September 19, 2019
Solutions for E-Commerce Stores by Kardex Remstar

Solutions for E-Commerce Stores by Kardex Remstar

This is Tom. Tom is clever and would like to start his own e-commerce enterprise. He has good ideas and a few fantastic products. With the help of an acquaintance, he quickly sets up his own webshop. Tom doesn’t have a car, but he’s got a large garage. Before long, the first orders start coming in. Tom is happy. His customer base is growing, business is up and running. In fact running so well, that he moves into facilities of his own and hires an employee. But it doesn’t take long, before Tom notices that something has got to happen very soon. Too many orders, too many goods, not enough space. It all starts getting out of hand. He needs help. Tom starts thinking, and then he calls up Kardex Remstar. Mr. Miller from Kardex is on hand immediately. Tom pours out his heart and depicts his problem. Mr. Miller listens attentively, analyses the situation and together they find a clever solution. Tom is happy, and that makes Mr. Miller glad too. For the large amounts of small articles, Mr. Miller recommends the Megamat RS. And for handling the medium-size articles, a Shuttle XP. Tom’s employee has a much easier time now. Optical display elements on the machines like the TIC Matrix Position Indicator and the LED Pointer, controlled by Power Pick Global, the Kardex Remstar Warehouse Management System, show him all the relevant picking information. This puts him on track, allowing him to work effectively and error-free. Tom is happy. He has more space now to help his business grow, and since he always knows what he’s got in stock, where it is and in what amounts things go more quickly and easily. Almost no mistakes occur anymore, and this reduces his logistics costs while increasing his competitiveness. Tom saves time and money. And his investment pays itself off within a short period of time. It was even possible to install the equipment during ongoing business operations all within two weeks. What’s best is that the Kardex-System is open for expansion. Should Tom continue to expand, his Kardex logistics solution will simply keep pace. We saw it coming: Business is booming and it’s time to grow again. Another case for Mr. Miller. He quickly appears on the scene and makes great suggestions, about how to make optimal use of existing space. Together they find a clever solution again, which is installed within just a few days without any interruption of ongoing business operations. Tom is clever. He improves his productivity continuously, always supported by the intelligent, modular Warehouse Management Software Power Pick Global from Kardex Remstar, which provides a seamlessly integrated interface between his webshop and his entire logistics. Each employee has a color and processes several orders simultaneously. Everything is more flexible, accurate and expedient. Tom’s logistics capacities grow with the demand. Gradually, step by step. As the need arises. Tom is happy. Tom starts thinking again. Next door there is this long room with a low ceiling. He contacts Mr. Miller, who simply says: “horizontal carousel”. Because it utilizes the depth of the room and minimizes walking distances. And because it makes storing and retrieving goods quick, reliable and cost efficient. As if that weren’t enough, Tom has a conveying system installed which is tailored to his logistics. It combines all areas of his warehouse, saving him even more time and money in this way. Tom is happy and that makes Mr. Miller glad too. Tom’s business continues to grow and Tom decides to integrate the new innovative box handling machine LR 35 to handle his high runner articles, that fit perfectly into a box. Tom is happy. His customers are satisfied and that makes Mr. Miller glad too. Tom‘s story is merely one example. Kardex Remstar offers custom tailored intra logistics solutions for everyone, globally. To cover everything from goods in to goods out. No matter how large or small the goods might be. As our solutions can be extended flexibly, they are especially interesting for start-ups in the e-commerce industry. What about you? Check-out our website to grow your business and make your operations more profitable.

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