April 6, 2020
Starting Amazon FBA Or Ecommerce Business and Feel Stuck?

Starting Amazon FBA Or Ecommerce Business and Feel Stuck?

hello James Greaney here from internetbizuni.com and in today’s video I’m going to be explaining the biggest
reason that I have just recently found that is really holding people back if
you are someone who is looking to start your own online business or to start an
e-business then this is a video you should definitely watch especially if
you are someone who watches a lot of videos reads a lot of books but finds it
difficult to pull the trigger and actually start executing on what you
need to start taking action on in order to build a successful business you might
have all the knowledge or feel that you have all of the knowledge that you need
to start but there’s something holding you back this video I’m going to explain
the biggest reason I see for this at this moment in time and what you can do
to avoid this holding you back any longer okay so maybe you walked all of
the videos you read all of the books you listened to all of the podcasts you read
every social media post from people teaching you this stop you know a lot of
others maybe you’ll even go to a lot of paid events or take paid courses but you
still can’t find a way to pull the trigger and actually start executing
start putting the plan together and actually execute on this plan to create
your own business whether it’s online or offline in this video I’m going to be
telling to you what you need to do in order to get over it
okay so just before I give you the answer we want to let you in on this and
let you get what do you think it is what do you think is the biggest thing that’s
currently holding people back from starting their own online business I’m
going to keep this specific to online business
because I know it is the same overall thing that is holding people back in
business in general and has been for generations but if you just have a guess
now what it is so now I’m just going to throw out some of the things that you
think is currently holding people back from stare at their online business and
that is don’t have the money to start this is one of the biggest things that
you actually hear upfront from people saying is I don’t have the money to
start that’s okay we’re going to leave that on a side issue number two
something else that you think is holding people back a lot of the times I hear
that it’s just not trust and a manufacturer if you’re starting your own
private label bribe this is a big thing that I hear is just don’t trust the
manufacturer enough to actually pay them the money to produce my products so
afraid you’re going to get ripped off that’s another issue that people have
and that’s another struggling point that people have but these are all very small
struggling points compared to the one that I’m going to give you and this is
the big major one that is holding people back no matter what it is no matter how
much knowledge you have on this one unless you get over it then you’re going
to still struggling you’re not going to move forward with your business you’re
not going to take action because you are struggling with this and that number one
issue is fear fear you say yes it’s fear but it’s not the usual what everyone was
on earth you’re just afraid to get started I’m gonna give you the specific
fear that I’ve noticed that people have when they are struggling to jump in and
just start taking action and get started with their own business and that is the
fear of being laughed at by others around them a lot of people now are
going to say to themselves oh that’s not me I don’t fear being laughed at you
know I don’t care what others think actually think about it for a moment is
this what is holding me back is it that you’re afraid that if you actually put
yourself out there and go all-in and it fails that you’re not going to look as
good as maybe you look at the moment is it that you’re thinking you know the
lads down the pub are the lads at work I gonna laugh when I even explain that I’m
intended to start this that you’re not even afraid of fitnah failing or afraid
of looking like you’re a failure that you’re actually afraid of just getting
started that you’re afraid to even tell people that you’re making an attempt at
change in your current situation because you’ll be letting people know is that
you’re not comfortable with your current situation so this is the actual fear
that you’re actually afraid of them laughing at you because they’ll know
that you want more out of us you’re not happy you’re not content with where you
are right now and that’s why you’re pushing to make a change to change the
direction that you’re actually going at the moment whatever the top-line fear is
whatever the top-line reason is that you’re coming to at the moment just find
the roof of it and I bet you with a lot of you the route is going to be the fear
of being laughed at or the fear and look and stupid by trying something and that
is the big fear that is holding so many people back and in just a moment I’m
gonna explain to you exactly how you can work around getting over this fear so
that you can get started take an action and putting the work in that you need to
do in order to get your business off the ground and create your own successful
business and this big realization came for me when I was just a phone call
after phone call with people and a lot of the different issues they were coming
up with I could route back to this immediate fear that people have which is
the fear of looking stupid on the fear and simply being laughed at by their
friends or by people they don’t even know in some cases you know these are
people that they’re even making up in their head and that’s crazy when you
think about it but the thing is everyone feels that everyone has that somewhere
in their head it’s just some people pay more attention to us than others and
that’s what this video is about I’m gonna be explaining to you how you can
start paying attention to it so that it starts actually having a hold of you and
hold a new back to do that I’m going to give you a small story and this is just
about me and a book that I’m reading at the moment it’s both by Richard Branson
it’s actually one of his biographies and it’s book that I read a few years back
but I like to go over a book every now and then a book that I like but I feel
that I didn’t get everything I lost that’s why I’m doing at the moment I’m
going over this Richard Branson biography and in it he’s explaining
about when he started a virgin airways his own airline he said the people
around him laughed when he told him so these are like just close friends or
people that he worked with because he had already built a small magazine
before doing this it was just a magazine around a university and he had Virgin
Records which was a bit bigger after that but then he was moving on to build
up his own airline and when he told people said the immediate reaction a lot
of the time was laughter no one believed he could pull it off but although he
realized that this was obvious that this was happen and the people wore laughing
out of money tell them that he plans to build his own successful airline this is
