April 9, 2020
Simple steps to set up a course in Kartra – Kartra tutorial – J.R. Fisher

Simple steps to set up a course in Kartra – Kartra tutorial – J.R. Fisher

simple steps to set up a course in Kartra so you heard about this incredible platform called Kartra where you can
put your memberships in there or maybe you already have a membership and you’ve
heard of the benefits of using contra and you want to switch over to Kartra
well in this video I’m gonna show you simple and easy steps to set up your
course in Kartra and offer it to people who want to buy your course and
we’re starting right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher and I’ve been
selling online since 2009 matter of fact I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of
digital and physical products now if you’re new to my channel I want you to
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that at the end of this video so let’s get going and let’s learn how to put our
courses on Kartra hey I’m kind of crazy I’m kind of crazy about Kartra
why it’s so good it does so many things I moved my entire business over to
Kartra net we owned a food company and we have a training company way of
coaching and guess where it’s all at Kartra it’s all there sure we have
web pages and we use those but our main marketing platform is Kartra now why did
I move it there well it’s it’s awesome I mean it does so many things for you and
I was able to actually cancel eight different pieces of software because
they’re all rolled into Kartra and one of them is memberships and that’s
what we’re going to talk about in this video one of the best advantages of
Kartra is the ability to host these membership
sites now these are secure sites they’re easy to build
they have templates in there and it’s going to be perfect for whatever course
that you’re trying to teach now here’s the cool thing when you set up your
membership in Kartra it will automatically generate the login pages
the usernames the passwords it will automatically send an email to people
with all this information so you don’t have to worry about doing it
in this video I’m gonna cover setting up your actual membership site structure
okay how we’re gonna actually build it I’m also going to cover how to upload
content for all of your Kartra memberships okay that’s very important
and then I’m also gonna show you how to set up the access levels and the drip in
other words how we actually offer this content to the members of the membership
over time now card for membership sites well they’re they’re pretty similar to
an actual structure of a blog because you’re gonna have home pages you’re
gonna have your page post you’re gonna have your categories all that type of
thing so if you’ve ever worked in something like WordPress you’re gonna
love this because it’s designed the same way now as far as content goes you could
use anything you want you can use audio files you can use digital files you can
use PDFs whatever your content is you’ll be able to upload that to Kartra for
access to all your members now the cool thing I like is that the videos can
actually be hosted at Kartra they can actually play at the site you don’t have
to use a Wistia or you don’t have to use a YouTube or any of that type of thing
those platforms to actually host your videos you can host them in Kartra
now the content itself can actually be delivered to all your members based on
time based on access levels so you can actually drift content out to people
automatically when they sign up for your course based on their access level this
means that you could you know drip it out to them daily weekly hourly monthly
you know whatever you want to do so that you can actually give them the course in
segments the way you want and you can also have different access levels so
maybe you know your basic level the Bronze level only got access to a
certain number of the videos whereas your silver level gets it access
to a whole lot more videos and then the gold level gets a whole lot more access
and maybe you have a platinum level that they get a whole bunch more benefits and
you can automatically set all this up in Kartra now Kartra is really an
all-inclusive one-stop shop for membership sites it’s awesome setting up
your course in Kartra is really awesome because you can add really
really neat things that keep people interacting with your course you could
add in their content of course but you could also add comments in there you
could have a help desk in there there’s all kinds of extra things you can have
in there that most sites just don’t offer now as I mentioned earlier the
membership is similar to a blog on a regular website but what we do in
Kartra is we can give them different access levels to that particular
information they’ll also have a username and password so that they have to log in
each time and we know who’s using it and when they’re using it if you go to mine
memberships and then click on the big green plus membership button the first
step that will appear after you name your membership will be the content
builder the first page customers Reach is the home page so that’s what you’ll
build first at the top is your logo and a navigation bar what’s really cool
about the navigation bar is that it actually is automated and updated as you
create your membership site simply drag and drop the content you want on your
page from the menu on the left side of the screen and fill in the text as you
want once you’ve created a main page with some welcome information by
clicking and dragging the components you wish from the sidebar you can actually
create a new category for your navigation bar you just click and drag
the new category icon from the top of the sidebar menu in the Builder and you
can drag and drop a new category into the top of your page the category is a
page to hold the post with your content you can simply drag the content you want
