April 4, 2020


Welcome back gentlemen, to this new video! So, I am on NetBet, €300 just deposited I truly had pointed a Pragmatic slot
that you required me many times many, many times! This one! Mustang Gold
which I’ve seen here as well In the home there was the… this one here it made me remind of it, to tell the truth,
otherwise I forget as always because you suggest so many of them,
so remembering them is quite hard but I can make it with the proper help. A Pragmatic slot that, to tell the truth, I didn’t play in a while at a Pragmatic game last was… maybe the Da Vinci, probably,
the second game is it possible that I didn’t play at a Pragmatic game anymore?! I’ll play it today, gentlemen, it’s not a problem Mustang Gold €300 and let’s see if I can turn it on and possibly I’ll get a raw win I have to say that I don’t know it as a slot machine,
I never played it Therefore we will find out together; start,
I have to push twice to make it start one moment for me to get in position. So volatility: 3 and a half actually therefore medium-high, more medium than high otherwise it would have been 4, correctly. Let’s see: more Money symbols and Collect in free spins what the f*** does it say?! Win up to 12000x bet this is a quite high maximum win gentlemen, it is rather
a high volatility feature… I don’t know! We should see possible intermediate scores oh, there are Jackpots, good! Collect symbol awards the values of all Money symbols Sound has been even turned on. So these are the symbols that are called Money symbols With Collect we take the money, otherwise we don’t get a f***. It reminds me of some slot-machine, but I can’t remember which one… let’s see what we get! So: Autumn Spins; join the new Pragmatic Tournament €1000 will be divided with first 20 players Uh, now I am playing, surely I’ll join! In fact, these tournaments managed internally, for example Pragmatic provider makes them and shows you here the actual players, it tells your actual rank position but it’s a tournament with a provider-casino partnership,
NetBet in this case in this regard I remind you I am indeed playing on NetBet,
this site, on Pragmatic games, offers freely €10, without deposit and up to Bonus €200 on first deposit if you’re interested in more details, you find them
by clicking there on the “i” or there in the description below the video,
you will also find other affiliates where these slots are available. Let’s see what Mustang Gold looks like! So: paying from left to right,
White Horse, Black Horse *sing – Fury the West horse, that is on Net Bet [You s*** badly!] Then we have this “Good-For-Nothing” (male),
that “Good-For-Nothing” (female) and there are 4 letters, so we have only
8 symbols so this decreases a bit volatility,
the fact of having few symbols Here we have Mustang Gold that is… Wild symbol, and Scatter pays only on middle reels 2, 3 and 4 and triggers Free Spins. Then this one gives us awards,
that are taken with the Collect I think we nearly know everything.
RTP is 96,5. Medium volatility games pay out steadily and the range of pays varies from low to very high ah, indeed, since 12000 lines, it is correct specifying it, beyond the volatility 25 lines… Because volatility can be also high
but without intermediate wins, like the Dead or Alive, for example, and there… That is named “Intercooler” nad not high volatility. We start with €5 Bet gentlemen; it can be seen,
I am in position I don’t have to make anything else, right!? I can move a little because I cover the last symbol.
And alright, let’s go! Therefore, Pragmatic, really, a company that,
I must say, I like it honestly, I mean I tried some of their games initially we started in the wrong way with Pragmatic because… first slots I tried were the 3 Genie Wishes,
for example, or the Star Jackpots Oh my god, gentlemen! Attention, we have the Collect! 40 + 15, 55 together with the three lines we should get Ace, Ace and Ace,
therefore €28 What the f*** am I saying?
40, 65, €68 €58 gentlemen, I am turning stupid, you have to forgive me, I can’t even count now €4, so the Collect star is needed…
Now it’s needed! Cursed you! It’s needed to get prizes coming out
with these Horseshoes ah, €80 and f***, these Horseshoes are paying nice. And obviously we get it now that we don’t have anything. So ok, the “Good-For-Nothing” pays little, it’s 12€. Meanwhile I also eat a croissant,
here, with nuts cream UUUH!!!!!
