March 28, 2020
#SOCIALERAS Review-Quality Products🧡EN SUB

#SOCIALERAS Review-Quality Products🧡EN SUB

Hi! I’m here today to review SocialEras, What is it? It is an ecommerce platform for Social Brand. But who is a social Brand? A social brand is a brand that directly addresses the consumer, I mean to you, to all those who browse on social networks, and who, in a close and direct relationship with the manufacturer and the producer of the material, sells directly to the ‘final user. In this way brokerage costs are reduced, as there are no sellers. The products that are offered on this platform are products that have a high quality, both of materials and of production, they are niche products, In fact you can find materials in vegan leather. The fabrics used are natural fabrics, from cotton, cashmere, Alpaca wool, pure wool and Tibetan Yak fiber. The Brands that participate and can access to sell on this platform must meet certain criteria. At least three of these six: the fact of being a socially responsible company, of being transparent in prices, of having an innovative design and concept, of following ethical Manufacturing, of having quality products and being respectful of the environment . SocialEras advertising is done directly through the people who buy, In fact anyone can buy, can post the image on his favorite social network, adding #socialeras in the comments and automatically this review is posted in the feeds on the SocialEras Instagram page. In this way the review is real and truthful. I was contacted by this platform to do the review and they sent me three items, they didn’t pay me to do the review, so I’ll show you the items I received Let’s go see them. I took this beautiful white sweater, 30% in cashmere, it is a very soft sweater to the touch and it seems made with knitting needles it has a different pattern of fantasy in the upper part compared to the lower one. The Brand that made this shirt is called Otherlinks, it has this logo in the shape of a cross and it is really soft They arrived in this comfortable cotton bag, which can be used for different purposes. I must say that I like it very much, the price was discounted. the prices are in line with the quality of the products and the Brand. Let’s see the second item: it’s this red Valentino sweater, semi-high collar, the logo is always this cross, The Brand is Otherlinks. This is 100% cashmere, the wool has a cross weave, very very soft, falls pleasantly on the body, does not pinch on the skin, I like it very much for the color Fantastic Finally, let’s see the latest item, Here it is, it is a beautiful long-sleeved t-shirt, 100% very soft cotton, I love it for the shape of the sleeve, the sleeves are also very long. This design is an original drawing made by a tattoo artist and is the classic product that is aimed at people looking for Street Style, at those who live the street in a dynamic way So what to say? go visit their website, I leave the link below. You can also get a 10% discount for the purchases you make, I also ask you, if you like these clothes and if you are curious, to download their apk, there is both for Android and for IOs, it is free, in this way you can stay up to date with their products, I leave you the link to the infobox, I am very happy to have received this opportunity, because they are quality products, very beautiful. If you liked this video, it was useful and you discovered something new, Remember to subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment below. Ciao

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