April 1, 2020
Store Formula Review. Jon Mac 4.0 Ecommerce Training EXPOSED!

Store Formula Review. Jon Mac 4.0 Ecommerce Training EXPOSED!

hey what’s going on fellow entrepreneurs
my name is Justin Temple and we are gonna be doing a store formula 4.0
review. you’re probably seeing ads by Jon Mac. you’re probably seeing ads by
all these courses for e-commerce so you’re probably have maybe even seen the
webinar and you’re like is this the program for me is this really the
training platform it’s going to help me build my e-commerce business or even
start an ecommerce business and replace my job or be able to live a lifestyle
that I want to live and so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in this
video and also the specific things that Jon Mac teaches you and I want to like
I don’t want to hype it up I want to actually show you I won’t actually
explain to you this step-by-step formula formula that is going to be you know
that you’re gonna follow okay what’s the number one problem people
face when it comes to successful e-commerce store building it’s actually
winning products okay now sometimes there’s a combination of a few different
factors when it comes to winning products but Jon Mac has created a
really really powerful leverage system called the accelerator app within the
conversating platform is going to allow you to find winning products immediately
and Jon Mac actually gives you 25 winning products a week update into you
know what i’m going to show you so there’s really no excuse to fail there’s
really no reason that you can’t at least build an email list and start generating
repeat customers and profiting from that and if not if nothing else you could
literally just take done for you what i’m gonna show you the done for you a
product in the accelerator app and just break even as you build your list
and focus on emailing your list and you can profit way you can generate a lot of
profit from that so and that’s just by running a basic level facebook targeting
because with my store i’m able to run you know day one interestly interest
based targeting and generate like $60 profit you know like $60
eighty dollars in sales you know with two sales for one day
now I do have a high converting store I do have bundle up sells I do yes yes I
do all that stuff um but like finding your winning product Jon Mac has helped
you really find it without a lot of work so check this out till the accelerator
app is within commerce HQ and here’s a quick video snapshot of it so we’re
going to go here and within the accelerator app this is what it looks
like you’re actually going to click this button that says add products and
download apps and so once you go here you’re gonna see this and there’s going
to be niches that you can actually select from okay so could go further you
can see that there’s right here and it’s just any cars fashion gadgets toys hair
to tell travel outdoor the baby so these are all good products and all good
niches you could literally just now he teaches you to build a general store
which is what you should do but I mean you get six stores with Commerce HQ you
can literally just you you know where I’m getting nothing like you could build
niche stores if you wanted to what am i saying should because you should build a
general store because you don’t know what’s gonna work or not so let’s move
on okay but just that’s crazy like you get these you get Jon Macs winning
products and they’re all right here niche down so let’s go to the next
section so what happens when you click on the product how do you actually
implement this product into your store and what’s all the leverage that comes
with it so once we click on one you’re gonna have your title
you’re gonna have your Aliexpress price you’re gonna have you out of the express
vendor so you’re never gonna have to you should keep an excel sheet because it’s
your business and you should never rely on other people’s systems in terms of
you surviving yourself like you should never
be dependent on the government you should never be dependent on anything
like so you know keep an excel sheet for yourself for your own business success
for your own development for your own preferred maintaining the standard but
you have your style expressive ended right here
okay so it’s just it makes it really easy for people because if you’re brand
new you you’re not gonna have to do a thousand different things just to be
able to understand your numbers or your products or anything like that okay so
here’s your vendor and then the next best thing is you have actual winning ad
copy so here’s the description of the product so it’s not just a crappy
Aliexpress description is an actual in-house ad copywriter so you have high
converting ad copy for every single one of your products now this the value of
that is incredible like just think about how much time it would take to really
write something that sells okay so if you don’t have those skills to write
something that sells it takes a lot of time to develop that skill
I used to blog every day you know thousand plus word articles and rank
them and it’s a lot of work like I would write the articles by hand
I would use a spinner and create unique articles and it’s it’s a lot of work to
build content to build thing to build words that talk to your customer that
sells them what they want to buy in the first place and so this is the value of
this it not only is it gonna save you literally days okay like it when you run
products and run advertising as a business owner it it’s not so much about
where you’re buying traffic from and how much your traffic cost is it’s more
