January 18, 2020

Social Media Training with Bianca Abreu

– Okay. Right, we are recording but
I’ll wait to introduce you ’cause I’ll edit this before we start. So here we go. (keyboard clicking) Okay. All right, let me just
type in the description. (keyboard clicking) Bianca? – Yes. – [Toni] How do you pronounce
your last name exactly? – [Bianca] Abreu. – Abreu, okay perfect. Let me just pull up your
thing that you sent me. So I can properly introduce you. Here we go, you’re live. We’re live anyway. It’s gettin’ there. We’re halfway there. Redirecting. Okay, yup we are live. Let me see here. All right, let me just
check to make sure we are… rocking and rolling. Okay, let’s go back to zoom. All right, I think we have you, yes, yes. So I see participants joining us. We are live on Facebook, ’cause I have my computer here and I have my other laptop (laughs) here and my phone (laughs). – [Bianca] (mumbles) – [Toni] Yes. Okay, so before we get started here, let me just check and make sure we’ve got
everything all squared away. All right. Okay, I think we’re ready. Are you ready darling? – Oh yeah. I’m ready.
– Okay. Okay, how are you guys? So this is Toni Vanschoyck,
senior executive director and I’m here tonight with Bianca Abreu. – [Bianca] (laughs) You got it. – [Toni] Okay, I had to make
sure I say those names right because when you have
a confusing last name, you just wanna make sure
you enunciate it properly. So you guys, I have been so grateful to get to know Bianca better, ever since we had the
Rev tour down in Orlando. I spent some time visiting with her. I went down to Miami and we did a super Sunday, not this past weekend
but the weekend before and I’m gonna tell you what these girls that shared, blew me away I mean, they’re young, they’re go-getters and I just was really excited that we have this young rock star and I wanna properly introduce her. So let me tell you a little
bit about who Bianca is. She’s 25 years old, she’s an ED. She’s been with the company
for only a year and a half but prior to MONAT, she was
full-time graduate student, getting her master’s in
interior architecture. So by the the time she graduated, she’d already picked up her caddy and was a market mentor
and walked the stage and now she does this
full-time, full-time. Unbelievable, so I am so excited
for you to be here tonight and sharing with us because
what you discussed in Miami, I was just like, I was, literally I had to
pick my jaw up off the ground but you explain it in such simple terms and especially if you’re
familiar with social media and Instagram and influencers
and that kind of thing. They’re gonna understand but you’re gonna give us basics for people that are not so cool, like me (laughs). – Absolutely. – [Toni] Bianca I’m
gonna turn it over to you so you can share with everybody this amazing presentation
you put together. So honey, take it away. – [Bianca] Yes. Well first off I have to say, thank you so much Toni for having me. I mean it feels pretty unreal that I am doing this for your team. You’ve paved the way for so many people, so I’m super grateful to be here. And then the second thing
is, I wanna let you guys know that in no way do I consider
myself a social media pro. I’m simply going to be
giving you guys the rundown on what has worked for me and maybe that may work for you or it may not work for you. Everything I learned was
through trial and error, through Google searches, so I’m just gonna relay
that message to you and I’m just gonna go ahead
and start the presentation. So let’s share this screen. And then you tell me if you see it. – [Toni] Yup, we’ve got it. – [Bianca] Okay perfect. So, the first thing first
is before doing MONAT, you’ve been using Instagram
in a different way. You’ve been using Instagram to
stalk your future boyfriend, to post pictures of your (laughs) pets, to post pictures of your babies. You’re not using it to make money. So once you start MONAT, you wanna start using
Instagram more intentionally because that’s how you’re
gonna build income online. It’s crazy the businesses that
have been able to be built and lucrative just from
the social media platform. So step number one is you wanna make sure that your Instagram is
on a business profile. How do you do that? You just have to go into your settings and you’ll be able to do that. Why you wanna do that? You want to do that because
it’s going to offer you insights and information on your engagement, on your followers, who are
they, where are they from. You can see my Discovery here. So this was the accounts that I reached in the week of December
30th through January 5th. I reached 20,000 accounts. Friday you guys see a spike, why? Because I posted a picture on Friday that had a whole bunch of hashtags. Boom, my page got a lot more exposure. So I’m gonna talk hashtags
and all that a little later on but just to give you a brief introduction to these analytics, there’s Impressions that is how many times
somebody sees your content. You can see your profile visits, where your audience is from. I know a big chunk is from Miami. I can see the age range of people who are looking
at my stuff and the gender. So I know that 90% of the
people on my page are females. Why is this important? Because when I go on Instagram and I talk about the opportunity,
I talk about the products. It’s mostly focused on
females, girl power, postpartum hair loss, things
that women are going through because that is my audience. My audience is not men. You can see it’s literally 10%. So next. (keyboard clicking) Next up, your bio. So now you’re going from a regular person who is using Instagram
to post your hobbies or whatever it is that you are posting to being a business owner. So your bio is your business card. It should indicate who
you are, what you offer and it should have links. So right off the bat you can see my name, you can see I’m an executive director, I’m a founder, I love travel, design and I can help you work from home. So you should have some indication
of what you offer people. I can help you work form Wi-Fi. I can help you have your dream hair, whatever the case may be. Clearly have that
indicated in your profile. You can also have some
sort of call to action that are focused to your links. So some people have take my hair quiz, work from home, join my team. It’s a call to action that shows them, “Okay, here are my links, “go ahead and take part in my surveys.” So once you click my links, I personally use Linktree
to hold three links. My influencer application, my hair quiz and who is MONAT. So my influencer application
