April 10, 2020
Simple Fashion for E-Commerce: OnSet ep. 207

Simple Fashion for E-Commerce: OnSet ep. 207

Hey guys, this is Daniel Norton. I’m here in my studio in New York City with Kaydence, and we’re doing a fun shoot today, but it’s got a little bit of a commercial purpose. Kaydence has excellent style… well, always has, and I love shooting with her, cuz she always has the craziest cool clothes, and now she’s started to sell them on Posh Mark, so you know you can do the lay down pictures, which are kind of cool but sometimes it’s nice to have the photo on a body, especially if it’s like you know certain outfits look so different. So we’re just doing like a quick little shoot here, nothing too fancy, this is great for e-commerce. if somebody calls you to do this kind of stuff… this is kind of how I would do it, it’s simple to light, set up. I’ve got a ProFoto softbox here, two foot by three foot, just off to the side. It’s kind of you know a little bit higher than her, and angled down slightly. I can light her whole body with this, nice and simple with directional light, and that’s going to give a little bit more kind of three dimensionality to it, and when anything that has texture, it’ll pick that up like if I put a box in the center right. It might because what I often do from shooting a beauty shot of let’s say a female model. It will actually kill some of that detail… so we want the thing ripping across, and then just for some separation, I’ve got a strip bank over there, because of the nature of how far away this box is, the gray background is going to get lit. Great, I don’t have to light it separately for this, it’s totally fine the way it is. So I’m set up here, I have my Canon on tripod it is got the 24-70mm on it. I am set around 70mm, which gives me like a torso shot. I’m kind of about waist high on her, and I am tilted up a tiny bit to give the, the feeling of a little bit more power. I’m going to turn my lights off and take a shot. Show you guys what that looks like.. it should be black, because we want to kill all the light in here. Yeah there we go, we’ve got a black frame, and now just turn my lights on I mean TTL. Okay we’ll take a shot, so it looks like I’m gonna take a shot, and then we’ll adjust. So be good, look at it, okay, so we can see here that we’ve got again, even like coming across where you can see the different textures, you know, you can see the sheerness here, but you can also see this, I guess… it’s not lace, but it’s like tulle I guess, and we can of course, if she still looks pretty, and we have that little bit of separation here, you know for highlight. So it’s nice and simple, nothing, nothing crazy, I had somebody watching it as I would go in I’d move the little focus guy over here to make sure that she’s in focus, but I’m sure at f/8, with a 50-mm … 50 -70 average I’m not going to have a problem, so we’ll shoot, few nice and simple, you know showing the outfit, and basically what we want to do is… you want to do a variety of poses, so you can kind of see what the things about right? We want to see what is this thing? I’d like to get and look at the patterns on the back… Iike’s got like a little bit of sparklies on the two, on the elbows and stuff. Okay you know that’s the shape of it, and then when she pulls her out like that. we can see through it. Some people could see that sheer and all that really looks better. If we want to show off the whole outfit, there’s one reason why I have this lens here. I can actually zoom back out, and we can show more of her. If I do that I’m not gonna tilt up obviously and I can actually show the whole outfit. I’m not planning on showing.. to head to toe in this shot. So I didn’t roll the paper up, but if I’d roll the paper out, you would get exactly the sense. I mean that’s not even bad either, sometimes I like having the roll of paper back there, it just has kind of a fun look, and then you don’t lose paper with people stepping on it. You say it’s because it’s a cool thing, but actually it’s because you’re cheap… that’s really the secret to photography right there. I think that’s what we do… So yeah, we got this. I’ll punch in a little bit, do you like a kind of knees up shot. This is probably a good angle for this one, you know we’re showing the outfit because, because any one of these pieces could be sold obviously, but you want to show there’s a combo to give people an idea of the flavor of it. Cool all right, couple more, good, we just want to show some variety. You have to go too crazy here, yeah, all right, so take a quick peek to make sure that like nothing blew up when we were working. Yeah, that all looks pretty good, some shots here, yeah, see here we’ve got the full length. You are getting a bit, you can probably see it here. Especially in the full length… you can see there’s some shadow on the wall over here, but that doesn’t bother me these are these are not meant to be super super clean, if they were we just like the background separately, that kind of actually what it’s even like what the full-length, but when you’re, she’s up close, you don’t see that at all, and we’re basically good to go, yeah, nice and simple, yeah, good, good, good, perfect, cool. So da da da… get back to the camera… so otherwise I’m Way over there.. I need the camera on my head… so ah… when you want to do stuff for e-commerce, there’s lots of different ways to do it. Soometimes you want to show it on the body, so if somebody approaches you with this kind of project, it doesn’t have to be complicated, nice and simple, you don’t have to go crazy, because the gray background is nice actually. I kind of like it, nicer than white, most people would insist on white, and with the one light, you can basically sweep the whole thing across.. no problem. So thanks for watching I’m gonna put Kaydence’s information in the description, including I guess, if there’s a way to link her well she’s @kaydencefrank okay Kaydence Frank on Poshmark, so we’ll put that in the thing, but I’ll put it in the description too, and be sure to follow me @DanielNortonPhotographher and I’ll see you next time OnSet.

15 thoughts on “Simple Fashion for E-Commerce: OnSet ep. 207

  1. I love these simple set ups!!! I do have a friend who sells clothing items. I may ask her if she wants photos. Thank you!!! BTW, I'm cheap too. Dogs are not good at keeping their paws clean. I went and got some vinyl as a floor drop so I can save my paper. I can also easily wipe up messes between animals. Would love to see a discussion on types of back drops and floor drops for studio shooting.

  2. What an interesting moiré pattern from her fishnets! I thought she had on blue & orange streaked hose at first!

  3. Hey Daniel why don't you do one of the one hour videos (youtube, etc.) using Adorama gear only (Flashpoint)? You can use their lights (200 AD and 600 Pro) and their triggers (as good as Profoto and cost a fraction of the price) and specially their umbrellas (Glow) with and without the black and the white panels. Every so often it is nice to be good to the hand that feeds you (I am sure that the powers to be upstairs will like the idea). Bring Erica and/or Marisa as models to round up the event……they work fine with you. -On a separate note, nice video and best of luck to you from Miami.

  4. if a shop keeper who sells bridal wear asked you to photograph wedding dresses in hi/her shop how would u do that ? could u show use please ? thanks

  5. Thanks, Daniel and Kaydence. Nice to see Kaydence in front of your camera again, and of course, seeing how you light models is always interesting.

  6. Nice shots you are lucky men have a lot of gagets to play and have a nice looking model and her haircut fit her very well God bless.

  7. Great vid as always, simple to the point, no ego,love it. Would love to know your thoughts/opinions on cropping body parts, head,elbow etc, I notice a lot of your shots are releativly tight, and sometimes crop parts off, would they not make the cut for the final images, is it a persoanl style? or a genre thing?

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