April 7, 2020
Sourcing Cheap Profitable Products for Online Arbitrage [Reselling Tutorial]

Sourcing Cheap Profitable Products for Online Arbitrage [Reselling Tutorial]

what’s going on guys I want to bring you
another way to do online arbitrage with a brand new website now that website is
Ben’s bargains dot-com now this is a website that I’ve known about for a
while but I’ve never actually talked about and I didn’t actually put into my
course because while it is a great place to find deals you do have to sort
through it a little bit but I’m gonna show you how do you sort through this
today and find online arbitrage deals now I haven’t set any of this up I’m
gonna go through like I would sort any other day and just kind of find a deal
on here to buy potentially to then resell back on Amazon or another website
now I do like to buy these for the purpose of sending them into FBA most of
the time you can merchants fill them on Amazon as well if you want to go that
route and I’ll show you you know the vetting process that I use to you know
basically sort through and figure out if this is a good product and if so where
should I actually resell it back online at right so what I like to do is I’ll
come to the categories here on Ben’s bargains and I’ll literally sort through
some of these deals right here now I’m gonna go straight to electronics right
off the bat because usually that has in my experience at least the best margins
and the best discrepancies from the discount to the actual sale price on
Amazon but you can play around and find good deals in any of these categories so
let me show you example of why this is a good site that you can use and why you
want to actually buy from it now one of the best points about Ben’s bargains is
it does show you what it’s selling for at Amazon right so this is showing that
it’s selling on Amazon for roughly 20 bucks potentially and that’s obviously
dropped since then so it’s selling at 14 bucks right now and there’s 14 people on
the listing now to give you a good indicator because you can buy this for 3
bucks so that has that profit margin that I always talk about of at least 10
dollars when you’re first starting off right one of the things I talked about
in the latest video if you haven’t checked it out I’ll make sure to drop it
at the bottom of the description if you want to go back and check it out after
this video is the online seller add-on where you can kind of see what your
competition has in stock and how many quantity they actually have of this
actual item so it looks like a lot of people only have one or two of this
where two people actually have 17 and 30 and this person has 11 so depending on
how fast this is actually selling it may or may not be a product I want to go
after now it is about 67,000 an electron so that’s pretty solid well we’re gonna
check whether we can sell it and what the sales velocity of this is now it’s
selling about forty to a month so it’s not the best sales velocity in the world
and with fourteen people all with a quantity that is this high potentially
so thirty 1711 you’re gonna be sharing the buy box with everybody for a decent
amount of time if it’s only selling forty two a month so that’s something
that you want to keep in mind I might stay away from this deal or I might go
ahead and buy it so let’s go check out the deal here
first and foremost but actually a step that I forgot is can I actually sell
this so I’m gonna take this into South Central and see because none of it
matters if you can’t actually sell back on Amazon in that case if you can still
get a good deal and you still feel like there’s a market place for it you can
sell it back on Poshmark eBay or Macari but I always like to be
sure and check Amazon first and then use those other ones as fallback options in
situations like this especially with Ben’s bargains so I can sell in a new
news condition so that’s a good sign it is from a legitimate website so Best Buy
selling this for three bucks so I could potentially violate five to ten of these
and sit on that profit margin assuming that the I could at least make ten
dollars you know obviously not counting the fees on Amazon if I merchants
fulfill this it would be a little bit less of fees if I send it into FBA it
might be a little bit more but I would do none of the work and that would just
collect that recurring profit eventually as it sells now one of the things that I
did talk about in the last video as well is when you’re buying things from deal
sites like this so this isn’t like a coupon deal site for private label
products instead this is a different kind of deal site a little bit more like
the bulk deal websites and you’re gonna be wanting to share the buy box with
everybody here because you have 14 sellers on this actual listing so far
and a lot of them have a lot of products so if you continually come in here and
say you know what I’m gonna list line that 1395 to steal the buy box from this
person after I sent it in to FBA yeah that’s a good theory you know in theory
right it’s good strategy in theory but what you’ll start to see because a lot
of these people have read prices on these both deal you know listings right
here is you’re gonna start to see race to the bottom pricing and nobody is
going to win so this is not like it’s your typical you know coupon arbitrage
product for private label instead what you want to do is you want to come in
match the buy box price so that everybody shares the buy box it rotates
back and forth and then everybody wins because they can sell it at $13.99
