March 30, 2020
Starting From Zero Fred Lam Review 2.0: LEGIT Ecommerce Book for BEGINNERS?

Starting From Zero Fred Lam Review 2.0: LEGIT Ecommerce Book for BEGINNERS?

hey friend are you looking to make money
online by starting your own online store and I’m wondering if starting from
zero can help you do that Hey and this exciting episode we are
going to do is starting from zero 2.0 review this is Fred Lam’s new
book coming out on how you been making money and with e-commerce online so
we’re gonna dive into it take a look around look at some of the details and
then look at the pros and cons help you decide to if in fact you can make money
with this ecommerce book alright so hey you don’t notice – my name is Chris from and this channel is all about empowering you the home business
entrepreneurial mindset and the online skill sets to get results make more
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basis right now alright so let’s get into this thing right starting from 0
2.0 review this is a new Clickbank product that’s coming on in fact it
hasn’t come out yet ads at the time of this video but it’s coming out alright
and let’s see if you can actually help you make money alright so first of all
the Creator is a gentleman by name fred lam so fred lam has actually been
online marketing and selling products and making money for over fourteen
fifteen years since the early 2000 the gentleman from hong kong he moved to
Vancouver yes I started off with a dishwasher at a restaurant and I
eventually moved himself into finding out how to make money online didn’t come
from a whole lot like most of us right now
well not coming off well off but Kay decided to make something to myself
found out about e-commerce and started making millions by simply selling and
drop shipping physical products alright and running traffic via Facebook ads
those are two big things some like physical products drop shipping them in
front of customers house homes and you didn’t Facebook ask to run the traffic
and the man has generated millions vehicle ecommerce doing this so just so
you know he’s actually been around to I mean Greg Cardone interview him on his
show right and in the book we’re gonna kind of
look at the book as well he actually has a forward that was written by Robert
Kiyosaki right author best investor and aunt of
Rich Dad Poor Dad so these are not chumps right these are really people
respected people in the game which makes me think that yeah Fred lam has been
doing some good stuff here now who is this for starting from zero can is for
anybody who wants to make money online new home biz entrepreneurs looking to
get into this space affiliate marketers if you’re an e-commerce marker wanting
to start making money online by starting your own store yes if you want to work
from home right now I want to be able to have to rely on just income from the job
be able to do something at home and then yeah and then that works and then if
you’re introverted – this is another one that I know a lot of people are I know a
few few friends have asked like hey opportunities to make money online well
you don’t to show your face you don’t have to talk to anybody right just
introverted and still make tons of money and these are one of those if you don’t
care about being famous and glamorous then that’s awesome which hey I got no
problem with so what exactly is starting from zero so essentially what it is is
fred lamps book a detailed five step system that he’s used personally need to
create over twenty million dollars of e-commerce so this is not like an
exaggerated number this is how much money – management making although if
you think about it he’s been doing it for almost 14 years you probably make
that much money over time right and then so what you’re getting here what this is
is version 2.0 so he released the earlier version 1.0 we’re actually gotta
take a look at the book the 1.0 version because 2.0 is not out boy basically
version 2.0 is the same information but it has more content literally double the
content and case studies and case reports and strategies and blueprints
and also includes the audio book as well so this is this book has basically
helped thousands of people come ecommerce punch brewers so it’s a great
I think it’s something to consider alright and if you want to check out
more information I didn’t mention it you can go ahead and make time to check out
the link in the description below and you can get more information on that
alright so in terms of the pricing basically the audio book of the new
starting from zero 2.0 version and the digital copy for $1.99 that’s it now
once you get into it though there are gonna be a
of cells and things so hey I’m gonna be completely transparent with you all
right I’m subtle number one is what he calls the e comforter right which is
basically mentorship ecommerce mentorship by the man himself reading
language sounds pretty awesome to me because hey you want to be guided very
strategically through e-commerce which is we’re gonna go to pros or cons it’s
not the easiest thing to do but it’s very lucrative that has a page to have
like a coach to guide you along the way so you’re looking at 147 dollars for
three months and then $49 monthly for the cost of that and then upsell to is
also an influencer masterclass with the gentleman by the name of Connor James
who was he created seven figures and his business via Instagram so he and
histogram expert I’m gonna show you how to do that how he does use it influences
to help grow a business even if you have nobody right started from zero right
that’s $197 so that’s what you get now let’s take a look at the book itself
right so this is version 1.0 starting from from zero how to build an online
business when you’re starting with nothing right just like he did just like
most people are right and so that’s what I kind of like about it so this is kind
of his story right he’s basically talking about how he started his online
venture as a dishwasher at a restaurant right and then basically struggled
through with that and one who wanted to start an online business and was
struggling until he finally figured out how to do it generate 4.6 million