Nice?! Mega?! Only Nice, what a pity! Because Mega is an higher win,
With Nice we are about on €80 I believe 80-90, €89. With €5 this range is called Nice, then we have Mega, Ultra, Sensational if it’s higher. I was saying nuts cream, it’s not “Nutella” what you see here [And who cares! Don’t you say it!?] “cream” in brackets. ATTENTION! The Fire, the Fireplace! D*** J*** it’s too unreal getting a Nice and a Bonus game right away;
ah, it never happens gentlemen. [You’re a patient which is not patient,
so what patient are you?!] Alright, italian chocolate cream of a famous chocolate brand which was like [no good Swiss, only good Italian] Without mentioning any names We’re at 350, which is not bad. Sorry if I’ll eat, but I haven’t had lunch
so I need some sugars [sorry if I’ll eat, but I haven’t had lunch so I need some coins] so these Horseshoes always pay quite nicely since we’re on a €50 average from what I’m seeing €45 before, €10; I mean quite honest amounts. So I’ve not understoon, but it seems that in the instructions
I’ve read that in Bonus game more Collect symbols appear. Indeed to get these things which normally we should get very frequently according to what it’s seeming now,
but I could also be wrong 3 Fires, they activate those Free Spins we said Ah, no… even less here 15, 25, only €30, with 3 Horseshoes So it can also pay as a s****. Slot inspired… ah, this is already a normal one, €60 it’s inspired on a Western theme, likewise any slot… Every softwarehouse has at least one Western slot in its offer Everyone has also a Book of Ra clone and they have a Western themed one! And I think that I also tried others from Pragmatic, I don’t know… No, the Pirates we have tried,
the Da Vinci with a scientific theme [C*** is nice] I don’t remember what else, actually And the Queen of Atlantis, another Pragmatic one tried initially by me and I didn’t like that one as well! 20 symbols Pragmatic slots
[no good gentlemen!] Except for the Pirate that I liked;
Ok, because obviously I won then I tried the Master Chen and these others,
that I liked more, actually the Da Vinci as well has come later and I changed idea and told: “F***, these guys make also not s***** slot machines!” UUUH!! YES! Not s*****, it’s very good, gentlemen! we have 3 fires, I take a quick bite! So: 8 free spins, press anywhere to continue Hey, it’s not working, anywhere! [What a good comedian!] On the Horseshoe, we hope it brings us luck. Ok, these are the ones it is showing
it will add them during the session And we get one of these Jackpots! I didn’t even say it, actually,
there were these available Jackpots Collect! YES! 190, good! Mega, indeed this is called Mega. Also horses are here, in the contour. After all Mustang should be a horse race,
if I’m not wrong. I don’t have much knowledge about horses,
but from what I can remember we have got €190. Now let’s hope
all our spins will be similar. In order to obtain the Jackpot, I don’t understand what happens and it’s not giving us a f*** Come on, no, €15 f***! Look, it is paying s***. I was saying, how do I obtain the Jackpot, it should be available on Horseshoes for example, if it’s like the Pirate. Only one spin left. Ah, J**** C***** gentlemen!