about how you’re optimizing things to get up to that break-even benchmark and
even surpass that because you can make more money with the same amount of
traffic okay so this is the ad copy that you
get it’s because so you have a personal in house copywriter okay just understand
that that’s just I’m just wrap your mind around that for a second for every
single product 25 products a week insane so now you’re also going to keep on
going so here’s the reviews so something I also want you to understand is that
this whole page right here that you’re seeing it’s your actual like product
upload page when you go to the bottom and you click upload product it’s added
to your store okay so this is literally how you add products to your store you
find with you you are given a winning product you click on it and you have
everything right here okay down you go down you’re gonna have ad copy that
you may use so this is winning and copy for these products okay and then as a
part of being a commerce HQ member you’re gonna have access to agree in
download winning the video product or winning product videos okay so let me
show you what this looks like okay so when you click agree to download you’re
gonna have this nice square 500 by 500 or 800 by 800 I think it’s 500 by 500 I
don’t know there’s a lot of Facebook dimensions and they change so but
anyways you need a square video in a square video works very well in pretty
much all the placements however you’re not gonna be using necessarily all the
placements if you go through Jon Mac training he teaches you exactly which
placements to use like for example you’re not really going to be using
messenger marketing for a lot of e-commerce training courses I haven’t
really seen an e-commerce training course on
messenger marketing through you know like so just understand like if you ever want
to save money on ads don’t really think about running the messenger section or
the right column turn off the right column but that’s like basic information
you can find on youtube so that’s that’s not what Jon Mac’s teaching so he’s
teaching you how to really like target in on these specific placement so
this is a video you get a selector box video with the you know cinematic black
bars it’s it’s the exact kind of video you need to convert in e-commerce it’s
exactly what grabs people’s attention so if you get access to that no watermarks
the only thing that you have to do is agree to be part of Congress HQ and
agree to leverage all these amazing tools so now you’re also going to have
done for you ad targeting so literally you can use set stuff up and make it run
okay and then the Jon Mac also teaches you this really cool training really
good set of settings within Facebook Ads to where if your cost if you have a
certain amount of ad spend with no cost per I’m sorry if you have a certain
amount of ad spend with no clicks after you know X amount of dollars it’ll turn
off the ad so you can literally set up an automated ad running system that
saves you money and so when you put then put in this targeting and you just run
twenty-five products a week and I know that’s a lot of money you’re probably
not gonna that’s a big budget okay you’d probably just run one two three four
five products a week test it out depending on your budget some you know
maybe some people can only do one a week maybe some people can do five will be
you know it’s however you can build your business within your own means not
everyone’s the same don’t prepare yourself to anyone else
and as you know I as a consultant and coach mentor however you want to say
put it whatever you know I understand that is the case – okay no I can’t say
that I can’t compare my circumstances either to anyone elses so just because
I’m able to do something a little bit faster than someone else doesn’t mean
that I should expect you to do that – everyone’s different so um leverage
these and leverage these to the best you can so this is the Done for you
targeting and then you can have your price your compared at price and another
thing about this is Jon Mac actually teaches you how to step down your prices
in certain increments at certain times which I’m not going to mention but you
know let’s say for example you’re getting a lot of clicks to your page
okay if you know you’re getting a lot of clicks to your page which is just with
them as managers it just tells you um so if you know you’re getting a lot of
clicks to your page let me show you real quick this is how it works okay you
choose a product you advertise it if you’re getting a lot of clicks to your
page you know that first of all you’re promoting a decent product okay it’s not
just descent it’s a winning product but you know the benefit of the doubt is a
decent product and you know that your margins are good okay you know that
because you’re selling it for like twenty four bucks right six you’re
selling it for at least three times robbaz sometimes like ROI and you can
you know go down 2.5 but you want to leave room for discounts and advertising
that’s why you want to choose certain products that see a lot of people will
choose products that either the crappy and people don’t want to buy anyways or
they choose a good product but it’s such a little margin that when I do sell one
it’s likely to make the dollar so you want to have these products that you’re
able to have like a three times you know if you buy it for ten dollars you want
to sell it for $30 so anyway just like these are the kinds of products that
Jon Mac going to be helping you find okay Jon
Mac does not teach you how to find jewelry for 99 cents and sell it for you
know $24 like these are like he’s not telling you how to sell junk for really
