April 8, 2020
Starting an  ecommerce business selling food 5 tips for success

Starting an ecommerce business selling food 5 tips for success

– Hey guys.
So, the number one question I get all the time is if I wanna
open an e-commerce business and then get online with my food products, how do I start selling? And what are the first few steps? Well, we’re gonna cover that right– (funky music) Guys, all right it is Damian
from Marketing Food Online. And if you are new to
Marketing Food Online, hit that subscriber button
if you wanna learn how to create a food product from your recipe, get a food business up and
running or start a food truck or pretty much anything
related to food business. That is exactly what Marketing
Food Online talks about. So, let’s get right into it really quick. I’ve got a few notes here on my board. I’m gonna give you five
different tips to help you get started as a e-commerce food business. And if you’ve never been
online, you definitely want to take it slow so you can
understand the environment of having an e-commerce business. Because I’ve owned and operated
both retail as well as an e-commerce business and they’re
all selling food products. So, to get right into it really quick, after 11 years of doing this,
I give you guys these videos to help you to get through the process. So, the first thing you wanna
do is, that when it comes to creating a food e-commerce business, and if you wanna rely
solely upon e-commerce. Right now our business is
actually transitioned into 100% online, we do
operate six stores online and we do that for a reason
because it gives us a chance to spread ourselves out and I
never rely on one source of income when it comes to
doing business online. I highly recommend, as you
have probably done in the past, for about 20, 25 years I
always relied on my paycheck and that one single source of income. And I wish I knew what I know
now probably 20 years ago, I’d probably be even more
wealthier than I am now (laughs). But anyways, starting online,
you need to have multiple sources of income and multiple outlets. Don’t limit yourself to hey,
I just wanna be on Amazon, hey, I just wanna be on eBay, or hey, I just wanna have my own website. Try to be on everything
anywhere that you can be. It does take time, this is not
a video about the next month you’re gonna sell 30
thousand dollars of products. That is no such thing. This is not what this
channel is about (laughs). If you’re looking to
grow an actual business and you want to expand
on it and you want to grow that business online, specifically, this is exactly what you’d
probably be looking for. So, the first thing you wanna do, after you have created the food product. Now remember, before any of the stuff that I’m about to tell you, you
can do, you need to have a food product ready to be sold. I would not start any of the
processes I’m gonna talk about before you actually have a food product. So, you wanna make sure you
kind of work out the kinks, get your packaging, if you have
to have a nutritional label, get your bar code, get
anything else that you want on your packaging first and
then when you’re ready to go, then you can start doing
what I’m about to tell you. So, right off the bat, if you
wanna start your own website, that is not the first
step I would recommend. Why?
Because you will not get traffic to your website and
you will waste money, time, and energy and you will get
frustrated and probably give up on the aspirations of being
an e-commerce entrepreneur. The first thing I would
do is create stores on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon,
those are the three big ones. Those are the three big
ones that I have been on for quite some time, about 11 years or so, little bit over 10 years now. I would definitely tell you to not create your own website just yet. Should you have your own website? Yes, but there’s a time
and a place for it and when you start, I would definitely
not do that right off the bat. If you’re new to e-commerce,
the best stepping stone for you to get experience is eBay and Etsy. If you wanna step into Amazon, it’s a bit of a learning curve. There’s a lot you really
need to know and understand. The environment on
selling on there is a much different place, okay. Is it something you can’t do? No, you could definitely do it. I believe anyone watching
this video has the ability to sell on Amazon, but you
just need to learn a little bit about the e-commerce environment
and having an online store. So, create your eBay and Etsy
store and then why I also say that is because they
are very easy interfaces to interact with and work with. Interfaces being that
the platform to sell on, creating a listing and
such, is super, super easy. At first, when you first
try it, it’s gonna take a few times for you to get used
to it, but it’s not difficult. Creating listings on Amazon
and understanding that environment there is
totally another ball game. So, give yourself some
time, get some experience, eBay and Etsy, then I would
create your own website, okay? What that’s gonna do is, if
you think that you’re gonna create your own website and
all of a sudden you put your products up and you’re
gonna get a lot of sales, there’s not gonna be any
traffic coming to that website. But if you utilize Etsy and
eBay as a platform to sell on and then you’ve got information
on your packaging like, hey, check us out at w-w dot
candy dot com or whatever, there’s going to be
kind of organic traffic that will come to your website. You can definitely pay a
big company to create SEO and to create all kinds of
wonderful tools and things for your website to get
you found on Google, but that’s very expensive up
front and if you’re not selling anything, you’re gonna go
in the hole and go deeper into your expenses compared to what you’re actually making on your ROI. So, the return on your
investment for that is gonna be very small, if any, at
first, because nobody knows who you are, nobody’s
ever bought your products, okay. So, do that first and then
create your own website. Now, one of the easiest ways
to get exposure is social media and that’s something that
definitely you could do right off the bat for beginners and for starters. And you don’t need to
hire some gigantic firm to do it for you. Can you do that?
Of course. If you’ve got the budget
and you want to, go ahead. But to start off with and
even ’til today, I do all the social media posts. I do that early in the
morning, get it out of the way. And I maintain social media
presence online, I’ve created all of our accounts for social media. And I don’t tell you
this to boast about it, I tell you only because
I’ve had to do it because, when we first started, we
didn’t have the budget to do it and now that it’s up and running
it’s something really kind of more simplistic to run
once it’s established, it’s easy to maintain. Social media can bring you