eventually if they’re willing to wait on it for you know with this product from
buying five to ten it might be a couple weeks to even potentially a couple
months to sell out five to ten of these honestly but if it’s a profit margin I
might take that and just replenish my inventory obviously because I’m making
money knowing full well that if this does go up I’ll make more money and if
it stays the same I’ll still make money and then obviously if it drops then I’m
shit out of luck but you know I’m only spending three bucks to potentially get
it so one of the things that I like to do is I’ll use the FBA calculator but
another thing that I like to do is I actually like to use keepa now for some
of these the for whatever reason the camel camel camel extension has been you
know having an error lately so I’ll just take this in to keep up or go to camel
camel camel calm and I’ll search the price history so you can take it in to
keep it if you want it’s a great place to use it or you can take it in the
camel camel camel calm since the extensions not working and look at the
price history of this product to see ok does it usually sell higher and
obviously there’s no sales data for this because it might be a fairly new product
let’s try to keep it really fast and typically what you’re gonna see is
you’ll see something like this with a graph right and it’s gonna show you what
it usually sells out what the history of the price is so you can get a better
identifier of if it’s gonna go up stay the same or go down so keep a showing
sales data for this right now it’s listed at 14 bucks roughly you know last
week it was listed literally a few days ago it was listed at 15 and then it was
down at 1350 so it’s showing that the for you for this one it’s usually
selling at about 14 bucks and it has since June so you can pretty much assume
that okay it’s been selling since May actually excuse me since May we’re
currently at the end of August it’s a pretty safe bet that if you match the
the buy box here and you don’t try to get in race to bottom the bottom pricing
then you can expect to sell this at roughly $13.99 maybe slightly lower
so that does check out keep in mind that you can use keepa and you can use camel
camel camel to check the sales la sofia of these products or sorry the the sales
history of these products if you want to check the sales velocity I recommend
jungle scout which I will also link in the description
now the next thing that I want to do so we already went through the cellar
add-on to see how much of a quantity our potential competitors have so we
understand how long you might be sharing the buy box potentially with them I want
to see if it’s profitable if I send it into FBA so I don’t have to worry about
this I don’t have to steal fulfill it myself so the product cost me was I
think $2.99 right $2.99 from Best Buy the shipping costs into FBA let’s say if
I buy ten of these it might be something like 20 cents honestly so my potential
profit margin is three dollars and 84 cents per unit if I’m buying it for
twenty 2.99 the shipping cost into amazon for you know each individual unit
because remember I’m buying ten ten of them so to ship you know ten of them in
it might be that’s that’s not right so let’s go like let’s go like 40 cents
here so cuz usually it’s like four to five bucks potentially to ship into FBA
depending on where you’re selling it or why are you sending it to you know what
FBA factory but slow it beyond the scope of this video depending on how many
you’re gonna buy you might want to ask me differently but so I’m still
potentially making a profit of about three dollars and sixty first four cents
per unit that I buy with this if I sell it at thirteen ninety nine and if I pay
$2.99 per product and then my shipping cost into FB i–‘s forty cents now if I
didn’t ship this into FBA obviously what would my FBA calculator tell me that I
would potentially make so if I bought this kept it at my house or my apartment
or my warehouse or whatever where my garage some of you guys are doing this
in garages which also works very well so let’s see what my my uh what I would
make here on this one so let’s get the ASI in and we’ll see if I merchants
fulfill this and didn’t send it into FBA which I don’t always recommend sometimes
it’s more sometimes better honestly to pay that higher fee for FBA to have them
hold your product do all the customer service for you do all the seller
fulfillment for you and all the shipping and all that other stuff for you handle
returns etc etc now keep in mind that since this does have a low sales
velocity and you’re going to be sharing the buy box if you send this into FBA it
honestly might not sell that fast so you might incur if it’s lasting for longer
than like six months you might end up occurring some seller fees so that’s why
I would stay maybe like five to ten of these and not go crazy and deepen this
inventory because you might say like I can make 364 persimmon per unit so why
don’t I just buy a hundred of these and then potentially eventually I’m gonna
make 364 bucks or whatever that is that you don’t want to do that because then
you’re gonna be hit if you send it into FBA you’re gonna hit with long-term
storage fees so just keeping that in mind on how many you’re buying and how
many expect to sell over the long term okay so for my fulfillment the item
price is still gonna be $2.99 the cost of the prior sorry I’ve missed I missed
that up so the cost of the products $2.99 the item price is $13.99
I think $13.99 the shipping so the shipping is going to be this is how much
