April 2, 2020
STOP DOING THIS if you want to build an online business in 2020

STOP DOING THIS if you want to build an online business in 2020

I recently made a video and it was called
stop watching YouTube videos, and check that out right here and a lot of you loved it,
and thank you because it really was a topic that was close to my heart and something that
I felt the need to talk about. Now some of you hated it. And I think maybe hate me a little bit, but
I’m cool with it because one of the things that I stopped doing in 2019 was caring so
much about people who were mean or said nasty things. So all the power to you. And I would assume that the people who really
hated it or really hated me, I think one comment actually told me to put a bag over my head,
so thank you ma’am. That was really sweet of you. Assume the reason that you hated it, or you
were triggered by it is because maybe it hit too close to home. So the thing is when I realized how much of
a response that it got, I kind of knew that I was onto something because I think we’re
all looking for permission to stop doing things instead of getting told we need to do all
of the things because there is a lot information out there. I talked about that a lot and then in that
video. I wanted to kind of add on to that video of
all of the things that you can stop doing and the things that really won’t make a difference
in growing a successful business or being a successful entrepreneur and particularly
building a really successful online business, YouTube channel, etc. So we’re going to dive into that list of the
stop doing items today in this video, and I’m so excited to share this. So give this video a like if you’re excited
to hear all of the things that you can stop doing ASAP. Also make sure you hit that subscribe button
and hit the bell to get notified every single time that I post a new video. The other thing I wanted to mention before
I dive into this list is that I’m speaking from so much experience on this because I
personally have wasted a lot of money on the wrong things, and I got into a place where
I was just listening to everyone and doing all the things that I should do based on everyone
else’s information and guidance. That’s a really dangerous place to be because
people are going to tell you what you should do, but you have to figure it out for yourself
if it’s actually entirely necessary. So I really am passionate about sharing the
stop doing list because you have a lot of things in your life and your business that
you can free up so you can actually focus on the things that you really want to achieve. And again, I’m saying this from a lot of pain,
a lot of experience, and building my business over the last, well I started in my entrepreneurial
journey 11 years ago, but this particular online business I started four years ago,
and again, I’ve learned so much, I’ve wasted a lot of money and I don’t want you to have
to go through the same thing, and I’ve also wasted so much time and those are the most
valuable currencies that we have. So let’s get right into the stop doing list. So things that I don’t think you need to be
doing to grow a successful online business, and this can apply to really any business,
is you don’t need to be posting every day. It’s not helpful to anyone. And a big part of my strategy over the last
year is that I started really focusing on intentional content and posting content that
actually was going to make a difference in some kind of way as opposed to trying to just
fill the calendar and being like, “Oh, I didn’t post today. I better to post something to Instagram.” Or, “I better publish a video.” I got real intentional with my content and
it wasn’t that surprising to me that all of my platforms grew exponentially. So post less, reach more, post less, impact
more is the mentality that you can adopt if you want to free up that mental space. Because posting everyday when you don’t know
why you’re posting is keeping you stuck and it’s keeping you on the treadmill of just
trying to keep up, but you don’t even know what you’re really trying to keep up with. So that’s the first thing you do not have
to be posting every single day in order to be successful. You got to be intentional with your posts. The next thing is, I stopped following everyone. I had this sort of nice girl mentality where
I felt the need to follow every single person on every single platform. But the reality is once I started paying attention
to who is showing up in my feed, no matter what platform it was, I really paid attention
to how it made me feel, and if anything came up that made me feel less than, made me feel
crappy about myself, made me feel kind of icky or yucky, or like it wasn’t aligned with
my morals or values, I just hit the unfollow button. It takes all of two seconds and that allows
you to clear Headspace as well for the things that you actually want to bring in, the things
that you actually want to attract and the things that are actually going to help you
because when you have so much clutter in your feed and in your brain, how are you supposed
to get things done that you actually want to get done? Next on the list. Spending time and money on brand photo shoots. Now this list was inspired by a list that
I shared on my Instagram story not too long ago and people went crazy over it because
I think a lot of it is counterintuitive to maybe some of the advice that you’ve heard,
and I have done this. I used to do all these really fancy pants,
brand photo shoots and I’d spend money and time curating everything that was going to
go on in them and all the photos that I wanted. And at the end of the day, the photos that
are most raw, and natural, and real are the things that make the biggest impact because
we’re moving into this space that I’ve found, at least for myself, and again, you’ve got
to test this for yourself, but I have found that photos that are perfectly curated and
look like they’re out of a magazine, they’re unrelatable and people want people they can
relate to. And so the more relatable your photos are
and the more people are like, I can see myself in her or in him and that’s the person that
I want to work with. People can see through fake, real easy at
this point. So spending money and time on brand photo
shoots, that’s not going to make you money. That’s not going to build your business for
certain things. Sure. Like a website maybe, etc. But like to be just doing it for Instagram,
especially if you aren’t making any money. Why? Why are we doing brand photo shoots? And I was one of those people. I also know that that woman who told me to
put a bag over my head is real close to posting the same comment right now. So ma’am, if you just want to get it over
with, go right ahead. Taking advice from people who have never built
