April 2, 2020


Welcome back everyone, gentlemen, to this new video I wasn’t playing on this website or long,
I had to remember the password I mean, change it because I didn’t remember it anymore,
it was quite a long time and why did I come back?! To try a very interesting
slot machine, according to me very interesting and suggested by a dear fan of mine that has written me in many comments “try this, try this!”;
it’s very particular I must say, I’m going to explain it to you soon,
we are dealing with Book Of Oz, by Microgaming We’re here to try it, indeed; 300€ just deposited
on this website which has available each imaginable and possible slot
so, if you search for your slot machine whatever it is, it has to exist only
you find it here, and so we write Book Of Oz and we turn it on right away!
By Microgaming as I told you, this is some trouble, since I have long fogotten,
not playing here I have forgotten that I need to get it in position,
it will not be a pleasant thing, gentlemen. 300€ comma 70 cents which I already had,
they’re always good. OK!! requested accepted, participation code ok,
and now we need to push twice to make it start, here it is
try an additional spin free spin and win up to x5000 your total bet
(it cannot be read since I’m in front of it) wait for me to get it in position and we see how it works. Ok, you should be able to see it rather good gentlemen, this is the Book Of Oz, Microgaming
so we have said if you want to try it you will find the website by clicking on the “I” above,
the link, or in the description there
[Works also for foreigners! ] If you decide to register
you get a Bonus up to 50€ so, let’s turn the volume down a bit since it’s like crazy let’s see this situation here, and here
there also some sentences appearing additional spins. What will they ever be? Because you can decide in this slot machine to accept a determined situation
for example here, and spin just one reel at a time, for example this,
or playing normally to your bet set previously; bet which ranges from,
modifying the bet you give up to any additional spin, and it’s ok;
ranges from 10 cents, so for all the pockets it would seem, up to a maximum of 25€,
it should be, yes! as you understand, the slot machine base is copied from the Book Of Ra; actually, rather than from Book Of Ra, from the Book Of Dead! since in the Dead there are always 10 lines but the tenth one isn’t like the Book Of Ra, which is like this; but it’s like this, therefore identical to the Book Of Dead. The Bonus game works the same,
introductive screen as well, I must say, which shows you the rules, is taken from Book Of Dead effectively. Well done to Microgaming!
So total bet, ok the highest symbol will be
this “Good-For-Nothing” here I believe, let’s go checking the table, where there information. Here it is, let’s hope that it doesn’t wreck my view; have a look here, 3 books and it gives me 10 free spins 4 books, 12 free spins, a bit moer and then, ok, the starting prize; seriously? 5 books give 1000€. Also with Book Of Ra?
I don’t really think, 10 no…perhaps yes, but it seems to me that 5 books use to pay less,
but you’re awarded 25 free spins, that is very useful they can also be re-activated, obviously,
the “Good-For-Nothing” is highest oaying symbol, 2500€ with 5, therefore just like Book Of Ra. This one, the Lion, here I don’t understand what it is this thing, “Courage” is written,
1000€ so it pays same as Book Of Ra half spin, 2; four times the bet, 3;
they seem all equal points. Three, 75; 75, Everything identical, gentlemen. Therefore copied word for word exactly; lines are these, we have said Let’s see the RTP, if it explains it somewhere,
how much is it Question mark, it doesn’t allow me to do it,
information cannot be known! alright, I will find it by myself anyway;
here sounds can be enabled and alright, another thing which doesn’t interest us;
and let’s start right away with 5€, so let’s see what happens, with this slot; gentlemen
I have already tried it and therefore, more or less, I can already tell you how it works, I’ll explain it soon. Look here, for example we have this situation; now, instead of keeping the normal game we can decide to spin just this reel
which would cost in this case 1 cent, so practically nothing,
and let’s go seeing what happens, you see always 1 cent, other reels cost us more because, just by spinning these, we can get enhancing situations; for example here we could get the pyramid here in the middle, that pays us 50€.
And this spin will not be free of course, it makes it pay 7,68€,
let’s try and see what happens nothing happens; other 7,68€, got a Book here, cost is always 7,68€ but look at the others how the cost has increased now, why? Because if you spin, and you get a Book you get a book ultimately, and we reach 3 Books,
and we’d start the Bonus consequently these reel costs increase vortically, because you can try to spin for some full-line, or the Books indeed to try getting the Bonus,
look here, we have this reel that costs you 18€, because if it comes
a full “K” line, it’s worth 75€ or if we get it up here, we get back 15€ I guess;
no, how much is it? It seems, yes… And therefore I have to spend 18€ to get: 75€ or 15€ it’s not worth it, in this case.