is a survey that I made through Google Forms and very simply put, it’s just so people can take it and I can get to know who they are. At that point I can decide
whether or not this person fits with the brand of MONAT, the brand that I’ve built and if I wanna work with them. My hair quiz, so I don’t use
the traditional MONAT quiz. I have created my own hair quiz that is more specific
and customized to the way that I would offer a hair consultation. I feel like this works the best because in the past I
noticed that first of all, the hair quiz from MONAT sometimes the results are
not the most accurate, sometimes you have to dig a
little further into questions and also the biggest thing is, it shows them products and pricing. I don’t want them to get
scared away from pricing when they know nothing about this company, nothing about how
different our products are and I haven’t painted the
value of the products to them. So I have a simple Google Forms, I have no idea what that noise is, so I’m so (laughs) sorry. And then the last link I have… (drill groaning) that is so weird, is who is MONAT. So when you click this link, it is a link that goes to
MONAT’s YouTube channel and on that YouTube channel it is a video of the Urdanetas and them just
talking about this company. I feel like that is so
special and important. It’s what got my attention right away and it’s what makes us so different. So I have that as one of the first links for the introduction
of who our company is. So that leads us into MONAT’s brand. So we know that we are
a faith based company, we are a family owned business, we are built on love, gratitude, we have an amazing community and we have a culture
that is unlike any other. Think about the brand that MONAT has built versus any other company. People come here for a reason. So understand that, okay
MONAT already has their brand, who am I inside of MONAT? (keyboard clicking) Brands that work. So other brands that we
can compare to MONAT, Nike, Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola. I mean when you see these logos, you right away know exactly
what these companies are about. Apple, I know that I love Apple and it’s because I feel
like they are paving the way when it comes to technology. They are top of the line. They’re revolutionizing that industry. So you know what having a brand and a logo and all that does, is it paints value. So it’s so important to think
about yourself beyond MONAT and what is making your business
and your company different, because you have to remember that at the end of the day we’re all offering the same thing. We’re offering the same exact products, we’re offering the same
exact business opportunity. You only need to be 10%
different to stand out. What is gonna make
somebody sign up with you versus somebody else. And it goes back to Apple, their brand is so strong that it kind of eliminates competition. I don’t even think about Samsung because no, I want Apple. I want the best of the best. I want the best technology out there and that’s what Apple has
done with their branding. (keyboard clicking) Okay, so building your brand. In order to build your brand you need to understand, who am I? I feel like a lot of people
mess up with this company when they try to be
something that they’re not, because that comes off as
ungenuine, unauthentic. Be yourself. That is the biggest thing that
you can do with this company and so three to five
things right off the bat that make me who I am, I love to travel. Traveling is one of my biggest passions. One of the other reasons
why I joined this company, I wanted to experience
design in real life. The other thing is, I was a design student. I’m so passionate about
interior design architecture, I mean, it’s my favorite thing. The other thing is, I am in a long distance relationship, my boyfriend’s in the military. So this is what makes me who I am. I love hair. I love all things beauty and I kind of incorporate a palette, colors, a scheme, something
that screams Bianca, where you know that all these pictures kinda have the same thing going on, they have the same
vibe, the same aesthetic and that kind of what you
wanna create with your brand because it’s gonna, when people
see it they’re gonna be like “Oh, that’s Bianca.” Next. So what is it that you want to post about? Okay, you need to start thinking about how your Instagram is a storybook. So again, you’re gonna have
your page on a business profile but you’re also going to make it public. With the combination
of posting on your feed and your stories, you’re going
to put your page out there. More people are going
to be able to reach you. So through that, you can tell people a little bit about who you are and then when they land on your page, they can determine whether or not, “Hey, I like what this girl’s about. “This post is so interesting. “Let me see her highlights.” I think highlights are so important because people are stalkers. They can literally see
everything about you right on your page. So I have a highlight on my business, my hair, my travels, beauty, my journey throughout
this company, design, my long distance relationship. Everything is laid out for them. So what happens is I get a lot of people that sign up with me that I don’t know because they feel like
they already know me just because of what I am
presenting to them on Instagram. So one of the two most
important things to remember is to be intentional and to be vulnerable. Yes, my page may look
like it’s super polished and put together but girl, if you go on my Stories,
you’ll see me with pimples with my hair all looking crazy, no eyebrows on and just being real. And I love being raw with my followers because I really want people
with me on this journey that accept me for who I am. So I never try to paint
myself as a perfect persona and neither should you because
nobody relates to perfect. Everybody relates to the
person who is vulnerable and going through the same things as them. None of us are perfect so make
sure that you are vulnerable. What I mean by being
intentional is a lot of things but one little example I
wanna give is when I started this MONAT journey, I didn’t post anything
about the words MONAT, my box, my products, nothing. The first post I did, was
I did my hair really nice, I did my makeup and
then I got on Instagram being vulnerable about my
long distance relationship. Miles had just left back to Spain, that’s where he lives and people always would
always ask me questions, “How do you guys do it? “What advice can you give?” So I did that. And then towards the end
of that rant or that video I did a very simple and
intentional clip of my hair like, “Well, but anyways loving
what these products have done “for my hair.” Boom.