the type of business that you want or have the life that you want. Holy smokes, because there’s so much information
out there, sometimes we fall vulnerable to just listening to everybody and thinking that
people are on a pedestal when they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. There are so many people and I get the behind
the scenes. So there are so many people that look like
they have it all together and they don’t, myself included. I mean I’m very honest about my journey and
I figured a lot of things out, but I’m not perfect, so don’t put me on a pedestal and
don’t take advice from me if I’m not doing things that you really want to be doing. If you really want to grow a successful online
business, I am not your girl because that’s what I’m going to talk to you about. I’m going to talk to you about how to achieve
your dreams, but if you want to have a farm, I don’t know, random example, if you want
to have a farm and that’s your goal, follow them and follow the people who are actually
doing the things. So don’t feel the need to follow everybody
because again, it’s just cluttering your brain space and also be really, really discerning
with who you do follow. Are they actually walking the walk? Are they actually talking the talk? Because there are a lot of people who try
to position themselves as experts on things that they’ve never done themselves. And you will figure it out real quick if they
haven’t just by asking a couple questions, but just be weary of that because just because
someone has more followers than you does not mean that they’re an expert or any better
than you. The next thing on the list, super important
and kind of relates to something I already said, but posting random content on social
media that has nothing to do with what you ultimately want to build a business around
is the greatest waste of your time and energy, and it’s an actual tragedy. So don’t just post a post, as I mentioned
earlier, but when you are posting, think about who is the ideal client customer audience
that you’re trying to attract, and what would they care about because it has nothing to
do with you. And I always say random content equals random
clients, and we do not want random clients in our business because they are a freaking
nightmare. So you want people who are actually attracted
to you because you’re giving them what they need and what they want. You’re solving a problem, you’re answering
your question, you’re inspiring them, you’re educating them, you’re entertaining them,
whatever it might be. Be intentional about who you’re trying to
attract with your content because the more you are, the more you become a magnet and
you actually build an audience who’s super invested in you and also what you’re able
to sell to them so you can actually build a successful business. Random content, random clients. Just keep that in your mind. Oh, the next one, and I know this is not going
to be popular opinion, but again, I did this so I’m only able to say this because I did
this and it’s something that I wish I had known before I did this, because I spent thousands
of dollars building a pretty websites and I at the time didn’t even really know why
I was building it. I just felt like I should build a website
cause everyone was like, “You got to have a website if you have a business.” Welcome to a 2005, because it is now 2019
and you may be watching this in 2020 and at the end of the day there are so many tools
now that you can use to whip up a website so quickly, and you also don’t necessarily
need a full blown website. I started my business before I had a website
with just the landing page, and that landing page built up my email list, it told people
what I was all about, and it took me all of five minutes to build. So building a perfect pretty beautiful website
without knowing why you’re building it, or what you’re actually trying to achieve with
it, or who you’re trying to attract, or what you’re trying to sell, is such a big waste
of time and money. And again, I did it. So please let me save you from that mistake. Invest that money into actually investing
in the right mentors, and the right resources, and the right courses, and the right programs,
and the right education, so you can actually build something that you can sell and then
create a website for that. So really, really important on that note,
and again speaking from experience. Kind of on that same note, the biggest hurdle
that I see, and again kept me stuck for quite a while, was spending time trying to figure
out complicated tech and doing things that are so outside of your comfort zone, which
I think is a good thing in some realms, but if it’s not necessary, you don’t need to be
doing it. So, you can start selling your products and
services. You can start getting income in the door without
having a funnel in place without having technology set up. Just because one person tells you that you
have to have funnels in your business does not make it true. So what we work with on our clients is you
can start selling right now, even if you don’t have an audience, even if you don’t have a
funnel, there are options for you to go brass roots and start selling. When I first started my business, I literally
was walking door to door and I know that doesn’t sound cute nowadays, but, and I haven’t done
it in awhile. But to start my business, I needed to go guerrilla
style. I needed to get scrappy, I needed to be hungry
and I needed to just go get clients at all costs. And so that’s what I did. You do not need the tech. The tech will keep you stuck cause it’s complicated
sometimes. Sometimes it’s easy depending on who you are,
but you don’t need those things and you can stop doing them if you think that’s what’s
going to get you your first clients, because it’s not, you can take it from me. Oh the next one is, you do not need to spend
money on ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat ads, YouTube ads. If you don’t have an offer that’s actually
proven and you don’t need to be spending money on ads if you haven’t already built an audience
of some kind organically. Because doing that is basically, I call it
a dumpster fire cause you’re just throwing money into the fire without knowing if it’s
actually going to work or get you money back. It actually hurts my heart to hear the amount
of people who have been told, “Oh, you should just set up a funnel and have some Facebook
ads and sell a product about X, Y, and Z.” What you’re just going to spend money on something
that you don’t even know works, or if anybody actually wants to buy it so you’re not going
to get any return on your investment? That’s crazy talk. So you don’t need ads to start a business. You don’t need ads to get your business off
the ground. What I find to be the most effective method
and what we work with with our clients and what I did in my business is I started by
