April 2, 2020
Solutions to Meet Your E-commerce Goals

Solutions to Meet Your E-commerce Goals

Hi guys. Welcome back to “It’s Your Business.” Once again, I’m Dan DuPree, Vice President
of Client Relations here at SimplePart and I’m back with more helpful tips for your business. Every dealer comes to us with different needs
and different levels of experience, so we make sure our options fit
the goals of our customers, and are able to grow with them as their business grows. With this in mind, I wanted to go over how
our different package levels can help you better meet your business goals. If you’re simply aiming to create your
online presence, or just need an easy way to sell your parts online,
the Base package is a great place to start. It has everything you need to get started
with an e-commerce site: a brand-compliant website, a detailed parts catalog updated
regularly with OE and MOTOR data, fraud protection tools to keep
you and your customers safe, and thorough performance analytics with over 300 custom business reports. That’s right, all the reports are included in every package, we’ll never charge you extra for your own data! If you are interested in attracting more potential
customers to your existing online store, and extending your local reach,
chat with us about our Base+ package. It adds a boost from online advertising, specifically
targeted local search marketing and shopping ads. With this feature, it’s important to monitor
your paid search ads to make sure your ROAS is at the right level for your budget. And of course, our support team is always
here to ensure you’re meeting your sales goals and spending the right amount. Our Pro package is for dealers who want to
take their dealership’s site—and sales–nationwide. At this level, customers all over the country
will be driven to your site through paid ads, Shopping placements, and enhanced website
content, so make sure your dealership is equipped to handle the increase in orders when considering
this package. Pro dealers also get unlimited access to our
Dealer Strategy team. So whenever you want advice on growing your
business or boosting sales, they’re here to make sure your online store is as profitable
as possible. When you’re a Pro Dealer, you’re our partner. We want to work with you, not for you. Allowing your business to grow at a reasonable
and sustainable rate is one of the main reasons we offer different levels, so our support team is always there to listen to your changing needs and concerns. It can be appealing to immediately choose
the package promising the highest number of sales, but mismanaging an influx of orders will ultimately
do your business more harm than good. We’ll help you decide which package is the
right fit for your business goals, and even if that means
upgrading—or downgrading—your package level. As an added bonus, because of our OEM partnerships,
your dealership could receive a discount on the price of your chosen package. Contact our sales team to find out which deals
are available for you. That’s all for this episode of “It’s Your Business.” Once again, I’m Dan DuPree, and thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the videos by me or other SimplePartners. We’ll see you next time!

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