Obviously costs are proportional to difficulty I mean, this tentative we are doing it has a cost,
since otherwise I wish it’d be convenient, so anyone would be always buying spins, let’s try making some 18€ shot let’s see if we get the full-line. 1st spin, no;
2nd spin, no…YES! There it is! we got 75€ , alright. Obviously easier things cost less, we can even try again,
if we want, with 18€. Why do the others cost more as well?
Ah, righteously we can try here also, it always put a full-line if we get 5 “K”,
so we say that in some occasions for example, taking four of these here, except the one in the middle, it’d also be a nice winning Try it again, though, will cost us at least 100, 200€ probably becaus it must not be too advantageous;
this situation here, instead, where there is nothing,
it doesn’t cost us anything; look at that! Obviously gentlemen, therefore that’s the difficulty, that’s why I was saying interesting this slot machine; when they’ve suggested it to me, I’ve gone searching for it and I said: “But what the f*** is Book Of Oz?”
I went checking: fanciful!! Good job Microgaming! At least it made something that changes a bit in the standard slots. At least here one can decide what he’ll go up against, if he has to go up against something; I mean, alright, then everything always depend upon luck, gentlemen,
I don’t know if in this case there would be a more awarding strategy than others because,
for example with BTG slots by purchasing bonuses…
One after another?! BOOK! Yes, there it is! Attention, here, still let’s see if it allows me adding something, I guess no it doesn’t make me add anything;
we start directly with the bonus so if I want to keep spinning to reach 4-5 Books,
how can i do it?! Maybe later… Attention! The “Good-For-Nothing” gentlemen,
attention at the”Good-For-Nothing”We have 10 spins, I must say a sour note,
because I already tried this slot I must say that Books don’t pay
as much as in Book Of Ra. I haven’t got decent winnings,
the other times that I tried it let’s see this time with the Hat,
I’ve never picked up an hat, this will probably be the Wizard of Oz, if you’re magic,
you’ll have to bring out the “whole page” Faust as well, which is magic,
he was messing with potions, he got me 4 “Fausts” Let’s see what the **** you can do, gentlemen.
Attention **** **** it had given 500€ erano… Ah, this computes the total 50€ here because it’s worth 5€ per line obviously. Let’s carry on **** **** **** Empty spin, 2nd and 3rd spin; it’s a known fact. Alright, this is an hard symbol gentlemen,
I don’t expect it to come out at the first occasion damn right-click, damn it,
we’re at the 5th spin they don’t show themselves these Wizard of Oz son of a ******* del **** ****,
even a nice little Book reactivating, would have made glad things,
and 7th spin, ah what the **** at least some 2 score points… there’s not a **** really,
8 spins done, 100€ won 9th spin, 10th spin, **** **** gentlemen.
First attempt with the “Good-For-Nothing”, it’s gone bad yet.
102,50€, these are the mushrooms that he’s eating This Oz here “Good-For-Nothing”!
We’re at 350; ah, I haven’t seen, if it allowed me to keep buying there after the Books, ma it looked like it didn’t
so the Books, rather we go for 3 of them, or rather…
they can’t be taken anymore Do we want to try buying this here, gentlemen? It’s just that once I started, then I have to try until I get it, in order to get a balance recovery, more or less;
and 24, how many spins do I make with 342€?I make: 4, 8, 12, 14 more or less because,
maybe also something more, because I imagine that you’ll get me something with this potion here,
even if it doesn’t pay a ****, though it’s the one that is more convenient in terms of price; because this one it’s 40€ yet, it didn’t go ah, since there’s the “K” full-line here, righteously,
therefore we have both the Book than “K” full-line possibility, and also both together
if I get a Book here and we get both: full-lines and Books. Although this is a bit too hard, I’d go rather for this to try and get 3 Books
hopefully paid a bit better like this Let’s give it a small shot, so first spin: YES!
With the first, ****; pretty fair Book Of Oz! Good thing that we got it right at the first spin,
let’s go seeing here I hope it will go better, even if I must say, gentlemen,
I’ve tried it and I got also “worthless” symbols: “10”, “K”… it has never paid them decently; so far it never made “full-screen” I played it once, before this time; and in demo mode at the beginning, to see what the **** I was talking about. Attention! Books inside books here,
and I have to say, in the times that I played it I got Books, but never “full-screens”; alright, with 20 spins now, will the “full-screens” arrive, no?! Attention, again! Activate! dDonìt be afraid,
show us the Wizard of Oz that you are, if you are magic if you are magic, you know how to bring activations, “full-screens”; the more, the better We will also purchase later, and we already bought the Book: 24€; it came back, for the convenience it should pay us more than 24€,
that we are already at 37 but it’s well know that it will be more paying if we get it, right?! It should… it must pay us more than the total of all spins taken at 24€; here 7 spins, 60€;
but what the **** are these bonuses? 3 useless “Q”; 25€ thank you,