(fingers flicking) Tons of DMs on, “Oh my God, “your long distance relationship,” and like “What are the
products that you’re using?” Your goal at the end of
the day with social media is to start a conversation, okay? That’s what you guys wanna be doing. It doesn’t have to be a
message to a stranger saying, “Hey, join my team. “Hey, I can help you
build your dream life.” We do not do that here. I am very vague in pull marketing and so how I do that is
through social media. So what are the things that
you guys should be posting? Please, post about your personal life. The things that you guys have going on on your day to day basis. Your hair, you’re selling
hair care products also skin care products. So you need to incorporate that. Maybe you have some hair routine videos, whatever the case may be. Lifestyle. So this one is huge. You need to show people
the lifestyle that, number one, you’re working towards and number two, MONAT is giving you, because when you join this opportunity there is a little bit of that
flexibility and that freedom. So simple posts like, “So
grateful that this is my office “for the day, that I don’t
have to sit in traffic “and go to work. “That I’m making money right here “in my dining room or my bed.” Lifestyle posts are so, so important. Travel. So this is specific to me because I love traveling,
it’s one of my passions and I kinda wanna attract the same people that have the same interests into my page and so that’s one of my posts. Inspiration. So inspiration is great because even though people
might not be interested in the company, they might not be
interested in the products, network marketing,
whatever the case may be. They’ll still follow you
because you’re so inspirational because you are a positive
light on their page. I have tons of people that will message me and let me know, “I love
that podcast that you shared, “it changed my day. “I love that quote that you shared “it really has me thinking
differently about life.” So listen to that personal development, share that inspiration
that you have day to day because people like that and it’s nice. It’s different than
what people are posting on a day to day basis,
other than drinking, going out, whatever the case may be. Business and work. So you have to post about the opportunity. I definitely was somebody
that resisted this for so long because I was consumed with
what people would think of me. “What are people gonna think?” “Oh my God, network marketing
she’s in a pyramid scheme.” Blah, blah, blah. Once your release (exhales). People thinking so hard about you, at the end of the day
nobody’s gonna pay your bills, this opportunity changes lives. When you clearly understand that, you will not hesitate on a business post. So if you are hesitating
on that kind of content you need to get on MONAT’s YouTube page, look at the Million Dollar Club members, watch those videos,
listen to the testimonials because the business opportunity is real and it really does change not
only people’s bank accounts but it completely shifts their lives and then of course, your
interests and hobbies. Please tell your story. And when I say be vulnerable, remember that people are
watching your journey. So let’s say your first Live, like my first Live was so terrible, my chest broke out in hives. Every time I think about it
to this day, I wanna throw up but I had to do it because I did it again and again and again and now it doesn’t kill me
show much to do that Live. And people have seen that growth. They are seeing how the
company has changed me. How my confidence is much
bigger than it was before. So it’s undeniable when
you’re telling people, “Hey this business
opportunity, it changes you.” Okay? So that is super important. That’s one tip that is
one of my favorite tips. Please don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. People don’t actually care
as much as you think they do. (keyboard clicking) Next, know your audience. This is one of the most important things because sometimes we’re
not intentionally posting and then we’re just
posting, “Hey, join my team. “Make five figures a month. “Get a free car, get free trips.” Well who is your niche? Who are you talking to? Who is your target audience? Okay, the way that you’re
gonna talk to a mommy is so different than the way that you’re gonna talk to an influencer or an entrepreneur or a
hairstylist or a student, right? So who is it that you want on your team? A lot of this is educating
people on our industry and how different this is. So let’s say your niche is influencers. Well, most of your content that
you’re posting on your Story is probably gonna be
related to their industry and how different MONAT is, a partnership with a global beauty brand that’s gonna build you
residual income is the future versus paid sponsorships that
have you do all this stuff only to give you some
free products, right? The influencers dream
is what MONAT offers. So there’s a lot to say
when it comes to that. Mommies, that’s a different
story than for a mommy. Mommies, you can show
them and talk to them about financial freedom and
being able to build an income at home right next to their kids, right? So that’s a completely different niche. I don’t know even if I’m
saying that word right. Niche, I don’t know. The next (laughs) good. The next one, entrepreneurs
and business owners. I feel like the way that
I present the opportunity is so real and so true, that I eliminate so much wasted time because I’m telling people
that it’s a lot of work. I’m telling people that
it’s so much better than going out there and
investing in another business where you have to spend $20,000 source where you’re gonna get your, let’s say it’s a boutique,
your clothes and your outfits and then you gotta open up shop. It’s totally different. You don’t have a mentor. It’s not a small starter cost. It’s not risk free. Okay, so the the way that
you’re talking to people matters and I say this for the girls
that maybe they feel stuck or that they’re recruiting people and those people are not producing. Think about how are you
presenting the information? So please think about
