April 4, 2020
Social Media Marketing Tools : The top 5 social media marketing tools to boost your campaigns

Social Media Marketing Tools : The top 5 social media marketing tools to boost your campaigns

social media marketing is something you
just can’t ignore no matter what you’re doing if you’re a marketer a product
owner a local business with a bricks and mortar business affiliate marketer or
you might have an online e-commerce business social media marketing tools
will help boost your social media campaigns so that’s why here are the top
five social media marketing tools to use to get you the best results through your
social media campaigns – gosh that’s a mouthful I’m Caria Watt the creator of the #cariacares show and a digital strategist with nearly two decades of experience in
marketing and communications it’s my goal to help you achieve and exceed your
marketing goals through a tailored digital strategy for your business and be
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because it’s free social media marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways
to reach your online audience you can nurture and engage with them and build
those relationships find out what they’re saying learn how to improve your
current products and services you can increase your brand awareness or
increase your traffic to your website you can also boost leads and sales
social media marketing is simply driving brand awareness from traffic from social
media sites to your website or business that lead to some sort of sale or
contact details like an email address now there are so many social media
marketing tools doing different things but this is what you can do with them
number one schedule and manage social media posts number two analyse
structured data like likes comments shares engagement and reach number three
find out who your influences are and build a
relationship with them number four look at the campaign hashtag reach across the
whole internet number five keep a check on competition and other brands and
where your business stands against your competitors number six analyze
unstructured data such as sentiment analysis and social listening now social
media marketing tools they cruel available public data all the data you
give it access to on the Internet a tip here’s always look at the insights
on each platform such as Instagram Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn or any of
the other social media platforms that you might be using now here are the top
five social media marketing tools to help you boost your social media
marketing campaign number one hurts me now HootSuite is an online framework
that deals with all your social media accounts in one single place it’s used
to plan your social media and post to your profile such as Twitter Instagram
Facebook LinkedIn and you can even use it for your blog posts if you use
WordPress now HootSuite gives you a point-by-point insight on how well your
social media campaign is actually performing that’s why I like it
number two is buffer now buffer is a great social media posting scheduler for
Facebook Twitter Linkedin and Pinterest it gives you total control over your
social media posts without having to plan every single post so you can do it
a week ahead number three Facebook power editor now
the power editor is a mass ad creator and management tool and it’s used by
many Facebook advertisers or sponsors who need to target a very large audience
now the power editor interface appears to be more unique than the ads manager
and it also works with Google Chrome number for social mention now social
mention is a web-based social networking search and analysis platform that
aggregates user-generated content from across the social media channels
into one single funnel of information now the best thing about it it helps you
effortlessly track and measure how people are using the Internet and what
they’re actually saying about you your organization and your products across
all of the social media platforms in real time however social listening will
not be much help to you if you’re a new company or brand that’s only been around
less than 12 months so I wouldn’t use it in that case number five tweet deck now
tweet deck is an application specifically for Twitter accounts it
helps you sort out and react to tweets focused on a particular word or brand
image in real time now there is a word of caution before you leave social media
marketing tools are only the starting point in an effective social media
marketing process now once browsers land on your website you still need to put in
honest and consistent information or products and services to convert her or
him before they leave now this can be quite challenging since nearly 70% of
browsers never return and I can show you how to get around this in my social
media playbook course that also includes a deep dive into 20 social media
marketing tools that you can use for specific niche targeting you can find a
link to the social media playbook course in my bio or on CARICOM now even if you
don’t have a big budget you can use the free tools from this list to improve
your social media marketing game and remember to like and share this with a
friend who could use a helping hand in their business why because #CariaCares
about women helping women and men who could use that helping hand now do you
know of any other effective social media marketing tools please let me know in
the comments below and reach out with any questions you might have or any
topics you’d like me to cover until next week

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