alright let’s go on “F-U-L-L-S-C-R-E-E-N-S”, Oz!
Attention! Oz, there’s no Book, we don’t know each otherWe are getting acquainted
for the first time, let’s say; Attention! Eh, he’s starting to be convinced I’m convincing him, gentlemen, here with my mediatorship skills; now, in order to be a fair person, you must give
a nice “Q” “full-screen”or yet 3 Books, we got 30 spins, ****,
so we are given activations let’s see if we are given “full-screens”,
500€ would please me very much but having 30 spins, I expect to get it,
Book Of Ra would have given it, you know! Now, it’s clear that not all slot-machines
can be beautiful as much as Book Of Ra, but… in the end let’s see, it’s clear that
a slot-machine is judged by its paying amount above everything else, right!? Attention!
Damn it, 3 Books aren’t coming otherwise we’d have gone to 40, and in that case… if within 40 spins it doesn’t give me a “full-screen”,
we can state that it sucks as slot-machine, gentlemen. It doesn’t give these “Q” gentlemen,
it doesn’t want to know about itWe’ve seen that it pays also, you see, the initial combination If there are 3 lined “Q”, it grants payment anyhow we finally made here 125€ with 4 Books **** ****, it’s not there! I mean, with 4 “Q”;
I wish it were 4 Books, we’d catch other 12 spins Come on, ****! 8 spins remaining and still we haven’t got “full-pages”, only a 4 point-score. Hard like a stone, gentlemen,
in order to pay these Books, you know! and 4 potions like that: 52,5€ but what do we have to do with them?
Give us “full-pages”, ****! 1, 2 and **** *** 1, 2, 3 and 25 ****** euros! Torch yourself, Oz, burn! Sucker!
Stinker! Nothing, uh! 27 spins and it got the barbarian nerve
of giving not a single “full-page”. It even did start well, with those internal Books it seemed motivated, but it was not!
4 Books and 125€, we’ve take them, which is not bad, ok; but in 30 spins
you can’t pay me 600€ so don’t give me any Books if you don’t want to pay,
for this I’ll feel bad then and, for example, in this situation, imagine here
to re-spin this, gentlemen in order to get a Potion “full-line” which is worth 375€,
here we have got 615. and here you see, it doesn’t allow me to spin again after the Books, otherwise, I wanted to see for curiosity how much would have costed me this situation.
Do we want to see how much it costs us since we arrived to 927; it’s not that I want to spin,
but we see how much it costs, at least. What to say, gentlemen, after these 2 bonuses:
first one was, alright, in the standard because, more or less, it’s known
that with the “Good-For-Nothing” there good winnings cannot arrive easily,
but 30 spins with “Q”, I’ve been quite disappointed I must say, because I was expecting at least a pair of “full-screen” Aces “full-lines”, gentlemen! 75€, though… “full-lines” are present, at least we’re at 980 which is not bad, you know, eh;
I was expecting more from 2nd bonus I’ve been a bit disappointed;
again, 4 aces, let’s see the “full-line” how much does it costs… 12€, do we make a spin for 12€? We will get it with 3, 4, 5 spins! 1st spin, nothing; 2nd spin, nothing; 3rd spin, nothing;
4th spin, for God sake, nothing! 5th spin Nothing! 6th spin, it costs 12,95 always; 7th spin…
Ehm, now if we get it we tie it, more or less. Ah, we got a Book and it’s alright, we have made 75€ but, more or less, we keep there I consummed maybe some 20€;
you see, in the end, that probability is calibrated because if it costs that much, it means that it’s that much convenient, more or less, always a bit less, otherwise
the slot-machine wouldn’t have RTP if, in percentage, it would cost the exact spin number needed to get it, statistically obviously, since if you get the Book at first spin,
as happened previously, the deal is convenient there,
because with just a spin, we “win”; if you get it after many spins, you’re losing, the higher the spin number becomes, obviously; I hope I made myself clear about this, because to many it’s still unclear how any online slot works; I mean, one would think:
“Alright, the amount the slot-machine has to give whether you play at 20 cents or 5€ is the same thing”.
Forget about it, gentlemen, it’s not like that!
It’s all a statistical matter, of each single spin coming out probability.
Do we want to try again with a “K” “full-line”? Ah, I don’t want to try it anymore! Let’s see, maybe, we can try to spin again for the 3rd Book, gentlemen; the 3rd Book, as it happens if we remove this here, or this one
it costs us just one cent or 3,70€, who knows why?!
this other one, instead, it costs us 26€Do we want to try obtaining again 3 Books, gentlemen? with 950€ I’m able to catch 3 Books
if I purchase them at 25€ per spin the problem is how many spins we consume,
and what kind of bonus it gives us, becasue we’ve seen 600€ with 30 “Q” spins isn’t that much;
I was expecting 1000€ at the very least, but… maybe we could have expected also something more,
and we want to try again, I don’t know last time it ran fine… because it can also be a very dangerous game meaning, 4 spins and we burn 100€, do you understand?
ah, 900€ alright yes, but, what Book combination has to give in order to be able to compensate, more or less at least the money that we’re spending now if we make 10 spins to get the Books, it’s worth 260€ Will it give us 260€ with 3 Books?
