April 2, 2020
Social media campaigns for mobile

Social media campaigns for mobile

Hey. Social media marketing
is a great way to promote your business and achieve a variety of goals, everything from building
a dedicated following to driving sales on your website. It can also provide valuable insights
into your customer’s social activity, and it can play a vital role
in growing your business. Now, let’s talk about how to create
a mobile social media campaign, which targeting options
are available on social networks, and a few guidelines
on creating mobile social ads. There are three key steps
to mobile social media advertising. First, determine which social media
site you want to use. Social networks serve different purposes like growing personal relationships,
content sharing. Some focus on particular types of content like images or videos,
and professional networking. Once you understand
the objectives of a network and the people who participate there, you can choose the place
most relevant to your business. Then, take advantage
of audience targeting features. Social media advertising solutions
like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook offer various targeting options to help you get your ads
in front of the right people. Finally, create ads with mobile in mind. People are more likely to visit
social media sites on mobile devices, so your messages have to be optimized
for viewing on small screens. Now let’s say you own
a plumbing company in London. You want to raise awareness
of your business to people living in that area, by using targeted advertising
on social media. You decide to run mobile ads on Facebook to drive more traffic to your site, and you set your campaign
to target people in London. You also decide to target male homeowners because you know they make up
the majority of your customers. You also have the option to target people based on their interests, activities, and the pages they’ve liked on Facebook. So, you refine your group to include men
who have shown an interest in home improvement and plumbing problems. Social media sites have
lots of information about their users, which allows you to target your audience
in more meaningful ways. In our example, Facebook targeting
has allowed your plumbing business to reach a very specific group of people
in a very specific area. Your next step is to create
eye-catching ads aimed at mobile Facebook users. Since mobile screens
are so much smaller than desktops, it’s best to keep your messages
short and simple. Or you might choose
to make your ads image-based rather than text-based. For example, a carousel ad to showcase
your newest line of drains and pipes. People can scroll to see
all of your products and click on an image
to be taken directly to your website. So, let’s recap. First, choose the right social media site
for your advertising, then target your ads
for your intended audience. And finally, create impactful ads
made for mobile devices. As more people move towards
using social media on their mobiles, a well-oiled, social mobile
marketing campaign could really help boost
your advertising efforts.

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