April 8, 2020
Social Media Marketing tips for Small Business 2020

Social Media Marketing tips for Small Business 2020

If you’re a business owner
if it is b2b or b2c. We already know that our
target audience or our customer already connected to anyone
of the social media platforms. So by applying an effective
social media marketing strategy, we can reach to them. Marketing expenses is on
of the main issue we keeping away from doing this. My name is
KIRAN ARTIFEX Welcome to my new video First Advice Please don’t try to convert business by putting some posts in
front of people. I usually see a lot of small
local businesses trying to generate business by
promoting some posts without having any lead form
or a marketing strategy. When you click on boost post
or promote post button. facebook creates a new facebook
advertisement campaign for the post you want to promote. That facebook campaign is
optimized for post engagements. which means reactions,
comments, and shares. Some business generates leads
from traffic by bringing traffic to their landing page by bringing traffic to their landing page
by putting some offer ads in
social media platforms. by putting some offer ads in
social media platforms. It works, but it is still expensive
for small businesses. So how small businesses like us can use social media for
scaling business. If it is a small business or big. The best way is by creating
and promoting informative or informative and entertaining or educating videos like this. Create videos based on your
service or products and videos showing your specialties or how your products or services
can make customer life better or how you can
solve their problems etc. Then promote that videos
into your target audience. The Second Point you have to
know about Retargeting An example If you’re a consultant you created
a consulting video and a small website or a landing page for booking a free phone call. Then you start promoting the video
on different platforms. So the people who interested
in your video will come to your landing page
and book a free phone call. But some people will come to
you’re landing page and left without booking. If you already installed a
pixel on your website you can create and target
a new advertisement for those people who
left from your website. The third point is
building a relationship The unique benefit of social media compared to other marketing channels, it allows us to talk directly to
our customers and followers. Keep in mind that don’t try to sell the right upfront build relationship. If someone comment on a
post gives them to reply, collect emails and share
more information. It helps to build trust, relationships and increases the chances of
generating more business and getting more references. 4th Important point is
video marketing. In 2020 93% of internet users
watch online video. 40% of marketers ranked
video as the content with the Best ROI compared to photos, blogs,
text, and infographics. Instagram video ads generate 3 times more comments
than photo ads. On Linkedin, the video gets shared 20 times more than other content. The video marketing statics
for 2020 shows us that video will continue to play
a big role in social media & digital maketing My 5th point is
dominating 1 platform. For small business owners, it will be difficult to manage
multiple social media platforms. So my suggestion you can start with one platform where your target customers
spending time online. Always track your results. If an advertisement not performing well remove and try with different creatives If you need any help please
message or comment below. Thanks for watching

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