from each page from the left sidebar and enter the content as you go now you can
actually create subcategories underneath each one of those too ok let’s take a
look at how we’re going to upload the content for your membership site in
Kartra for your membership site to have the
best content you’ll want to host it somewhere so luckily Kartra got that
covered for you like I said you don’t need YouTube you don’t need Wistia you
could upload images audio playlists videos and other files that will be
available to your members without using an outside provider to actually host
those files now you can get to the membership builder by going to my
memberships and clicking the big green plus membership button or if you are
adding content to an existing membership you’ve already created simply click the
Edit pencil icon next to that membership in the Builder simply find a type of
content you want to upload in the left-hand menu such as images videos
playlists etc and then drag and drop it onto the page uploading an image that’s
simple too all you have to do is select your file if you wish you can link the
image to a URL of your choosing simply by entering the URL once the image
uploads audio playlists they’re snap not a problem it’s that simple
drag the element where you wish to place it then select the audio playlist file
you want members to play on the site now with videos you’re gonna have other
options you don’t have to do it the same way you can use some of these outside
services the first thing that you’re going to notice is that there’s four
different options when you’re uploading a video in Kartra you can use a Kartra
for video you could use YouTube you could have used Wistia and you could use
Vimeo well the last three options do provide
certain flexibilities using Kartra to host your video gives you additional
possibilities like tracking and tagging viewers using forms within the video
window and more you don’t have to leave the window to upload to Kartra simply
click upload new video it’s that easy finally you can embed files for your
members to download as well just drag over the
download box icon click browse and select the file and you’re good to go
next thing I want to talk about is setting up your access levels and drip
content for all your memberships a powerful tool for your membership site
is to create access levels and drip content drip content is so called
because it is released over a set schedule dripping out by day or date
creating drip content is easy in Kartra once you’ve created your content
in your membership area then you want to go over to the third step which is
access levels here you can create the different levels of membership alongside
what content is released for different types of members in the image on the
screen now we’ve created an advanced membership level allowing us to lock
certain content behind another signup wall each category you have created in
the Builder which are all pages inside your membership site can have a
different unlock date so that you can drip out content appropriately look I
know there’s a lot of membership sites out there there’s so many sites and so
many softwares but the truth is with all those sites you don’t get everything
else that Kartra offers and you may be thinking well I’m not gonna use all of
this right now so why should I pay for it but you’re not paying for it that’s
the key what I found with all the software’s I had is that one or two of
those software’s would pay for the cost of Kartra and then all the other things
in Kartra have pretty much got free so what I would tell you is if you’re gonna
do a membership site you want to have something that’s easy you can
incorporate it with your system and the only way to do that is with Kartra I
don’t know what another one that has a really good email platform and email
sequences of sales pages and also has membership and the thing is when
somebody goes through a course on your Kartra site they can get to the end and
it can automatically trigger an email sequence that cells in your next course
or your next offer your next product and you can’t do that on any other site a
lot of these other sites you don’t even know what they went through the course
or your course is sold alongside with other courses and different niches by
different people so it takes them away your brand look I know it’s a lot of
work and I will tell you that when we moved over we moved from Infusionsoft
but we had done MailChimp we had done Aweber we had done Constant Contact
we’ve done all these things and we found Hartford was better and I guess the
stumbling point was oh my gosh we have so much stuff to move and I’ll tell you
it took us six months to move everything over to Kartra that was a lot of work
but we’re so happy now because everything is in one place we can get to
everything it works seamlessly so you know I implore you if you have a course
online if you have any type of membership site whatsoever I would
definitely use Kartra now you can check it out for free by just clicking
the link below I have a Kartra link down there you could go to the page no credit
card or anything you can watch an entire video on all the stuff it does probably
will go into a lot more detail than I did in this video then if you’re
interested I have a bonus for you you can get it for one dollar as a trial
just $1 trial click the link of that page and you’ll be able to try it out
for one buck so that’s pretty good so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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right now on top of that I’m gonna give you a course an e-commerce course worth
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webinars to watch no credit card required enjoy yourself and get the
training thanks so much for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next
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