April 6, 2020


Austin may feel here. Hope you’re doing great today. Just want to answer a few questions. I’ve been getting from Several different folks, um inquiring about signing up with NLP no products. So the company I founded back in 2015 it’s an online marketplace a multi-vendor marketplace Where vendors pay a small monthly fee to sell their products much like Amazon or Shopify store, so you can sell for free your first 30 days And we also offer a 50 percent residual affiliate program All you do with this is simply refer vendors to sell their products on NLP For every vendor you refer you will receive half of their monthly fee for the lifetime of that pender Super easy way to start generating an extra passive income stream or order your first one if you haven’t done so already Comes with free training great great training platform about a 2,000 dollar value Account. I’ve got everything in the description below To get started links. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below Austin they feel how great rescue day. Thanks

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