April 3, 2020
Skillshare Udemy Skillwise and other Online Course Marketplaces (2019)

Skillshare Udemy Skillwise and other Online Course Marketplaces (2019)

Skillshare Udemy Skillwise Have you thought about using an online course marketplace Then this is the video for you Sit back and stay tuned Couple weeks back I did a video called best online course platforms And in this video. I covered 10 great LMS services. If you’re interested in checking out that video, I will make sure and link it here But what I left out of this video was the online course marketplaces First, what is an online course marketplace? They already have an established clientele And they market your course for you So you don’t have to have a big following to put your course on an online course marketplace The first one I’m going to talk about is Skillshare. It’s probably one of the most common ones that everyone knows Skillshare is a marketplace where people pay a monthly fee to join up to have access to all the courses on their site They have a lot of different categories Anything from design and illustration business technology and entrepreneurship To become a teacher you just click on the ‘become a teacher’ up here at the top and It’ll bring you over here to the ‘teach on Skillshare’ site the classes on Skillshare average about 30 minutes So if you’re planning on making a really big and extensive course, this is probably not the platform for you If you click the ‘learn more’ under the ‘earn revenue’ You’ll be brought to the ‘teachers handbook’, where you can see how payments work, earning premium referrals, earning royalties and even earn for referring a teacher. If you’re interested in checking out Skillshare, I’ll drop a link in the description Before I go any further, I want to make sure and mention that most of the sites I’m going to mention today are not exclusive In other words, If you already have a class made and you have it on one of these platforms or are planning to put it on one of these platforms You can generally put it on more than one This exposes you to more students and allows you to earn more money from your course The next one I’m gonna mention is Udemy Udemy is one of the more popular ones They cover a variety of all different courses If you go up here to categories You can see they offer a wide variety You have anything from business, To personal development, Down to music. If you scroll down the main page a little bit, it’ll show you their bestsellers and which ones students are viewing According to you to me their top categories are development, business, IT software, design, marketing, personal development, photography and music. To get started with Udemy you just click ‘Teach on Udemy’ up here at the top and you’ll be brought to this page. Udemy does have a great community of people that will help you out They have a Facebook group you can join if you’re having trouble figuring it out Ans also, you will get paid monthly through PayPal or Payoneer The next one I’m going to talk about is Skillwise Skillwise is more for those that are into technical You can pull down categories here and you can see development, design, IT, security, business and photography. They also have collections such as popular bundles, popular courses, coders and a startup bootcamp. You can scroll down to see their bestsellers Down a little further to see the newest and you can even scroll down a little farther to see popular courses and what they call coders corner To become an instructor you can scroll down a little bit further to the ‘become an instructor’ and just click ‘learn more’ Now Skillwise is owned by stackcommerce Which is a really big company and has a large distribution So you’ll be getting your course in front of a lot of eyes To create a course with Skillwise you’re going to need to apply and get approved and get featured You just add your name, email. when you get to type a product, click that and go down to online course and click Submit If you want to learn more you can see the frequently asked questions Skillwise pays out on a monthly basis As you can se.e here the amount you get paid depends on how the person finds your course The next one I’m going to mention is To see what categories Skill Success has you can click right here They have anything from beauty and fashion, food, language, media and production and even personal development If you scroll down you can take a look at some of the most popular courses, the top rated courses newly released and featured To become a teacher you scroll down to the bottom and click on become an instructor Now Skill Success is a little different in this one It’s not a market place where you’re going to keep earning income. They buy your course outright So what you’ll need to do is fill out the following information to include your course name and link to access the course it needs to already be done and needs to be up somewhere where they can access it and make sure to provide any additional Information so that they can review your course If they decide to accept your course, they’ll pay you directly for it This is not a passive income model And as with all the others, I’m going to drop the link in the description so that you can check it out Another popular one is called SimpliV SimpliV mainly teach is tech But this online course marketplace has some very unique features One of them is the ability to do live courses If you like doing live workshops or you’ve done live videos, This might be a site for you. If you scroll just below that you’ll see what some of the popular courses are and Those are not quite as lucrative because they’re not the live courses While they do specialize in a lot of tech ones, they also have things like acrylic painting, English for non-english speakers If you want to sell courses, You can click join as an author up here at the top and it’ll ask you to sign up Or if you scroll down to the bottom you can click the benefits for authors and Become an instructor from here One of the big benefits of the site is you get a coupon code that you can use yourself and if you sell your course with that coupon code you get to keep 97 percent if it’s an organic sell from the website, it’s 50 percent, which is common across most of these platforms If it’s sold through one of their ads, it’s 30 percent But this 97 percent is almost unheard of on a course marketplace, so this is definitely worth looking into The next 2 I’m going to mention are both what are known as SCORM compliant SCORM is an abbreviation is stands for shareable content objective reference model I know, that was very geeky. Very techie there. SCORM defines a specific way of constructing your course through a learning management system training and course content so it can be shared on SCORM compliant systems An example of this is a product like iSpring ISpring is a free-standing elearning software that you can build your course in Then you just load it to any SCORM compliant system I’m not going to go any more into what SCORM is That’s a completely different video. So let’s get on to the next one The next one I’m going to mention is Curious.com This is another one that is a subscriber marketplace where people join and they can access all the courses They’re not sold individually To find out about their teaching you just put forward slash teach after the website You can go down here to see the benefits, how it works and the frequently asked questions. One of the benefits of the teaching on the site is you do get your own web page to promote just your lessons If you click over here to the frequently asked questions Scroll down to how do I make money You can click on teachers payment page It will go through all the information on how you get paid Teachers generally earn seventy percent of all net revenue Another one that SCORM compliant is Open Sesame Open Sesame is geared towards corporations and business people It is to help them train their employees and have better workplaces If you’re interested in selling your course on Open Sesame, I’m going to drop the link below so that you can grab that it’ll bring you to this page If you click on catalog it’ll show you what they specialize in Business skills, Industry specific, Safety, Technology, Compliance and Certifications. You’re not going to find a lot of health, wellness and lifestyle stuff on this site There are no upfront fees and you keep 50% of the course revenue So, do you already sell your course on one of these marketplaces? If so, drop a comment down below and tell me which one Also, if you do. you may consider putting it on one of these others. I hope you found this video helpful Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week

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