It’s not sure with this slot-machine, gentlemen. Do we want to try them? Ah, l know that I’m the one in charge of trying,
and often [*whistle*] and let’s try, 26€ per spin this is a play that ought to be made with a reduced bet, hopefully because we will try there, until it comes out;
maybe we get also some “full-line” we have our own play; so, 3 spins made so far
here: 2,5€ recovered what the **** do we make with 2,5€;
a Book is needed! 5, and it comes, indeed, ****!
It comes out again, perfect! How much did we spend, more or less 150€ , no?!
5 spins ago let’s see what we’re able to do now
with the Book of Oz! The Potion… at the Book Of Rath this wouldn’t be
something that I’d like since symbols, this one here,
like the “Plume” or the “Beetle” like it’s this, and this Potion;
they don’t come out, gentlemen it’s the most “intercooler” (“disadvantageous”) existing symbol. Let’s see here, hopefully it’s different, it doesn’t pay much other symbols,
it’ll pay more intermediate ones, who knows, we have to get at least 150€
to tie our balance but I hope in something more, ****! 3rd spin, 50€… thanks, three “10”;
4th spin, it gives us always the red one because we had the other one, no?!
There’s the violet one, but how much is this? 25€, but what the **** do we make with them? The “full-page”, 3750€; thats’ what we need!
Quick! Quick! Come on; we don’t even recover, do we?! 3 spins made, to get a Book,
that, however, it was good because just with 3 spins, we have got them,
but we do not recover them **** ****. 9th spin Nothing to do 10th spin: ah, Jesus Christ gentlemen!
500€, 4 of these Hats **** *** Potions! We are good with 4 Hats, ****! Good!
And with Potions, 25€ more 635, but thank goodness that this “Good-For-Nothing” here has paid us. So far it hasn’t done anything, have you seen how it is done? I asked you 4 of them before; but when you were present as symbol, not now1459€ gentlemen, attention, the Book Of Oz is making good things Do you know what I mean!? It’s a fanciful slot-machine,
though it’s a bit extreme I must say. Do we want to try making a greater ********?
For example buying whole “Good-For-Nothing” “full-lines”?! But I can’t make it at 5€
I want to make it, at… Let’s try at 2€, but just for a whim,
just to try; because surely we will not succed So, this one here, we keep it now, gentlemen;
we keep the final Book, as well. Let’s go, trying to catch it, the “Good-For-Nothing” now;
ah, it’s there, **** 31 cents, let’s see if it comes
[*coughing*] 31 cents, alright it doesn’t cost much,
considering we are at 2€ but the “full-page”, I mean the “full-line” of this one,
is worth 1000€ **** Do we want to buy it?
Ah, if we spend less than 1000€ is convenient but, once the “Good-For-Nothing” will come out here,
this one will cost surely a bag of cash; now it costs 50 cents,
let’s go seeing what happens when we will get it,
because we will get it, sooner or later look at this yet, it’s worth 13€ because a tris could come out which mean a 20€ win, so if 1000€ will come out here, how much will it cost spinning this? It will cost us at least 2-300€ gentlemen Ah, it costed less here… Ah, no the reason it costed more,
because there was the Book; again, therefore 13€ since we could also get a Book rightly,
it costs us 57€… Though in this way we can get Books, although at 2€, therefore if we get 3 Books at 2€ we hardly recover 57€, yet;
which in the end won’t be 57 since it won’t come out at first spin.
If we should get the Book here, or the “Good-For-Nothing”, it’s a 1000€ “full-line”
but I’m not confident in trying it I could have played with a bit lower betp
if we wanted to try it because like this, it’s a bit extreme, 50€
I’ll burn too much money, gentlemen I don’t feel like it I don’t feel like it, tough I could try it again
if this video reaches 2000 likes we can try it again with crazy plays maybe,
although, I don’t ensure it anyhow even if the video reaches it. The poin is if I make 2 spins here,
they will be empty, probably I don’t ever recovery because later
I cannot keep buying indefinitely I should continue indefinitely until I get it,
therefore from 1400 to 0, try it 50€ per spin… the point is if the Book comes out,
this will **** us because if it comes out here, we will enter the bonus
and lastly I’m not able to buy anymore, therefore I have to reconstruct the situation,
although it’s not that expensive reconstructing it, but… Gentlemen, if we want to try, we try it;
but I don’t try with 2€, hopefully with 1€ we succeed; we spend half our money, let’s see what happens,
we reconstruct the whole situation from scratch. So the “full-line” below was, alright… let’s wait having, maybe without Books,
getting “Good-For-Nothing” without Books would be better because…
in the end there is no risk that our sitation gets disrupted there.
Ah, and when will we get it again, gentlemen… We already got 4 of them inside the bonus game,
now we’re going to get other 4 “Good-For-Nothing”, here they are: we already deployed 2Let’s go to… look that it costs 1 cent always:
hether you play at 5€ or 1€ it always costs 1 cent.
This goes in favour, even if only slightly, of high bets because if you play even at 25€ and you pay 1 cent alright, 1 cent is practically free anyhow, 4€ is good, we’re even getting 4 “K” at a time that gives us 4€ with 1€ spent;
