April 4, 2020
Should You Use Sliders on Your Website? Try THIS Online Marketing Technique

Should You Use Sliders on Your Website? Try THIS Online Marketing Technique

You see websites all over the web using sliders. It’s a less aggressive version of a pop-up. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
gonna answer the question of, do sliders really work. The short answer is yes. The reason you see them is because they work. If they weren’t working you wouldn’t see them
all over the web. Now, the thing with sliders are if it’s not
relevant to the page that they’re on, it won’t do well. So, the first thing you need to know is if
you’re going leverage them, make them relevant. For example, there’s a site called timothysykes.com,
if you’re browsing his blog, you’ll notice that he breaks on every time someone is buying
his millionaire challenge within a slider. It’s very relevant because that’s what he’s
trying to market and sell, and the people going to his website are interested in buying
his course. The second thing to know is sliders work well
along with other elements. So pop ups, models, exit takeovers, right? These are all things, including sliders that
you can do for free within the hellobar.com. When you use all of these elements, you’ll
notice that they’ll cannibalize each other in which if your slider added, let’s say,
extra 5% in conversion increase, and then you added a pop up which also increase your
conversions by another 5%, and then you add an alarm bell, which you can also do through
Hello Bar, and that may give you a 5% increase. When you combine them all you won’t really
see a 15% increase, you may see a 12% increase. That 12% increase is still better than what
you were before you used the slider. So, should you use them? Of course you should. Make them relevant. You can use the tool like hellobar.com to
use them, and if you do it over your site it’s very effective, as long as you’re keeping
the message really clean and simple and you’re driving people from that slider to the appropriate
landing page that can convert visitors into customers. If you drive them to another page that’s not
relevant it won’t do well. A great example of this is if you’re reading
the Neil Patel blog, you’ll notice that a lot of my content is related towards online
marketing. My slider has a message that’s also related
towards online marketing. And when you click on it, it takes you to
my homepage. My homepage, again, is related towards online
marketing. The messaging is all congruent, which is why
it converts. If the messaging isn’t congruent, you won’t
get to many conversions from it and you’re just going to tick off your readers.

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  1. Cool, I am using ConvertPlug plugin for my WordPress site. It's also quite good. It's paid but quite good.

  2. Thanks Neil for sharing your knowledge with the general population. The Universe will surely reward you abundantly – Sanjay ( sanjayshinde.com ).

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