someone remember who had never flown a plane before who had no experience in
the airline industry whatsoever when he told people that he plan to build his
own successful airline they laughed at him and he realized this this was
happening but he didn’t let it stop him and that’s one of the key points that
you need to take away it’s okay to realize that it’s happening that you
know people are not taking you as seriously as they should or that people
simply don’t think you can pull off whatever it is you’re trying to pull off
realize and that’s there is okay but it’s not letting it stop you that’s the
key point that you need to take away and now you might be sitting there thinking
you know okay I realize that I do have this fear that I’m not you know willing
to put myself out there because I’m afraid that I’m gonna look stupid if
whatever happens again go back to the top line issues whether it’s that I pay
a manufacturer none of my products showed up because I know this was
something I feared for a while that I was gonna just send my money after a
manufacturer in China no products were ever gonna show off or whether you’re
telling yourself that it’s because you don’t have the money but really deep
down it is because you’re afraid of losing them on it or of just jumping in
and getting puck committed and it’s just not working out for you or telling
people that it’s gonna work out this way and it’s not gonna work out
you might realize that you do have this fear but now you might be asking you
know what can I do to get over and the answer to this one is look at
the opposite if you don’t fear looking stupid then what is this that you should
fear and the answer to that is being average if you are always constantly
afraid of looking stupid and you don’t take any action what’s gonna happen
you’re going to become average that’s how you’re going to end up you’re gonna
do what the average person does and the average person simply has this fear and
just doesn’t have done it doesn’t push through it so there’s a lot of people
out there that want to get started want to start their own business but they
simply just don’t take action on us because of this fear and that is the
opposite and that is what you should drill into yourself is the fear of being
average what’s gonna happen when you’re you know 60 70 80 years of age if you’re
just the average person are you going to look back and be happy with yourself
or are you going to look back and be disappointed and that is you know that’s
a key a key takeaway for this is to ask yourself that question I keep that in
your mind keep will you be happy if you constantly don’t take the risk if you
let this prevent you from getting started will you be happy with that
outcome if that’s what being averages or do you want to be something better than
average if you want to be something better than average then you’re gonna
have to take the risks put yourself out there more than the average person is
already doing and yes some people that are being average not all of course
of course are some major people out there who are just happy being average
genuinely really happy with their life just being an average person but there
are others out there who want to be great
both again they’re not taking ab action on it so these people are more than
likely going to laugh at you when they see you putting yourself into the
comfort zone but again don’t worry whatsoever about these people because
you’re always going to have them just look at the reason why look at the
reason why they’re laughing at you look at the reason why they are laughing at
the thought of you looking stupid and that is because they have this
underlying fear so straight away that is what they’re gonna jump to they’re gonna
jump to this fear because it’s a fear that they actually have and that’s what
you have to keep in mind so that you don’t worry about their opinion you
don’t even think their opinion because this is what is going to hold them back
in the future and unless they can overcome this fear then they’re going to
be held back and simply just laughing at others we’re actually putting himself
out there actually going all in on their plans all in on their dreams and
actually take an action on it these people will laugh at you that’s you know
going to happen but just don’t worry about it happening because it is gonna
hold them back and not you so I’m just gonna grab a bit of lunch here but
before I do I want to wrap up this video and first of all I just want to let you
know that I fully understand that there is a lot of genuine concerns when you
are starting your own online business of course you need the money to start up of
course you have to be able to trust your manufacturer you have to do the due
diligence that’s required before dealing with any manufacturer before buying any
products but it’s if you have done all this and if you are just reading just
watching videos and just not even getting as far as the stage then you
should really review this and look and see if this is the issue that’s all in
the best is this fear that you have a fear of being laughed at fear of looking
stupid and if it is then please take the tips
that I gave you in this video and simply reverse it and look at the person who
will be loud now you look at the person who you were
afraid to look stupid on front off and just take it for what it is and move
forward just keep moving forward all of the time just looking at the different
fears you have looking at the different genuine reasons that you need to slow
down at times and just see are they genuine reasons or is it just a fear
like this that is constantly holding you back and if it is just move through it
hope that you have enjoyed this video and I look forward to speaking to you on
the next one you

7 thoughts on “Starting Amazon FBA Or Ecommerce Business and Feel Stuck?

  1. Completely agree with this video. People will always judge others that have the balls to make a start to get out of their current situation. Worked in finance in Manhattan and London and quit that life for my own business. The fear of failure is real, but you gotta move on forward regardless of the noise around you. Signed up for Unique Private Label course.

  2. Thank you for such valuable inspiration! Your positive influence extends as far as a quiet mountain town in Western Colorado!

  3. Too much information nowadays. Too easy to get distracted. Plus most of us dont know how to live uncomfortable. We like the easy options.

  4. Hey everyone, SellerLocker is a software you can sign up for to claim reimbursements from Amazon when selling with FBA. When Amazon overcharges fees on your product/s our software catches it and makes it easier for you to open up a case against Amazon. https://www.sellerlocker.com/?fp_ref=joey1 That’s the link. For more information, email me at [email protected]

    Great vid btw!

  5. Im feeling motion sick watching it I had to look away to listen .seriously consider getting Zhiyuna camera steady with electronic gyro they are £340 but make video look professional when moving

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