again, copy over copy, gentlemen! Book Of Oz got crazy! And, alright, we simply need to recover something,
I want to try getting this ******* “Good-For-Nothing” “full-line”, or making some attempt at least, to win a 500€ “full-line” it’s a somehow crazy tentative, though,
once in a while we get back 4€ for this playing we are doing;
and so we shall keep going and buy “full-lines” over “full-lines”! For this “Good-For-Nothing” here! 4€, alright. You see that, more or less, it keeps us there,
about on 1430, more or less. So the probability, more or less, is what you see;
then, it’s clear, sometimes it doesn’t pay; others it does but the top “Good-For-Nothing” I’m not able to get itI’m not able to get a leading “Good-For-Nothing”! Playing at 1€ we recover… 1434, the “K” again, it’s alright!
The “Good-For-Nothing” is there! And now I start spinning this, or this other…
with this one, it will rise a lot, instead int this way, we can make it with 2€ Eh, not the Book…
“Good-For-Nothing” is needed! Even though if we get a Book here,
it wouldn’t be that bad, perchè… one isn’t enough, in the end; even if the other would come out,we will not get the bonus and, let’s say, we keep the deployed “Good-For-Nothing” situation because after the bonus, then, I’m not allowed to purchase anymore reels. Now we’re going down,
you see that the risk is higher, we pay more, and the probability is lower,
to get the “Good-For-Nothing” just up here Indeed it comes out in any place, except for there… from 1430… alright this a just a try gentlemen,
just to demonster you the slot-machine reasoning. Uh, and does the “Good-For-Nothing” want to come out, no?! Uh, It came out! 10€… how much?!
Ah 50€, once again?! But are we losing our minds here?! Why 50€? Previously it costed 50€ at 2, now 50€ at 1?! And we can’t even go for Books,
we can just go for this “full-line” and we can improve as well “Q” hereMaybe since each spin it will pay both lines, isn’t it?
I try making some spin, gentlemen A really mad spin, I know I’ll regret it. But it’s for showing you how the slot-machine works I want to see if it will pay again this one, the starting one, becaause if we consume 50 and we get 10,5 for each spin we should get, in average, once every 10 spin, get the “Good-For-Nothing” to tie the game;
since we consume 500, and we get 500 Let’s just make some spin at 50€,
but I’ll regret it, I already know. It’s definitely not paying, you see;
it’s not paying the initial 10€. Let’s try again It’s not paying it, no. **** ****! Alright, this is unconvenient. It is absolutely unconvenient, gentlemen. 150€ burned up since here we have indeed very few possibilities we are meeting a serious loss; I thought this one
would have been paid again at least some recovered 10€; instead it seems
it will pay just the improvements. Not the basis one, therefore it’s not convenient trying it, not even at 1€ DAMN… TORCH yourself Book Of Oz! However, 2000 likes to see crazy playings..
crazier than this… I can try, gentlemen, but I don’t guarantee anything Let’s see what else happens here;
what a pity I burned up 150€ in the end it was letting us, I mean it was keeping us in that credit; until we got… the things We can try with Books, though, hopefully until 1000 I can try buying some Books, to see what happens We make 10 spins in this way THREE Four Five: not even Books are coming out now. Six: TORCH YOURSELF SLOT-MACHINE! Seven Eight **** ****! Nine Ten… ten spins, yet, **** ***;
200€ thrown away, gentlemen. I insist a bit… though,
I’d like to stop about 1000 therefore even if a Book comes out, it gets me back to 1000, I must stop 15 spins without Book!
16 spins… I think soon it will give me 200,
now that it comes out. 17 spins 18 19 20 For God sake 21… eh, it’s still without Books,
Bloody **** 22 23…now I want to see what will be shown,
now that we get it Damn ****! 25 26 27 And **** *** *******! **** ***! 28 spins, times 20€; how much is it?
560€, bloody ****! Ah, I don’t think I’ll recover them,
from what we’ve seen, gentlemen; And the “Q”… we just need a”full-screen”… Oz! You’ve seen, I have gambled indeed,
now please I want 1000€, I need you to get me a “Q” “full-screen”! or three lines, and afterwards a “full-screen”. This slot-machine is really demanding gentlemen these crazy playings you have to make them with a very lower bet than your standard one otherwise… eh, numbers at stake,
they start becoming really high so, pair of “Q”; and nothing, 55€ up ot now This will also go “intercooler” (“in my ***”),
probably gentlemen 6 spins: we’ve taken 55€ Get us a symbol “full-line”, just like before;
4 “Good-For-Nothing”, 500€ and it’s done… nothing 97,5€ 8th spin
9th spin… For God sake, one “full-screen” has become impossible really, if you want to buy it: you don’t get it! Gentlemen! I must stop here,
once arrived at this point I wanted to recover at least 1000, but it didn’t allow it; 750 We had arrived at a 1400, **** ***;
then because of crazy playings They’ve gone in the garbage binDo we want to try once more? 26€ per spinIndeed we can make lots of spins…
Now we have made 28 spins I don’t think we need other 28 spins to get 3 Books well, by playing regularly, yeah,