this next time you post. Who are you trying to attract? Hashtags, one second. (bottle thumps) So I don’t wanna get too
in depth about hashtags because honestly I have
not even mastered this. This is something that
I just play along with and it seems to work out for me so I’m just gonna tell
you what works for me but a little tip and a
trick that you guys can do. Okay, let’s say you know
that you want your niche to be mommies because you’re a mommy. Okay, I don’t really have mom followers. You literally have the
world at your fingertips. You can look up mom hashtags, so there’s like moms of
Instagram, momlife, mom bloggers. You can start looking for
your ideal business partner. So you can follow her, build
a relationship with her. Something that Mandy,
Sue and Jacqueline Ortega have said in the past,
is they do this method, I think it’s called three plus five. I don’t do this but
I’m gonna tell you guys ’cause I have a few girls that do this, they will comment on, like three pictures and comment on five pictures and then follow that person and start building a
relationship from there. So maybe that’s something
that you guys can do if you’re looking for prospects but it should never be a direct message saying, “Join my team.” Another thing with
hashtags that I use a lot to expand my reach, is in my comments, I will
comment a little period and then on that comment, I will comment a group of hashtags. Don’t ask me where I got these hashtags. I literally, like I said, I googled them. It’s what I’ve been using for a while that has worked for me. Again, Instagram’s
algorithm is very tricky and what works for me
might not work for you. But I’m just gonna show you
my Insights from that post. So remember how I told
you guys in the beginning, I posted something on Friday
and it shot up my reach, well this is the post. I can see I got 14 website
clicks from that post, three emails, 530 people
visited my profile. I got 22 followers from that post. My hashtag impressions, so how
many people saw the picture from the hashtags was 11,000. From my homepage it was 6,000. So again this is why the
business profile is great. This is why posting on your
feed about your personal life and including and incorporating
the business is great because when people see my posts and they read this beautiful
message about the business, they’re intrigued, they’re like, “Let me go to her page. “Let me see what this is about.” So clearly something
about this post resonated when I launched it. (keyboard clicking) So I wanna talk really quick about feeds that work for you and against you. Again, really big into pull marketing and how is it that you get people to be interested in who you are. Well, you kinda have to
exude a vibe, an energy. So Sarah Hill, right off the bat, her brand, when I think of Sarah Hill I think bad ass. She’s a mom, she’s a photographer, she does a great job of
including and incorporating all of this, her entire world
on her social media page. She has pictures of products,
pictures of her hair, pictures of her home, her kids, her team, her business. She does a great job of
giving you that vibe. She incorporates her real life. She’s very raw, she’s very authentic, she gives you inspiration and she shows you what she has to offer. She shows you the opportunity. So feeds that work against you. I feel like sometimes people, they’re not understanding branding, they’re not understanding
network marketing. They are consumed with being MONAT and you have to remember
that you are not MONAT, you are you. So this is an example of somebody who incorporated MONAT
Global’s name into their name and then when you go on
their page, it’s just ads. Okay, so let’s say I used
a hashtag on my picture and then somebody came to my profile and they saw all these ads, would you follow a spammy page? No, you’re not going to. Okay, if this page is oversaturated, it’s salesy and they’re only
posting about one thing. So please remember to post about your life and what you guys have going on because that is what gets
people to click with you. People need to fall in love with you first before they fall in love with the company, before they want to try the products. (keyboard clicking) So this is a little
example of pull marketing, so this is one of my good friends Denise. She posted this awesome
picture that she took, I think it was in Bali, yeah in Bali and MONAT re-posted it. And so she posted this great picture but the caption was related to the founder’s pull opportunity. So she posted it, it obviously came up on
a lot of people’s feeds and then they’re gonna read this and be like, “That’s so interesting. “What is she talking about? “What is she talking about? “A billion dollar company,
shares, founder, the number one “fastest growing hair care company.” “Splash into my DM if you’re
ready to join our tribe.” Okay, so this really cool ’cause if somebody sees
this and they resonate they’re gonna go to her page. They’re gonna see this awesome page and then they’re gonna feel like, “Okay, I’m interested
in what this is about.” Or, “Maybe I’m not interested
but I wanna follow this girl “and follow the journey
that she’s on,” okay? And so I wanna also say, I know that this probably
seems like super intimidating, I’m talking about like freakin’ Sarah Hill and I’m showing you all these
amazing pictures and stuff. You don’t have to be a photographer. You don’t have to be a professional. And I can tell you that
because there’s a million apps that I found that keep it real simple. And I’m gonna talk about that here. So apps that help. There’s two apps that I live and die for. Ride-or-dies, the only
apps that I use, that’s it. This is like the number one
question that I always get, “What do you use to filter your pictures? “What do you use to create your stories?” This goes back to the branding. So every single picture
or 90% of my pictures have the glow preset on Tezza. Tezza is my favorite app in the world. It’s an app that I was
missing for a long time until, excuse me, Erika Sheffer did
a call for our team one day and she brought it up and
oh my God, I was obsessed. So I’m sharing it with you
in case you don’t know. This app does a great job of literally making your
pictures look professional. I mean look at the difference