dollars in just four months right it took him some time though some time to
do it and then he got but he was young at the time didn’t work out for him and
it was able to and lost all that money and had to step away right and so which
is cool think it can happen and when so that business die he decided to take his
skills and started working as a marketer for being W picked up some skill sets
there and then once he realized that hey a little bit more went back into the
e-commerce business and said many generated six million dollars in sales
in just six months so he discovered a blueprint initially and then refined
that blueprint even further the second time around which he said it’s the best
part of the system is fully replicatable right in fact he’s created two more
multi-million this is with one of them surpassing ten
million dollars using the exact blueprint so what’s what was pretty cool
about it so he’s looking forward to changing your life with that which is
awesome and then you have this floor from Robert Kiyosaki which is awesome
right I mean I don’t know about you but Rich Dad Poor Dad personally was what
tweaked my mind to the idea of entrepreneurship the idea
of creating an income and all I know different way other than going to work
for it every single day I had never realized so I’m always indebted to Rich
Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki board but basically husband is Ford is an excerpt
from his book Rich Dad Poor Dad you haven’t read that book I you should
probably read that book in fact I’ll leave a link for the book in the
description right get you a copy of the book all right um and he essentially in
this excerpt he’s talking about how well if you’re going to be with the
difference between the rich and the poor it’s not how much money you make at your
job no it’s what you do with that money will you made it after your job that’s
the difference the difference between the rich and the poor is what the wizz
wizz is what they do with their free time I’m telling you right so you if you
are the kind of person that is welcome I mean you wouldn’t be watching this video
if you would this type of person anyway dad comes home watching TV playing
around plays games that ain’t doing nothing with your spare time when
unlikely you that is the reason why you’re poor you’re not leveraging your
time and your resources appropriately he said it doesn’t matter how much money
you make if you make the right of my just need a little bit of money spend
your time diligently and your off time and your part-time you can create a
massive wealthy business for yourself and that’s essentially what he said and
then he basically gives his recommendation to friend Lam as a person
as a great person to go to because he believes in e-commerce and he definitely
been doing it and he’s a coach a mentor a person who has results who can guide
you through the process so so then you get into the content alright so this is
basically where we’re getting into the meat of the content we got he talks
about the Golden Age of entrepreneurship and then chapter 1 is a 30,000 foot
overview turn 100 dollars into a profitable ecommerce business right and
then it gives a brief overview of the fast
system to success talks about his rags-to-riches story and then chapter 2
you get an opportunity your opportunity within the funnelling empire retails and
basically saying that retail is going downhill which it is Amazon is but it’s
like slaughtering everybody which is reason what he’s stressing Walmart and
Target I’m a lot of these other retailers starting to take this stuff
online to try to battle Amazon but guess what they’re all that works to your
advantage as an e-commerce entrepreneur all right he says how retail is still
profitable the old-fashioned retail method versus the modern method which is
basically using online resources why ecommerce is right for everyone and you
can do it even if you’re a beginner and you have not that chapter three to go
the digital goldmine opportunity the multi-billion dollar industry which is
ecommerce did you know that it’s crazy I heard a step the other day saying that
ecommerce only made up I mean hundreds of billions of dollars sales I was done
and on Black Friday’s and and I’m singles day and all those different
online sales that are happening you online sales ecommerce only made up
about 14% of that 14% was that tell you ecommerce is still young it’s still
young my friend it’s crazy and then so he talks about mixed selection securing
your domain and creating your brand presence which is very important you
have to have that brand and then check before the wizard behind me comments
technology turns in a newbie into a store on her comparing the two
industry-leading technology Shopify tutorial processing credit cards and the
power of paper with Shopify and PayPal right you can do pretty much anything
online now anybody can get started testify the inventory auto chart
inventory no way inventory arbitrage access to millions of pieces of
inventory basically he’s talking about how you can use you don’t need to have
to buy inventory and store it anymore in order to be extremely profitable with
e-commerce right it’s amazing that’s the difference between online e-commerce
versus retail check the cities build it and they will come is false
what’s in it for me why Time Square lease is so expensive the importance of
traffic than three ways of getting traffic and this is absolutely true if
you do not run traffic and you do not market whatever it is you’re selling
with e-commerce store in Philly marketing product network marketing
product info product coaching it does not matter you
don’t have traffic and I’m running a quality targeted traffic people who are
looking for what you’re looking for you will struggle no matter what the
opportunity is period and that’s what he’s talking about here chapter seven
the magical alignment of your buyers right then on one platform retailers
Facebook stalking on faces Facebook to find it your first plan of action on
Facebook and then making Facebook ads easy right so he’s a Facebook ad grew
for sure he’s gonna show you exactly how to do that here check a scaling up to
