April 10, 2020
Step By Step eCommerce Analysis: ThePlaidDeer.com

Step By Step eCommerce Analysis: ThePlaidDeer.com

– Hi Rachel, it’s David Mr. eCommerce, the founder of SnapShop the app that makes
product photography easy. You’re not the only one
that asks for criticism of his new website. So normally what I do, I
do a lot of videos with the like twenty-something points
to check on the website, but what I’m gonna do is
I’ll do a three or four minutes of analysis of your website. First thing I get on theplaiddeer.com, which is your website, it’s a very nice website, however I noticed that you don’t
have any pop-up to get the email addresses of the people
getting on your website so that means the traffic
you’re bringing to your website, you’re losing everyone that
doesn’t make a purchase. So what you should be
doing is at least having a pop-up somewhere on your website. It could be after like six
or ten seconds, asking for people’s email addresses. And for that you can
justify it by saying you get 10% off, $10.00 off your
first purchase or something, so that people have a
reason to give you their email address. What you can also do is
have a push notification request so that you can
push their browser when you have new products coming in. This is really the first thing
to implement on a website. Also I noticed that you
don’t have any live chat on your website. You should have that and you
should make it proactive. What I mean by proactive
is, you know the live chat that you can have at the
bottom right corner of your website? And when people are on your
website after like five or 10 or 15 seconds, you can
pop the chat as if your agent was talking to
the user, the visitor, asking if you can help
them with this product, or what size did they
have, something to begin a conversation with the user. You don’t have to be in
front of your computer 24/7 for that. You can use zopim.com and
have their IOS app and it’s like receiving a text message
on your iPhone so then you can reply and try to
make the sale or at least get the email address of the client. This is really a good way to start. If you already have a
physical store somewhere, you could also get the
email addresses of everyone going through your store. But this is like, out of the website. I’ll check the pictures that you have. These are very nice lifestyle
pictures, and if I go into the Christmas
category, it’s a bit early, so that people, if you want
to see the kind of pictures that she has, it’s lifestyle pictures. It’s pretty cool to
have lifestyle pictures. It’s hard to do, because you
have to have a human model. You have to do it outside
or get good lighting. I would suggest you to
have lifestyle pictures as secondary pictures. There are multiple reasons
why most of the eCommerce websites use pictures of
products on white background, and this is for consistency. The eye of the person
looking at the website can focus on the product and
not on everything that is around it. If you need to do that, by
the way you could use our app SnapShop and there’s
a cool feature, you can make sure the products
are all aligned together. So snapshop.com. Round prices. Usually I check that. I see that your prices are
like $28.95 and I don’t know you guys if you can see how
the prices are displayed on the website? What I would suggest you to
do is add a round price like $30.00 or $29.00 don’t put any cents, don’t put the dollar sign. People know that it’s a
price anyway, and science has proven long ago that the
longer the prices are, the bigger they look to the eye. So, have like round price, round dollar. Don’t put dollar sign,
don’t put the cents and then people like that they
will think it’s cheaper. Subscription boxes. You don’t have that. I should go to your cart right away. Primary color, Xmall, I add to cart. Okay so I see you have the
PayPal and credit card, which is a good thing. I’m on the cart page
and I don’t see that you upsell anything on the cart page. This is the shopping cart. This is the cart page. Amazon has been doing that
since a long time ago. You should try to upsell
other products while they’re shopping for products. You should try to make
them buy something else so that they get free shipping. By the way, what is it about shipping? I’m on a Scottish plaid deer shirt. Very nice description that you have. You have the sizing chart,
which is a good thing, but I don’t see anything
about the shipping. I don’t see anything about the shipping. I’m there. I don’t know how much it will cost me. I strongly suggest you
to offer a free shipping offer, like $75.00 and above,
and have a flat shipping fee like $5.00, $7.00 or
$10.00 if the order is below $75.00. Why? Because people when they
get on your website, obviously they don’t know
you yet, otherwise they would already be a client,
so they don’t know how much it’s gonna cost to
ship the products to them. So you should have a clear
free shipping policy. And because it’s clothing,
you should also have a clear returns policy
which I can’t see on your website. Like I go in the footer,
and in the footer, it’s a very nice footer however
there’s not anything about returns, anything about shipping. Do you ship to Canada? Do you ship to Australia? How does it work? We don’t know. And let’s see, I’m
gonna do something else. The abandoned cart email. This is like the last
thing I’m gonna tell you, but I have multiple
points if you want to talk about it you can chat me in DM. So the abandoned cart email. Go on hardcases.ca. This is another eCommerce
website on Shopify, and the guy has a very cool collection of abandoned cart emails. Try to put something in your cart. Enter your email address. Enter your name. And just give up, close
the website, go away, and a few hours later you’re gonna get an email from him. You should try on multiple
computers because I think that the guy has multiple
abandon cart emails and you’ll see what good
practices you could implement on your own website. Why am I telling you this
right now while you don’t have a lot of sales? At this point, it’s because
you get, you’re trying right now to bring traffic
to your website, okay? Most of the traffic are
gonna leave your website anyways without buying anything, so you should have this
pop-up after a few seconds. You should have this live
chat after a few seconds, and you should have this
abandoned cart emails. To try to monetize and
capture all the traffic that gets on your website. So thanks for watching. It was David Gilmour,
Mr. eCommerce, founder of snapshop.com, the app that makes product photographing easy. Have a good day.

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