SENSATIONAL! And how much is this Female full-line worth €40 it’s a full-line, I read here so these will be 4, 8, 12, 16, some €200 and something But we also have “J” full-lines, “K” full-lines,
ok junk scores, it has added these ones to payment, €40
it should be 4, 8, 12, 16 in my opinion €200 and something; sensational! But it could have gone much better. Therefore it seems that there are more Wilds as well in this Bonus game [D*** face!] it was saying that more Collect were present…
exactly €300! This was a nice shot gentlemen! Was it last spin? Was it last spin? Can we go on? No, this is the last and there’s not a point, obviously! Therefore a total of €513 gentlemen. Ah, nice Bonus; 100x Bet, let’s say it’s the minimum to be defined a nice Bonus. Alright, we’re at €724 Now I’ll settle it on €3 don’t take, don’t think bad about me, gentlemen I need to settle things a bit here because I don’t want to … quick spin, ok;
ok I’ll turn it off later very quick I was saying, I don’t want to risk that much on a €5 bet, and spend right away all that I earned without even taking notice, more or less. Here, Female full-lines Ok it’s not worth that much since a full-line is €40 ATTENTION! This is a good one gentlemen! Before, more or less, a Collect was coming out
each 4 symbols not Cocktail; that’s the Spina Colada which is another slot-machine
I don’t want to remember it was coming out quite often, and here we got actually €6 Oh my, what a great collection we have done! [With €6 I carry on with 12 children and 7 horses!] And it was coming out really more frequently, indeed, Come on with Fire, we try again! Even 3 it’s good,
it’s good even with 3, it’s good! YES! YES! It’s very good gentlemen! Obviously, by settling it I’ve got it “Intercooler” because I got soon another Bonus but I don’t give a f***, I have still €690 and this Bonus can only pay me. It’s bad if it pays 1000x or more my Bet, obviously from 3 to 5 euro we’d loose much. Let’s hope it will pay us nicely Something similar to the previous Bonus would be top,
but I don’t believe we will get it easily Bonus can also be retriggered up to now we got nothing, just 3€ Collect is not even coming out,
I had just said it comes out often ah, where the f*** it is? Come on, €39 no! It doesn’t even say Nice, it has at least the decency to understand
that it’s not a funny thing So, only 3 spins left; practically we haven’t got a f*** gentlemen, it has been a true s***. Ah, last spin We didn’t even get any Wild; €43, oh my! Nearly like the previous one ah! I’m happy, gentlemen, of having settled the slot machine. And I’ll keep doing it, always with a €3 Bet we understood why we can also get frequent Fires but not all of them pay nicely, for example
this one has s***** 10x Bet has been given to us.
You can keep them my dear Mustang Gold! Ok, let’s try a bit more so I want to reach €650, and then we rise it…
even if it’s not much actually, 650 at least I’d like to reach €600, do you know? Because from €600 I can also reach the starting €300 with a €5 Bet making quite many spins, but I need at least playing €300 on a €5 Bet, but not now;
I prefer making last spins and not first spins. We haven’t seen minimum and maximum slot Bets but it has been displayed when I opened the information maybe from €0,25 to €150-200 I believe, as the other Pragmatics. A good thing about Pragmatics is the faculty of changing Bet levels coins per line, coin value, I mean you can have,
there are various possible and imaginable bets so it’s a good thing that allows, for example,
passing from €3 to €3,75; we can make it then we have €4, €4,25; nearly all of the world bets. You can choose at a “cents” level,
a feature that I like because you can clearly think about how many spins you can perform, in relation to your Budget As an example, I want to play at €6,25 to perform 100 spins Fire! FIRE! Gentlemen! When we get 2 Fires, we actually get the third on each spin This wild horse herd! Let’s see what happens with these other spins if it will be a s*** like the last one or sufficient like the first one that we have got. Ok, 6 remaining spins… a s***.
2 spins really “throwed away”. We didn’t even see them coming, these 2 spins. 4 remaining, we have few things. Junk, we got €69 [It’s money indeed!] Nice… ah, this time it states it is Nice. €69 I can deal with it, but give me at least other €400-500, not €3! So we can also get Fires inside the feature,
giving us other spins It was even shown there, in the instruction: “during the round to trigger…” but I haven’t read clearly! OK, €33. Last spin! Oh my god, gentlemen, €76; it was better than last one, though… And now I make myself another gift because I settled it but I noted that Bonus games can be soon given again! One after the other, so… we have got €39 it’s still rising here, gentlemen, during the settling so I arrive at €700, indeed nothing and I set again €5; actually, we can also try some other b******* since I still want to stop at my starting Budget because from €700, playing 100-200 and stopping,
with a €5 bet it would be a small amount playing them all, obviously not; but I can try at €6,75 let’s see what happens, let’s turn off the quick spin How do I turn off the quick spin? There’s a battery saver Guys, Pragmatic takes care also of these details. Battery saver, well it’s for smartphones;
what the f*** of battery am I using on a computer? Let’s see, what is my ranking in this moment? I should be the 26th as it say here. Wow! YOU! So the first one, we said, gets a €300 Bonus; let me see again the rankings Bonus of €300, I believe it’s a real money Bonus
to be played once and it becomes withdrawable right after. So we are nearly; ok, not in the ranking we still miss something, but not so much; though these are also small prizes gentlemen, good prizes start from 3rd one;
though if we go and check there’s not much difference, to tell the truth, we are very eligible to reach… ah, actually ok, it’s not that hard. We already scored, more or less,
1/4 of the necessary points to get in 3rd position. How do I get these points? The more you play, the more you increase your rank. Obviously I’m playing with €3 and €5 bets… J**** C***** gentlemen! COLLECT!? NOOO! these were 200-300 and more. These f****** Horseshoes pay good, when they want. This other €100, obviously we don’t get a Cocktail even if “J(esus)” comes personally, gentlemen! We get it now! For €20!