between this and this. And this is just an easy
picture that I took on my bed. I just literally threw the products there, took a quick pic, boom, put it in that app and now that app just made it look legit. Another app that I love is Unfold, so this goes again, back to the branding. I tend to use a specific
template all the time and make it look a certain way. I use the same textures, the same colors. And all the text you can, it is in Unfold. You don’t even have to get out of this app to put text through another app. This is what I like. Stick to the apps that you
like and that work for you. This is what works for
me and I understand it. I refuse to try any other apps
because this is it for me. But yeah, as far as pictures, so obviously these are
pictures that I took. This is a picture that I
found through a MONAT hashtag. So if you guys are
struggling to find pictures, literally you can go
on the MONAT Instagram look at their tagged pictures
or you can search hashtags, hashtag REJUVABEADS, hashtag
MONAT Intense Repair treatment. You can find so much
already made on Instagram. (keyboard clicking) Boom. So to wrap it all up. The basic kinda tips that
I wanted to give you guys. Remember that people
follow you for a reason. They are not going to
resonate with flyers (laughs). MONAT is already sending you an email, why are you re-posting
that email on your page? It’s salesy, it’s cheap. It makes your brand look that way. So if you are not tech
savvy, show your face. Talk about the opportunity. Talk about the products. Educate people on why our
company is so different. There is so much to
say about our industry, especially because I’m
somebody who knew nothing about direct sales, especially on the beauty
and skin care market. I knew nothing about that as well. Educate on our products. So, “Hey, our products
are naturally based. “They’re vegan, they’re cruelty free.” Why are they different? Because we use ingredients specific to us. It is your job to educate. Education is what’s gonna
open people’s minds up, right? You’re not opening up anybody’s mind up when you’re trying to lure
them into this opportunity by telling them they’re
gonna make great money or drive a free car or go on free trips. You have to kinda open up their eyes so they’re like, “Wow, I
never thought of it that way.” When you’re talking to somebody
who maybe is an entrepreneur thinking about opening up a business. Do you know that 58% of businesses fail in their first five years? Those are some of the things that I talk about openly on social media because people don’t
know, they don’t realize, they’re not thinking about it. They don’t know how in MONAT
we don’t have inventory that we have to carry. That all we have to do
is invest a one time fee in order to get our products. I don’t even like
calling it an investment. You’re buying products, okay? So share other things that you love, is another basic little tip because you’re going
to build a relationship with your followers and
you’re going to bring value into their lives. So something that I
also love to post about is a Revlon blow dryer brush. I don’t sell it, I don’t
make any money off of it. I freakin’ wish that I did because so many people have bought it. But guess what, let’s say
somebody’s been watching you and they don’t want your products, they don’t want the business opportunity but hey, they like following
you and they decide one day, “I’m gonna buy that
Revlon blow dryer brush “that Bianca keeps talking about.” And then she buys it, she
uses it and she loves it. You’ve just built trust with that person. So now she’s gonna be
like, “You know what? “I love this blow dryer
that she was talking about. “Let me try the products,
she must be speaking truth “when she talks about them.” So you wanna kinda build that relationship with your followers and that’s something that I do a lot. And the most important
thing is have fun with this. It is not that serious. A lot of it is trail and error. I like to say, done is
better than perfect. You’re never gonna have the perfect post. You’re never gonna have the perfect Live. You’re never gonna have the perfect IGTV. None of mine where (laughs) perfect and it’s okay, because
practice makes perfect and you know what? It’s just gonna make people relate to you and I always tell myself
who’s meant to be on my team, who’s meant to be on this journey with me will be on this journey with me. I am not gonna stress little details. I’m not gonna stress, did
I say the right things? Did I do everything perfect? Because that’s just the way
that I choose to look at this. And that’s a decision that you guys should
make every single day. This is not something to stress. This is not something to
get discouraged about. This is something to explore. This is something to learn from others. When I started this,
everything that I learned here, post and all this stuff,
how to educate people, was following other girls in the business. “Okay this girl, she’s executive director. “She’s making this much, she’s
a college student like me. “What is she doing? “Because I’m gonna be where she’s at. “Done and done.” So I would watch them, look at their post, screenshot things that I liked, put it in a folder, revisit, recreate, put my twist on it. Okay so do these little things and I promise daily, you’re
gonna find a difference but that’s the thing, you
gotta do this consistently. You can’t be half in, half out. If you’re gonna post on social media, you gotta post every single day. You don’t have to post
a hundred times a day but you have to post at least once, because remember too that not everybody is watching
your page every single day. Maybe you post one thing one day and then another thing another day and people don’t even
know that they missed it the last time. So you have to be consistent because consistency is
what builds relationships, it’s what builds trust. People they wanna see that you’re serious and you’re not going through some phase. That you’re in it to win it. I wouldn’t wanna buy products with somebody who only posts once a week. I wouldn’t wanna join somebody’s team who posts here and there. I wanna join the girl