high prices he’s teaching you how to find quality products that in America
you can look you can markup okay like I think this USB thing it’s got like a not
a SIM card a little memory card for like you can I haven’t done any research on
it but you can take like change the what’s you can literally change what’s
on it right so if you have this card little memory card you can take it out
put in a different memory card and you can upload memory cards using this USB
that’s cool it’s an added feature of the USB or you can just use it like a
regular USB with this card in it right so that’s a really cool product I think
that’s cool being a computer person so these this is a product that you can buy
the further you know six dollars and forty cents which is right here on
Aliexpress and this is something that someone that uses computers would buy
you know for 24 dollars okay for you know twenty dollars plus shipping you
know some somewhere around there right $19.99 plus shipping buy to you know buy
to get free shipping or something you know it’s people and hot compute you if
you set up your offers they don’t sell like hotcakes like it’s and you just
target the right people but anyways anyways I’m not gonna teach you how to
do it I’m just showing you the accelerator wrap so Jon Mac’s do you
ever do it um okay so you wouldn’t get a copy okay you have an in-house
copywriter and you have reviews and you have to add copy I think um here’s your
video so now here’s what it looks like when you actually add it to your store
so once we click bad product it’ll have this message
right here your products assistant we imported and then we’re going to view it
on your store so you’re not actually going to see it right here and this
isn’t the this is a version of the store but the version you’re gonna have it’s
going to have the additional apps installed right here you know once you
actually build your store so anyways this is the winning ad copy it’s in
there here’s the product reviews and everything it’s already right there so
this is perhaps the most exciting in the most leveraged aspect of this business
you can literally forget about the 7-day shipping time you can forget about
pretty much anything else and just use the accelerator app spend money on ads
and follow the scaling process and just win the first step is you’re going to
join okay like let’s just assume you’re joining so I’m gonna join you’re gonna
go through the Welcome video okay so here’s the Welcome video right here okay
and then how the program works okay just want to teach you just how it’s how the
layout is and then you’re going to get into week one which is like your mindset
and how to actually set up your store how to actually you know your first 30
days of attack then in week 2 you’re going to get into finding products in
how to actually develop your product finding skills okay so week three is
going to be about Facebook scaling audiences you’re targeting things like
that and then um week four is about like how to outsource and how to start to do
like project managing and things like that so we do we’re going to be going
over more detail on the bonuses there’s um super scaling system China seven day
shipping done for you and coaching call so with Jon Mac store formula and
commerce HQ platform you’re actually gonna be able to achieve
better shipping rates and better shipping times than most ecommerce
stores okay Jon Mac has actually created a lot of leverage when it comes
to e-commerce and Hilton and to help you build your e-commerce business so that
that’s like the real quick sections of the training and then there’s the
Facebook community so here’s the weekly Q&A s they’re recorded okay so that’s
always nice and then the community is the Facebook group into Q&A calls here’s
the Facebook group so it’s a real thing eleven or twenty one hundred members
scroll down hit my first hundred dollar day we’ll be scaling cheap products so
excited no guarantee of income okay no guarantee results no guarantee of income
so can anyone answer this and you know it’s people are getting resolves people
don’t want to know how to set up their page they want to know like this is the
this is the group where you’re going to be spending a lot of your time and be
spending a lot of them you know when you need help you’re gonna spend time here
okay so that’s the group it’s a it’s a personal group with Jon Mac and he’s
gonna be mentoring you in this group you can tag him you can get you’re gonna get
a lot of answers from different people to that are actually good there’s
members in here so there’s admins okay so there’s a few there’s four different
admins so you might get answers from four different people so you know you
can tag all four of these people in your question and get a relevant answer
that’ll help you get move past your obstacles okay or they’ll refer you to a
training that one of the videos that will actually explain what you shouldn’t
have already watched so so that’s the community okay so let me explain the
real difference between this course and other courses
so and obviously I can’t play the videos okay so I can’t do that so here’s the
real difference here’s what’s gonna happen okay when you join you’re gonna
join you’re gonna watch the welcome video you’re gonna understand how this
program works okay and like how to click stuff how to find stuff like I just
showed you basically and then you’re gonna get to week 1 and with most
ecommerce businesses there’s build grow and scaling your business right so you
can build your store you can grow your your customer base you can grow your
traffic you can you just grow your presence and then you can scale that up
