked up today is not only a
seasonal exclusive but is also a retailer specific exclusive so we’re
gonna jump into this but before we do so disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer make
sure that one you run your own numbers before purchasing because our taxes
would be different than your taxes and to this product is probably not a good
idea to buy because we are going out into the public so this product will
probably take unfortunately unfortunately but you can always look
for products that are similar to this one so this product is kind of a special
case Funko does partner with a lot of
different retailers across the country such as our the noble target and the
rest you would have to do a little I don’t know but Walmart is one of them
and because Walmart does partner with them they will make Walmart specific
Funko products now what that means is they’re gonna be limited run products
that can range from you know they could be buying it hundreds of thousands of
units or millions of units nobody really ever knows but for resellers like us who
sell on platforms like Amazon it is actually a major benefit because that
then limits the buying pool that is competing against us now remember this
product will be gated and restricted so don’t get discouraged there’s other
platforms that you could sell on such as Facebook marketplace or eBay also if you
guys want us to do an updated on gating video for our newest tips and tricks
make sure you comment below on gaining video we’d be happy to do that for you
guys and for those that don’t know what I’m getting is it’s essentially when
you’re a brand new Amazon seller generally your account is gonna be a
little bit more restricted as far as what you’re allowed to sell you can’t
just hop on the platform on day one and start selling Nike shoes or Under Armour
it’s just unfortunate but that’s the name of the game so let’s go over the
numbers Amazon price is $19.99 the Amazon fees and shipping is six dollars
and thirty four cents for a net profit of three dollars and 35 cents now you’re
going to ask why are you guys selling something that has a thirty percent ROI
not 30 it’s thirty four point two or thirty four point two let’s tell you why
so because this is a limited run situation because these products are
gonna be more difficult to come by and knowing that the reality is is Walmart
won’t have any more in stock until next October at the earliest what that means
for people like us is we can get away with buying a little bit right now
knowing that that thirty percent thirty five percent ROI could potentially go up
you know it’s that educated that you’re gonna have to make as a business owner
now knowing that it’s a limited supply we know in generalities definitely the
toy category is gonna get a ton of traffic a ton of volume of sales during
the months of November to December which is really good and we are trying to
bolster our toys selection right now for our inventory because of that so this is
a great product or product similar to this are definitely a great Buy and
that’s what we would suggest right now so if you’re not already subscribe to
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future content future videos future videos
and quite frankly we’re new here again yeah we’re beginners we’re just trying
to get some feedback and get an idea of what you guys think so until next time
until next time

13 thoughts on “SUPER SECRET RETAIL ARBITRAGE STRATEGY | Sourcing Walmart Clearance for Amazon FBA

  1. Great edit! Nice work. Would love to see a video on why folks sell below what it looks like a unit can be purchased for. Take Trader Joe's for instance, Trader Joe's does not do clearance or sales (do they?). SO, why do you think folks sell them FBA at a loss? Love what you do and thanks in advance for the consideration! Keep up the great work,. Very inspiring!

  2. Glad to have you back! I'm glad you added in the disclaimer that this is an example of a product and your mileage may vary. Personally I avoid the "private label" store brand products for Amazon because it is obvious what the source is. Just like the Greenbriar International/dollar tree merch. I've done well with some limited edition items and horrible on others. ❤️The Grateful Hippie

  3. I kind of wondered what had happened to the two of you- long time no video. Arizona to Arkansas- what prompted the move? Just being nosey, I guess, but interested as well. Nice to see you back on youtube.

  4. Hello and thanks for another good video. Yes un-gating, buying hints, tips and money making strategies are appreciated.

  5. I’m so glad you guys are back! You always have honest, helpful advice. I hope you are enjoying your new home in Arkansas, it’s beautiful there.

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