who’s in it to win it. So that’s kinda what I had for you guys. Don’t know if we wanna open
it up for questions (laughs). I know it’s a lot of information. – [Toni] No, Bianca this was great. I mean it was phenomenal. I loved because what you did is that you actually took and gave tangibles that anybody can use,
that’s the first thing. The second thing is, is that
I had a list of 10 questions. A lot of the same
questions people emailed me and you covered all of them. There’s only, yes. There was only one and it
was actually put in the chat and I’m assuming it was a gentleman but he had asked, let me just go back
’cause I wanna be exact. Okay, what if you also
have another business besides this one? So I think we need to make this clear. If it’s your day job and your
network marketing business or if you’re in two network
marketing companies, so if you want to address that and if I have anything to add, I’ll just wrap it up with a pretty bow. – [Bianca] My understanding
is you’re not supposed to be promoting both on the same profile. I don’t have anybody on my team that does that, so I don’t have any tips
when it comes to that. I’m sorry that’s just not my field. I’m not sure. But yeah, you definitely
shouldn’t be doing that. I believe it’s against our
(laughs) policies and procedures. – [Toni] It is, to have the
same social media profile. If you’re at MMB and above,
it has to be separate. If you’re in two network
marketing companies, you can’t promote it on the, that goes for Instagram Stories, it goes for you regular Instagram, your Facebook, your personal profile. You can have two business pages but your personal profile,
it’s one and done. – [Bianca] Exactly. – [Toni] So, I would also
like to address that, and again if you’re talking about, if you have a traditional
JOB that you’re still in or let’s say a brick and mortar. You absolutely can incorporate both. I mean and I’m gonna
use myself as an example because we have MONAT and then we have our books
and our speaking platform so but we kinda all wrap that up. It’s all wrapped up into one. It’s a lot easier because they
both complement each other and MONAT actually led us to that. However, if you have a traditional JOB and you’re using this to
supplement your income or you’re trying to replace your income, tell the story. Why are you doing this? I mean that’s a great platform for you. But here’s the other thing
and I’m gonna tell you, I’ve been in this industry (laughs) about as long
as Bianca’s been alive and I’m gonna tell you that
if you’re trying to work two network marketing companies
to try to be successful, it will never work. There’s never been anybody
that’s been able to be successful in two different companies. It’s almost like you’re
going in too many directions. You don’t have that laser beam focus. So I’m gonna tell you right now. If it is two different
network marketing companies then you gotta pick one
and you gotta go with it. – [Bianca] Exactly. – So–
– Somebody mentioned photography business, follow
Sarah Hill first of all ’cause she’s photographer, she does MONAT. And she does a great job
of combining everything but I would just say, combine it the same way you would anything else in your life. It’s really not that serious when it comes to, if it’s
your photography business. I would say also, what
I forgot to mention was you need to post 80% about
your life, 20% about MONAT. So if your life is photography and that is a huge part about who you are then share that, don’t feel like you can because now you’re some MONAT girl and all you have to post about is MONAT. That’s not how it is. Obviously, when you start versus as you develop over time in this company, now I post a lot more about
MONAT because it’s my life and I don’t care what
anybody has to say about it. I love this company, so I share a lot. But as you’re getting started and as you’re warming up your
market and your audience, you can post 80% about you,
your life, your hobbies, what you have going on, your interest, and 20% about the company. Because what happens is if you
first start this opportunity and you’re posting 100% about MONAT, people are gonna start unfollowing you. They’re gonna stop looking at your stories ’cause they’re gonna be like, “This girl, “all she’s posting about
is this freaking company. “I don’t care, I don’t wanna know.” That’s it, right? So make sure in the beginning that you keep a good job of
a balance between the two. – [Toni] Okay, so we’ve got… a great question from,
I don’t know how to say, I’m gonna say it Zola. Please don’t crucify me. Anyways, she says she’s got
a lot of women on her team who work a regular job along with this. So any tips for them
when it comes to 80, 20? So a lot of them work all day and… So what are your tips for people that do have a full time job and– – [Bianca] Plan. – [Toni] Plan. – You have to plan. I had an internship and it was terrible because I could not be on my phone. My boss was literally sit across from me and I just had to sit there,
see my phone blowing up and not be able to touch
it, not be able to post and I would go crazy. So you have to plan. With this opportunity if
you wanna get ahead in life, you gotta sacrifice. So if you know, “Okay,
I have a full time job, “I’m gonna go to sleep an hour later “so that I can create
content for the week. “So that I can have stuff available “that I can post.” There’s also apps, I don’t know the names of them off the bat but I’m sure you can google them. There’s apps out there that you can use to post stuff on a timer. You can pre-post and it’ll do it for you. So if you’re somebody who has a job, know that, that’s okay. You don’t need 24 hours in
a day to do this business. You only need one intentional hour. Sometimes the girls that have another job and other things going on,
get way more done than me because I have all day long. I got all the time in the world because all I do is MONAT. So sometimes I don’t have the structure that somebody who has a job and a schedule and a routine has. – [Toni] So to your point
of what you were saying. So there’s a couple of
different post recommendations, actually you, I’m not sure