Forgive me, I give a bite! Ok, always at a 6,75 bet so I’d like to play these €400 with a €6,75 bet D*** J***! But I still haven’t understood one thing, gentlemen:
how the f*** do I get the Jackpot? Jackpot, uh! And this one award you with a Jackpot so the “Jackpot” sign has to be shown
inside the Horseshoe, something we still haven’t seen, so far. Then you enter a mini-game where you have to choose between images as the Bet It slot when you have to choose Diamonds and you see there, which one you’re going to win although this is not a true Jackpot
from what I can see, I mean, it’s not a progressive Jackpot
where all the players contribute, a Jackpot is a €6000 prize. But it depends only by us, in this case, not by other players I don’t know! Alright! What the f*** do we care, we only need to get €6750 obviously, the higher the win is,
like this one 1000x bet, the more the difference among €3 and 6€ bet becomes evident obviously, we have €3000 of difference here, it’s reallyevident. For “smallest” prizes, it engages us relatively actually, I prefer settling, gentlemen,
it’s a safer wau and we can extend game session,
performing more spins consequently, we can also get a Bonus game
which will pay us honestly 100-200x Bet;
300 And these are things that make a difference in the daily reality since getting now a Bonus, as the previous one, with €500 I hope I get different ones, but getting it our game will be longer
and it can be relevant about this game outcome: a draw, a loss or a win These stratospheric wins…
who the f*** ever gets them? I mean, it’s hard to get them, obviously the lowest €337 one is not a big win so, consequently, I prefer aiming at these ones,
therefore I prefer settling you see, now that I’m playing at €6,75
could it ever keep its trend? Get me 3 Fires, honest stuff?
No, absolutely it couldn’t! Female full-lines, we go up €54 for a moment though from €700 we went down to 536-530 Go with the Fire! Come on! D***! Look where the f*** it is! It’s just up there! at €6,75 Though last 2 Bonuses haven’t paid so well. This is not bad. [€20] They haven’t paid so well: 10-20x our bet therefore, acessing it at €6,75 it’d be about €100… J**** C***** gentlemen! It’s not that much but it’d be good obtaining them,
look at the Collect! Look where it is! But what pity have I committed, gentlemen?!
Except for swearing Does it come out now!? Always there, always there! No! No, come on these are things driving you crazy! Attention gentlemen, I’ve been disappointed,
I need to psychologically recover myself from a double “semi-Bonus” when I get all these Wilds, she’s always there You like me particularly, my dear €66, we’re at 580, nearly €600; it’s holding us there. Indeed, thinking about it, it was saying “so-so” volatility it should grant a minimum entertainment which is apparently giving, gentlemen Althoug, at €6,75, I’m really proving its endurance. We climbed another position in the rank,
now I am 26th I don’t know whether it’s updated after each spin, or it takes some more time Alright, meanwhile we are losing here, unluckily We’re getting down quickly. €202,5 if Collect comes out! You that I don’t want… I want to decrease it slightly, gentlemen, I don’t want this game to end because I’m liking it as a slot machine, so I want to extend it a little though, going too much below my initial €300 I’d be sorry, after having reached €700 and something. Consequently I can actually stop, maybe not at €300, but I stop at €200 I mean, I try other €100 like this but a bit lower; I want to set €5
because I want to get 3 Fires back! We take back everything that’s ours. [You want Fire? Ignite yourself!] If we are paid well, ah! If we get a s*** payment!? Maybe €50-100, we haven’t really achieved anything. Obviously the Jackpot is very hard to get,
though I mean, a “Jackpot” Horseshoe has never appeared, not even mistakenly, I don’t know if it’s something that can come out only in Bonus games, or also here, although it seems not, we never got a “Jackpot” sign look at the junk we get, come on! €45, put yourself on fire! Previous €202,5 no, ah!? Mustang Gold gentlemen, let me know what you think of this slot machine particular, I have to say; it’s been really requested and, indeed, I find it somehow funny. Let me know what you think leave a comment,
