April 2, 2020
Sign up to be a #Riich member NOW for free!

Sign up to be a #Riich member NOW for free!

Welcome to Riich.me Let’s create new Riich account together Now we only need to fill the name and email address But be in mind that For password we can’t use simply using phone number or your birthday because it’s a security matter it’s easily hacked so in the password we need to include a series of number and Sign and capital letter So your account is more secure the process is simple you only need to fill up your personal information as above we wait a bit then we’re on landing page of riich’s website ok, now our account is ready but there is another important step to do see! when we try commenting see there would be an error when we haven’t confirmed with our email we can’t comment or post anything we must go to our email Email that we used for registration at the moment Then click on the link to confirm link below then we have it our account is done confirmed with email already We can like, react, comment purchase product in this platform just like so in this registration is completely Free because it’s a form of social media account Free, we can only post like share and comment only,… and buy products This is how it looks in our profile we can change our profile picture Just like in facebook as you know so we can try changing profile find a nice picture with clear face but we should use your own picture Real picture, real name Ok now We got our picture then we go to check at marketplace In the marketplace, There are many products when we go to purchase by using visa, Wing PiPay it’s so convenient to buy and those products are acceptable price Now I try buying a shirt Ok it’s easy We can choose color and size But in this column if we were a premium member. We can buy this shirt in special price it’s only $13.50 also there is a affiliate option we can get affiliate link as a retailer without have any inventory we can get commission up to 15% or more but now we demonstrate how to buy Next video we will upgrade together in coupon column in case the shop offer any coupon we can fill up and get more discount ok shipping is free Price is $15, Full price we have so many choices of payment methods via pipay Riich wallet, PayPal Wing, Aceleda Bank but via Riich Wallet we have no balance Fill up the address phone number our location especially phone number it’s important for delivery process We don’t include phone number it’s hard for delivery we can leave note for them to call during working hour for example or assign other number for them to call I can say it’s convenient To buy or sale if you’re a business or premium member I’ll talk about this more in next video now we’ve done for this video This video I only demo what free user can do

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  1. I just activate my business account. It's really helping my business growing. This is my store please support!!

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