April 6, 2020
Snapchat Ads: Setup & Make eCommerce Sales within 15 Minutes!

Snapchat Ads: Setup & Make eCommerce Sales within 15 Minutes!

and you can be up and running within
literally five minutes with a perfect piece of creative and your product on
snapchat should you be using snapchat as another marketing platform for your
e-commerce or dropshipping business well short answer is if your product or
offering is tailored towards Millennials then you definitely should be in this
video I’ll teach you step by step how to effectively advertise on snapchat and
start making sales on a very small ad spin get into it make sure that you
subscribe to this channel and turn on post notifications that way you’re up to
date with the latest videos that are put out now a quick question as well what
platform do you predominantly use when it comes to advertising and getting paid
traffic to your site let me know down in the comments below
now let’s get into snapchat marketing this beast here I want to show you a
couple slides and this is all going to be about online sales with low ad cost
and that is snapchat so moving on to the next slide looking at a couple
statistics here because snapchat is underutilized in my opinion and a lot of
statistics are over not exaggerated enough in my opinion
so snapchat has approximately 109 million 191 million daily active users
that is huge that is an untapped potential right there
there are more than 10 billion at daily video views on snapchat 18 percent of
social media users also use snapchat so guys that’s 18 percent almost twenty
percent of market share that a lot of people aren’t tapping into when it comes
to their e-commerce business seventy eight percent of 18 to 24 year olds use
snapchat regularly now again this is a big statistic here because like I said
earlier if you’re targeting Millennials or you think Millennials will
potentially buy your product then you should be a snapchat this is slightly
above Instagram usage for this demographic which comes in at only 71%
so again a very interesting note that actually people within this demographic
use snapchat more regularly than Instagram but that’s not to say that
Instagram has no place 76% of snapchat users also our online
shoppers this is a really interesting one that is a very big percentage a lot
of them are online shoppers and no surprise I mean 78% of 18 20 to 24
year-olds use snapchat regularly you know normally they’re going to be online
shoppers nowadays moving on to the next slide what is unique about snapchat and
why should you be on snapchat two reasons for in my opinion in my view
it’s more authentic for starters when you think about people using snapchats
it’s really about a very friendly network it’s very raw it’s not a curated
newsfeed it’s not a curated feed of images it is you know very raw videos
very raw photos it’s not supposed to be stylized so it’s seen as more authentic
and secondly there’s less competition right now anyway there’s less
competition when it comes to getting that paid space so naturally cost per
clicks are going to be lower and that’s something that you should get on board
with moving on to the next slide what are the ad types okay I’m gonna get into
how to set up snapchat ads in a second but let’s talk about ad types and what
they look like now snapchat ads cost an average of two
dollars 95 per thousand impressions so that you’re getting a thousand eyeballs
on your ad for only two dollars 95 which is significantly lower than instagrams
average of four dollars 20 and of course Facebook’s newsfeed or other placements
for five dollars and twelve cents significantly lower like I said so
you’ve got snapchat ads snap ads which is the traditional in-between story sort
of ads you’ve got web view app installs long-form videos I will get into this in
a second but for those who don’t know how snapchat ads work people essentially
watch stories or their friends stories or whoever they’re following and then in
between a couple stories you’ll be served an ad potentially your ad so
that’s all the ad types right there let’s go on move ahead with the next
step which I wanted to show you step by step over my shoulder how to set up
snapchat ads it is relatively simple but there are the tricky part is the
creative self but I’ll give you once again a very
quick solution on that so moving on to the back end of my snapchat ads manager
first of all most actually if you haven’t set up your snap snap ads
manager and I’m assuming you haven’t all you need to do is head on to WDS notch
at calm and simple sign up process as you normally would you don’t need to be
a snapchat user just set up ads on snapchat unlike Facebook which is a
great little nifty feature so once you’ve signed up you’ll be met with this
panel here it’s basically Facebook business manager but far more simplified
you see the usual metrics here spend paid impressions paid eCPM swipe ups ECP
you for those who don’t know the e stands for enhanced enhanced CPM I won’t
get into the details of what exactly that means
but all you need to know is it’s essentially the same as Facebook
business manager just far more simplified so let’s go ahead and create
a new campaign I will give you my campaign suggestions advanced create not
so necessarily necessary unless you’ve tested all the ad types and you know
what’s working and you want to get a bit more granular I won’t go into that
detail in this video but I’ll talk about the quick campaign setup in this video
so like I said you’ve got snap ads story adds collection ads filters now what do
I recommend here let’s go through each ad and I’ll tell you exactly what I
recommend snap ads is like I said the ads that play in between stories story
ads are what is seen on the discovery page so when you see you know all the
big up comers on that discovery page your ad is gonna be placed there too
that is the story ad collection ad that is you’ve got to think about it like
collection or carousel ads in facebook essentially the same thing and then
filter ads is you know when you’re in a specific geographic location a custom
filter pops up and it can be your brand now what do I recommend
I stick snap ads very very simple filters are a kind of useless
they don’t really Drive conversions collection ads good for e-commerce
businesses story adds not so much so the two that I
stick with the snap ads in collection ads let’s go with snap ads for the sake
of this video but naming the ad itself essentially the same as you would do in
Facebook it’s just a naming convention for this again for the sake of this
video I’ll just put in test here brand name Andrew Ethan zing headline again
this is going to be what appears in the actual snap ads so think of it again
it’s it’s if you haven’t used Facebook business manager then this is gonna be a
bit more of a steep learning curve if you have used Facebook business manager
like I’m presuming most of my audience have this is going to be pretty straight
forward again headline is the same as a Facebook ad headline this is where you
want to be good with your copy in terms of capturing attention so let’s just say
YouTube tutorial and as you can see on the right hand side you’ve got your
business name and then you’ve got the actual headline so all very point