ridiculous amounts of traffic if you understand how it operates. Some of the platforms
were great with hashtags. A lot of other platforms weren’t
great when it comes to like Instagram and Twitter,
maybe Instagram but that’s a really photo-driven, image-driven
type of social media. And for food, it’s fantastic
because if you’re selling a food product, Instagram
is fantastic for that because of the fact that it’s
really about photography. It’s about images and
imagery and it is a great way to convey your product with
the right photos, okay. So, I’m not gonna get in to
each individual, specific social media, but I just
wanted to cover that having a social media presence is gonna be great. Now, the ones to be on, of
course, are Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, LinkedIn. And I’ll give you a really
neat tip about LinkedIn. Instagram and also a blog. Now, with that being said, if
you create a website yourself and you do it on Weebly or
you’re doin’ in on Shopify, they have a blog feature. And I would say definitely
take advantage of that. And the more information that
you can actually put on a website onto a blog, which
would include images and videos or anything that you’ve got as
far as imagery is concerned, mixed with text, it
creates a fantastic way to promote and advertise your product. Because then what’s gonna happen
is you’re gonna sell stuff on Etsy and eBay and
even Amazon and people are gonna look into it and say, hey, I wanna find out
more about this company. And then they’re gonna go to
your website and they’re gonna see that blog, they’re gonna
see all the information. It’s gonna be just a much
better way to drive sales without actually having to blog. So, a blog on the website is a fantastic addition to your site, okay. So now, right back to LinkedIn. Something that a lot of people
misunderstand about LinkedIn today is the fact that you can use it as a social media platform. Of course, when it was
first started, LinkedIn was more or less a way to get
your resume out there, to get yourself seen by
prospective employers. But it’s kind of transitioned
and moved into a direction of content, there’s a lot
of media content on there. And I actually use it to
connect with potential businesses that my candy
business can do business with. And how I’ve grown Marketing
Food Online, the channel here, the YouTube channel via
LinkedIn by allowing myself to go the route of blogs, creating
articles, creating a lot of content, bringing over
videos from YouTube. All of that has brought together a lot of great exposure for us. So, don’t count LinkedIn out. It is a great avenue for
you to promote your product or even a service. So, next up would be creating a schedule to maintain the social media. And that’s kind of what I
touched on a little while ago. I talked, in the morning for
me, the morning time is the best time to do it. I dedicate about 30 to 45
minutes in the morning. I get it out of the way and it’s done. Whatever is best for your
schedule, especially if you’re just starting a food business
online, try to create a schedule, a time frame that
works really good with you. And you don’t need to
dedicate like hours everyday. That’s not how you need to do it. But you just need to stay
active, maybe answer questions, interact with other
groups, interact with fans, interact with people who
like your page or people who’ve interacted with your page. A lot of this, you gotta just
kinda maintain a presence. And then when you’re starting
off, again, you could do this yourself and down the road
when you start to make money there are agencies or people
who could do it for you. And that’s fantastic, okay. And they can grow it even more so. But when you’re just getting it going, getting the ball rolling it doesn’t take, it’s not rocket science. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Spend a little bit of time
on each of those platforms building up your social media. And then from there, you
again can turn that over in a sense, to, you can
get a freelancer to do it or an organization or a
company to do that for you. And then from there it’ll
grow even, even more. Much, much bigger. Lastly, this is an idea
that a lot of, not only just food businesses, but a lot
of businesses in general don’t understand or
even take advantage of. And they may not even
know that it’s there. But right here on YouTube, YouTube itself, there’s a ton of influencers. A lot of people who love
food, who love candies, who love sweets and love snacks. There are influencers who are
just starting their channels and they would love to
promote your product for free. Of course, you have to send
it to them, but many of them are starting out very small
so even if they’ve got 15 thousand or 50 thousand
or 30 thousand subscribers. Compared to a lot of other
channels that’s still small and they don’t really charge for that when you’re starting out. Now, there’s some influencers
that will charge thousands of dollars but then you’re
getting exposure to like a million plus people, or
even half a million or more. But there’s a lot of influencers
who are just beginning who would love the opportunity
to take your food product for free, review it and
give you free exposure. So, think about that as
far as, as part of your marketing plan, the idea
that you’ve got to advertise your food product. I don’t care if it’s anything
from seasoning to spices to chocolate covered bananas,
it doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s a food product,
there’s probably an influencer on YouTube who would love to review it. And to be honest with
you, you simply search it. Right in the top search
box above this video here there’s a search box on YouTube. You can type in food
subscription reviews or anything like food reviews or something like that to that effect. And it’s gonna pull up a
ton of people who do this. You can simply contact
them through their channel and offer your product. So, like I said, many of
them will do it for free. Many of the smaller channels
will actually even do it for a very small fee. Plus, you just send them a sample of it and you’re good to go. So, those five tips, really
quick tips and pointers to give you some understanding
about once you’re online, then what to you do. You know, what’s the next
step or what’s the process to get up and running. But remember to always think
big and take very small steps. So, with that being said, I’ll wrap it up. If this video was helpful
and informative, as always, please do give me a big thumbs up. If you’ve got questions
about the five items I just listed off, please
do let me know down below in the description. And I will see you guys on the next video.

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  3. You’re a good man God bless you and your family and your business very organic thank you for what you do

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