March 28, 2020
SMS Marketing Shopify: 5 Tips To Explode Your Ecommerce Business

SMS Marketing Shopify: 5 Tips To Explode Your Ecommerce Business

SMS marketing on Shopify or really any
e-commerce platform for that matter SMS marketing is a great way an alternative
to reach your customers and give them yet another choice in that communication
channel now I’m going to cover a few of my ideas on how you can go about using
text message marketing to your advantage to help grow your Econ business and I am
going to do that from the park today I have the drone out I have a real-estate
friend of mine that we’re gonna go do some flyovers and some video work today
it’s a beautiful Saturday morning so I thought I would come out here and just
shoot a video and run this down with you on adventures and EECOM so why use text
message marketing well there’s a company called text response and they’ve done a
survey they’ve updated this year and it shows that 90% of customers would prefer
a text messaging option when reaching out to a company also is shown that
conversion rates for text message marketing can be as high as 40 percent
and that is killer also 95 percent of text messages are read within the first
three minutes of being sent so it’s hard to argue those stats now the first thing
on my list that I want to talk about is customer support customer support really
is a lay up you can just use it as an alternative method for your customers to
reach out to you instead of a traditional chat box on your website the
benefit of a text messaging Edition would be that they don’t have to hang
out on your website until you get to them to answer your question you could
they could put their information in the inbox and put their phone number in
there and then you could text them directly when you get to them the second
one on my list is leads and sales and I think that’s a pretty obvious one it is
a great way to go about offering a communication point with somebody when
they’re on your website and you can do it through one of these pop-up boxes
right on your website the third one is promotions and coupons so really you can
once you have people in your database especially previous customers send
coupons on flash sales that you’re having or a 10 or 15 percent off coupon
text-messaging almost costs nothing to run it is extremely inexpensive form of
advertising another idea is to use it to ask for reviews reviews are something is
the lifeblood of your business so why not send out maybe a order notification
once they purchase a product you can send them a shipping update notification
when their package arrives to them and when it arrives to them you can automate
another text message to go out a couple days later asking for that review so the
company that we use or the app that we use and I’m not affiliated with them at
all but I’ll put a link to them down in the description is a company called SMS
bump and I use them primarily because they have integration with two of the
major platforms that we use for EECOM which is WooCommerce and Shopify but you
can look at any platform 3d car Volusion bigcommerce they all have apps that will
offer services just like this so look into integration also speaking of
integration they use SMS pump will integrate with klaviyo it will also
integrate with MailChimp and a lot of these other systems so take a look and
see what works for you and give text message marketing a try and I guarantee
you will see a bump in your results my goal with this ultimately is to take you
on some adventures with me I know today is the park but tomorrow it could be
Newport Beach on a boat or it could be at the 6th tallest bridge in the United
States which happens to be just up the street from me so let me know in the
comments below if you’d like to see the next video in Newport Beach or at the
6th largest bridge in California hey as always I hope that you got some
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  1. Are you using SMS Marketing for your Ecom Store? Don't forget to tell me where you want to see the next video recorded from, Newport Beach or Tallest Bridge!

  2. How much is my shopify store worth? It did $1.2k in revenue with 35% profit margin, started in March.

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