April 6, 2020

Snipcart Tutorial – Installation

(air whooshing) – [Narrator] Hi there. If you’re here, you’re probably only getting
started with Snipcart. So I want to start by thanking
you for trying it out. And I hope you’ll find everything you’ll need
in this documentation. This first video covers
how to install Snipcart. Which is, as you’ll see,
pretty fast and easy. Let’s get to it, right away. I’m starting from the
stripped-down-static website. You can see, I only have
product titles, images, and descriptions for now. Let’s enable e-commerce on it. First, you need to open
up our documentation, at docs.snipcart.com and go
to the store setup section, and click installation. From there, go on and
copy our style sheet. Fire up your code editor and copy style sheet in the
head section of the website. Go back to the same installation
page of the documentation, where you’ll find a div and a script that need to be added to your site. In your code editor,
copy these two elements just before the closing body tag. The last thing you need to do is to setup your public API key. To find a public API key, open
up your Snipcart dashboard, and in the right-side menu, click API key. The highlighted API key
is your public API key which can be safely
injected into your website. Go on and copy it. Back in your code editor,
paste your API key in the data API key attribute. And that’s it. If you go back to the site, refresh it, and look at the page source, you should see that the
Snipcart style sheet and script are indeed present. The next step will be to add buy buttons and define products in your html, and you’ll have a basic
Snipcart integration ready to start selling online.

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