they could spontaneously come out but what do i do, later?
Do I reach 700 and stop myself? In this way, instead, we can make another attempt it’d be similar to buying a bonus with BTG slots, but you don’t know the initial cost,
it depends upon how much you got previously If I try again now, I don’t know if I’ll ever re-try it, though 26€ is a bit demanding,
the point is that… As we’ve seen, it doesn’t pay much; I mean… any symbol we got, up to now, won’t grant a “full-page” Eh, I don’t know gentlemen… And other 28 spins, it would mean 500€ eaten up again.
I can’t… I can’t do it, come on. I must stop at 700€ gentlemen, You have to excuse me, but…
Responsible gaming before everything we tried and made some ******** which hasn’t gone… I mean, something has been good at the beginning, then this final one hasn’t been good,
it has spoiled me But… I can’t continue indefinitely like this,
otherwise I won’t ever end this game. Let’s see here, for example it would cost 94€ here because, correctly, getting it here it would be worth 375€ Too extreme, it can’t be done.
I reach 700€ and I stop, gentlemen. Crazy things, we made them.
We’ve seen how the slot-machine is… and I must stop… Attention! Unless it comes out spontaneously, eh! Spontaneously, it can come out, if it’s a serious slot-machine, it can come out **** ****! Who knows this one how much would it cost now?
86€, although for 500€ You know that this one is more convenient than before,
it seems, since if we get a Book here, it’s worth 500€ And if we get it down as well, it’s not bad,
since there will be always 3 Books. Even if we get the “Good-For-Nothing” here,
it’s worth 500€; it wouldn’t be bad. I mean, it’s a paradox, but this one would be more convenient than the previous one I don’t understand this, this thing…
If costs are always neutral or rather sometimes… I don’t know!!! I keep having the idea of stopping at 700, gentlemen; maybe we try it again. If you have liked it Let me know your thoughts, anyhow.
Leave comments, leave likes. Because I’m interested in your opinions so,
if you have appreciated it I can have asecond thoung about trying it again, since, honestly, it scares me a bit. It could end up bad by buying a spin series,
you never know… to spin for a whole “full-line”, for example. Because 3 Books, we’ve seen, are not rare;
but often it’s unconvenient. Instea, with the whole 1000 “full-line”, eh! Today I must stop here, at 700; and we’re going immediately to withdraw them before I change idea. And in the end.. this is the Book Of Oz gentlemen! We update the balance here! Who knows if I must end the session in more appropriate way ah, it logged off, obviously… Ultimately, very particular eh… to spin the “full-line” at 1€ it costed 500 as well.. I mena 50€; therefore… in order to aim to 500€, you see that in the previous case yet, while we were with 2€ bet, it costed always 50€! What I don’t understand is why with 2€ bet,
it’s worth 1000€ if we get it because sometimes it’s more convenient, other times is less BEOH! (“I don’t know”) However, if you please let me withdraw since they even updated the website from last time,
I don’t even remember how to do it. Withdraw! It’s everything for today, gentlemen balance… ah, here you can withdraw on PayPal,
afterwards I have to use Skrill, because… basing on my last deposits, for anti-money laundering law they make you send it where you have deposited it so, I have to make 400 here; and 300 on the other platform. So let me know what are your thoughts If you want to try this slot, gentlemen, you find
the link up there on the right (LINK ALSO FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES) Or in the description, below (LINK ALSO FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES) you can get a bonus up to 50€ Let’s go withdrawing these other 300 I have to send them always on PayPal, though,
I seemed to understand, and not on Skrill next time I have to make, I must use… withdrawable, not here; bank transfer, no;
and store, zero! How is it, how is this thing?! I haven’t understood this, I mean how do I withdraw these last 300 I don’t know, Isn’t that I didn’t use the money in the game?
Eh, no this is impossible. I mean, we’ve won more than 700€, just with that
bonus game, it was more than 600 This is unclear to me, this thing, I’m going to ask to the support team, gentlemen because I told you, I’ve been not playing it for long,
it never happened. How the **** is it? It made me withdraw 400 but I’ve not understood why not the rest… It says here: “Amount you can withdraw, ehm.. …it’ll be possible requesting another withdrawal only after having collected each requested withdrawal”. So I have to wait for thi withdrawal to arrive and then I ask for another one, practically. I’ve never heard such a thing;
but it seems it works like that. Gentlemen! I remind you that gambling is forbidden
if your less than 18 years old, it can cause pathologic dependancy, therefore always play responsibly;
I’ve made some ******** this time, to understand how the slot-machine works, first and foremost,
and to show it to you, but, in the end, I reached a point, I said:
“Now we stop, otherwise, this game ends up badly”. So always play responsibly.
It’s all for today, we’ll keep in touch as always to the next video. Bye!