leave Likes as always gentlemen! And suggest me, alright, obviously next slot I have to try because, as soon as I remember, as you can see some kind of ads has to come out to further remind me about it but, I always try them, sooner or later. Actually, there are some days where I don’t know what slot I need to play so I end up trying the worst junk hopefully, if you already know a good one,
write me in the comment section! We even go below €500 unluckily We’re not getting Collect anymore or Fires [Just 2 Fires, it’s not 3 Fires] [It’s not: ignite yourself with fire slot machine!] Alright, sincerely… and come one we needed this! These kind of payments, that keep us alive, f***! Look there, it’s eating so much, worse than…
it’s like if there’s no tomorrow we are at €5 Bet First €500 win was good Getting another one now, however,
since we decreased so much Come one, f***! A s***** Collect! Ah, Collect doesn’t exist anymore!
Go with Mustang! Horse full-lines, at least 3 full-lines
they should be… and f***, the Black Horse pays well! It pays better than the “Female”, in fact €60 for a full-line! Instead of €40, so at least 6, 12, maybe 18
just with Horses, gentlemen I don’t know if the whole 3 full-lines are going to be paid with 25 lines €220, I think yes. I like these payments, I never swear when you give me these payments, I can never sey that you s***. Now don’t give me other s***** Collect,
just give me a good Collect. Or 3 Fires, kindly It’s been a while since we haven’t got 3 Fires. Maybe they’re about to come out?! Do we want to raise
the Bet slightly, gentlemen? Do we gamble a bit? But it’s the same question as before, by gambling and gambling the slot machine kills you.
€6,25, slightly less than before, since it has come out at €6,75, let’s see at €6,25 €605, we get under 600 again therefore let’s say I’d like to use up to a €200 credit, but not more Last 200, I’d save them back anyhow. It’s impossible, gentlemen, getting the Collect
when we have high prizes, it’s paying only junk! This is also good! I’ll lock it! We climbed up until the 19th position gentlemen,
we’re about… Alright we’re taking the lead, but there are still 2 days and 7 hours left so… I don’t think that tomorrow, in the end, I’ll play again here even if, since I’m already at it… COLLECT! Since I’m playing it now, I can try some other game tomorrow and the day after, maybe if I’m able to win this tournament, I get €300 back, although… I need to check if it’s worth it, because if I need to play other 2 days to reach the top, and still we need to get there,
but with this pace I should I should be able to reach it easily therefore other money will go away and I will hardly be able to end up winning
with this game rhythm so the Bonus has to be considered as a plus anyway, gentlemen It’s present and can be an help,
but you don’t have to play it FOR it to unlock it at any cost, because that is not a responsible game HERE THEY ARE! We took 156! Nice
It’s not Mega obviously, but at least €156 I got them back and now I am at about 650 I take another bite while all this music goes on “Get Collect to be awarded Money symbols” Now that I got the Collect I deacrease Bet again, since my good payment treat has been satisfied now I want 3 Fires though, I’m still not getting them I hope it’s not the same as Pirate Gold, do you remember? It gave many Bonuses, last time also at the end I thought it was a turning point… IT DID NOT PAY ANYTHING! So now, in order to obtain 3 Fires, I’m even sacrificing a part of the win in the end they will pay a little, once I got them, will you see? Let’s hope they don’t! I hope they arrive soon and nicely, hopefully a Jackpot, MINI is good as well just for the treat to get a Jackpot,
not a s*** like before 20x bet; Mustang Gold, you have to burn! Mustang is also a famous American car, gentlemen, having actually a horse as symbol,
look what an oddity, I suppose it’s really a horse, the meaning of Mustang! Now we are getting lower again relentlessly, without getting Fires,
in the beginning many of them came out during the decrease, when I’m going to make the increase,
there’s the insertion of the”Intercooler”! “What a nice comedian!” Fire… her eit is! It comes now!!
