April 9, 2020
Spotify Advertisements 2020 | Spotify Ads Results (eCommerce 2020) | Are They Worth It?

Spotify Advertisements 2020 | Spotify Ads Results (eCommerce 2020) | Are They Worth It?

Spotify ads, whether they’re good
whether they’re not good I recently released a review vid on the actual
platform itself where I took you through the whole process of creating an ad
running it the type of analytics that you have the type of analytics that you
don’t have etcetera and I’ve successfully run an ad for the minimum
budget of two hundred and fifty dollars and it was an e-commerce specifically
for an e-commerce based product and just to give you a quick rundown it’s worth
it or not we had a budget set of two hundred and fifty the product was priced
around eight hundred eight hundred to six hundred dollars somewhere within
that range depending upon what type of selections you make and the ad ran quite
well there was a click-through rate of approximately one point eight to two
percent but the biggest problem on the topic of Spotify ads is the their
analytics on the platform sucks there’s no tracking right you can’t track
conversions so if you’re doing e-commerce you’re basically left in the
blind the only way you can overcome this if you do have a good click-through rate
is by having a code that’s mentioned either in the thumbnail that you include
so the image where they can click or within the verbal advertising so when
the woman or the man speaks you can say use cold spots 25 for instance for a
discount of 25% then you can track the call conversions by code so from an
e-commerce perspective you’re left on the blind if you’re a small ecommerce
company that’s looking to get a bang for every buck you spend support if I really
really isn’t the thing if you’re a big ecommerce company and you do how the
conversions coming through and you actually want to just develop brand
awareness and you’re not really looking for the bang for the buck what if I
might be in a place but primarily for the given moment they do have an odd
platform it’s quite effective it’s it’s nice to step into a platform where it’s
not over marketed yet because marketers will destroy everything but they have
sure it’s fortified at this given moment so to this date is December the 12 2019
but there’s a very good chance that once they add the analytics it will be
destroyed but for brand awareness it’s quite good most for brand awareness

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