March 30, 2020
Social Selling on Linkedin

Social Selling on Linkedin

You heard it before: social selling. Is it
a fad or does it really work? And what is it in the first place?
Can we really generate more leads and sales with it? Well, yes, you can and you
will after you watch this episode of the Digital Rainmaker The old way of selling (or the
traditional one) involves phone calls, meetings, introductions, sales pitches, etc.
If you think about it all that we try to do was to establish a relationship with
our potential client, with the intent to exchange some value (our product or
service) for money. Today relationships are a little bit different:
we spend more time on social platforms than we do on the phone honestly
so getting clients attention in the real world is harder than ever. After all
selling new tools is not new to sales people: we went from phone to fax to
email, so social selling is just the evolution of this, it’s the leap forward in
selling. If clients are more in social media so should we, right? To sell at
least. With social media you have the tools to reach people and find potential
prospects with surgical precision. You can follow conversations in groups that are
relevant to your industry or product where you can provide the right
information at the right time. But the conversation and the narrative in the
digital world is different from the real world. In social media people don’t like
to be spammed or have sales links dropped. Instead people want to see value or
entertainment. And value or entertainment is what we should provide or maybe both.
Let me explain: in the traditional way the salesperson is like a hunter: it’s
a proactive exercise. Well, nowadays in social media it’s the other
way around: we attract the client we make the client
come to us. The way that it works is that we provide value out there in social
media and we have people to like, share, and we create an audience basically that
comes to us in these ways we extend this audience to people that can reach us so
we create a largest potential client base. And when people start seeing more
and more of your content like in the example, earlier (in a normal relationship)
it’s like if this client knows you. You increase trust, you increase authority,
and familiarity, So it’s more likely that this clients will reach out. I promise you,
this is really exactly how it works. To know more how to build a brand that
attract clients, watch this video: you’ll find it in the description below,
under “building a brand” so you can watch it later when you finish watching this
one. There are two types of social selling that you can take, well actually
you should take both. One is the paid one and one is the organic one. The organic
one is the one that I just described you put valuable content in front of your
target audience to attract them the second one is the one where you do paid
ads to reach that potential audience. If you just push a product with ads then
it’s just digital marketing. I have a video on this check the description box
but if you use ads to boost your organic reach then you boost your social selling
engine. Let me give an example: let’s say that you are an insurance company and
you publish in terms of value a number of clips about how to make your
household safer. Responsible homeowners will follow you because they are
interested in that subject matter and then eventually they get familiar with
you they trust your brand and eventually they buy. Straight forward! So, where does
the pay ads come in? You can use the digital ads to target, in social media,
that specific audiences that you’re trying to get as clients. You show them
an attractive clip, 15 seconds, powerful, sexy, slick, that has the sole purpose to
make people interested in your social channels. Your content. Once they get
there and they start following you, your social selling machine begins. Another
important aspect to consider when you do social selling is that brand is now
personal. What do I mean by that? The thing is that people prefer to follow
people rather than brands take Elon Musk, for example, much bigger popularity
in social media than Tesla. So a personal brand, a “persona”, a single person gets at
least five times more visibility than just a company. Ideally, you want to build
one “persona” one personal brand for every product that you want to push for your
organization but start at least with one have one person and just compare the
“person brand” against the “company brand”. Secondly, you should involve everybody in
your organization to push your brand or this “persona brand” that you’re trying to
get out there in social media. You can be a small medium or large organization and
having from you know employees to thousands of employees, it
doesn’t matter. Every single one, every single one of us, has got hundreds of
connections, so multiply every person for hundreds and that’s the kind of reach that you
can get if everybody is involved, sharing your content in social media. When I sit
with clients I find out often that they have on one side a wealth of information
that would be a great catalyst online to attract clients. And as I said on the
other side this client has got a lot of employees that could organically reach
millions of prospects. All of us knows hundreds of people, so getting a change
management campaign or a policy that will involve everybody in the company to
at least share your content minimum on LinkedIn, can reach a tremendous amount
of leads. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of what you already have
in-house and you can increase your sales at least 50%. In fact I’ve got a report
last month from one of my clients a 68% increase in sales, in three
months since we started moving their digital campaigns. It really works and
it’s great to see the success unfolding and clients celebrating. Thanks for watching,
stay in the loop for other tips and subscribe to The Figital Rainmaker. If
you have questions or you want me to cover specific topics leave a comment
below. Thanks for watching… ciao… …till the next one… … bye bye… …aufiderzen… …sayonara…

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