It has to come… D*** s****** J*** Gentlemen, what must we do, how much patience does it take? We’re going “up and down” €700, then we decrease to €500
then again 600 that’s how the game is going, not getting 3 Fires, it seemed so easy getting them Here they come, come on!! Damn it, give me a Fire!
It’s not coming out, not really! COLLECT symbol always comes when it’s worth nothing! But what can I do to get 3 Fires? If they come for a low payment I’ll really get angry I’ll state that Mustang Gold is a bad game Kent Brockman: a really weird man hard words It makes me change idea regarding all good things I said so far. It had to be done and you missed three contraries famous Movie Quote We don’t get anything! Not even a junk COLLECT Please give me something good! Like symbol full-lines! To rise with my credit We’re at €407
but is it even possible that such a thing may happen? Now I’ll pee on it, I’ll extinguish the other 2 Fires as well…
Cinese: unscrupulous sentences “Me and a friend of mine lost, and we peed on the slot and then we ignited it” slot was dead, it gave us nothing.
We just got 20 euro from the slot… A Cowboy full-line! They pay just €52! We got a nice spin, so the White Horse pays more it’s the highest paying symbol, the two men pay less in contrast to what it’d seem We recovered about €100 We’re back at 500, no! Not a nice!
It’s not a Nice, they had to write S***! That is JUNK, translated! This one would be good! GO!
DAMN IT! Look, the whole world is spinning,
COLLECT is the only missing symbol Damn Mustang Gold! We’re still
with a €200 profit gentlemen, but I don’t like these injustices!
I don’t like having to perform billions of spins to get again a Bonus game that it’s still not coming… A billion, fated to get higher…
3 Fires, they’re not coming… I want to take one of these damned Jackpots
and later get 3 Fires and win €200-300 euro, and I’d stop there,
once I get to that point… White Horses pay little, three of them give just €6,30 It’s not good we’re losing everything except for Fires, therefore low volatility
only 8 symbols, look what a junk junk payments, gentlemen! It never pays high win,
€90, €95, €100 are payments we need maybe it hasn’t understood that we’re going to destroy it, Mustang!
It hasn’t understood so it gives us only low scores! AAH! Get us 3 well paid Fires! Though, rightly,
if we compute what we have read in the instructions, there’s a medium volatility
with an average winning chance meaning that a possibility exists, although it’s quite remote gentlemen… but really it shouldn’t be so remote, because to level it every now and then
a good win should appear But we’re not getting a Bonus game here, how could we gain a €5250 Jackpot? Mystic voice: “Where are you going SPIKE? I see everything” “Justifying yourself with being angry,
you stuff yourself with croissants!” “You’ll become like a pig, very very fat!” Gentlemen! I don’t say a word! I don’t say a word! Stoppig reel positions are casual
so, in order to stop 3 Wilds and 2 Horseshoes alright, you know who’s to blame for it! D*** J***! Let’s hear this background country musico
Nothing is coming out here! Death bells would be more appropriate!
An active of €100 is still here though! All this spins we’re performing…
A Bonus game has never come out! It keeps kidding us! Never useful COLLECT! 3 Horses worth just few cents! They’re worth nothing! We’d need full-lines! Or mixed payments! With more Jollies! We get back down to €362
without getting a miserable Bonus… 4 “Good-For-Nothings” give €16
3 “Good-For-Nothings” €3, instead 3 Fires, instead, are impossible to get!
DISAPPEARED! Completely! and we’re back to the starting €300
and now, I nearly after all these spins,
I also feel sorry… never in life! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
Good! I was just saying
I’m sorry that I got lower than 300 so I wanted to stop,
and a lucky COLLECT has arrived! SUPERB is less important than SENSATIONAL
because it starts from 100x Superb, instead, indicates a win about 50x
Total of €236, we’re back at €588 Thank you! Now we get other €30 actually!
thank goodness, good good good! I was saying… I was about to stop
€300, after all these spins do I even have to lose €100?