into you know big profits right so if you start a Shopify store which is not
this hay store formula it uses Commerce HQ which is this platform right here
that you’re going to be using to build your store okay if you use Shopify
you’re gonna have a lot of third-party apps that you have to buy it’s not a lot
but it’s like to be honest it’s it’s literally the same price as at commerce
HQ store so the pricing of the commerce HQ store if you just buy it regular
regular is ninety nine dollars a month for one store now with Jon Mac if you
go through the store formula to training and you get your you you I think there’s
a special link down here that will allow you to get the pro plan for a special
price so you can have six stores for a whole year and then it’s headed it’s at
a really reduced rate so really so what should you do so should you buy a
Shopify store or should you buy a commerce HQ store which one should you
build the reality is that they’re really if you have one Shopify store versus one
let’s say you just sign up through the regular commerce HQ funnel just right
here not through shop not through store formula not through Jon Mac not through
the discount but just through this right here you get
one store for $99 with Shopify you get um you get your store I think you can do
a few different stores um but your store for 30 dollars okay and then you can do
a pro plan for $79 but here’s the thing with Shopify you’re gonna also have to
pay you know in my opinion when I built my Shopify store to look decent
according to you know optimization you know people that actually trained people
in a store optimization I had to have about you know an additional 70 to 80
dollars in Shopify apps plus the 30 dollars a month just to have a decent
looking store one that was like I look like you know like look good like not
like looking at all all weird and no tabs in this big ol product description
no like middle product page like no I tabbed things out I got a nice I got a
nice trust manage I got a timer like you know certain things are in the right
place like I got a sticky cart button you know when I scroll bus has to add a
cart button like there’s all these apps that you’re gonna have to buy to make
your store look pretty decent to be a good functioning store now you don’t
have to do that you can just start a store and you can just run ads to
products and just make the one percent conversion ratio that the average stores
me but um if you really want to maximize your optimization for but without having
to spend too much money the conversation forces Shopify is really about the same
frickin deal okay it’s really about the same now with commerce HQ the big
benefit is that you get store formula along with it if you go through the
store formula funnel and you’re gonna have built-in apps okay so you’re going
to build some apps and you’re also going to have the ability to not have to worry
about your store optimization the commerce HQ so you’re you’re gonna
have a much higher conversion rate with Commerce HQ right from the get-go then
if you start a Shopify store with Shopify you’re gonna have to customize
your store build things out test and tweak the the options within the
settings of the app and then and then you’re gonna have to worry about mobile
and then you know it typically lines up with mobile but sometimes it doesn’t and
then if you delete an app on Shopify sometimes the code is still left on your
store and it will hurt your store it’ll damage your load time and so with
commerce HQ it’s a much more straightforward approach if you’re the
kind of person that wants to start a business and you don’t want to have to
worry about apps and worry about customization and coding I did a lot of
custom coding on my Shopify store might not myself like custom coding is not the
right word I deleted code and moved code on my store so I removed like the PayPal
button and all these things and like it’s a lot of work to build your store
there’s build grow scale okay you build your store you grow it and you scale it
to profits so the store formula approach in conversation she was so much more
streamlined so much more done for you so much more setup and you’re gonna get all
these abilities like the visual store builder makes it easy to build the store
abandoned cart recovery automatically built in so you don’t even have to have
an auto responder to recovery bin and cart emails or abandon cart customers
zero processing fees very big okay so you’re gonna save money on your sales
right exclusive partnerships so again like you’re gonna um so I did I didn’t
mention the seven-day shipping so this is like exclusive partnerships you know
like this is what you get coupon codes automated gift cards which you actually
have to upgrade to the eighty dollars a month with Shopify to be able to do gift
cards so in reality if you want to do gift cards with Shopify
will cost you and a good store to cost you about a hundred and eighty dollars a
month maybe 170 160 so unlimited staff accounts what else is different
let’s see related products okay so related products are already
integrated with this and with Shopify it’s not I actually had to add a custom
code that I found on the Internet to my product page which most people are not
going to be comfortable doing that and there and I wasn’t comfortable doing it
but I was just like I would you know I just I don’t know I’m not afraid to
click stuff on the internet so um a lot of people might have a lot of fear when
it comes to coding so you don’t have to code anything with commerce HQ that’s
the real duty about it so of course everything’s SSL secured