if Instagram has it now, I don’t know but Facebook does have it. You can plan your post on Facebook and you can do it, you
just click on the calendar, super simple. I don’t think Instagram
has that feature yet but you can Hootsuite,
Preview and Post Planner. I personally use Post Planner, I don’t, Naomi does. (Bianca laughs) So that way you’re not
having to think of stuff that you have to create every
single day and I love that. Plan it out and whether it’s
you take an hour Sunday night, if you have kids, after they go to bed. That is your hour from nine to 10 that you are creating content. You have to put yourself on
some sort of regular schedule. Oh yeah and then other people said Buffer and there’s Planoly. Yes, those are also great ones as well. I had one other thing too, that I wanted to talk about Bianca because you guys are so, I mean it’s like boom,
boom, boom, boom, boom. Your entire team does this and you guys have an incredible
amount of market partners that are active every single month. It’s actually the highest percentage that I’ve seen in the entire
company as far your teams go, but it’s about planning and
I think that’s one thing that you and your team do very, very well. But also there’s a really
great statistic out there and I forgot about this
until I resaw it again. But you guys, if it’s six
months of hardcore focus it can align the next
five years in your life. Six months, that’s it. Six months. So okay, so you guys I see a
lotta questions coming through, where did Kimberly’s question go, okay. “What happens if I have
my separate business page, “my eyebrow business, but
I also work from my page. “How do you recommend to work it out?” Well, here’s the thing,
your eyebrow business, I’m assuming that’s threading or maybe, whatever the case may be, is that you can incorporate especially with something like that because MONAT has products that can help. I would definitely be bringing that into what you’re putting out
there as far as content. Would you agree Bianca? – [Bianca] Yeah, don’t create
resistance between the two, blend them together. We have products like
the Lash and Brow Serum. I mean for your skin, for your face, so I would kind of try
to mesh both together and honestly it’s gonna be
trial and error for you. We couldn’t sit here and
tell you specifically what you can do, it’s just gonna have to be like trial and error. A lot of this is trial and error. You have to try in order to know what works and what doesn’t. – [Toni] So one last question and then we’ll let you go,
’cause I have another call but I love this and it’s
one my favorite objections. I’d love to hear what you say Bianca. “So I had people who
wanted to join my team “but when it came to
price, they ghosted me. “How do I reel them in, to
join in spite of price?” – [Bianca] Okay, I love this because I didn’t talk about this. Whenever I get objections or whenever I see a pattern of objections my content, the next day, the same week is going to be related to that objection. I know exactly what I’m gonna post about. I’m gonna post about
the business opportunity and I’m going to bring value to it. I’m going to compare it to
opening up a regular business. I’m going to show people,
this versus anything else. You’re just a one-time fee. I’m gonna start painting
the picture for them. If you’ve already spoke to this person and they disappeared because of the price, I’m talking in terms of the opportunity, you probably know a little bit about them, you know something about them. Let’s say she’s a nurse. She goes to school at the same time. Well, I’m gonna find
somebody in the business that does that, Isabelle Sanchez and I’m gonna make a post about her, what she has going on, what she’s been able to do
with this opportunity, boom. Whenever I do that, I
almost 99% of the time get that same person message me and be like, “I found the money. “I’m ready to try this opportunity.” So whenever you’re getting
any kind of objection, address it on your social media. Maybe they’re not ready, they’re scared, there’s some other hesitation
behind what they’re saying and so you creating content focused on it, is like you’re talking to them but you’re not telling them. And it’s the same thing with follow-ups. I’m very big on follow-ups
but at the same time I like to do that on my social
media, my Instagram Stories. And it’s a great way because people feel like
you’re talking to them and they feel like it’s destiny and then boom, they sign up. So that’s something that I practice a lot. If it’s about products, let’s say you spoke to
somebody who’s suffering from postpartum hair loss,
you told her the price. She wants to think about it. My before and after pictures on my Story are gonna be about postpartum hair loss. I’m gonna show pictures. I’m gonna talk about how we use Cupixel. I’m going to focus my content on that. – [Toni] That was really good. I also want to circle back around with the whole price objection. We haven’t created the value and we haven’t truly found out their why. All about the one thing and the one thing, the one thing and the one
thing and the one thing about being in sort of sales. And it’s sales, you guys we
sell ourselves every single day but the thing is, is
that we have to uncover where their pain points are. Why do they wanna do this business? We haven’t built the
relationship with them enough yet to get over the price objection. So that comes down to,
whenever I am talking anybody and Bianca you can attest to this today. I don’t type a lot of stuff. I’m using my voice. That carries a long, long way when you’re trying to
gain people’s interest. So I will tell you, if
you type 20 messages and you voice 20 messages, measure your ROI on that because you’re gonna notice,
your ROI on the voicing is gonna be a lot higher as well. So even in Instagram, it’s huge for it. I got my last two market partners, I used a lot of voice texting that I got. One was from Facebook and
one was from Instagram so there is so much power in
people hearing your passion. – [Bianca] And you know
when people are interested and your pull marketing
works and they ask you about the opportunity, I
don’t right off the bat give them all this information. I wanna know about them. – Yes.