No, it’s not possible… Thank goodness we received these spins
at least we still can play about €300 before stopping…
Will I be able to get a damned Bonus? before this game ends
and hopefully it will not end with my starting €300… go!
obviously not! Leave a like right now wishing me luck,
luck that will help me getting another monstruous Bonus game!
So this game won’t end at €300 But this kind of faith is needed! (also the webcam got stuck)
I’m going to reactivate it this makes you understand, that maybe we won’t get this luck
since things never goes well actually, the lock…. GENTLEMEN!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! It has worked! Webcam got stuck again! But maybe I’ll play in this manner
Even if it’s ridiculous, let’s go and see… what happens, maybe we are lucky
but I think not you liked the video in the right moment!
The’ll 500 by now! And later I’ll unlock my face! So, third spin is a junk, fourth spin… quick! Junk… About €80 and we’re at €90…
SHUT UP, it’s not NICE! It seems I’m looking at it like this
right on the Bonus here I am
we haven’t won much, gentlemen just three tigers… we haven’t got
anything! Others €100 wouldn’t have been bad… this wouldn’t be bad actually but it doesn’t come…
Come on, it’s a curse just €100 Better to stay with my back on the other side!
DAMN IT! But I can recognize low volatility…
realizing more than 40 minutes in a gaming session We perdormed many spins and climbed the ranking
up to 19th position I believe it hasn’t been updated
we should stay around here more or less since it’s been a while that 19 isn’t changing, but we played a little
so the problem was you see…
Bonus can pay 100x Bet it was so on the first one… on the second it was 10x bet
the third 20x and the fourth 20x… €100 with a €5 bet
therefore it’s very variegated, afterwards Jackpots, who has ever seen them? NEVER SEEN It is told they don’t even exist at this point,
I’ve never seen a “Jackpot” sign Horseshoe It gives you the chance to join the game
but it’s not certain you’ll get a good one, it culd also be this worth €262 it’s really hard!
I don’t know, gentlemen, how long I have to insist we already played for a while with
Pragmatic Mustang Gold, fanciful I have to say, somehow infamous with these Bonus games,
you have to implore them in order to get them, and thay also pay badly
but, obviously, it’s how they’re supposed to work earning money, not donating money
so we say that it’s been more than yelding After all these spins
we’re at €600, gentlemen… maybe I can play the last €100, but
I play them at €7,50, in contrast to the previous setting! Actually to see what happens,
if we’re able to get some good score an honest one hopefully, then I’ll stop at €500.
I want to inherit something back from this game! €127! Attention! At €7,50, in brackets, I read just €12,50, instead €112,50! And we’re at €700! So I stop at €600! I don’t to go down to 500! We make last death spins with a €7,50 bet
where nothing will happen, obviously! Having got these €100, it has already been a miracle! So I’m going to withdraw these €600!
Funny, after all from low volatility slots we can’t pretend muc… very much!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! They’d been €300, gentlemen!!!
These other something less… but we didn’t get it I was saying: we can’t pretend much
since what will happen in most of the games is this:
experience some “up and down”, and actually now we got more “up” than “down”, on other games we’ll get more “down” than “up” obviously! Remember that everytime you win,
it’s always a very lucky game no! I made a mistake! Alright, I collect €594! This is good about Online Slots! While you need to deal with coins in terrestrial slots,
so if you just have €48 instead of €50 €48 maybe, is more problematic, but online €594 are like €600! I stop here! ok gentlemen, we have seen the Mustang Gold!
Fanciful, I have to say! I liked it, it has been slightly infamous for what hasn’t granted us
but we are happy for today I always remind you to play responsibly!
Gambling is forbidden to people younger than 18 years old, it can cause pathological
dependency, so always with your brain turned on! I suggest playing
only if you have moderation, otherwise it’s better avoiding the games!
Set yourself a dedicated Budget, it’s all for today, let’s stay tuned for other videos!

100 thoughts on “SLOT ONLINE – PROVIAMO LA MUSTANG GOLD della Pragmatic [SUB ENG]

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