proving my methodology, and proving my offer, and proving that what I had worked and getting
really good testimonials totally organically at first. And that’s why YouTube is an amazing platform
because it brings people into your realm all the time without having to pay for it. And then once you have that security blanket
and you got some cash in the bank, then you can start investing in ads to grow further
and faster and really start scaling your business, but you do not need, you can stop with the
paid ads if you don’t have an offer that’s proven, and if you don’t have an organic audience
built right now because you’re just going to attract randoms who aren’t bought into
you and are going to be really hard to convert into customers. Whereas people who actively choose to follow
you, subscribe to et cetera, they’re super bought in and they’re going to become the
people who are going to invest in you. The next thing is building a course when you
don’t have an audience to buy it, or you haven’t actually tested what’s in the course to know
that it works. And again, I did this with one of the very
first things that I ever built. I put together a course because everybody
said I should be doing it, and the course didn’t do so hot because I didn’t test it. I didn’t make sure that it actually worked
before I put it into the marketplace. So I always say test your offer with people
one to one because you’ll never learn your ideal client better than working with them
in a one to one situation. You can also charge higher rates if you worked
with people one to one. And then from there you’re allowed to create
your prototype formula so that you can actually build an online course based off of working
with real people. Also building a course when you don’t have
an audience, how are you going to sell it? How are you going to sell that course? And again, this is coming from such a place
of love and compassion, but I’ve listened to so many people and I’ve talked to so many
people, thousands of people over the years, and the amount of people who tell me, “Oh
yeah, I built a course, I’m just going to go ahead and sell it.” And I’ll say, “Okay, how are you going to
sell it?” And they said, “Oh, I’m going to do a webinar.”,
“Well how are you going to get people to your webinar?”, “Well, I don’t know. I have a couple of hundred Instagram followers. I figured they’ll just want to come.” I hate to burst your bubble, but that doesn’t
work. You may get a few people there, you may get
a few buyers, but to really sell a product, you need to figure out how you’re going to
market it, and you need to have an audience for it, and you need to know you have an audience
that’s actually targeted. Because if you just have friends, family,
and randoms on your Instagram account, why would they want to buy your product? So you’ve got to prove your offer before you
try and sell it, and you got to prove your offer works and you actually have an audience
for it before you try to sell it please. There’s very easy ways to do that and very
easy ways to figure that out. I’ll put links to some resources in the description. I do a live webinar every week. You can check out on Wednesdays and I walk
you through that process of building your own audience so that you actually have people
you can sell to. We’ve had clients do 40K in an hour following
this methodology, $200,000 in their very first launch by building their own audience before
launching anything. So it works, and you can do this, but you
don’t want to launch a course and you want to stop creating your course if you don’t
have anybody to sell it to. The next thing is buying every course but
never executing. Here’s the thing, the online information space,
the online business space, I talked about this when I did my livestream around the best
business to start in 2020 it is going to be $1 billion a day industry by 2025 that’s massive. So there’s a huge opportunity at your finger
tips, and there is an opportunity for you to have a highly successful course, but you
got to learn what you need to do before you actually get there. You got to walk before you run. And in order to do that, you actually have
to learn from the people that are doing the things you want to do. Which ,,brings me back to that point that
I mentioned right at the beginning of the video. You needed to learn the process that actually
works before you implement any kind of process because trying to figure it out on your own
is the most painful way to do it. But the other thing is people are so prone
to just buying courses because it looks like a magic pill, and it looks like this thing
that’s instantly going to fix your problem because that’s how people market it. It’s a solution to a problem, but the only
way it works is if you actually do it. If you just buy a course but you never do
it, it’s not going to do much for you. So you have to actually execute on the information
in order for it to work, and you want to do the programs where you’ve seen proven case
studies and proven testimonials that it actually works and that the methodology works. So don’t buy another course if you’re not
going to really do it because that money and that time could be invested into figuring
out your plan for actually building your profitable business or actually spending the time focusing
on the courses that you’ve already invested in and the people that you’ve already invested
in. So I know that this stop doing list is a little
different maybe than what I usually talk about or what you’ve heard in the past, but if you
enjoy this, hit that like button subscribe and hit the bell to be notified every single
time I post new videos and if you want more doses of actual honesty, because I just can’t
help myself, and I think it’s really important and more than anything I would rather you
get results then feel the need to be the nice girl all the time. One of the things that I stopped doing in
2019 was trying to appease everybody and trying to please everybody because doing that is
only hurting myself and hurting you by not giving you the real advice and real insight
that you need to be successful because nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing
your success stories. So take this to heart, even if you’re like,
“Matt, shh you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Take a second, take some time to breather
on it and tell me in the comments, let me know like what resonated with you and what
did you feel was really close to home or truthful for you, and how did this make you feel? Now, if you enjoy this, as I said, give it
a like and make sure you check out these videos on how to really start building that successful
business and what kind of business you want to start in 2020 and I’ll see you in the next
episode. Thank you for watching.

