April 10, 2020
Space 48: The award winning ecommerce consultancy

Space 48: The award winning ecommerce consultancy

Space 48 are one of the UK’s leading ecommerce
consultancies for retailers that are looking for fast growth and internationalisation. The team that we have put together at Space 48 are some of the UK’s leading ecommerce professionals. We’ve got some of the best developers in the UK, and also strategists,
and when we work together as a team we can produce some extremely exciting results for our customers. Space 48 work well with customers and brands that have got ambitious plans or ambitious projects. We’re looking particularly for projects that are challenging both technically
and in terms of strategy and the delivery of that strategy. So, our customers would
be at the start of an exciting journey where they are typically trying to take the business from
5 million online to 10 million online or from 10 million to 20 million online. The future of ecommerce presents many challenges and Space 48 are in a unique position, with a great
group of people that understand what lies ahead. And I think now more than ever it’s
important that businesses are working with experts in the chosen field to allow them to grow exponentially through challenging times

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