– So I’m like, “Hey, I would love to fill
you in on all the details. “Tell me a little bit about yourself. “Like what do you have going on? “Are you working right now?” I wanna know their situation because that already sets me
up to kind of set a direction for the way that our
conversation is gonna take because if she tells me, she’s a mommy, she’s not really happy with her job, she wants to spend more time with her kid. Then I know I can talk about Joe’s story. I can tell her all about Joe because Joe did that, right? So you have to develop that relationship and you need to know something about them. If you just listen to
people on what they want and their pain points, you can successfully build a relationship that’s strong enough for
them to sign up with you. – So Berlain asked, “For a realtor, “how do you recommend to mix the post “or keep it separated?” Berlain I’m gonna go tell you, I want you to go follow
Rachel Lee and Ryan Lee. They’re both on Instagram and on Facebook. She has one of the most
successful platforms I have ever seen as far as a realtor because she was a realtor
first and then started MONAT. But the way that she does
it, is absolutely amazing. She talks about both or she separates them both but she’s so passionate about both of ’em and the residual income aspect of MONAT which you don’t get as a realtor. So I highly recommend
for you to follow her. She’s very successful in both. She’s an AED, just had her first baby and she’s one of the top realtors in, she’s in Sacramento, California. So and then one last
question and then we’re done. “How do you deal with
clients that tell you “MONAT is not approved by the FDA?” So do you want address
that or do you want me to? – [Bianca] I just tell them the FDA doesn’t regulate any cosmetics. Right, (laughs) that’s what I tell them. – [Toni] It’s only on drugs. – Exactly.
– Only on drugs. So the name of the realtor is Rachel Lee. She is this blonde bombshell. You’ll see her, she just had
a baby, his name is Henry. She’s all over social media. She does a really, really good job. – Awesome.
– So any parting thoughts, my friend? Closing thoughts to–
– I would just– – [Toni] leap into 2020 (laughs). – (laughs) I would just
say be open minded. It’s amazing that so many
of you got on this call. Don’t think that you know everything. I know that I thought
I did in the beginning and very quickly I started to realize that every single person has a gift and they have something
that they can offer you. So getting involved in as
much training as you can is one of the most important things. You want to grow your
mind to grow your business because you cannot bring to
others what you do not have. So I am so excited for 2020. The best days of our life
haven’t even happened yet. I hope that you guys took
some tangibles from this and you enjoyed it because I enjoyed making this presentation and that’s all. – [Toni] Awesome, so
Bianca I wanna wrap up to answer one other question
’cause I love when get this. Talking about medical grade or professional hair care grade products. ‘Kay, guys here’s the thing is that, these types of things have
been shoved down esthetician and hairdressers throats for years. A lot of them are not clinically
trialed like what we do. A lot of them are not
tested like what we do. We’re one of the very few
companies in the entire world in network marketing, in
the traditional market place any place that you can go in
a spa or a salon situation, and actually our standards are higher and they’re more strict. So when they say medical grade, there’s nothing in the hair
care or skin care that is, again it’s not FDA approved. Hair care and skin care
products cannot be. It is the third party independent testing. I’m not sure what Rachel Lee IG is but Bianca I’ll find
that and give it to you so you can share. And the last thing is that
this will be available on a YouTube link within
the next 24 hours, you guys. So it was a great, great training Bianca. You knocked it out park,
– Yay. – [Toni] my friend. – Thank you for having me. – [Toni] Ah, thank you so much. All right you guys, mwah. Here is to the most awesomest January ever and I love you all. Bianca, again thank you guys so much. You guys thank you for being here. Thank you for your great questions and I promise I’ll get
this link out to you as soon as possible. Take care you guys, love you all, mwah. Buh-bye.
– Bye.

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