  1. L'avevate richiesta, vi ho fatto aspettare come nei migliori film ma finalmente รจ arrivata la Book of Oz ๐Ÿ˜Ž Mi sono divertito molto con questa slot ma aspetto ovviamente anche la vostra opinione a riguardo ! Si merita un nuovo tentativo ? Come sempre fatemi sapere nei commenti e lasciate tanti likes ! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  2. Se si fa il gioco che vuole la macchinetta (comprare giro) puรฒ essere molto pericolosa,soprattutto per giocatori caldi

  3. Bellissima slot sfizioso il rigiro del rullo ma pericoloso. Grande Spike sei il migliore e grazie per aver portato un Bella slot ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  4. Bella e divertente riprovala con giocate pazze con moreno๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Troppo estrema.. il gioco molto spesso non vale la candela.. troppi soldi appicciati๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  6. Bastard quando gioca con te Moreno u faj fa' a faccia bianc,,,,(moreno no tuta no party) dimenticavo : vi ri grazio dei video che fate mi fate compagnia mentre faccio riabilitazione alla spalla (incidente moto)

  7. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ciao spike non conoscevo questa slot grazie a te ho capito che รจ troppo rischiosa sei stato un vero temerario

  8. Grande spike sempre tanta roba ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Žda riprovare fa veramente paura giocare con queste botte sono molto pesanti sfiziosa da riprovare con moreno le giocate pazze saranno troppo esagerate sicuramente ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜perรฒ la si puรฒ provare a schiattare sei sempre il numero spike ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  9. Grande Spike sempre il numero uno, regalami un bel video in cui scapucci la bonanza ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