multi-millions his ten million dollar story it’s coming up with emails right
follow-up email marketing gotta have it know that’s how you secure long-term
business instant investors I’m strengthening your brand first
buying a product line and then what’s next means and repeat and final thoughts
so this looks like a pretty good book pretty well written obviously full of
information so in terms of some of the things that I like well first of all we
talked about e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry right now
still in its infancy which is kind of crazy right really fourteen percent
crazy number two it can create an effect you can create an effective store
quickly so these are some of the benefits but just ecommerce in general
right you can create a print out effective store quickly now like with
Shopify you can put the store pretty fast now and gotta take care of
everything and then if you just need to find what your niche is gonna be and
then find someone else who’s already in that niche who seems to be successful
and model what they’re doing that’s it right don’t copy model and then I like
e-commerce because it’s also a form of passive income a passive income model
that you can take advantage of people are gonna come to your store and buy
while you’re sleeping while you’re working right and it’s location
independent you can do this anywhere in the world as long as you will have a
laptop internet connection you can run and maintain your online e-commerce
business inventory not necessary because the we if you using dropship me it’s not
required for you to buy the inventory and he talks about that in the book and
then I read this from someone else who’s talking about how Ali Baba has made made
make makes connections to manufacturers a lot easier now so if you’re looking
for manufactures to supply you with wholesale products that you want to buy
Alibaba makes that process of they’re really simple which is awesome
it’s great for the small person like you not even once connected suppliers and
manufacturers and then one thing about the book that’s awesome is that hey
you’re working with a trusted mentor who has results which is always a big thing
you only wanted to make sure you’re working with some accidently Jin Lee has
results and that’s what they’re talking about right I mean you don’t want to
mess around with anybody else hey this guy’s in trouble with Facebook
ass that’s your that’s your traffic and he’s an e-commerce coach all the way
around let’s help his students make according
to him mind you weight to him he’s up to students make 10 12 million dollars or
maybe it was more in in sales so hey not bad little cost book to get information
with so as I mean you’re paying two boxes and then this of course is a
money-back guarantee from Clickbank so some of the things I don’t like that you
do need to consider and keep it in mind right it doesn’t mean that the
opportunity is not great you just need to keep these things in mind you have
perspective number one ecommerce why it is a lot of money to be made profit
margins ended up themselves it’s actually pretty low in other words you
can make a whole lot of money in terms of revenue
millions when you pay for ads and you pay for all other stuff that you and the
cost of the items themselves hey your profit margins ends up being somewhere
between 10 to 15% right and that can actually decrease even more as ad costs
rise so there’s something to keep in mind in Mattoon you have to manage the
customer service yourself depending on how you do it
that means you that I deal with customer complaints customer chargebacks returns
on all that type of stuff it’s almost similar to handling a tenant if you like
ran out property which can actually be quite a headache so something to
consider number three the quality of products could be questionable depending
on the manufacturer and you just applied supplier you get your stuff from which
can impact your customer satisfaction number four learning ask can be
challenging and costly I mean these blue guys are not simple definitely not
something for a beginner just in the beginning especially if you’re trying to
make a whole lot of money with e-commerce but I think that’s where
cabin coaching and guidance is really really important and then lastly the
book itself is great and has a lot of information but ultimately is not enough
to take the beginner over the hump and ask
making money so I actually do probably would encourage you to check out more of
his other offers that he has some of the upsells in terms of coaching I think
that that component on investment would seagull a whole lot of pain and struggle
if you’re trying if you believe that ecommerce is the way for you you want to
read dive deep into it so at the end of the day if you wanted to get my number
my conclusion I just think I give this a four and a half star rating
simply because ecommerce is a proven way to make money online right now and if
you have expert knowledge or strategies in coaching coaching from someone like
Fred lamb hey you’re set up in a great place to be profitable and actually have
success all right so that’s my take on it hope this is helpful for you
hopefully helps you decide whether or not Fred and Lance starting from zero
ecommerce business book is right for you and hey if it is if you think it is then
they definitely check out the link in the description below alright so if you
enjoyed this video you find it be helpful hey definitely be the video like
hey subscribing to the channel up here or ask for more videos and like I said
you want to check on more fees information get your copy of the book of
the audiobook for two months hey link is in the description below alright so
until the next exciting episode you best stay hungry see our natural please

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  2. This is a fantastic review on starting from zero book by Fred Lam. I use to watch Fred Lam. He is killing the e-commerce game. E-commerce just takes to much work for me at this time but this book is definitely on the list to read.

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