April 7, 2020
Small Business Online Marketing Guide 2020 Part 1

Small Business Online Marketing Guide 2020 Part 1

Small Business Online Marketing For 2020 hey it’s Rob from the tech reps and
national smart home this is the first of many videos to come I see a lot of
people out there struggling about website social media email marketing
where do I spend my time where do I spend my money how do I get customers
the whole deal so the first thing and I want to express what I found out is as
much as I love my social media Google is sales and social media is branding and
what I mean is is when someone goes into that Google web page and they start
searching for something they are ready to spend money they’re ready to meet you
they’re ready to get to your website see what kind of experience you offer and
hopefully build a relationship and get some kind of project or sale right when
you’re on social media you are interrupting somebody’s feed of
enjoyment so you have to be very funny very value driven when you’re on social
media but most likely you’re not going to get the sale as fast as if you were
on Google in the first page obviously organically I can we’re going to walk
you through how to get there organically through these videos I hope you watch
you comment you like to share and I hope that it provides value to you so when
you’re in Google organically or you’re paying for ads I’d like to say Google
AdWords or steroids as soon as you get off the steroids you lose muscle mass as
soon as you stop to Google AdWords you’re not going to be on the first page
anymore and we know that those ads cost up to twenty twenty-five dollars for
home theater up to twenty nine dollars for TV installation and it’s it’s a
tough game a lot of you guys make the mistake – real quick is when you’re
advertising or you’re using the home theater Google AdWords and you’re paying
for home theater AdWords make sure that your link is going to a home theater
page on your website because we’re all saturated nobody has any time nobody has
any patients and if I’m searching something in Google and I search your
home theater and I land on your page and I see a big I don’t networking piece or
a remote control or something that’s not home theater I’m most likely going to
bounce out especially it’s your home page and you got a bunch of links and a
bunch of stuff going on there it gets confusing and overwhelming if somebody’s
just looking for home theater and I’m not just talking about home
I’m talking about if somebody punches in network TV installation anything there
should be a dedicated page to that with a buffet of content so that whoever
lands on that page engages with something whether it’s a video a poll
tips and tricks’ ideas checklists we’re going to get into all that but I just
wanted to say look at your website think about your website as a showroom it’s so
important a lot of you guys don’t have showrooms a lot of you guys don’t have
multiple salespeople so when you are organically listing in the Google search
engine it’s a sales tool for you you’ve got to invest in it you’d be paying a
guy 50 60 hundred thousand dollars a year to sell for you where that group
that showroom your website is coming up and it’s engaging with people again we
don’t have do a couple of videos who knows how many but breaking down each
part of the website URL headers description page info how it should be
set up how to get them to stay there and just going through that website and then
we’ll get into the social media then we’ll talk about email campaigns but
right now it’s just about you understanding that website is a showroom
it’s there to help you and think about when you go to a mall you go to buy a
car you go to kick some tires and stuff like that you don’t read I can’t tell
you I don’t think I read any books or blogs or even webpages before I made my
biggest investment which is my house my car and other things as simple as socks
there’s no block that I’ve ever read try and ask yourself these questions what
gets you to engage in a sale especially when somebody’s looking for it
specifically on Google what can we show them to show them that you’re the best
that you’re the guy from the job all right so I think that I think we got a
tall website is your showroom if you happen to have a showroom then by all
means go and do a couple of videos of different parts of your showroom put
that up on the website show them that you do have a showroom you’ve invested
in it and you’re a legitimate dealer all right I hope you guys have a great week
I hope this video helped you and I really look forward to providing you
guys value with about this website showroom and then dipping into social
media and then getting into our campaigns alright happy Thursday
Wednesday whichever wanted this to you maybe it’s Friday have a great weekend you

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