February 18, 2020
Start an Online Business and Live Your Retirement Years On Your Terms

Start an Online Business and Live Your Retirement Years On Your Terms

Do you wonder how you will make ends
meet in retirement? Start an online business and you can achieve the freedom
to live retirement your way. We always believed that these were supposed to be
the “golden years’, the years that we had worked so hard to achieve, to travel and
do the things that were on our bucket list. Well it hasn’t turned out that way.
We didn’t ever anticipate that we would be in a situation where we’d be
wondering how we were going to pay the bills. Now that we’re closing in on
retirement our worst fear is we’d have to ask our kids for money. What if we
have to sell our house or liquidate our assets before we plan. We never want to
be a burden and we knew there’s just not enough equity in the house to support
our lifestyle when we move into our 80s. What if we ended up on the street? We
have run our own Executive Recruitment company for decades and because it was
our own business we never did have a pension and then when 2008 happened it
was really tough on the recruitment industry and it drained a lot of our
savings. This kept us awake at night, well at least it kept me awake at night,
worrying about what the future held. And it was at that point you know we really
loved what we did and we wanted to continue to make a difference. We had
watched for years lots of people our age doing crossword puzzles in the coffee
shop and and nothing against doing crossword puzzles but that just isn’t us.
So one day we went on the internet and we were checking out YouTube for some
inspiration and looking for some ideas as to how we could earn a meaningful
income and we came across this guy Dan from the UK and he talked about starting
an online business with absolutely no experience whatsoever.
Dan was able to work from home or anywhere in the world. All he needed was
his laptop and the internet and this caught our attention. At first we thought
this is exactly what we’re looking for. We can work anywhere in the world and
learn new skills that will keep our brains active because we were not ready
to become obsolete. We still had so much to give and then we got nervous when we
thought, oh can we really do this? Are we too old? How can we even begin to
understand technology? We had always gone to our kids to explain technology. Then
we realized we’ve been learning new skills all our life, why would this be
any different? Dan offered us a series of videos at no
cost or obligation. What did we have to lose? These videos opened up a whole new
world of possibilities. It was like a a black dark cloud was lifted. Who would
have thought we were going to be starting an online business? We have
learned new skills that we never dreamed possible.
We now embrace the future instead of fearing it. So if you would like to
explore the idea of starting an online business to supplement your retirement
income and live your retirement years on your terms then click somewhere on this
video and you will be taken to our website where we will ask for your name
and your email address. Once we receive that information we will send the videos
directly to you we look forward to meeting you soon.
Bye for now. Bye for now.

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