information to support your actual product snap pixel again I’ve enabled
this but when you first enter the snapchat ads manager you’re going to
turn this on and you’re going to get a pop-up saying you haven’t installed your
pixel yet all you need to do guys this is very simple if you’re using Shopify
or you’re using WordPress whatever it is it’s still pretty simple it’s the same
as a Facebook pixel but it’s a snap pixel so you get a custom code what you
need to do is essentially put that code on Shopify there is a back end option
where you can just copy and paste the code and it’s it’s live the same goes
with WordPress and whatnot if you have any issues guys just let me know down in
the comments below I’m happy to help again shareable leave that on because
you want your ads to be shared top snap media now this is where you actually
load your creative now one of the things here is one of the difference between
snapchat ads and Facebook ads is the fact that snapchat ads is very simple
it’s essentially it’s very video driven rather than copy so it’s all about the
creative and that’s the hardest part of this section
so you know a lot of you are probably thinking well how am I going to come up
with you know organic snap ads or how am I going to create video ads for snapchat
well I’ve mentioned this tool in the past and I highly recommend it I will
give you an example right here right now the recommendation is place it now
mock-ups galore here all you need to do is insert an image of your product and
again you can take this from Aliexpress or if you’ve got custom images slop that
in slots that in and let’s I’ll show you what this looks like so scroll to videos
here go on to places go into videos and go to Instagram vo Instagram Story video
maker it’s the same ratio so it works exactly the same by the way guys I am
linking this tool down below and highly recommend that you do grab the monthly
subscription because you get a limited use of this tool and as many creative as
you want to create with a $29 subscription link down below essentially
you’re gonna pick one of these again I’m just going over the first example just
to show you here guys what it looks like I let it load now you can add a couple
slides you can customize a whole bunch of things but as you can see here the
default here is summer sales it already looked damn good guys like that’s pretty
eye catching as it is the default is really eye-catching as it is but I’m
gonna show you what you can change I’m gonna change to Andrew Ethan and I’ll
show you exactly what it looks like you can change the colors you can change the
font you can change the alignment and you can even change the background so
like I said you’re gonna slot your video or your image just in the background as
so and then you just want to preview it and then from here that summer sales
part is gonna change to whatever you want placed in this video again a very
nifty tool as well is they have audio tracks completely royalty-free so you’re
not going to get flagged on Facebook or snapchat or whatever so I really like
this tool in creating ads across the board and for a whole
bunch of other reasons this is great for print-on-demand
too so that’s my quick solution when it comes to creating a snapchat ad this
tool is perfect for it and you can be up and running within literally five
minutes with a perfect piece of creative and your product on snapchat so that’s
that’s that that is the big bulky part of snapchat ads done the next thing is
of course the demographic and geographic targeting now let’s just go ahead and
type in random region here I’m just to give you an idea so I’m just gonna type
in Australia ages thirteen thirty five that’s totally fine males and females
age restriction required obviously not necessary necessary unless you’ve got an
explicit product that you’re selling now interest this is interesting when it
comes to interests on snapchat it’s very straightforward it’s not you don’t get
the selection and the power of pure targeting and very granular targeting in
facebook as you wouldn’t snapchat as you would in facebook sorry with snapchat it
is very simple it’s simply just interests based on very top-line
categories unfortunately but something still work with so let’s just say I am
selling fitness gear so let’s type in Fitness fitness enthusiasts let’s go
with that whole demographic there and even with this granular targeting we’ve
got three hundred thousand potential snapchatters and then you can go into
further details but this is really all about making sure is that you’ve hit
roughly about half a million snapchatters because this is all about
impressions this is all about getting impressions and not necessarily anything
else than that because that’s what snapchats all about now you need to hit
from what I have found you need to hit people on snapchat a number of times
before they actually take action rather than them taking action the first time
they see the ad so it really is a numbers game it really
is all about impressions but let’s move forward aim for about 500,000
half-a-million audience size now the duration budget it’s really up to you I
recommend at least starting with a decent amount of budget and this is
daily by the way so at minimum ten goal is video views in this case cuz
obviously I’m running a videos campaign auto bid and now I’m not gonna get into
bidding strategies here but leave it on to auto bid unless you know what you’re
doing unless you know digital marketing inside out then just leave it out so a
bid that’s not going to change much but from there that’s it you input your
payment method and create my ad and guys if you’re not on snapchat already I
highly recommend this because of the reasons I spoke about and because it’s
very simple there’s low barriers to entry and it’s not super regulated and
when I’m what I mean by that is Facebook’s very tough on ads and
approval in quality score and whatnot whereas snapchat it’s very laid-back for
the time being anyway because this platform isn’t completely into man but
it’s underutilized guys people need to start using more often particularly for
e-commerce products I mean you can drive direct traffic to your store at a very
low cost per click and like I said we’re talking about two dollars 95 per
thousand impressions here and you know there’s a lot of people on this platform
as it is so guys if you do end up using snapchat as a marketing platform let me
know down in the comments below how you go with it because I’m interested as
well and if you don’t already know I am also I’ve also started a new
mastermind group called mastery so if you haven’t already joined that group
I’ll also put another link down below a lot of action and community engagement
is happening on that group so if you start using snapchat ads you’ve got an
issue or you’re finding success let me know in that group as well I’m sure a
lot of people in that group will want to know about it there’s 200 plus people
and that group currently and I created it literally a week ago so guys get into
that group if you haven’t already otherwise thanks for watching as always
I really hope this video has helped if it has give it a thumbs up and stay
tuned for a lot more coming outs but in the meantime guys
keep on hustling

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