you’re able to do inventory management which is able to be done on Shopify
customer profiles let’s see another thing about commerce
HQ is if you have a Shopify store when you set up your when you actually join
you can import all your Shopify you cost your customers contacts and info and
just completely transfer over to commerce HQ which is really cool
ok it’s genius okay so this is commerce HQ and what you’re going to be building
your store on and what your your business platform is going to be using
store formula ok and again that’s conversate so what I want you to
understand is that Jon Mac has created different systems and combine them
together to help you succeed so he’s got an Inside Man at FedEx making sure you
get seven days shipping times what kind of mentor is going to what like I
haven’t found a mentor that’s like this deeply rooted into ecommerce
in a way that helps you succeed okay so Jon Mac has put his whole heart into
this and so what he’s done is he’s but back to my point he’s created this
conversation platform this FedEx you know ship you know increased shipping
time not even created decrease shipping time but you know what I mean and then
another thing is you get done for you products done for you videos done for
you ad copy and done for you Facebook targeting okay so most people have a job
can I just use my job put money into this store into my ads and build my
skill set and break even without losing thousands of dollars that’s what this is
really meant to do is to really support you through the skill building it’s not
meant seeing it nothing’s done for you yes it’s done for you but but the
done-for-you aspect is meant to help you not lose a shitload of money it’s not
meant to help you become a multi-billionaire does that make sense
don’t expect to become a multi-millionaire multi-billionaire
don’t expect to be living the econ lifestyle because of a few done-for-you
products that’s not what you should be expecting what you should be expecting
us to be able to take a $500 you know paycheck from your job put it
into your store into these done-for-you campaigns and breakeven so that you can
collect data and build your skill set so you’re not losing thousands and
thousands and thousands of dollars okay that’s the leverage that’s the
opportunity that you really have with this platform and what this training the
whole point is to help you build your skill set to help you understand how to
get through that face book learning curve if you can just have a high
converting store that works if you can just promote some things that are
selling in the market place you can get through it you can win you
can stick with your business you can believe in yourself you can believe in
the system that’s what this is really for that’s what this is really meant to
do see the money’s in the list if you can if you can generate 20 customers a
week for free well he’s not free you’re you’re
spending 100 bucks and you make a hundred bucks if you can generate 20
customers a week for X amount ad spend but you make that same amount of money
back how many customers do you need before you start getting repeat
customers not that many especially with a seven-day shipping time please see how
that ties in with commerce HQ you’re not gonna have to worry about coding or
store you’re not gonna have to worry about all this bullshit with Apps and
hiring coders and things like that you’re gonna have a high converting
done-for-you store with everything ready to go you know you do need to click some
things you do need to say you know do you want your timer to be 5 minutes 10
minutes or 15 minutes or do you want to you know do you want to put a custom
time like you do need to do a little bit of tweaks you know but it’s it’s not
coding it’s not a it’s not hard it’s just little settings and once they’re
done once it’s done from your expectations should be to break-even
while building your list and focusing on giving value to your customers so that
you get repeat customers but Jon Mac’s is in it to win it in
all sorts of ways so he’s gonna teach you not just how to break even but how
to take it to the next level how to scale right
scaling okay and then there’s also what’s a week three teaches you how to
scale you know scale build audiences knowing your numbers optimizing right
how to optimize your ads okay retargeting your customers moderating ad posts so how to actually
see this is something that’s really interesting that a lot of people don’t
do in e-commerce is moderating their comments so how do you actually set up
something within Facebook that will remove the comments that have certain
words in it that will you know how to how do you actually get rid of these bad
people how do you actually keep your ad clean so that you’re not losing money
because one bad comment okay if you run an ad okay a video ad you get three
comments and then you get a fourth comment in the most recent comments like
all you can buy it for cheaper on Amazon that’s gonna your ads gonna go from
performing as best it could best it because as best as it could possibly be
to performing god knows how bad okay so one comment one bad comment will take
your business from as good as it can possibly run it as good as it can
possibly be to nothing okay so Jon Mac really teaches you how to do every
aspect of this business and I think that he’s um because he’s actually created
you know the 7-day shipping time the he’s working with commerce HQ he’s
creating all these different leveraged systems that teach you how to the
Ollie’s might even have done for you aspect of it that I just showed you
because he’s doing these things he’s also able to dive into certain lessons