I’m charging the customer if I were merchants filling this I never charge
the customer because I always want to kind of I don’t want to in my opinion if
you even charge more a little bit and then you lower the shipping costs to
free you’re gonna convert a lot more people because on Amazon so many people
are used to paying prime shipping or paying nothing because they have prime
shipping so if you’re charging shipping you’re your conversion rates are gonna
drop significantly so I never charge shipping I always have
a free shipping template that I do when i fulfill merchant fulfilled but I
rarely fulfill merchants filled on products like this the only things that
I fulfill merchant fulfilled are books and like stuff that I can ship media
mail and stuff that I can ship you know as like bound printed matter which is
also very likely like media mail further simple reason that it doesn’t cost me
anything really to ship it it’s super cheap it’s profitable I don’t really
need any shipping supplies whatsoever and I can literally just drop drop it in
a mailbox and it’s super super easy so if you have any questions obviously just
drop it in the comments and I’d love to answer them for you
so what I’m interested in now is I’m gonna call it the cost of my seller
fulfillment if I’m sending these in might be like five bucks so what am I
gonna make then net profit if I fulfill this myself and it’s 390 so it’s like 50
cents more so in that particular case sometimes you’ll see a discrepancy of
like okay I’m making $10 if I fill up myself I can’t speak today I’m going so
fast I had so much coffee this morning crazy so sometimes just say you’ll see
like okay you’re making $10 if you fulfill it by your merchant like
yourself as merchant fulfilled and you’re only making like 3 if you send it
into FBA so in that case where there’s such a discrepancy that’s when you might
want to think about fulfilling it yourself but for this you know $0.50
discrepancy I don’t even want to deal with it I would send it into FBA so what
I would do is I’d potentially buy like five to ten of these and then make 360
for by shipping them all into FBA so I would be spending $2.99 and if I bought
ten of them that’s gonna tell me I’m spending twenty nine bucks so $29.99
about 30 bucks and I would be making 360 4 on that times 10
roughly obviously that’s gonna you know fluctuate depending on what the price is
you know all sorts of things so I’m spending about 30 to make 30 so that’s a
little bit over a hundred percent return on my investment so that’s a decent
product that you can find now I just wanted to run you through an example I
got lucky that the first one right here was a good product but you can look
through all these other ones here’s another one right here potentially
you’re buying it for twenty two dollars on this on this website you could
potentially sell it back on Amazon for fifty five but keep in mind you want to
look for these Amazon fours right here see how that’s not right there because
then it’s gonna show you that okay selling on Amazon and they can show you
the listing you don’t have to actually search for it yourself by taking the
title and actually searching for that product so that’s just a little
run-through of Ben’s bargains you can utilize this to your advantage to make
good money with online arbitrage right from your computer you don’t have to go
out to the stores and source if you don’t want to the last video I kind of
showed you how you can use brick seek to go out to the stores and get products
and know ahead of time that they’re profitable so you can buy X quantity of
them but you can also do online arbitrage with websites like Ben’s
bargains or a number of other websites that I’ve talked about on this channel
now if you’re interested in scaling this up to a full time income and learning
how to resell products every single month to make money online and multiply
your money over and over again the first link in the description will be a 50%
off discount link for two people to go through so 50% off the online arbitrage
pro course which are running through not just this bulk deal arbitrage but ten
other online arbitrage business models that you can utilize to multiply your
money every single month okay now there’s only two coupon claim codes for
that so the first two people to go through that link and purchase will get
the course at 50% off for the rest of you obviously you know if you click the
link and it’s at full retail then those coupon codes have been claimed so hope
you enjoyed and got value out of this video if you did please throw it a like
it really helps the video rank better and gets it seen out there to more
people on YouTube and what that being said I’ll see in the next one

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  1. Coffee!! Lol yeah me too. Had to go to the Post office today and spend a dollar on an envelope. Going on USPS.com as soon as I post this to order some free envelopes and boxes. Hate it when it cuts into my profit even that much web your total profit was only 5 bucks. I know it was in the pro course I remember it kicking myself all the way to the PO

  2. Can’t say no to a 100% return on your investment 😏 better than most investments out here bro nice πŸ‘

  3. How do you find these sites bro?! You must have Google on steroids or something lol. Love the OS Seller add on, I'm also considering using IP Alert extension to get alerts on ASINs that have known to file IP complaints. Have you used this extension before?

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