  10. Grandissimo spike comunque bella partita perรฒ รจ troppo rischiosa mi cago addosso per i tuoi soldi hahaha prova la ghost pirates su 888 bro รฉ divertente

  11. Ciao spike macchinetta molto intrigante ma pericolosa, cmq mi sono divertito tanto, peccato x il finale anche se qualcosa l'hai portata a casa,un saluto dal Salento

  12. Ciao spike slot molto sfiziosa ma pericolosa molto pericolosa hai fatto bene a fermarti qualche vincita fa sempre bene

  13. Bella slot.. Perรฒ mi raccomando non la fa conoscere a moreno.. Sennรฒ รจ un casino.. Hahaha ha.. Ti conviene riprovarla da te

  14. Ciao Carlo bel video e macchinetta speciale. Messo ๐Ÿ‘ riprovala con Moreno , con 1000 โ‚ฌ bet consigliato 10 โ‚ฌ. Ci vediamo domani mattina per slot da bar ๐ŸŽ“๐ŸŽ“๐ŸŽ“ buonanotte

  15. Ciao zio Spike. E molto bella la slot. Peccato che non hai incassato almeno 1100. Avevi giร  rischiato abbastanza. Comunque voterei per un altra partita te e Moreno. Un saluto ๐Ÿ’œ

  16. Bella macchinetta, tipo la gallina da piu possibilitร , anche se costano caro…
    Com'รจ finita poi la storia del prelievo? Perchรจ su quel sito รจ capitato anche a me…

  17. Sempre da Tenerife aspettiamo le giocate pazze … like ok !!! Saluta tanto morenooooooooooooo… quando venite a Tenerife ho in servo un bel whisky da condividere con voi … ciaooooo

  18. Carina come slot,ma mangia troppo..riprova la ted quella del pupazzo,ha molte piรน funzioni,dei bei bonus e dei bei pagamenti!!

  19. Una slot pericolosa ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ ieri sera la book 1200 a bet 2,meglio Ra che Oz ma per giocate pazze con moreno non sarebbe male questa. Grande spike ๐Ÿ‘

  20. Grande spike per questo piccolo grande successo i 10k sono arrivati mi dispiace molto che ti hanno buttato giรน lโ€™altro canale ma YouTube questo e sono animali non capiscono lโ€™impegno e il tempo che impiegano le persone per raggiungere dei successi ma tu sei in gamba e si vede che meriti … buona fortuna โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Caro, lasciala perdere questa. รˆ subdola. Ti ciuccia 1.000โ‚ฌ con i re-spin e manco te ne accorgi. Prova qualche macchinetta piรน onesta ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Spike porta anche qualche gioco casinรฒ come roulette ,ruota dalla fortuna .ti prego sei un personaggio fantastico!!!

  23. Adesso ho capito perchรฉ lottomerda si รจ risucchiata 100โ‚ฌ in meno di mezz'ora.. Doveva pagare il suo influencer.. Mi sono fatto una promessa. Dove sponsorizzi tu non gioco io๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. ciao Spike..io gioco solo alle microgaming..ti posso consigliare una macchinetta diamond empire per ben due volte mi ha dato 3000 euro con puntate da 60 cents

  25. Bel video Spike, come sempre,bella macchinetta ma pericolosa con le giocate aggiuntive..E nessuna schermatura nel bonus..Ti riconsiglio la six acrobats, la trovi su giocodigitale ๐Ÿคž

  26. Spettacolare Spike!! Ogni tuo video una garanzia di divertimento e di apprendimento del gioco!! Spero in una seconda parte della OZ!!!

  27. Ciao spike, prova la slot SCARAB di trova sul casino digitale www.casinodigitale provala e bella vorrei vederla giocata da te, ciao mitico.

  28. Grazie x avermi fatto conoscere sta macchinetta io lo giocata su pokerstars con 15euro e sono arrivato a 700euro ๐Ÿ˜ฏ poi a 500 mi sono fermato e ho riscosso .na cosa allucinante non me lo aspettavo

  29. Ciao Spike guardo tutti i tuoi video mi fai morire dalle risate sei troppo simpatico grazie per i tuoi Video…..PS.che programma usi per salvare i video che poi carichi?grazieeeee

  30. Sei il Ciccio valenti delle slot!! Complimenti!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘se un giorno ti stufi delle slot puoi tranquillamente commentare altro!!! Mi raccomando di non bestemmiare!!!!

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