March 30, 2020
Smallable photographs kidswear for ecommerce with StyleShoots

Smallable photographs kidswear for ecommerce with StyleShoots

Smallable is a Family Concept Store where we dig out little gems
from all around the world more than 700 designer brands the nicer brands, the trendier brands, all in fashion, decoration, furniture and toys. Smallable’s mission really is to amaze children and help parent’s lives. It was really important for us to buy a machine like StyleShoots to really reduce the time of getting
a product onto our online store. Today we have one person dedicated
at the StyleShoots machine then we have the girls, working
on the product page details and for now they are three. They are going to check the photos, see if the editing is good, if the picture is straight and they are going to write the
product descriptions and publish the content. StyleShoots is indeed very easy to use. The machine lights up, we have an iPad connected to the machine with a camera which is always at the same height. We only have to position the product, we’re viewing it on the iPad, we tap to take a picture, the photo is taken – it’s done. Everyone is curious to know how the machine works, what are we doing with it
and how the output looks. They are quite amazed by what
the machine can achieve and often our suppliers come
to borrow the machine. Indeed, now, every photo is consistent, we no longer have sizing issues. When we discovered StyleShoots,
it was a real innovation for us. We discovered that with this tool we could save a lot of time while at the same time significantly improving the quality of our online imagery.

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