18 thoughts on “STOP DOING THIS if you want to build an online business in 2020

  1. Thank you for sharing this honest information this really made me feel so much better.
    I really needed to hear this and have shared it on my FB page I keep finding myself spending money on things that are giving me a return on my investment. now I have a better understanding of what I need to stop doing so thank you, you are the best.

  2. Thank you Sunny! I’m so guilty of the random IG post just to post frequently. I knew deep down that it felt forced and counter productive but now after watching this video I know that I certainly will stop doing it for 2020!

  3. she only discourages people to not do that things . Ads don't work??!! IG good photos don't work? of coourse they do. things work ONLY when you promote, when you mke ads, when you make photos on Ig.
    she wants to not jave competition. to be the only one that shows up on searches!
    She gives the same shit advices in all videos. to put catchy phrases to trick people, to have product. to pretend like you know shit when you don;t . give illusions .
    STOP buying her programs for hundreds of dollars?? those bs nonsense for tons of money. it is outrageous how people are so gullible to eat HER SHIT

  4. Building courses and have your audience to sell to is sometimes like the egg and the chicken… Who comes first… no?

  5. Hi Sunny, thanks for the great tips. It's takes off the pressure of feeling like I need to do all of those things to build a successful business. Most of the time less is more. Thanks for sharing!

  6. All Around Excellent Advice that I will be taking immediately as an Independent Singer Songwriter Recording Artist.. Thank You and Merry Christmas to you and yours Sunny!!!!

  7. Love watching your content in trying to go my business also. The question I have is when you said stop following everyone did you mean the advice givers or followers? My IG is uniquewear_7. Thx Blessings

  8. I loved the grass roots statement. I have been networking with musicians since 2005. I have a solid network. The pressure is ON. Do I try and go non profit or sell a product or service? I’m trying to build a network of fellow music freaks that would be willing to volunteer locally to help with various needs. Wow. Not exactly sure which direction. Discombobulated 😕

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