April 8, 2020


Austin and make video a little here. Hope you’re doing great today So you want to start an e-commerce business, but you don’t have any money to get started, okay I got a solution for you 100% for free. Okay. I started no-limit products NLP back in 2015 Okay, we’re pretty established at this point Melena products is a multi-vendor marketplace Where vendors pay a small monthly fee to sell their products they have their own Website own thing to store all that good stuff much like a Shopify store. Okay We give you your first month For free Okay, I Or my team will personally help you find products to sell good margins okay, if you’re new to the channel hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up and I provide a great free valuable content every single day. Okay First month free on top of that. We have a second way For you to generate income before you start having to pay your monthly fee as a minute 50% Residual Commission Affiliate program What does that mean This is 100% free to join as well. Okay comes with free training 50% residual Commission affiliate program that means for every vendor that you refer Vendors are the people that sell their products on an LP. They pay a monthly fee after their first month Either twenty-five or fifty dollars a month So if you have Refer To people To vendors to sell their products you say hey. Hey girl NLP is a great place to start your ecommerce business sell your products or whatever Two of them signed up for the gold seller account $25 per month Marks $50 Per month is Yours So, what does that mean You get that same $50 a month off those two vendors every single month for the lifetime of the vendors So what does that mean for you? That means you won’t ever have to pay a monthly fee. Yours is free It’s that simple not you really want to get into doing the math making money with the affiliate program a Hundred times 25 is $2,500 per Month Every okay. This can be a full-time income for you or an ultimate time hustle. So Check it out. I’ve got links in the description below Let me know if any comments or questions in the comment section below All the links are there. I’ve got a crushed online course. I came out with a while ago now teach you everything you need to know as far as marketing follow-up closing Ecommerce, you name it about two hours like the video content. We do a giveaway To giveaways every single week one You can if you subscribe the channel get from one of my videos a thumbs up and comment below


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