March 29, 2020
Social Media Strategy – Rituals

Social Media Strategy – Rituals

Hi I am Mo Hi I am Vilma, hi I am Christopher Hi I am Sofia Hi I am Tong Liu Hi I am yasemin and together we are going to present you our social media strategy for Rituals. Rituals is a home & body cosmetics company founded in 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman. The company offers various beauty products containing natural ingredients combined with Eastern beauty traditions. The company’s mission is to change the lives of their customers from ordinary to outstanding and more mindful. Rituals positions itself as a cruelty-free and sustainable company selling affordable, natural and waste reducing products. Hence Rituals’ target group seems to portray environmentally concerned customers with high standards for personal care, especially women between 25-35. According to Mintel report this target group spends most of their time for example on Instagram. We chose Instagram because of its growth potential, connectivity to Facebook and expanding target group. Social platforms help to communicate with consumers, raise brand awareness and improve leads and sales. A good social media strategy will help to know and target the right audience with the right services According to Six year record of Rituals financial report the revenue of Rituals experienced an increase from 2014 to 2019. With the booming trend of the revenue,the Loss before Taxation performed similarly. It shows that with the use of social media the selling efficiency and profitability have all been improved. In the aspect of net assets it witnessed a fluctuation during that period. At the beginning it declined from 2014 to 2017. But after that it came into a surging trend from 2017 and ending up positively in 2019. The social media strategy we are recommending could potentially enhance their business performance. The social media strategy we recommend is to choose a brand ambassador for the company. The ambassador must fit the brands image by promoting healthy lifestyle and mindfulness to the customers. For example Melissa Wood as she embodies the brand values. The ambassador will promote the products on their Instagram, create video and photo content for the company’s Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Posts should be released on a regular frequency throughout the chosen platforms, while also utilising the in-app payment methods. With the help of the ambassador the company can grow its audience, engagement and shape the brand perception. In addition, to promoting the company the ambassador will collaborate to produce an exclusive product line. She will involve her followers in the making which builds a relationship with the brand. Moreover, it displays how transparent and honest the company is with their business. Lastly, the ambassador embodies a creator as she produces the products and her followers acquire these as collectors. Bearing the exclusive product line in mind, Rituals Cosmetics could set up a Giveaway to win an all-paid trip to the Rituals Factory following the development process of set products together with the ambassador. To further accelerate the engagement the Instagram Stories could include poll and q&a stickers posing questions to which followers can respond to. Lastly, to finish off the trip and underline the relationship building and care for their customers Rituals could host a dinner together with the ambassador. There are few options how Rituals can pay to the brand ambassador: Through Flat fee, Referral fee or per post they make. The average pay influencer like Melissa Wood (following ~225k) will charge per post will be between 670~1100$ Flat fee and referral fee are more common ways to pay to brand ambassadors the average pay being around $43,000/year in USA. Number of followers, post engagement, number and type of posts, amount of effort and where the post will be promoted will affect the payment influencer will ask We want to establish a win-win situation between the ambassador and Rituals so the payment is going to be either flat fee or referral fee based. To conclude, we recommend that Rituals should advertise on Instagram through means of an ambassador with a healthy and mindful lifestyle.
To increase the activity on the Instagram page Rituals should establish a Giveaway for a factory trip together with the ambassador following the process of creating a new product line.
We would employ flat fees or referral fees to achieve a win win situation for the company and the ambassador.

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