April 10, 2020
SUP News | Sharetribe raises USD $1M

SUP News | Sharetribe raises USD $1M

Hi entrepreneurs, how are you today?
We´ll start quickly to review the most important topics of the
week in SUP News. We begin this edition with Startup Nations
Summit, one of the most important entrepreneurship and innovation
festivals in the world, were, of were, of course, Start-Up Chile
will be represent by our Executive Director Sebastian Vidal, accompanied by
Camilo Anabalón, Co-founder of BabyBe. 45 countries will be represented at this event in Seoul, South Korea where each delegation carries one of their prominent startups that will pitch for a prize
of USD 110K in awards for the best startup. The conference aims to promote the ecosystem that will be participating in the event, with keynotes, lectures, workshops, among other activities.
Also, Sebastian Vidal will take this opportunity to attract the best startups that are in South Korea to apply to Start-Up Chile. In other news, a few weeks ago we announced the
visit of a delegation from Malaysia, who came to our country to learn more about the
national startup ecosystem to emulate some actions back in their country. The visit ended with an agreement
of mutual cooperation signed by the Executive Vice President of CORFO,
Eduardo Bitrán, and the Minister of Finance of Malaysia. Within the agreements, there is
an exchange program to learn about the ecosystems in both countries, where executives and startups from both programs will have access to Asian and Latin American markets to continue learning and development new policies in both ecosystems. All the luck to Magic, the Malaysian
Global Innovation & Creativity Center, who will be responsible for leading
the cultural change in their country. Now we will see great news from Startup Chile alumni. We are talking about ShareTribe,
a platform that allows anyone to create their own business in a marketplace. The project, that was in Start-Up Chile, raised a million
dollars, which will allow them to continue growing and to have a better reach in the 50
countries where they already are operating. Congratulations to ShareTribe, and whoever wants to know more
about creating your own marketplace, you can visit the web site that you
are now seeing on screen. And we’ve reached the end of this edition.
Remember to use these hashtags to share your Start up Chile experience in Chile or
in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. See you next week. Bye.

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