that not a lot of other people do so like if we go to week two we can see
that he teaches you how to find products using one two three four five five
methods okay five specific methods and then because in commerce
I’m sorry store formula to used to only have this method right here
okay so things are improving things are getting expanded upon things are
changing okay things are become knowledge is becoming way more
accessible to you okay so then the value of this course is
incredible okay it’s second to none all right this
is beyond Harvard this is beyond Yale this is beyond like this is a Wall
Street education in making money okay well Wall Street’s more like day
trading but you know what I mean okay now there’s no guarantee of making money
all right there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be successful with
anything okay so don’t expect to make millions of dollars with the system if
you don’t actually put into work it’s it’s just how it is and then the work
like once you if you really realize what the system is the work is literally just
spending money on ads like you don’t even like because Jon Mack gives you
the done for you products done for you ad copy done for you videos done for you
targeting the only thing you have to do is spend money on data collection and
just retarget these people and just build look like audiences off of them
that’s it it’s not it’s not work in the terms of you’ve got a test of what’s
your stuff you got a fail you lose hundreds of dollars thousands of dollars
you know just testing different Aliexpress products and like it’s not
like that anymore okay you got these done 50 products so use them to break
even okay use on the break-even as you build out your general store and then
email your list about new products that come out because they should be getting
their products within seven days right you have seven day shipping time so
you’re gonna be able to email your customers very recently or very soon
after their first purchase and get them to come back get them to buy again
and that’s where the profit that’s where the real money comes in isn’t you’re not
gonna one thing about e-commerce is you know
if you’re brand new like like if you’re experienced to e-commerce the reason you
should join for formula is because the 7-day shipping time the amazing
conversation that you don’t have to worry about anything as far as coding
and it’s highly it’s very well optimized versus for sales and the training is
second to none it’s going to not really help you get to the next level if you’re
brand new conversation keep this whole store formula is going to help you to
walk you through step by step in a in a way that’s going to not overcomplicate
things okay and it’s going to help you finish the whole process because you
don’t have to worry about coding again worry about optimizing your store
because um you know I have someone hired to to change the code on my Shopify
store right now and it’s taking a few weeks okay so it can take a lot of time
for people to code your store and for things to line up as far as Shopify so
commerce HQ takes that all out of the equation it shortens as a learning curve
it allows you to stick to the program much easier and it allows you to break
even um and just get the data and start learning the skill set because I mean
imagine like just imagine if he does break spend X amount make it makes that
make that X amount back and then as you get better you start following the
trends you start you know you get on one good product and all of a sudden that
wanted good products you know you’re taking it to six figures okay
it only takes one winning product to change your life so break even with Jon
Mac and what he’s teaching you and as you develop your skills you’re gonna
get that one win product okay if you just master this skill set of
finding good products putting those products in front of the people that
want to buy them and using a system so scale up your business and make a lot
more money and to reach a lot more customers and to serve those customers
in better ways you’re never gonna have to worry about income you’re never gonna
have to worry about where your food is gonna come from or where you’re gonna
get your paycheck from okay this skill sets skill sets is what’s going to
change your life not money money’s not going to change your life you you build
skills to acquire money okay so this is this is it I appreciate you watching
this video make sure to LIKE subscribe if you have any questions comment down
below and again my name is justin temple and this has been the storm of the 4.0
review thank you for watching I appreciate you and may I’ll be happy to
answer any of your questions see it

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  1. I watched a seminar of his and the price was for about 997 whats the difference between the 299 and the one he offers in the web seminar?

  2. Hey Justin,
    How long have you been using this program? And how much are you averaging a month? Roughly….
    I want to join but don't see a lot of reviews about it. And does it mean once I get the &997 program, I still have to pay a monthly payment too? I'm confused, coz at the webinar, he's says its &997 and now here I see a monthly payment one. Kindly let me know.
    Thank you

  3. Dude… i had my ear buds on all the way up and the beginning scared the living fuck out of me please try not to start out videos like that

  4. If you make a specific store for one niche whats the point of a email list. What I'm getting at do they really rebuy product?

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